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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Fia Eaven on September 14th, 2009, 7:15 pm

She stared at the top of the gates as she approached until her neck ached. The walls were a lonely beacon of the civilized edges of the land.

Fia had nothing to hide, no past to give her pause. She answered the guards with quick nods and frequent smiles. It was comforting to hear common spoken, to see people gathered. Her replies rambled longer than necessary, she was heartsick of silence.

She encouraged an amused mood in the guards, but as she walked away she fumbled with her thoughts and blushed. Time away from family had turned her too open, too soon moved to smiles. Some food and work would temper the lingering sense of isolation. All she needed was a rhythm.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Liriel on October 2nd, 2009, 5:40 am

Fall, Day 32

So this was a city. Liriel had not thought it would seem so strange. All her life she had heard tales of other places, of cities that stood immovable until time and age claimed them. Yet those tales had not prepared her for the reality before her, for the towering walls and beyond them the shops and houses of wood and stone.

“This is it, Kathis.” She patted her horse and swung down, her sandled feet clacking on the paved road beneath them. “We can do this.”

Despite her words, it was another moment or two before Liriel moved again. She was not usually a fearful person, and her reluctance surprised her. What was she afraid of? Surely nothing within that city would harm her.

But would it reject her?

Liriel breathed in and out slowly, telling her doubtful thoughts to recede until they no longer hindered her actions. Patting Kathis again for reassurance, she took his reigns and walked up to one of the guards.

“Thought you were gonna stand there all day,” the guard said, looking her over with a distinct lack of curiosity. “You coming in after all?”

This informality was unexpected, but Liriel knew so little of other peoples. Perhaps in this place it was customary to speak this way.

“I am Liriel. I wish to enter the city.”

“No kidding. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Any reason I shouldn’t let you through?”

Liriel started, eyes wide. The guard laughed.

“I’m just teasing you. Loosen up, alright? Otherwise you’ll never make it in there. Now go on.”

“Thank you.” Liriel nodded, gave the guard a genuine smile. He was strange, that was true, but he seemed friendly.

The guard waved her along, and Liriel followed the gesture into the heart of Syliras.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Cosette Merryweather on October 2nd, 2009, 9:32 pm

Timestamp: 35th Day, Fall of 509 A.V.

A slight figure dressed in well-worn traveling clothes and a thick crimson hood would silently make her way up Syliras' gates, her heart heavy with apprehension. This was the city where she had lived for the past fifteen years, the place where she had been once upon a time, human. She regarded the gate guards nervously and while she was confident in the manner of her disguise there were some things still beyond her control, things like her body temperature and pulse.

An anxious Cosette fell in line and as she waited for her turn to be admitted into the city she considered if using her real name was the best idea or not. When her turn came up she decided against it, instead of 'Cosette' she introduced herself as 'Colette' a librarian from Zeltiva. The interrogation came quickly enough and fortunately nobody had tried checking her for a pulse. Before she knew it Cosette found herself stepping through the stone archway and back where she had once upon a time, spent her days living as an ordinary human girl.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Owen Westley on October 8th, 2009, 3:42 am

32nd of Fall, 509 AV

It had taken Owen nearly twenty grueling days on his journey. Upon leaving Keltiva, he had made inquires on the distance and time it would take to travel to Syliras. Apparently he talk to the wrong person. Dusty, tired and a tad worn down, he made his final steps to the main gate of the city.

When I get back to Keltiva, i am so giving that man a piece of my mind. Ten days my arse. Evil thought permeated his brains, but glancing at the guards he decided his attitude needed to change. Dusting himself and straightening his tunic he approached the armed men standing watch. Just maybe. It was his last thought before being stopped.

Owen gave the guard his information and a brief explanation of his appearance. Well the guard was looking funny at me. After being let through the gate, he noted the guards direction to the castle. It would hopefully be a final stop for a while. His plan was simple and full of high expectations.


This notion seemed far-fetched. Less than a season ago Owen was happily sailing on a ship ready to live the life of a sailor. But something changed those thoughts. Some inner drive. Something was calling him.

