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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Slade on December 2nd, 2009, 5:49 am

A solitary raven perched atop the wall, nigh invisible as it's ruffled black feathers blended in perfectly with the black sky. Under the veil of night, it was almost impossible to tell that the raven was anything more than a common, every day bird. But upon closer inspection, a sharp eye woud detect the strangely inquisitive gleam in it's gaze.

It had been two year since the death of Slade's former master. He had managed to make do with the skills his master had passed on, stealing what he could to live. But that was a lonley and aimless life for a Kelvic. He needed a new master. Someone who he could trust. A Kelvic without a master is barely a Kelvic atall.

That's not true, and you know it.

Jericho's voice pierced through Slade's mental defences as if they were nothing. Slade groaned inwardly. Even when Jericho had control of Slade's body as he usually did when they were in animal form, he still felt the need to further invade Slade's mind a well.

I suppose the concept of privacy doesnt exist when we share the same body, does it? thought Slade.

Jericho's chuckle rumbled through Slade's consciousness.

You're finally catching on.

Slade would have rolled his eyes if he had control of them.

Tell you what, said Slade. Starting from now, our new life begins.

Care to elaborate?

You're always pining for a master like a common lapdog. It's pathetic. From now on, you are your own master.

Slade made is opinion on this clear, filling both of their consciousness's with his doubt.

Jericho sent an annoyed squawk from the raven's beak.

Ever the pessimist, aren't you? Just give it a go.

Slade groaned once again.

Fine. If it'll get you off my back.

Slade could feel Jericho's satisfaction spreading through him.

Welcome to the world, Slade.

The rave spread its wings and took off into the night.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Midnight on December 4th, 2009, 6:08 am

Winter 509 Day 3

“It is the night of the new moon, and I couldn’t be any blinder!” The Dark, navy blue macaw speaks to himself. “You just had to pose as a pet. For what, seeing the inside of a house that you have seen thousands of times?” The bird sighs audibly gliding over trees, sounding frustrated with himself. Moments later his eyes notice lights off in the distance.

“Finely,” squawking to no one but the dark cool night, wind flowing over his feathers as he glides to his destination.

He lands blindly with a thud, soon shifting to his human form, dressing quickly and getting a snack.

The young man approaches the main gate of Syliras. The orange glow of torches and lamps illuminate the gray stone of the grand entrance way. Walking ever closer as more details become apparent to him, the structure borrows some aspects of a now lost ancient architect Sugar. The orange glow, casts flickering light on his white muslin shirt, brown pants held on by a single cord. Not really paying attention, he almost walks right through the gateway unstopped, lost in his own mind taking in the new site and the details of the arch.

“Hey you halt!” A loud booming voice echoes off of the stone archway.

The sound makes Midnight jump and stop staring wide eyed in the direction the voice had originated from. Needless to say he did not take another step, “Me?”

It took only five minutes before the guards where practically shoving him away from the gate and into the city. After giving the guards a history lesson about architecture, going through three eras in two minutes, the guards found out this Kelvic is as “talkative as a parrot,” little did they know.

He turns back to wave at the guards, really just marveling at the mortar and pestle work on the magnificent building. Onward he walks in the cool winter air his objective, find a secluded area, and eat a handful of nuts and dried fruits before off to sleep.

Coming to a one-story home. Being crafty, he analyzes it and figures out a way to climb up to the roof. Being quiet on his feet like the breeze on his skin, to not alert the owners. Satisfied with the area he had chosen, setting his pack down leaving the flap open. Undressing down to nothing, folding his clothes and sliding them into his pack, soon changing back into his bird form. Yawning he pushes into his pack and nestles in for some sleep.

((OOC if I start redundant please tell me, also I may switch from present tense to past tense working on it))
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Nyx on December 11th, 2009, 12:39 pm

Timestamp: 10th day of Winter, 509 AV

It had been hours since the sun set, and Nyx was starting to get worried, as she was sure it would not take long before the sun would rise again and she hated daylight. She hadn't seen any civilization for hours and she didn't even know where she and Silas were. At this point, she was quite fed up with traveling. They had been searching for Ravok for a long time now, and she was starting to wonder if they were ever going to reach it. The storm that was raving that night, also didn't help, though she had excellent nightvision, she still didn't have under-watervision and naturally, the wind wasn't blowing in the right direction either. Nyx complained a lot to Silas that night, blaming him for not knowing where they were going while he kept saying they were on the right way.

Nyx was at the verge of a nervous brake down, when she heard Silas saying he found something, a city. She responded with silence, having found some renewed energy to travel the last miles.

