Tazrae's Plotnotes

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Tazrae's Plotnotes

Postby Tazrae on May 27th, 2022, 2:33 pm

Current Plans



Due to the circumstances of Syka, Taz has become a Guardian of Syka and can control the fie guardian totems scattered throughout the Settlement. These totems were a gift from Kihala to the new settlement.

Taking her duty seriously, Taz has invested time and effort into seeking out new forms of protection for the denizens. These forms include helping make magic openly accepted in Syka, encouraging new people to explore the jungle and learn new things, and most importantly learning about the past.

Taz has also learned that as of 522, of the old guardians of Pavena... a cohort of ancient and off-world creatures that are not only sentient but keepers of knowledge long lost. With her discovery of Reclaimed Knowledge - the ancient Pavena Library - Taz has taken an interest in the history and what befell Pavena. To that end, she's been curating a collection of knowledge and cultivating a friendship with many of the old ones so she can expand her abilities and help others find a way to do likewise.

To that end, Tazrae is going to become an Archaeological Mage; an Archaeology. She is interested in rediscovering lost disciplines, bringing off-world magic that will work in Mizahar's setting to life, and developing new magics based on old ideas.

Plot Goals

  • Awakening Thread.
  • Reunion with Bree.
  • Take Sykan Ranger Oath.
  • Hire help for the Inn.
  • Meet Asal'Nav
  • Meet Shu'uhl
  • More Zethas Threads

Skill Goals

  • Research E+
  • Investigation C+
  • Arcanology E+
  • Archaeology C+
  • Compound Longbow E+
  • Machete E+
  • Whip E+
  • Bolo E+
  • Blowgun E+
  • Reimancy M
  • Unarmed E+
  • Auristics E+
  • Gyphing C+
  • Magecrafting C+
  • Vorilescence M

Some of these basic skills and magics are more for investigating ruins and seeing how things work. You can use a gnosis like Lykata to see what something's history is, but you need a skill like magecrafting to understand how the item functions and the proper way to work it.

Auristics and Glyphing were common in the past and mages stored essential items in glyphs. Its almost necessary to walk around a place protected with glyphs to do so safely so spears won't suddenly ject out of glyphs as you pass certain points and trigger them.

Gnosis Goals

  • DATS for Kihala (Approved)

I really need to write out this solo thread for Kihala for Tazrae before the season ends. She's had approval for it for two seasons now.

Other Wishlist Gnosis:

  • Qalaya - I will need to write out the gnosis though.

This one will be a DATS project too. Probably through one of her DATS skills.

Magic Item Acquisition

No magic items are currently needing to be acquired. Instead, Tazrae needs to research and discover the use of the newly acquired one's she now has.

Development Goals

  • Linkage Writeup
    • Magic of Linking Mages, their Djedpools, and Skillsets
  • Florabundance Writeup
    • Magic of Plant Crafting

Personal Goals

  • Catch Up On Grades
  • Build A Home Using Florabundance
  • Get Ixams Accepted In Syka
  • Invite Asal'Nav To Be The Keeper of Memories For Syka
  • Unite The Old Ones Again
  • Recruit More Syka Guardians
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