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Rohka applies on New Year's.

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Postby Rohka on May 24th, 2021, 3:08 am

1st Day of Spring, 521 AV, 6th bell on a bright and sunny morning

New Year's Day and the building was thankfully open. Most people were celebrating, it seemed.

The line was short.

"Welcome to the Lord of Council's office. How may we help you today?" Hearing the gruff voice of Tranaris Johnson brought a smile to the sybil's face. It was a tone with no humour, which, somehow, struck her as being amusing in and of itself.

She figured she'd just spent too long at the Healing Centre, and the littlest things, like the tonal quality of an elderly secretary's businesslike voice and the pristine neatness of his hardwood desk were all somehow that much more of a joy.

"Hi, my name is Rohka Calico, and I would like to apply for citizenship."

The man grunted, passing over the form. The name was familiar to him, and he remembered her sickly form when she first arrived. Scrunching his nose, Tranaris kept quiet, keeping all thoughts of repulsion to himself.

Rohka sat in a chair in front of the desk, dipped a quill in ink, and touched her bracelet to remember the time she'd arrived in the city.

The young Calico was barely in the right state of mind, but Markham had supported her into the office to help her get the required visa. She saw herself in the same chair, filling out the visa form, issued on the second day of fall. It was only a few ticks of a memory, but it was enough for the date required to be written down.

Name: Rohka Calico
Date and Place of Birth: 81 Fall 495 Av, Ravok
Residence: The Outpost
Job or sponsor: Fortune Teller
Date visa was issued: 2 Fall 520 AV

Having written a dream for her place of residence and not thinking much of it, not even realizing that a dream wasn't a reality, she handed the form in.

Tranaris looked at her writing, squinted his eyes, and pointed at the line.

"Ma'am, your citizenship is denied. You need to reside in Zeltiva."

Rohka's heartbeat pounded fast in her ears. She needed to think of something quickly.

Could she tell him that she has yet to find her family here? Could she tell him that she has so very little information on where to go?

The young Calico closed her eyes for a tick, wracking her mind for a memory. Having been at the Healing Centre, she was beginning to regain pieces she'd left behind from her past, and decided this would be as good a place as any to share and request more information.

"I don't know if you remember me? I came here from Ravok, and I was really sick, and my, uh, Guide helped me get a visa and a patient bed at the Center to heal. I'm actually still looking for a place to live," she said, pausing for a tick. Here was where she needed to make a decision.

Would she speak of what she remembered of her past?

It was worth a shot.

"My great grandfather, I believe he was the son of a Gracey family daughter. Did you know him? His name was Zendal and he worked in the Stone Quarry. Do you know where I can find the Gracey family residence? I need to speak to them, and introduce myself."

The old man groaned. Great, another case of family drama in the air.

"Are you asking me if you can speak with the Lord of Council?"

Rohka furrowed her brows. "Who?"

Either she is a really good actress, or she really has no idea what she is looking for, he thought.

"You came here not knowing who the Lord of Council is? Did you think it was me? Look, if you want to speak to the Lord, she has a half a bell time slot right around the 16th bell before she leaves the office. You'll have to wait until then. She should be able to verify the name of the family member you're looking for, or even point you in the right direction. Until then, I can't approve your citizenship papers. If you need a place to stay until then, I recommend the World's End Grotto."

"Okay, yes, please, I would like to speak with her, thank you," said Rohka, quickly but surely, while feeling entirely uncomfortable hearing a man speak of a mortal as a Lord.

There was only one true Lord in her mind. Long live Rhysol, she prayed, silently.

Tranaris, being as efficient as he was, promptly put her name down in the appointment book.
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Postby Gossamer on May 24th, 2021, 10:41 pm

Moderator Intervention

The Issue(s): Like I stated before, any sort of citizenship must be applied for in the Lord Council's Office. You cannot actually RP the LC because its an ST Moderated NPC. Sorry. Locking the thread until the post is done properly in the correct location.

PM me when you have the above issues corrected and this intervention will be removed.


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