It took almost two more hours before they reached the main gates, and Nyx had had enough of it all, she just wanted the guards to let them in, so they could find a place to stay, and hopefully very fast as she had never seen daylight and had no desire to see it now either.

I know this city, I've seen it somewhere before, I think it's Syliras, the capitol city of Sylira...

I don't care what city it is, as long as they let us in and we can find some shelter!

Nyx clenched her left hand to a fist and pounded on the gate heavily and yelled hard with her feminine, almost erotic voice.

Hello!!! Can someone let us in?!?!?!
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Avi on December 14th, 2009, 3:10 am

First of Winter, 509 AV

Avi had spent a fair bit of time watching these gates. This place was very different from her beloved Avanthal, but it had occurred to her that the furred clothes she wore in the far north were out of place here in the warmer region, and almost uncomfortably so. Avi, therefore, had decided to take a trip inside the gates and see just what the place was about. She wasn't homesick, but she had stayed a little longer than she had expected to, even if she'd spent most of her time as an owl, roaming the nighttime and roosting while the sun was at its brightest.

Besides, some supplies, she had a feeling, were in order. She had put on her clothes and made her way to the gates, her backpack slung loose on her shoulders. The straps had been adjusted for length to keep it steady, and her hair loosely tied with a leather cord. "Hihi!" She greeted the guards as one of them started the usual spiel. "I've been traveling, and now I want to go shopping!"

"Oh?" the Knight smiled at her. "What sort of thing are you shopping for?"

"Clothes," she nodded solemnly. "These are too hot."

It was winter. And apparently, furred and leather clothes were too hot for winter. "Must be from the north, are you?" his companion asked. Maybe a Vantha, judging by the eyes. They'd gone from ruby to silver at the very mention of the north, as she nodded furiously.

"Clothes," Avi decided. "Lighter clothes."

"Well," the first guard turned, gesturing inwards towards the city, "Have a look at An Elegant Weave. I'd imagine you can find what you're looking for there."

"Thankyabigbig!" Avi chirped happily, waving as she practically skipped inside.

For new adventures!
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Gossamer on December 15th, 2009, 7:34 pm

Mod NoteNyx - Normally we self-moderate gates! Thats why this response was slow!

The knight maning the gate looked amused. He looked out his peephole and called out. "Hang on. We are in the middle of shift change, and we normally shut the gates for our tie-ins. We'll be with you in a moment." True enough, a moment later the gates reopened and two armed knights appeared. There were other knights on the battlements, armed with bows, but none of them looked particularly antagonistic.

"Welcome to Syliras. Come on in."
The knight said, after looking over Nyx and her companion rather briefly and gesturing for her to pass. He didn't care if she was human or otherwise. All races were welcome in Syliras. The only difference was, if they were known antagonistic races, they were not tolerated if violence broke out around them. The Dyres family had a tradition. Slay first, ask questions later, especially if it was Zith, Symenestra, or any of the weird multiple armed people. Humans they were far more lenient with.

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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Nyx on December 16th, 2009, 8:15 am

Nyx sighted when she heard the one of the knights say she and Silas had to wait because they were changing shifts. She looked at the sky, which was brighter then she liked. "Well. hurry then, I need a place to stay before sun sets!"

A few minutes later the knight opened the gates and welcomed Nyx and Silas in Syliras. Nyx glazed at him in despise for a second, straightened the head of her cloak and then grabbed Silas by his arm. Silas looked at the knight and gave him a quick "Thanks" before Nyx dragged him through the gates.

After they passed the gates, Nyx looked around. "This sure isn't Hai anymore, Silas, I'm not sure I'm going to like this place, it looks way too...nice...". The way Nyx pronounced the word nice was filled with horror and she shivered almost unnoticeable. "Come on, let's find a place to stay."
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Bandiger Dragonii on December 16th, 2009, 8:03 pm

As a cold wind blew through the night, a lone figure atop a horse rode towards the main gate of the city. To some people he might look a little menacing, but anyone who looked closely could see that he had a heavieness to him, one that seemed to have crushed his spirit long ago.

Bandiger was tired after his long travel. He was looking to get to an inn as soon as possible and to get out of this bitter cold. As he approached the main gate, he was halted by a heavily armoured gaurd. 'Must be warm under all that armour.' He thought to himself.

"Hold traveler." The gaurd called to him. "Where are you going and what is your buisness?" He asked with lack of any kind of enthusiasum, as though he had asked the question a countless number of times.

