The Random Thank You Thread...

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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Gossamer on March 27th, 2011, 6:59 am

I think its time we started a thank you thread. Sometimes you just want to say thanks to someone who has been doing something right to counter act all the annoying stuff that tends to happen on games like this day - to - day.

So I have a small list. I'll probably add to it.

Thank you to:

  • Sammich/Gan/Sarah - for stepping up and taking some initiative in Cyphrus. I know its not easy to approach the 'meanest' Founder and have a heart to heart. Kudos for being brave and asking questions.
  • Seth - For all the hard work you've done jump starting Ravok and caring so much about the evils in the game. And for taking the time to really mean it when he asks 'How are you?'
  • Newbies of Wind Reach - thanks guys for forging ahead regardless of not having good solid storyteller leadership in the game.
  • Mizuriel, Riki, and Lakara - The new folks of Sanctuary give me something to really look forward to logging on and actually playing my PC.
  • Tarot - For always getting back to me, regardless of how busy he is irl.
  • Cayenne - For saying hi daily on aim and letting me blather on daily about plants and seeds and building projects and for wanting to grow meyer lemons and confiding in me about all her problems. We fight like cats and dogs and that makes us true sisters.
  • Scrapbookers - I love it when you scrap. I love seeing your pics and your art and hearing your angst and your rants and whats going on in your life. Everyone should have a scrapbook.
  • Hatter - For coming back and understanding why he was deactivated and not giving me grief about it... and reinserting himself in the game nicely with zero fuss. I appreciate that.
  • Gillar - For always understanding and soldiering on development wise even when he'd rather be repainting his joes. We had a wonderful day today building our greenhouse - at least laying the footings and cementing them in. You help me live my dreams. Thank you.

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure I'll have more.

Who do you want to say thank you too?

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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Julian on March 27th, 2011, 7:23 am

I'm sure the list will get longer, but:

Gossamer and Tarot - The BBC Code guidelist thread. I would have been an absolute wreck without it.
Amondaris - For being extremely cordial and welcoming when I first got here.
Cheshire - Same as Amondaris and absolutely pleasant.
Ophelia - Helping me get started in Lhavit, and being patient that I kept confusing her with Cheshire.
Rhuryc - For being both timely and awesome at the right moment.
The Chatroom - You guys are a lifesaver.

And of course:
The Founders and Mods - For helping me overcome my general pessimism about online RP and hosting a great place to write.

...For good measure:
The Middle Class Mom in the Parking Lot - She pointed out my tire was flat today as if I didn't already know. Thank you, Middle Class Mom.
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Kelpie on March 27th, 2011, 7:43 am

I'll make mine super short.

Pain & Nicky: Thanks for being awesome ASs and putting up with me, and doing amazing job with Lhavit. I love you both in a platonic way. (Except Nicky who is my internet wife.)
Tarot: For putting up with me and my constant HP drawing renditions of him.
Stitch: For calling me at the weirdest times to make sure I was "doing okay." :) <3
Jili&Satu: For being my angels.
Founders: For making this place possible and awesomesauce.
Lhavit kids: For making my city an amazing and totally awesome place.
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Kalasshmalah on March 27th, 2011, 7:54 am

I have to add...

  • Ronin: for doing most of the BBC code in my CS
  • Julian: For taking the time to make my avatar/CS pic and listening/not ranting when I said stuff like "Mmm...I think it would look better like this"!
  • Ophelia: For being the coolest mod in chat
  • And of course all the mod/founders/vets in chat/via pm I've puked out questions to left and right ^^;
  • Gossamer: For not eating me...yet.
Thanks again y'all
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Amondaris on March 27th, 2011, 11:40 am

I always love these threads. Gives people an opportunity to make someone feel appreciated when it might not otherwise have been said. I'm not one who tends to make grand, sweeping gestures of appreciation, personally, so I find great joy in the little things. A little conversation, a pleasant personality, having an opinion and being willing to stand up for it, tearing people who pick on your friends to shreds, and what have you. Everyone who is on this list is there for a reason, even if I don't really know them, if they don't particularly like me, or the reason doesn't make much sense, other than being possessed of a quality I find respectable. Thanks, people. <3

I, personally, would like to thank, in no particular order, other than when they come to mind:

Rhuryc - For coming back, for one. I was floundering a bit as to what to do with my character until he returned. Also, a really cool guy that I can act the fool with and actually get on with really well. Thanks for being a friend, man. Also for being an awesome, awesome writer. Wub.

