Weekend Challenge 9/19 - 9/20

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Weekend Challenge 9/19 - 9/20

Postby Puk on September 22nd, 2020, 11:00 pm

I'd like Magic Item: Food Preservation Chest please. Thank you for the challenge!
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Weekend Challenge 9/19 - 9/20

Postby Tazrae on September 24th, 2020, 4:26 am

Thank you!

I'll take two quest item coupons:

Necklace of Adaptation -A necklace with a swirling gemstone charm on it which will allow the wearer to breathe in all toxic environments... underwater, in thin air, in stale or poisonous air, etc.

The Rod of Sentience - Looking like a small staff the size of one’s forearm, this object is a highly potent magical converter that will elevate the intelligence of any single living thing from its current level to the level of sentience. Plant or animal, after this rod has been used on a creature, the creature will have the equivalent sentience of a human with full speech capability. This is a one time use only item, and after its use, it will turn to dust and blow away even without a wind being present.
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Weekend Challenge 9/19 - 9/20

Postby Gossamer on September 24th, 2020, 4:35 am

Everyone's SS threads are updated. Acquire the items in thread. Remember you can't gift or sell them!


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