Bandiger turned his head just slightly to the gaurd. "I am going to the inn...and my buisness is my own." He said coldly. The gaurd appeared a little suprised by the response. He then caught sight of the battle axe at Bandigers side. "Very well sir." The gaurd said angrily. "But know that if you start any trouble I will haul you to the dungeon personally." He added as he moved to let Bandiger through.

A slight smile came to Bandigers lips. "You could try." Bandiger said softly as he rode past the gaurd.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Rohnn on December 25th, 2009, 8:43 am

Through The Gates

The main gates towered in majestic beauty as Rohnn approached and the wind softly ran through his thick gray fur. The walls were lined with men carrying long, furnished bows and the guards standing below stood with immense pride. As he approached, their eyes began to focus on him.

"Anything we need to be concerned about, Jamoura?"

The guard asked, examining Rohnn and his belongings. Without a word, Rohnn removed his backpack and opened it, showing the simple contents to the armored man with a friendly smile. The guard approached him, scanning over the bag, before pivoting slightly. A hand held out towards the gates, the guard nodded.

"No causing trouble."

He grinned and laughed slightly at his own humor before stepping back to his post. Rohnn gave a courteous half bow and walked, once more, towards the beautiful gates of Sylrias. Today was the first page of a new chapter in his life.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Filia Thorne on December 25th, 2009, 1:48 pm

It was already dark when Filia finally saw the familiar main gates of Syliras approaching. After finishing her training with the wizard she had met a couple of years ago, the young woman had decided to return to the place where she was born and had spent the first years of her life at.
She wasn't quite sure what she was going to do once she had arrived but was pretty sure something would come up.

With her cloak wrapped tightly around her, Filia quickly walked towards the men guarding the gates, hoping they wouldn't pay much attention to her appearance but would let her in without a lot of fuss.
When she tried to pass them without saying a word, one of the well-armed men stopped her:

"What is your business in Syliras, young lady?"

Silently cursing her apparent inability to blend in or remain unnoticed, Filia lifted her head just so much that her tattoo wouldn't be visible and gave the guard a very striking but innocent smile.

"I am looking for a place to spend the winter, maybe earn some money. I'm sure you agree a 'young lady' like me shouldn't have to sleep at the side of the road, especially not at his time of the year."

The guard nodded and stepped aside.

"Good luck then.

Lowering her head again to hide her relieved smile, the young woman quickly passed the guards and entered the city, hoping she would find at least a place to sleep.
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Re: [Syliras Location] The Main Gates

Postby Alistair deGrey on December 26th, 2009, 4:22 am

Winter of 409,
25th Day
Upon entering Syliras

Everybody but the man without a companion arrived on a horse or wagon. Everybody but the man without a blade was well fed. Everybody but the ninth man, was ignored by the guards. But this fate was not to be shared by the man with neither comrade nor sword at his side. The two metal clad guards strode past the four armed mercenaries and the creaking wagon, directly for the traveler at the rear.

The caravan consisted of a fishing family, four sell swords, and some beggar who needed to get to Sylviras safely. The poor man of the group took a few steps back before the guards took him firmly by the arm and began their inspection of the malnourished man. He was an absolute ghast, and the guards began looking at his skin for any markings that would indicate plague. Before they got far, he was drooping in their grasp as a wilted plant.

”What do you think?” asked one,

“I think the poor bastard is hungry”, his companion said as he strode over and threw aside the tarp to pass a cursory evaluation of the salted fish in the wagon. “And this stingy sot up on the wagon was carryin’ fish!” The two soldiers, now having decided they really did not care to question the situation further, released their lead weight and walked back to the gatehouse wall. The customs cleared man nearly toppled as the supporting force of the guards vanished, but managed to stabilize himself while only losing most of his scant possessions. The man stooped to gather his rudimentary objects, and a mop of unwashed, black hair fell around his face and brushed the ground.

As the beggar straightened, one of the sell swords tossed a vile smelling fish at him. Roused by the beggar's protests, the obese fisherman driving the wagon turned around and started yelling at the vexed man,

“Great lot o good ye done us eh? First ye cannot carry so much as a sword, then ye eat me fish, and now ye gone an almost got me turned away from Syliras! What the bleeding hell is yer name anyway!”

One of the guards snorted in amusement at the fisherman, but the subject of the fisherman’s ire sighed and said “Alistair deGrey, sir.”

The man waved a disdainful hand at Alistair, “not like it matters anyway, ye’ll be out of me hair or keel hauled by suns set anyway.”

deGrey would have enjoyed puncturing that mans throat, but then remembered that he did not own a knife. That would be one thing he would need to acquire. That and something to eat other than salted fish.
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