Cheshire - For being so bloody nice all the time, even when you probably should use those teeth a little. This makes you a much better person than me! Thank you, oh so very much, for keeping Avanthal going and doing such a good job of developing it. Also, for being a friend who's constantly pleasant and showing hidden depths. And for being pretty <3

Julian - For being an awesome newcomer. I love it when these come along. Great artist, too.

Cayenne - For actually talking to me while she works, despite being uber busy. Also for making me hungry when she talks about all the nice foodstuffs she makes. We'll find a way to get rid of that coworker yet, Peach!

Fenilen/Kayiri/Pickonecharacteralready - For being a wussy girlboy! :D And for the talks, and organising the DH thing. Looking forward to it!

Skadi Trinketsnatch - Again, simply awesome newcomer. A really great guy, who writes a vastly entertaining character. Thank you, also, for thinking what I was writing had come from experience or research despite being pulled out of thin air ;) Makes a man's imagination feel powerful! And, of course. For Magic. I'll win best two out of three yet. You'll see!

(Yes, this really is going to be this long. I will not shy from giving thanks and warmfuzzyfeelings, so quiet down.)

Stitch - Oh, Stitch. I don't know you all that well as a person, but from what I've see of you, you are one of those preciously rare, truly good individuals. You're a damned nice guy, and a fan-bloody-tastic writer. Your character is definitely my favourite on the site so far. Keep it up!

Tarot - I dunno, really. I just immensely enjoy whatever you write. I think you could write about someone washing dishes and make it enjoyable. Thanks for the good reads!

Berus - For being much, much more intelligent than he usually acts, and for being an entertaining fella to thread with. :)

Gossamer - For helping me out with my little project. I know you're busy, so you taking the time to reply is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Jilitse For being willing to accept my gruff, horribly socially inept wildman into Team Priskil. Also for being another great writer.

Mao. - I can't really intellectualize this one. Your character is great, I know that much, but..I think I appreciate the fact that you're not a wishywashy overly smiley airhead. You seem to be able to be harsh, and strong-willed. Values I can respect, if nothing else.

Avanthalians! - Because you're all real cool people. ;)

The Chat People - Sometimes, some of you may fill me with incandescent fury and make me want to inflict horrible pain upon you, but for the most part, you're all pretty great. Nice people, helpful, if terribly silly, and very friendly. Always welcoming and willing to help out whoever wants a hand, be they new or old.

Everyone in Mizahar For keeping this ship going full steam ahead, for existing, and for putting up with me ;) Thanks a bunch, guys and gals.

Aaand I think we're done here. At least for now. I will probably be expanding this as time marches on.

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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Robert Cithon on March 27th, 2011, 12:45 pm

Here goes mine!

Seth, for always responding timely and helping me out with my dozens of questions I shoot his way. He is by far my favorite mod so far. I appreciate all the help and info man!

Syndre, for being a great PC to thread with. And for making my experience in Ravok a lot more pleasant.

Aello, for being a relentless PC! But a fun one to keep up with.

Chat People, for making passing time so much fun. You guys are awesome.

Founders/mod, thanks for making everything mentioned before and after me possible. You guys did/do an awesome job.

Thank You to everyone I didn't mention! You all do a part in keeping the board fun and running!
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Mizuriel on March 27th, 2011, 1:21 pm

Founders – well, without you guys there wouldn’t be anyone else to say thank you to; so I want you to know I appreciate all the work you guys put into this world. Thank you for all your ideas and thoughts who spawned this place, and to all your efforts to keep it from falling apart.

Moderators – You should all have monuments raised in your honor as well, as you help out whenever and wherever the founders can’t reach in a timely fashion. So thank you for being so awesome and keeping at it.

Baku – Even though I know you’re a mod, I need to give you a huge hug as soon as I see you, as you were immensely helpful with the creation process behind my character.

