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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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A Burning Resolution

Postby Warren Smith on March 29th, 2020, 1:05 am

Warren Smith

1st of Spring 520 AV
Location: Sunberth Streets and heading towards the Slag Heap

Nerve-wracking. That was the best way to describe his day, this street, and in general Warren’s whole life right now. In fact never before had there ever been such a perfect situation in which to use the term. Nerve-wracking. Strange and jubilant people pressed in around him on all sides, like a lake of flesh that he couldn’t surface from. Hands, arms, and shoulders pressed past him, wearing him out mentally as he tried to impossibly keep track of them all. He couldn’t stop though, ‘push through’ his mind screamed at his body, ‘escape!’ It was a small pocket he’d emerged from the crowd when he finally did manage it, but it was a paradise for all he was concerned. He stood near a shuttered up building, likely empty as most would be out on the streets or in the taverns today. What seemed like a veritable horde of merry-makers and frenzied Sunberthians began to pass and thin as Warren attempted to get his bearings.

Bearings that would unfortunately remain lost to him. He was surrounded by buildings that so far as he could tell had nothing of note nor any individuality to speak of. There was some stonework here, wood walls and shutters there, all in a sufficiently run down and neglected state. At the very least he must still be in Sunberth, though the thanks he’d heap upon the gods if that weren’t the case would create a legend.

“Ah, gross” the words escaped his mouth before he realized they were even coming. Definitely still Sunberth was the thought that crossed his mind as a sickly looking older man wretched up a foul mess all-over some poor bastards house. The creature, he couldn’t stand the thought of being in the same species, either drunk or on drugs perhaps some combination of the two stumbled into the street. Oh fuck, he thought as the man started heading his way, please no. A few steps forward and it stopped, swayed with a look of concern on its face, and then started moving again. The vulgar thing aimed a grin towards Warren showing a mouth missing more than a few of its teeth before continuing on down the street and further away from him. Warren could only respond with a weak smile before heading in the opposite direction as fast as he could without flat out breaking into a run.

Why had he thought this would be a good idea? Warren was bad with directions, streets, and navigating in general. The worst part was he knew it, and usually had a plan. A good plan and preparedness could ward off any misfortune. What had his plan been today? Follow the crowd. Warren’s lips pursed as he began to internally berate himself.

Plan? PLAN? That wasn’t a plan it was hopeful thinking! Smart as sheep’s dung you are! You know we've got nobody else but ourselves to count on. You've got to be better. You are better than this! I am better than this! Okay time for a new plan. A better plan.

With an extravagant exhale followed by a shake of the head Warren pushed all those thoughts all his complaints down and away, they weren’t useful right now so they had to go somewhere else. Gritting his teeth he put some extra determination into his stride and decided that the next person he ran into he’d get some directions from, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. And just as that thought solidified itself and came into existence so did she.

She was short, that was the first thing he noticed as he got closer to her. At least compared to him, Warren was at least two hands, maybe more, taller than she was. He couldn’t see her face yet as her back was to him but her hair was certainly awe-inspiring if not well-taken care of. It was nearly half her height, probably less but still not something he was terribly used to seeing. He was glad she was turned away though, easier than looking her in the eye and making a demand he thought. With a small cough to clear his throat, he did his best to look not terribly threatening. He wasn’t looking to start a fight after all.

“S’cuse me” his voice dry and raspy but still filled with intent and demand “the Heap. Which direction?”

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A Burning Resolution

Postby Trynne on March 30th, 2020, 6:10 am

Crowds, crowds lined the streets and Trynne had had to take a few moments to push her way out of the main streets and into the alleyways. Even those were busier than usual and she had had to keep her wits about her. She hadn't seen it quite so busy before, though previous large scale events she had managed to avoid and stayed at home. For some reason, she had decided to see what was happening today. Whatever the reason she had finally decided to take her time to see how large events happened was one that she now regretted allowing to sway her mine.

She stood at the edge of the street, just at the opening of the alleyway, and took a few moments to close her eyes, inhaling and exhaling a few times as she debated just going back to her home before she shook her head at glanced around.

"No.. can't go home..." she mumbled to herself, realising that her finally dragging a comb through her hair would have been pointless if she had just gone straight back home for the rest of the day. She sighed and shook her head before sliding off her backpack and pulling her Bagh Nakh from it, sliding the loops over her index and little finger to hold it in place, nestled against her fingers.

Something about the weapon made her feel more comfortable when out and about on the streets of Sunberth. She knew she wasn't the best at hiding it, but as it was small and nestled in her hand, most of the other residents of the city failed to notice it, more due to their laziness, or at least showed a lack of interest. Either way, it all benefitted her. If some people noticed it, she would be stuck in a fight she likely wouldn't win, and the blatant lack of interest from others meant that they weren't interested in fighting. Of course, a lot just didn't care either way.

Trynne frowned again, furrowing her brow and slipping her now empty backpack back over her shoulders and she moved back onto the main street, keeping as much distance from the other citizens as she could, all while glancing around and listening for anything that seemed amiss. For the most part, all she heard was people talking about the slag heap and the fire, amongst various swearing and a few conversations that she couldn't understand.

Finally tiring of the constant noise and the crowds, Trynne pushed past people and into one of the other, much quieter streets. She knew she wanted to go to the slag heap and had an idea as to where it was. She was certain that there would be another way there, even if it was slightly longer than the route every man and his whore seemed to be taking.

Frowning she started on her way, paying less attention to the chances of people being in the area than she would normally have liked. It wasn't long before she heard someone clear their throat, closer to her than she was comfortable with and instantly she turned, almost stumbling over as she did so but ultimately managing to keep her balance, even with a few odd-looking steps as she tried to stop herself from falling.

She looked the man up and down a few names, noticing that he didn't seem to have a weapon to hand, although that didn't mean that he wasn't concealing a weapon. He looked young though with brown hair, brown eyes and a short beard that didn't seem to age him at all. He was much taller than her too, something that didn't particularly surprise her too much. She had grown used to encountering people that were taller than her.

She stood in silence just watching him for a few moments, trying to work out if he was a threat or whether he was just a citizen that needed some sort of help. It was while before she realised what he had said. Silently she glanced around the streets before pointing the direction that she had been headed.

"This way I think. Too many crowds the other way," she said, her voice fairly flat as she kept her guard up, not particularly trusting the man. "You looking to see the thing they gonna burn?" she asked, a slight inflexion of curiosity making its way into her voice as she furrowed her brow. It was a silly question really, it seemed that everyone was going to see it, even herself. After all, what she had heard people say of the effigy was something that had more than just piqued her interest.
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