And so here he was. Dirty and tired. Hungry. Wandering the streets. Heading for the castle.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Kebdl Amradji on October 10th, 2009, 8:56 am

Fall, Day 40, 509 AV

Peopled shouldered roughly past him, some glaring daggers at him, others far more vocal in their disapproval. He spared not a single thought for any of them as his eyes drank in a sight they hadn't seen for more than a decade.

Syliras. I'll be damned if I didn't tell myself I'd never return to this city. Swore it to a dozen gods and my dead mother besides. Stuffy knights with their stuffy rules... He grunted a humorless laugh that drew some worried glances from the people passing by him.

With a gentle tug on Finder's reins, Kebdl resumed walking through the river of humanity toward the city gates. The crowd wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the inspections. The gates were large enough to let 6 burly men through shoulder-to-shoulder, but as it was, they'd be stopped, poked, prodded, asked to show their teeth and then let through one at a time. It was damned inconvenient.

When it was Kebdl's turn at the gate, the red faced guard on the left looked up with a bored expression. "State your name and business." A weaselly looking scribe was sitting at a camp table to his right, quill poised to take down a name.

"Kebdlah Am'radji. I'm here to get drunk and pick a few fights." He grinned.

One of the guards eyebrows crooked up at that. He gave Kebdl a quick up-and-down, then snorted derisively. "Your funeral." He waved a gauntlet-clad hand in the scribes direction, but the man had already taken down Kebdl's response. "Right then. Show me your teeth."

Kebdl's lips curled up in a grimace, but he showed the guard his teeth. The man grunted and looked over Kebdl's shoulder, taking in his horse, Finder. His eyes lingered on the bulging saddlebags. "What's all that then?"

"Armor. Weapons. I always come to a fight well prepared."

The guard stepped around Kebdl to lift one flap, rummaged around a moment, then seemed satisfied that what was inside was exactly what Kebdl claimed was there. "Fine fine. Healthy etc etc. Move along."

Gracing the guard with another toothy grimace which the man didn't see, Kebdl led Finder through the gates, and into the city.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Terminus Norin on October 21st, 2009, 4:12 am

Fall, Day 50 , 509 AV

Terminus found himself returning to the gates of Syliras after 10 long years of travel and self discovery. His mount,Daenah, a 15 hands high,well cared for dun,Gildling whinnied softly as if she could feel his apprehension and kept her mischeivious nature at bay . He approached the gates a changed man if only for the better.

At the tender age of 15 he had taken out of the gates to seek a master to train him in the art of Reimancy and somewhere in the Cobalt Mountains he found such a person. She was a woman named Harlina and a tough task mistress she was, demanding nothing short of perfect concentration to form the Res and transmute it. He discovered later why being distracted was a bad thing. A nearly tragic mistake ended up costing him the love he had found in a fellow apprentice. He had wandered since then and now returned home though his parents had long moved out of the saftey of the walls. He had only the small amount of gear on his back and Daenah to show for his efforts and a few Mizas left. He knew he must find work soon if he was to continue the good work of Ivak.

At the gate , he dismounted and waited for the guard to get to him as there was a line of people waiting for admission to the city. The mark on his chest burned slightly and he sensed a strong feeling of joy nearby him, turning he saw a man standing behind him with a beatific smile on his face. He struck up a conversation with the man to get him to realease his joy. It turned out that he was also a returning son of Syliras and his intended waited his return within the gates. Terminus let him go before him as that kind of joy shouldn't wait.

When his turn came he was approached by the guard
What is your buisiness in Syliras?

Terminus smiled pleasantly I am a returning son of this city

The guard motioned him within the gates where he would find stabling for his horse and attempt to find a place to stay
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Nor on October 21st, 2009, 9:41 am

Fall, Day 50 , 509 AV

Humbling, was Norvan's first thought when he saw the gate. The two towers that stood on either side like great guardians watching any that came close. As he got closer to the gate he could see its real guardians peering down from windows in the tower, weapons next to them, ready for use at a moments notice. All this stood in stark contrast from his simple beginnings as village lad, where the most interesting building in the village was the tavern. The thought of happier times when he was younger then filled him with sorrow at how far he had come since them, a memory of him running through the woods trying to outrun a mob threatened to overtake him. Kicking the thighs of his horse he galloped to the entrance, trying to leave those memories in a cloud of dust.