Onyx/Pain – For having the time to review my CS even though you were swamped with work and always being helpful in chat, thank you!

Azeran, Selvaria, Lakara and Shri – Thank you guys for being my family and giving me a chance I’m not yet fully sure I deserve.

Kavala – Thank you for always being there to initiate things, and keep us (The Sanctuary people) together.

Sarah – Thank you for being my bud and coworker, and awesome somewhere in between!

Nida – For putting up with my idiocy when I choose the wrong picture, for having the patience to actually work with me again, and of course for being so awesome I have to chase you up and down Mizahar to finally get that thread I want!

Chat people – For all the laughs you give me while I’m reading through your lines from my lurk corner, as well the people I actually talk to. Thanks to all of you, chat is a great place! (Except when you act like idiots, it can get annoying sometimes.)

Everyone I’m threading with – Thank you for not jumping at my throat for being slow as I am!

All nice people – For doing what rest of us are not always capable off. :)

So that’s my list, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Anshun Tulish on March 27th, 2011, 3:12 pm

Every single storyteller I've ever talked to: You guys are like perfect teachers. You're dedicated, you love what you're doing, and you're willing to work with someone to help them out. And you're always nice when I mess up! :D

Shri: Thank you so much for getting together with my character when I first posted! I just know that without you, I'd probably still be trying to figure out who to RP with!

Jilitsie and Solomon: For pointing me the right way when I posted in the wrong place and time.
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Dimitri on March 27th, 2011, 3:24 pm

Being a newbie to the site I haven't met everyone but still have a few notables to give thanks too.

Lady Dusk: I would like to thank you for you help and your patience as I developed my character and got my feet off of the ground. You have been the most influential person I have met here.

Lady Gossamer: I would like to thank you for assisting me in some wise choices when first creating my PC, and answering my questions, and being a generally kind and helpful person despite being busy.

Sir Templar: I would like to thank you for assisting me in the knowledge of Knights and letting me know that I am not the only person with medieval politeness.

Lady Cheshire: I would like to thank you for consistently being helpful and upbeat everytime I see you, and for indulging in my medieval politeness.

Ladies Kamalia, Ariel, and Eisi: I would like to thank you for being fun, allowing me to be polite and being polite in return. And for being in the next group I give thanks to.

Ab Adorers: To the many ladies, and one gentleman (you know who you are), forbeing fun and playful, and of course enjoying my avatars' spectacular abs.

Chat: Always thankful for the fun diversion and helppful ideas and tips.
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The Random Thank You Thread...

Postby Cheshire on March 27th, 2011, 3:49 pm

Awwwww, I didn't expect so many thank yous! Thank you for appreciating me everyone who thanked me :D Now it's my turn to spread the love <3

The Founders- What can I say other than thank you for giving me the ability to live in a place that is winter ALL the time (of course with the addition of giving me the ability to live in this world at all!). I love it here and I can honestly say Mizahar is my home away from home (or home within my home because I sign on in my house o_O). Keep up the good work Founders! You guys truly do an amazing job.

Kayiri/OJ- Thank you for being my first super good friend on Mizahar. I love you with all my heart. I'm so happy we have so many chances to thread together and thank you for accepting angsty Sitkanis into Adalia's heart. I have a goal. I want to thread with all of your PCs. I just wanted to let you know.

Tabarnac/Dani- There is so much thanks that is due here. First off, thank you for dealing with my trove of questions back when I was applying for being the AS of Avanthal and then my trove of questions once I was the AS of Avanthal. Thank you for always supporting me (even if you didn't notice you were). Also, thank you for making Kendall have some happiness with Hadrian. I know he is a little weirdo but I am glad Hadrian can handle the strangeness.

Amondaris- For one, thank you for coming back. I missed you, A LOT. You are always really supportive of what I want to say or do and you aren't afraid to say "Ehh, no. Thats kinda odd". You are, without a doubt, the voice of reason at times. You say things that people want to say but are too scared to say it. Yes, it does tend to get you in trouble sometimes but you get a lot of the stress off of other people's shoulders. Thank you for saying I am pretty. You are quite handsome yourself (and you are Irish which is a SUPER plus). Thanks for being spice to Avanthal.

