Solo Happy Birthday

Hannovi Celebrates his birthday with a drink and a stranger.

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Happy Birthday

Postby Hannovi on March 23rd, 2020, 1:59 pm

Sunberth, 5th of Spring 520A.V

His first week in Sunberth and he'd accomplished nothing. As expected. He'd achieved nothing. No job, no housing, and no progress to his current goal. It had been raining on and off all day which forced those who didn't have anything too important to keep them outside, inside under the protection of the slowly rotting ceilings. He'd forgotten how; he didn't want to say poor or dirty. What was the word? Unprivileged. He hoped he'd used the right word. He gave a sigh as he twiddled his thumbs at his table. His attempt to escape the rain had found him a seat inside The Drunken Fish tavern. The crowd was much different than Syliras. Everyone just did as they pleased whether it be in good nature or not. And the surprising part was that no-one stopped them, unless they were expecting a punch to the face. Had he really been gone for that long?

"Well aren't you beautiful.'

Hannovi didn't realize the woman speaking to him until he felt her hovering presence.

-I'm sorry, wh-where you talking to me?

"Unless you see anyone else sitting with you."
She shot back.

Hannovi readjusted. Had she seen his arms? His parents always warned him of people who'd try and trick him. To deceive and capture him for slavery. She wasn't very tall, small framed but looked as if she'd be able to knock him on his backside. She had green eyes, medium length orange hair with a checkered bandanna wrapped around her head. Did she work here? The more he looked at her, the more he noticed about her. Her face was plain, bronze skin looked to be worked by the sun. A sailor maybe?

"So are you another strong silent type huh? We tend to get those a lot here."

-Oh, my apologies, I'm just not used to beautiful women approaching me so straight forwardly. You caught me by surprise.

He had no idea where the shyke that response came from.

"Ooh, charming. Now that's a rarity. Clemara."

-Hu- er- Novi.

"Novi? Nice name. So what brings you here? Just stopping in to escape the rain? or are you here for purpose?"

Hannovi was surprised at how the conversation was going, but what was her angle? "Remember my child, nothing is ever free, not even a simple conversation. Someone will always want something from you whether you realize it or not. His mother's words echoing in the back of his mind.

-Today is actually my birthday.

"Oh really? We should celebrate."

-Nah, I couldn't

"Why not? At least treat yourself to a drink Novi."

She said alluringly. She wore a nice material as pants, and a cotton shirt ripped at the collar to slightly expose her breast. He grunted in an attempt to fight the urge to give in to her advances but she did have a point. It was his birthday, he could live a little. He guessed one drink couldn't hurt.

- Sure, 1 gallon of ale please.

"That's going to run you about 2 silver miza."

Hannovi dug around in his coin pouch for two silver coins before gently placing them in Clemara's hand. He watched as she turned towards the bar to claim his drink.

-What are you thinking? Can you trust her? What is she poisons it? Robs you, what if she robs you Hannovi? What if she robs you?

Hannovi gave a shake to clear the voices. He needed to relax and stop overthinking. His temporary companion returned with the gallon and two mugs.

"Care for company?"

-Of course.

She took the seat across from him, giving a flicker from her eyes and a smile.

"So Novi, what brings you to this shyke hole?"

Hannovi poured a cup and didn't hesitate to drink it. Did he want to tell her the truth? Did he have a reason to lie? Did he need one?

- I was born here, just returned home.

"Oh a traveler? Where from?"


"A squire?"

-No not anymore.

"A runaway?"

-No, it just didn't work for me.

"Figures, you're a Sunberthian. You weren't meant to blend with the proper and orderly."

Hannovi took another sip, letting the warm liquid travel down into his belly. The thunder rumbled outside as the rain began to pick up. The light 'ping' of water slowly dripping into a pale somewhere echoed through the tavern until someone requested a song to drown it out. It was a relaxed environment. Everyone was drunk and generally enjoying themselves. Clemara took another sip of her mug. She seemed comfortable.

-So do you drink with everyone that comes in here or did I just catch you in a good mood?

"Only the people that I find attractive."

Shyke he blushed.

"So Novi, you never told me. What brings you back to Sunberth?"

He was already drunk. There was no denying it. He was a lightweight.

-I'm looking for a couple.

"Hannovi, I didn't know you were into that kind of thing."

-No, you misunderstand, I am searching for two people. A husband and wife. They've gone, missing.

"Where they important to you?"

-More or less yes, It's just important that i find them.

"Well what are their names? What do they look like? Maybe I've seen em."

And then it hit Hannovi, all these years he'd been desperately searching, looking for his parents, and he'd forgotten what they'd looked like. He had a general idea of them, but it wasn't enough. He couldn't even remember their names. Shyke he felt stupid now. No now wasn't the time to give up.

- They're Eypharians, six and four armed I think.

"...You're looking for some exotic people there Novi. I haven't seen anyone like that walking around. Not freely at least. You'd probably get better luck down at Slavers Row."

-Slavers Row?

Why did that sound so familiar?

"Yea it's where slavers buy, sell, and trade slaves. Something like that though would be a pretty penny. Were they your property? Were they marked?"

He had no idea what she was talking about, and the thought of a place like that gave him chills. But if it meant gaining information then he would just have to go along with it.

-Yes, they do belong to me, and now that I remember my fa-fi-fighter had a scar on the side of his face. A deep one from the temple vertical to the jaw. The woman I can't too much remember.

"Interesting, I didn't take you to be a slaver Novi."

-There's a lot of things about me that you'll learn to take.

"Oh really?"

What was he doing? Why was he talking like this? Thank the gods she was drunk too or he was sure there'd be trouble.


Stop it

"So how long have you been a slaver? How do you do it? Capturing people and selling them to the highest buyer? You've had to see some pretty dark shyke."

Was she calling his bluff? She could probably see right through him.

She know, she knows you're lying. LIAR. She is going to set you up. It's a set up Hannovi.

He had to answer.

-Well im not necessarily a slaver, yet. I'm just a lacky, or was.

"So you were a squire and a slaver's lacky? How so?"


-Well, being a slaver sounds so much better than a squire, and you can't become one in Syliras, so here I am.

Clemara gave a look of interest.

"Well if you're looking to get a foot in the business Slavers Row is the place you want to go."

He glanced back down at the now empty gallon. Holy shyke he was hammered. It was hard to tell what time of day it was due the storm clouds that blotted the sky. The rain had let up some making it safer to walk outside without getting drenched. Now was his chance to escape the conversation.

- Well, thank you for your company. It was an interesting conversation and I hope to see you again soon.

"Likewise Novi. Thank you for the drink."

With that being said Hannovi slowly stood up unsure of how much trust he should put into his sense of balance. He used his bottom set of arms to keep his cloak closed will his upper set sat exposed freely as if he were human. He headed for the door in a stumble. Stepping outside into the muggy Sunberth air.

    1 gallon of Ale - 2sm
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Happy Birthday

Postby Shiress on March 18th, 2021, 9:05 pm

Your Grades!


If you return and update your CS, please message me for your grades :)

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