Solo A Run a Beach

Moritz goes got a training run on the beach...

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A Run a Beach

Postby Moritz Craven on November 28th, 2021, 8:40 pm

23 Fall 521

Heading out to the beach, Moritz slowly stretched early in the morning. Most of his things left at home, the Okomo Kelvic was only wearing his button up outfit which was both breathable but also could shift along with him and nothing else. But then he had tough enough feet, and as it was early in the morning and the sun had not been beating down on the sands for bells the beach was not scalding to the touch. And so he planned to get some excercise in somewhat out of the way, where he would not bother anyone, and where he would not need to worry so much about a snake coming out of the jungle or other such jungle side issues. Instead it was just an expanse of sand heading in both directions across the coast.

He was not totally alone, as several other people were already up and moving too and fro, but not many stopped nor did more than nod in his direction as they passed. About as safe as Moritz felt one could get in the settlement.

Stretching his body he began with his arms, holding them behind his head and pulling in either direction. After doing this for a few counts he stretched them out in front of him, fingers twined together.

From there he moved downward, flexing his shoulders in turn across his body. Down from there to his torso, turning from side to side. Then hips, flexing in each direction that they would allow. Lastly down from there he moved to his legs and knees, bending to touch his toes before sitting on the ground and flexing his legs. One knee bent and the other leg straight out, and then changing over.

Once he felt he was suitable warmed up and stretched Moritz rose back to his feet and picked a direction. To be safe he did not plan to go too far in either direction, instead doing a short circuit back and forth along a small stretch of the beach.

Heading off he loped along with his legs extended, and then did his best to keep up a smooth gait. Inhale, hold, then exhale as his foot hit the ground. Soon he was sinking into the monotonous motion repeated over and over as his bare feet slapped the sands. Then at a certain point in one direction he would stop and turn the other way. Still running, still breathing, inhale, exhale.

As he was nearing his first complete circuit, from one end of his loop back to the other, he saw something run past him on his left side in his peripheral vision. Looking over he saw it was a person, but before he got a good look they were out of range. Continuing on for a bit he turned back and headed in the other direction, continuing his work. He was not tired yet, still even breathed in his running, and felt like he could keep going for awhile yet.

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