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Tazrae's personal property in Syka apart from The Protea Inn.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Garden Beach

Postby Tazrae on March 28th, 2022, 4:49 am



Just west of The Protea Inn butted up against the property lines lies a six-acre stretch of beach and jungle that belong to Tazrae Ardera, the Innkeeper of The Protea. This land is laid out as three continuous parcels of beach and jungle mixed property plus three acres of pure jungle property resting just to the north of the beach parcels. The property runs three acres long and two acres wide spanning the space between The Protea Inn and Mathias' Cabana. On the far eastern side closest to the Inn is a small archipelago of rock that juts out into the sea.

ImageThis rock feature marks the dividing line between the private property of the Inn and Tazrae's personal property. Paths through the rock and jungle, plus the continuous beach connect both parcels together. This area has deep calm water just offshore that makes cliff diving off the rocks fairly safe and enjoyable on the eastern Inn side of the outcropping. The west side of the rock holds a deep coral reef that's beautiful and alive with a plethora of fish.

A large sandy beach runs south towards Mathias' property and his huge cabana which marks the western boundary of Tazrae's land. The waters out past the sand beaches are calm most days and overlook the eastern end of Syka's little bay. Solitude Island can be seen just off the coast.

The place is a sanctuary for the local tame population of Ixam and they can often be seen lounging on the beach. There are birds aplenty and because Garden Beach is located within Syka proper, the birds can all talk in their simplified speech as granted by the magical statue within the Settlement's boundaries.

Inland, the jungle stretches two acres deep. The cobbled pathway is on the northern edge. There is a small spring in the jungle just past the home site bubbling up fresh providing a watering spot for local birds and wildlife. Clear water rises up from the ground filling a series of stone pools that make for a lovely area to visit and reflect. Tazrae has plans to build a bench there as well as build a trough system for the Ixam to have a fresh stream of water to drink from away from the rock pools to keep the Ixam from damaging the spring with their clawed feet.

ImageA vast variety of coconut palms make up the majority of the trees on the fringe area of the beach. Amongst them are fruit trees and a scattering of bananas. There are bougainvillea, sabal palmettos, date palms, flowering ash, juneberry, barberry, and black pine. Candida of all sorts grows wild under all the trees. There are taro, trumpet vines, croton, and tapioca still growing wild. Musa, a form of hardy banana fills in open spaces, though smaller plants are definitely in residence. Birds of paradise in a multitude of varieties flower all over the property. Orchids cling to trees.

The crape myrtles are deciduous trees that produce an abundance of red, white, pink, and purple blossoms almost all throughout the year adding to the riot of fringe foliage along the coast here. The Brugmansia plant, also called Trumpets of the Gods, adds to the color in paler peaches pinks, and greens. In the middle of it all, set more towards the east than the west, is a grassy clearing where a massive tree has fallen leaving a beautiful view of the ocean just off the beach. It's the perfect spot for a private residence and where Tazrae dreams of building herself a home apart from The Protea Inn.

Until her home is built, Tazrae has erected her tent in a semi-permanent camp which she's built an outdoor lounge adjacent to. She needed a retreat away from her guests where she can not have to answer any odd questions about her being a stranger in Syka.

The Palapa And Outdoor Lounge

On the edge of the beach, tucked under the palms, stand a modest Palapa made from local timber and decked with highly polished hardwoods. It's roof is either made with palm fronds or left open depending on the weather. From its beams hangs three oil lamps that look like they were purchased in Eyktol due to their survey shape and stained intricate glass.

Cushions and pillows of silk are strewn about while other lamps line a small stone path from the Palapa to the Pavilion that stands behind it. To the right lies a raised platform that holds a huge copper bathtub and more large decorative lanterns.

The Palapa and its lounge are large enough to hold multiple people or a couple of reclined Ixam. In fact, there are Ixam tracks throughout the area and it is not unheard of that a few are lounging about. Often the lounge will have a discarded book or a sketchbook laying on it as if someone had just stepped away.
The Pavilion

This large Pavilion looks to be Drykas-inspired but not completely Cyphrus in origin. Made of a creamy tough canvas that has been treated for water resistance, it sits above the ground on a raised hardwood platform. This luxurious dwelling is roughly a large rectangle in shape with five-sided ends and a long open length facing the sea. The pavilion sides have the ability for multiple walls to be rolled up to let the air flow through it. The sides able to be lifted have mosquito netting that can be rolled down in place of the walls.

The Pavilion is dominated by an enormous hand woven rug. The rug itself is deep emerald green with russet stripes and has animals woven into it among the greenery. Every foot of it seemed to contain a different animal. It looks like a masterwork, for certain, and beautiful beyond measure. There were parrots and jaguars and fronds of monstera plant. There were palms and tucans and even Ixam frolicking. Asta played with trunks holding coils of flowers.

With the rug seemingly setting the scene, an enormous dark wooden mahogany bed rested against a far wall, parallel to a huge matching wardrobe. Both were carved with vines that matched a mule chest that had pull out drawers and a padded top. The chest rested at the foot of the bed which faces the sea. To one side was a weapons rack with similar carved vines and lilies. Opposite of the weapons rack on the other wall was a huge bookcase carved to match the rest of the furniture.

A huge comfortable deep blue velvet chair rested next to the bookshelf and a set of lamps. The chair had a million embroidered silver threaded stars twinkling in its fabric. A small ottoman sets at the base of the chair, ready for tired feet to be propped upon. The chair matched the padding on the top of the mule chest, as well as a plethora of the pillows scattered across the bed.

A large dressing table, desk, holding a carved mirror sits on the right side of the bed in the five sided alcove. A couple of conversational chairs rest there as well.

Two matching end tables flanked either side of the bed in the same finish as the rest of the furniture. They housed additional ornate lamps that would cast decorative patterns across the space once the sun had set. Other lamps illuminated the rest of the pavilion, including the tie-downs outside and the path leading to both the bath and the palapa holding the lounge.

A blanket made of glowing stars covers the foot of the bed as a quick cover for quick naps or hot nights.
The Bath

A large copper tub plenty big enough for multiple people rest on a slightly raised platform here. The decking on the bathing area has been hand laid as well, highly sanded and polished, and looks to be well maintained.

A small chest holds towels and a robe hangs on a peg near the bath off of one of the poles holding lanterns. There is no sign of a way to fill the bath, though there is a small tray table spans the length of the bath that holds a comb, brush, and assorted bars of soap, candles, and shampoos and conditioners. Books are never left in this area, because its open to the rain, though the warm Syka winds will dry damp cloth quickly in the direct sunlight.

Land Values
Taz purchased 3 square acres of beach property (jungle plus waterfront addon) for 1,200 gm apiece = 3,600 gm plus 3 square acres of jungle property for 900 gm apiece = 2,700 gm for a total of 6,300 gm. Doing it at once you get a 25% discount (6300x.25=1,575 gm) for a total of 4,725 gm. Using a 'half-price property' quest coupon, she made that price 2,362.5 gm for the total purchase. This deal was done in Business As Unusual.

In the future, she will be building her dream home in the clearing she's got set aside for just that reason.


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