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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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A Mind for Practice.

Postby Quzon on April 6th, 2021, 1:14 am

1st Day of Spring, 521 A.V.

Quzon sat quietly within the walls of his home.

His own little kingdom of stone.

It was just an upgraded version of a cave not unlike those found within the cliffs of Riverfall, but this was the Half-Isur’s own little Sultros nonetheless. He sat cross legged on the mattress of his bed scrawling out much of his own inner monologue. Many of his notes were about questions he meditated on while transformed by his Ring of Change into an Earth Velispar marked by Leth.

Maybe it was just that reptilian forms natural affinity towards the god of Change, or because his brain literally altered into something entirely new, but it left him easily slipping into bouts of pensiveness when wearing his own skin again.

Todays question of the day was not an unimportant one...

"Do I wish to practice with my skill in Hypnotism?"

He reached aside, touching the tip of his quill to parchment, writing out the question in Myrian, save for the last word which he wrote in Isurian Rune. Quzon's notes on magic weren't encoded, but he at least made it hard for any random 'Common only' person to read his journal.

He set the quill aside into a vial of ink on the floor, waiting a moment to let the ink settle before flipping to his previous copied notes on Hypnotism. "Like the kiss of a sweet whisper, all magics have their prices to be paid. As a Reimancer, I throw pieces of soul. And in the process, might burn it into ash..." He mumbled to himself, while sliding a finger over his notes as he read them:

"Accomplished Hypnotists are artists of the mind, trained to wield their Djed through willpower of charisma. Through facial expression, the five senses, and the sheer presence of body language in order to influence the minds of others. A beginner should try to understand the concept of Suggestion and Emotional response to understand the mind and use of those mental triggers to manipulate others."

The practical concepts of Suggestion and Emotional response meant next to nothing to Quzon. He found himself wishing that he actually found the whole journal on Hypnotism rather than a single parchment page to cut out the guesswork, but personal experimentation would have to suffice. “If there is fire, one can get burned. So to manipulate the mind of another, I must be willing to lose my own mind... or only manipulate weaker minds. Manipulation is the work of a coward, or possibly the tactics of the wise. Its should only be used when absolutely necessary if sufficiently practiced. .”

It was at that moment that Quzon decided to truly take his first step into the arcane art of Hypnotism. He nodded to himself while closing the journal. His last thoughts lingering on the taboo reputations most Hypnotists had in Taloba. "I can tell no one of this... less I be seen as a sha'lokk at best or at worst a danger to swiftly be removed... Now what could I use to practice?"

He sat on his bed for several chimes until an idea flashed through his mind. "Weaker minds..." The pale myrian rose from his bed, satisfied with a plan he had just come up with. He pulled on his boots, slipped on his backpack, and exited his home while scantly clad in his usual loincloth.

In a short time, Quzon found himself among the pigs of Swine Swells. Along the way there, he absentmindedly noted the time of day painted across the open skies above the Suvan. The true color blindness that plagued the Myrians eyes blinded him from witnessing the wonderful orange and purple hues of the dawn.

He estimated the time of day by gauging the the faint armies of alabaster light which rallied to chase away the dark obsidian forces of the previous night. Given that the night sky still had more forces to hold the line, Quzon figured that there were still a few chimes left before the day reached the seventh bell of sunrise.

When Quzon made it to the horde of pigs wading along the shore, he encountered someone that he did not expect to see so far east of the Commons this early in the morning. A woman sat cross legged on the sand with a stick of charcoal in hand. She appeared to be drawing on a piece of parchment resting atop a book in her lap while several pigs accosted her from all sides vying for her attention.


He spoke curtly towards the local Potter, not wishing to to disturb what ever she was doing.

He only spoke out towards her to acknowledge her presence in the area.

"Good morning Quzon." The woman didn't even look up from her drawing as he walked passed her. He had gotten to know Nesra in passing from the time he spent on bed rest a few seasons ago on with broken rib. He spent much of that time at the Guest Quarters, and considering that the female seemingly lived there, he was her neighbor for a time.

"You heading to work? I'm just drawling some pigs." She patted one on the head, then fed one a small berry in her free palm. "I might make some cute piggy themed pots later... although I originally came here to get one to eat for a cookout later."

Quzon was there to find a pig or two to practice his hypnotism on. They were the weakest minds he could think of in proximity to his house that wouldn't lead to any unnecessary attention if practiced on. He hoped to find the beaches empty so he could at least practice here, but he'd have to manage with just claiming a pet or two for now.

"No. Work later. Here for livestock. Take pig or two, home. Start farm, maybe even garden." It was a half truth that Quzon used to hide his true intention, but the fledgling Hypnotist canted his head to the side as he thought about actually wanting to start a garden on his land.
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