As he reached the gate two guards approached, one taking hold of the reins on Norvan's horse and the other stepping to the other guards side.
"Who are you and what is your business in Syliras?" said the one not holding the reins, as if he was impatient to return to something.

"Norvan Wallace. I'm looking for a job." he replied curtly.

"A job is it?" said the one holding the reins, his mouth open to reveal missing and yellow teeth. "We seem to be getting all the beggars these days."

"Alright, head on through. Just know we don't want any trouble, you mess around inside the city we'll chuck you right out," He paused moving close till the point Norvan could smell the ale on his breath. "Or worse."

At that point both of them broke out into laughter and Norvan realised he had been the but of a joke, but before he could say anything the guard smacked the back of his horse and sent him galloping into the city. Grabbing the reins he regained control before it could gallop into the crowd of people on the other side. He thought for a second that he should go after the guards, but thought against it. Well that was an interesting welcome, as he tried to shake off the humiliation. One he had settled he headed off into the city, looking for his fortune, or if unable to find that, the local Blacksmith would have to do.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Guido Faragas on October 26th, 2009, 2:09 pm

Fall, Day 50, 509AV

....boots caked with dark, drying mud; a once pristine white shirt covered with an intricate pattern of smears and stains; dirty water dripping from the hem of a long green cloak; low angry mutters tumbling out of a pair of broad lips; a grubby hand abruptly reaching up to push away the strands of long, wet hair that flopped across a frowning face....

Guido Faragas was not a happy man.

Those who had only had the briefest of acquaintances with Guido might not have recognised this dishevelled figure striding determinedly towards the city gates. However, those who knew him well would have smiled and shaken their heads. The regular trips with his father had increasingly ended in failure, heated arguments and long periods of silence between father and son. This had all the hallmarks of the conclusion of one of these trips.

No more. He gripped one fist into a tight ball. That’s it. No more. The words repeatedly echoed around Guido’s head as he trudged remorselessly up to the fortified gate.

….digging in the foul mud that lay at the edge of the river bank; Emilio - urging him on, convinced that something lay beneath the surface, something that would make their fortune; Emilio – oblivious to his son’s complaints that the words of a drunk in a tavern meant nothing; Guido - cursing at his father’s intransigence; throwing down his tools and stalking back to the city…

Guido was a familiar figure to the guards and they made no attempt to engage the youth with their usual banter, merely nodding him through.

“Poor fellow,” murmured one of the knights as he gazed after the tall, scruffy figure.

“Lazy, if you ask me,” muttered the other in a disapproving tone. “Don’t like hard work; never has. He should show more respect for old Emilio.”

The first knight shrugged and turned to deal with another new arrival; a small, weasel faced human with a large sack slung over his shoulder. Guido headed towards the nearest tavern, oblivious to the stares and quiet laughter that followed his progress.

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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Orion Lorgan on November 25th, 2009, 4:45 pm

Late Fall, 509 AV

Marching down the road towards the gates, Orion led his horse carefully. A little on edge, he was hoping things went well here. Otherwise, he'd have another month or so of the wilderness and travel rations for comfort instead of the cities confines and warm food. As he neared the city, he lowered his head slightly, letting his hood hide his features partially from the two Knights. One looked at him with indifference, though the other paid a little more attention. After several seconds, he waved Orion through.

Sighing in relief, he smiled and walked through the gates, not bothering to look up at the archers who were assuredly watching him. Heading into the city, he quickly disappeared into the crowds.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Nero Czan on November 28th, 2009, 6:03 pm

89th day of Fall, 509 A.V.

The cloaked man rode his horse wearily towards the towering gates of the Syirlian capitol. He yawns and leans his head against the soft and luxurious mane of his steed. He's woken up and starts to see his perspective... turning? He lets out a yelp as he quickly grabs the reins to stop himself from falling off and pulls himself back up, cursing under his breath that stupid boar from the trek. Well, here I am again, at this city of beauty and shadows, rich and poor, where every race of the god damn world melts together... His characteristic smirk rides across his face as he rides through the gate and winks at a familiar broad on the side of the street. Eh, it's not too bad I guess...
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