Rhuryc- Thank you for coming back! I missed you! Also, thank you for being Amondaris' bro. It is nice to see people can have a bromance on opposite sides of the globe. Also, thank you for coming to Avanthal. We needed more blacksmiths and all around awesomes (although everyone in Avanthal is awesome).

Berus & Darren- You two are just awesome. You promote Avanthal so much it is a little scary sometimes (I thank they have actually scared some people away >.>). I love it though. It shows who is going to be able to keep up with the crazy posters in the city. Please don't destroy Morwen's city though. Sometimes I worry the Everwinter city can't hold you two XD Keep being awesome and Berus, get your Morwen gnosis already! *shakes fist*

Cathan- There is so much thanks needed here it isn't even funny. Thank you so much for having your little wolf be Kendall's friend. He appreciates Cathan so much. Also, I think a HUGE thanks is in order for the fact that you play a wolf kelvic flawlessly (or close to it at least!). I always bring you and Miharu up when people say that wolf kelvics are cliche. You my friend are not cliche. Thank you for putting up with my slow posting too. That deserves a huge thanks. You are awesome, Cathan is awesome, everything about you is awesome.

All the DS's and AS's- Thank you all for doing a fantastic job. It is so loved and appreciated. You make the game interesting and super fun.

Pain- Thank you for keeping it sassy and for always editing my pictures when I need it. I am trying to learn photoshop better but I am still nowhere near your skill level. I WILL THREAD WITH YOU SOME DAY! HEED MY WORDS PAIN OF TEXAS, WE WILL THREAD. (That sounded like I called you a Pain and I promise I didn't)

Isette and Nida- Thank you for forming the Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty Committee with me. You both are super beautiful and wonderful cats (and people).

Mizuriel, Lakara, and Kavala- Thank you for being Riki's friends. I know he is silly and sort of weird but I am glad you accept him for who he is... even if he tends to talk to animals a lot.

Stitch- This is going to sound silly but you seriously have made me a happier person. Always seeing you in a bright and shiny mood has really made me think about my negativity. I seriously used to be extremely negative and all "Bah, I hate the world" a lot but seeing you look at the sunshine of things so much has really made me more positive. Thank you for being the ray of sunshine that I needed :)

Julian- Thank you for being awesome at art and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making a pretty little polar bear to play with us in Avanthal. I love Younger, she is so pretty and interesting. I also love Julian. Julian and Kendall need to thread someday and be girly men together :D

The Avanthalians- Thank you for being such great writers even if you are a little silly. You make my grading and modding so much fun and it makes me so happy to be able to literally laugh out loud when I grade.

Yuralria/Chadzy Chad- Thank you for being my buddy and standing firmly by my side when things get nerdy. It is good when I say "My dream is to ride a Raidramon or an Arcanine around like a horse" you completely agree and get excited about it with me. Thank you for being the sassiest person in Avanthal and for making a PC who could feel emotion for the airhead of a man named Rayvoris.

Ariel/Cara- Thank you for always being willing to thread with everyone. You are so sweet and nice. I'm sorry that Kendall insulted Ariel by calling her short. Everyone in Avanthal love Cara and her little fox friend (well I don't know if Darren likes her fox...) and we are so happy to have you threading with us. It is nice to have a little fire in the land of ice and snow.

Marky Mark/Markus- Thank you for putting up with my silly Mark Wahlberg comments. I cannot wait to finally thread with current day Markus. It will be really fun, I just know it. You are awesome and I love you so much *hugs*

Leviathan- Thank you for having such attractive PCs. I want to thread with all of them, especially Ash'ney. I have made it my goal to have one of my characters marry Ash'ney. I don't care if it is a guy, I'll make it happen. Also, thank you for always being such an amazing friend.

Triniel- Thank you for being my AS and for keeping things catty :D I hope your computer gets fixed soon so we can have fun together again. I miss you!!

and last but certainly not least,

Vala- Thank you for knowing my pains of life. It is good to have someone to complain to about being in my last semester of Senior year with. Also, ALTO PRIDE MY SISTER!!!
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