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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Just Dropping In (Quzon)

Postby Puk on September 5th, 2020, 9:10 pm

Fall 3, 520

It was midday, and Puk was plodding along the large path that ran from his new home at the Bungalows eastward. It was his third day here at Syka, and he'd been told he needed to explore, get to know people, and find a way to be useful. He wasn't really sure how to do all that on his own, but since it had been said, he would do it. He was curious about one thing, and was a bit eager to see it. He'd been told that if he followed this path, eventually he'd come to a place known as the Saw Mill.

The mill was a place where many Ashta and people alike worked. And Puk found himself thinking that if an Ashta can work there, he can too. After all, he was bigger, stronger, and smarter than any Ashta, at least, that's what Grau had said. He never was allowed to communicate with any Ashta they came across when he was being raised. He did meet one two days ago though. He wondered if the young male would be here at the mill.

In his eagerness, Puk was rushing a bit. It was not a run or a charge, but certainly a brisk walk, fast enough to cause some people to look on curiously as he passed them by. He almost never traveled fast like this and soon found it difficult to keep the pace, his breath coming a bit faster and shorter. So he slowed to a more lumbering walk.

It wasn't too long until he came upon the Sawmill. He could hear the Ashta therein, and could tell they knew he was here too, and causing them a small bit of panic. That wasn't his intention, but they were such small elephants, it wasn't their fault either. He'd be scared if a Tskana twice his size showed up. He quickly shifted into his human form, catching his necklace as it fell, slipping it over his head as he entered the premises.

He walked in, keeping his body language calm, open, and friendly, so as to not spook them further. He immediately identified the two bulls, keeping eyes on them as he approached. He could see in their eyes that they knew he was the Tskana they had heard coming, and could smell it upon him. The bulls were still suspicious, but they relaxed, just a bit, letting the herd get back to work. But the bulls were always watching him out of the corners of their eyes, and at all times, at least one bull was between him and the nearest cow.

Puk explored around the bungalow, wearing nothing but his necklace. He could hear the sounds of hammers on chisels, the dragging of saws, and the heavy footsteps of the Ashta moving lumber around. Puk moved away from the people, none of whom he'd even bothered to acknowledge yet because they were men, as watching the Ashta work. Some were picking up lumber with their trunks, others pulling sleds full of lumber. Some were bringing in felled trees, stripping branches, even using their tusks to remove bark. It was amazing to Puk, because he knew he could do all of that too.

And so, he just stood there, naked, his mouth open dumbly, as he watched his cousins work hard, able to see in their body language that they absolutely loved it.

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