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Survival Games

Postby Alice Weaver on February 2nd, 2021, 4:05 am

“I’d say. You probably grew up rich, didn’t you? Not to be rude but you seem the type. I had to make do with second-hand clothes and mushroom stew. So I would assume we led very different childhoods.”

Then Madeira asked the question they knew was coming. What did it feel like to be alive again? Now that was a complex and deep question to ask someone who just got their body back. They fell silent for a time as Madeira inspected the body’s hand. She turned it this way and that way, even going so far as to pinch the fingertip till they winced in pain. They never noticed the small details on the hand before now, the small scar, the bow callus, where the veins traced blue underneath the tanned skin. Her next words and their own observations really hammered home a simple fact. This was not their body. They were just the current owner but they did have the vaguest intent to give it back. To say the idea to run away with it hasn’t crossed the ghost’s mind would be a lie.
“It feels...like every part of my body is standing on edge. Every part is screaming is bliss and agony at finally being able to feel. The sensations are so overwhelming I am trying to ignore them else I think I would be a puddle of flesh writhing on the ground for the next few bells. The smells are so sharp and I have forgotten what it feels like to have sweat run down your back or just how noisy a body is. I can hear the blood rushing through me and the churning of my stomach. Every muscle twitch I am hyper-aware of and I feel my weight constantly shift as I breathe. It all so beautifully overwhelming.” They sigh in a blissful state. “But really with this happening had made me realize… it’s possible. This is possible. Knowing something is doable is half the battle. I know my goal is possible, I’ve live it. All this does is make me want to live but in my own body. I’d be a hypocrite if I stole someone else’s life to live as my own. It defeats the whole purpose! Think of all the ghosts I could help move on if they just had a body to complete their business before fading away, without the help of a Spiritist I might add. No offense meant to your profession but some of your kind are crazy.” They speak as they clench their fist in front of them and watch the tendons flex and strain.”

At Madeira’s offer to take first watch they just simply nodded and went to string their bed between two trees. Before lifting themselves up onto the bed they first reapplied a slathering of mud then creaked onto the makeshift hammock that swung gently in the rapidly cooling humid air a scant ten feet from the small warmth of the campfire.

“We’ll make it out of this Mads. To that, I swear to you.” And then they fell silent as laying on the gently swinging hammock in the cooling breeze, listening to the droning insects was oddly calming as their exhaustion caught up to them. And for the first time in six years, Alice truly slept.
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