Wishful thoughts (midnight)

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Wishful thoughts (midnight)

Postby Voreasos Alisier on December 4th, 2009, 7:19 am

Winter 509 Day 3

Voreasos sighed softly as he leaned along the edge of the building, it would had been normal if he was on the ground yet he was on top of it along the side watching the city below. His hands were slightly larger then a humans touched along the sides, his feet also moved down holding along the side, his nails on both his feet and hands were black claw like nails. His red eyes dancing in the light as his tongue clicked along the roof of his mouth.

Vor was far from human, he was the only Symenestra within the city. He stood close to six feet tell, his thin body told tales of not eating right yet his skin one would think he was a walking corpse with his pale white skin. Gray web like laces showed along his skin which was his veins, his light silver hair fell past his neck with bright amethyst color eyes peered out as two fangs could be seen when he smiled. His arms were longer then a normal humans with larger hands yet pitch black crescent nails showed along his hands and feet clearly a sign of claws then simple nails.

They were food or should be food yet he did not eat them. It was almost funny that a spider who was born to feed off of large masses of bodies did not yet that could have been due to the simple fact he lived within the city and around it for the last 12 years around them yet even then they were still very on guard with him yet most of the older members did trust him to a point.

He had no plans for the day or at least as of now other then wait and watch life go by. A easy goal in life one would have thought but he did not mind. He had more then enough time on his hands and yet at the same time no where near the amount he should have had. He did however would have to leave the side of the building to eat sooner or later before his urges told him to and that would not go well....
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Re: Wishful thoughts (midnight)

Postby Midnight on December 4th, 2009, 3:35 pm

Winter 509 Day 3

Midnight awakens from his makeshift burrow, made of his pack and valuables. Moving about and ruffling his feathers while walking out to look around, he feels the sun on his feathers. With a satisfied click, he flaps his wings and gets them stretched out, “Boy what a great day, a perfect day to explore.”

The bird goes through his ritual of cleaning himself and getting ready for his day. While busily doing this he gets the feeling he is not alone. In the corner of his eye he notices a human on the opposite end of the building. “No,” he thought “To pail to be human.”

Incredibly curious now, he fights with himself to approach or not. Finely the conflict is resolved and he decides to greet this strange fellow. Walking over to the side of the building top, and using his beak to hoist him up onto the ledge of the building. He hops and walks until he is on the same ledge that the creature is leaning on.

Inspecting him closer now, not really knowing what he is looking at. He looks sick, but knows that the guards wouldn’t let the ill in.
“What are you?” He asks the man adding a loud click.
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