A Whole New World [Moritz]

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A Whole New World [Moritz]

Postby Alric Lysane on November 18th, 2021, 5:45 am

He was feeling loose now, his muscles warm is slightly fatigued and the blood pumping vigorously. Sweat stained his brow and his breathing was laboured even as he tried to control it, regulating it to as sustainable a rhythm as he could manage. Still his throat burned slightly but he was enjoying himself all the same. He enjoyed physical activity and it had been a very long time since he had had a bit of a scrap with someone without it being about life and death, or rob or be robbed. It was gratifying and he wondered if he could find a way to achieve it more regularly.

Not just for fun but I’d get better too I’m sure he noted to himself as they flowed back and forth.

Moritz had had a good idea, apparently making it up as he went, and clearly showed a level of intelligence when it came to things – even fighting. He wondered, though, if he had the instincts for things. Did he always think everything through in every way he possibly could before acting, or did he sometimes just do something and see what the result was? He didn’t know but it was an interesting thought as their hands and arms met, dodging and weaving in their little dance.

Despite his lethargy and slightly heavy limbs he was still moving on the balls of his feet, stepping and hopping quite deliberately, keeping his limbs loose by moving them, arms being sent out in mock half-jabs and crosses so they didn’t lock up but also to practise the technique and timing, to confuse Moritz potentially and for the fun of it.

After another few moments after the attempted sweep Moritz seemed to give in, calling for an end to the spar. The lad seemed very tired and Alric was not sure why, he was not the most athletic of individuals but he had been through worse on the streets. Perhaps he just lived a more laboured life, he reasoned, shrugging and returning to a more normal stance and coming to stand nearer to Moritz. He took the waterskin gratefully and took a sparing swig before passing it back.

“Thanks,” he said as he stretched his arms and circled his shoulders, “another time then. It feels good to practise without the risk of getting clubbed to death. I’m not sure what this acrobatics is but I never say now to new knowledge” he said after a few moments of consideration.

It was difficult to tell the time in the Outpost he realised, they must have been together now for a good Bell or so but the lighting hadn’t seemed to change too much and it had been even longer since he had arrived and the same observation still held true. He wondered if it was specific to this new world. He moved his legs every so often to keep them limber and prevent them from cooling too quickly. Now they had stopped he could feel the adrenaline fade and the tiredness sweep in, the breathing that was more laboured than he had realised. He took some time to recover.

“What is this acrobatics then?” he asked with some curiosity, “I guess it’s got something to do with that rolling thing you did?”
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