Solo Cold to the Bone II

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Cold to the Bone II

Postby Rohka on January 5th, 2021, 7:26 am

"It is time." Markham took out the circular item and placed it in his palm. "Like I said, there is a catch. I may not know a whole lot about the divine, but I do know a bit about business. Contingency plans are always a good idea. This bracelet here has a very powerful magic stored in it. My connections certainly go a long way, but these mages are the experimental sort, always loving to see just how far they can play with that precious fabric I talked about. Anyways, I had this made for you to help your mind recover. With the travel you've done with me, it is such a waste if you were to truly forget it all. In all honesty, if I die Rohka..."

His voice trailed off for a tick. In that moment, Rohka felt herself holding her breath.

"...I need you to carry on the truths that I've learned. There's so much I can't just explain to you. You will need this, because I can't stay here in Zeltiva with you. I have a responsibility to my crew, and I'll need to take off into the wilderness and the oceans again very soon. You'll need this to remember me. To remember us. More importantly, you'll need this to see who you are becoming."

Markham let the moment hang for a bit.

The pause was enough for him to connect to his deeper truths. He handed the bracelet over to Rohka.

"Go on," he said. "Put it on."

She looked at him curiously and then accepted the gift. It sparkled in her hand, made of a metal and cord she didn't recognize. There were two charms on it, and room for more. One was a small 'x' and another was a small triangle. It looked a little too big for her wrist and a little too small to wear over her head.

"Put it on your wrist."

She doubted him, but she slipped it on anyways. Suddenly, it shifted and shrunk enough to fit comfortably.

"It's beautiful, Markham. Thank you. What do you mean by helping me remember you?"

He smiled at her.

"Touch the charm that's shaped like an 'x' and ask yourself what time you want to remember."

Rohka raised her brows and thought for a tick. She then immediately stroked the 'x' with her finger, wondering about what it was like on the ship with Markham.

She felt herself transported to a room, made completely with wooden panels. There was a rocking sensation, and commotion going on. She saw herself eating boiled, preserved eggs of some sort, and laughing with someone.

It was Markham. They had no clothes on.

She immediately released her grip on the 'x' and took in a deep breath. The sybil felt frozen. A coldness settled into her body again, and she found herself feeling a bit numb. Her eyelids fluttered when she noticed where she was, and seeing Markham seated beside her made her want to scoot back a bit.

Rohka shifted a bit uncomfortably, while she put on a smile.

"You don't have to tell me, Roh," said Markham, his voice low.

It almost seemed like he was putting on a smile too.

"Mar," she said. Her voice was a whisper. "Can we go for a walk?"

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