Solo [The Tidepool Bar]Of Life and Blades VII

Moritz works at the Tidepool, only to discover...

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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[The Tidepool Bar]Of Life and Blades VII

Postby Moritz Craven on March 7th, 2022, 1:50 am

1 Spring 522

Turning over in his bed, it took Mortiz a moment to fully wake up. Once he did he continued to lie for a moment before finally bouncing up and onto his feet out of the bed. It was an odd day for the Kelvic, something that only came once year. The first of spring... Which was also a day celebrated by many other people due to its history... For him though it was just the birth of him and his sibling.

However, thinking on this for a moment, he was somewhat saddened. He had not heard from his mother in quite some time, not even via the outpost... He was unsure what was going on with his sister, or if she was even still in Lhavit. And being far away in Syka, he was unsure anyone would even remember today was his birthday. While he had a few acquaintances from being around the city he was unsure if he truly had any friends or people he could honestly celebrate with. He had people he knew and spoke to. A few sparring partners. Some people he got along okay with. But friends? The Kelvic was unsure on that point.

Getting dressed and putting on the foot en-capturing shoes Moritz headed over to Stu's place to begin some work. It was still early i the day, but that was the best time to do prep work. Also if any boats came in they might end up quite busy, but for now they would be slow as not many people went to Stu's to just eat and it was a bit early for most to be drinking...

Taking the short trip from his bungalow to Stu's bar and restaurant Moritz headed inside, waving to the owner as he did.

"Hey Stu, I'm here. Happy Spring."

As Moritz headed inside and into the back area where the cooking and preparation work was done Stu caught his eye, smiling. "Happy birthday Moritz. Its today, isn't it? The first of spring? Any plans? Oh, and remind me later, I got you a gift. "

Moritz shook his head, not really planning anything for his birthday other than working and possibly working out afterwards.

"Not really. Nothing specific planned."

With that Moritz made his way into his work area, putting on a apron to keep his clothes clean, and finding a nice sharp knife. Grabbing some fruit and things he began slicing, taking care to cut them up well. As he did Moritz could not help remembering a few seasons past and his cooking. Even since then he felt he had noticeably improved on his work, and was much better at such tasks.

Taking up a pineapple he looked it over, considered how to cut it, and then moved with confidence. First he sliced off the top, leaving a nice flat surface. Then he turned it onto that flat surface and cut the bottom off. From there he cut it in half, and began cutting each half in turn until he had quarters. Removing the

Moving with the skin of the pineapple he moved his blade along the edge, being careful to not miss the meat of the pineapple while not cutting into the rind. Then he moved on to the next quarter and so on until he had four large chunks of pineapple roughly shaped in a wedge.

Setting these on their side he sliced them into wedges which could be used in other items or dishes, or even served alone if desired. Focusing on the blade he swiftly moved his hand over as he cut along the side of his palm, slowly working his way through each quarter of fruit until all had been chopped. Tossing this into a bowl Moritz set his tools aside, hearing someone arrive out front and heading out to take their order and see if Stu needed help.

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