[First Day of Spring 522] What Is Vibrant Must Decay

Ialari begins Spring in Syka with hope growth and renewel only to find death and decay.

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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[First Day of Spring 522] What Is Vibrant Must Decay

Postby Ialari Pythone on March 21st, 2022, 12:56 am

1st Day of Spring 522

Her time back in Syka had been eventful. After so long away from the settlement, Ialari had returned and struggled to embrace life in a world that had become rather alien and unknown to her. So much time spent in her Dominion had changed her in ways that she did not fully understand until she returned to life outside. In Syka, life was simple yet filled with so much emotion and experiences that were taken for granted by those who lived it.

As Spring came to the settlement, so did a new set of experiences. It began with the arrival of The Veronica. James had returned with the seasonal shipment and this time, he delivered more than just supplies. A number of children, orphans who were looking for a life better than what they had before.

Ialari attended the arrival of the ship with some interest. From her previous experiences, the Veronica's return from its travels was something of an event within the community. Along with the needed supplies, the addition of the children was a unique surprise. Although she was somewhat hesitant to get to much into the whole event, she found herself curious. [/i]Children...such a strange thing here. Death surrounds us in all directions yet the introduction of youth and all its potential...such possibilities,[/i] She thought as she watched the children step off of the ship. Her being there was more focused on a different child however...Veronica. Ialari knew of the ghostly child that had haunted the ship as well as her living parents. Veronica, the namesake of the ship. She was one who Ialari had thought about from time to time; the tragedy of a child lost before their time.

While searching for Veronica, Ialari passed among the various living children who were coming to find a new home in Syka. As they passed, greeted by the citizens of the settlement, Ialari took the opportunity to greet them as well. She smiled, shook hands and hugged those who approached her; boys, girls, all of them. The physical connection with the youth felt quite refreshing after all of her time spent with the dead, undead and those in the middle.

She also took note of the various supplies being delivered while taking stock of those things that she may find useful later.

Following the whole debarking event, Ialari made her way further into the settlement. She was feeling something at a loss for how to proceed in her experiences in the physical world outside of her Dominion. She wanted...no, needed to experience more of what Syka...Pavena had to offer. She felt the desperate need to find the key to reopening the World Gate, yet it required learning more about the ancient secrets that surrounded the settlement.

The first person she thought of who may be able to get her started was, Uta. She met the herbalist some time prior and had worked a little with her to harvest and provide various herbs and medicines to the Syka. Ialari hoped that Uta would be able to introduce her to more places that may hold answers that others may not be able to see or understand.

Taking the path through the settlement, Ialari made her way to the familiar home of Uta. As she approached the hut suspended over the stream, Ialari spotted a familiar face outside along the banks of the stream.

"Uta?" Ialari asked.

The woman, hunched over while gathering a few plants along the banks of the stream, rose and looked up.

After a brief moment, she replied, "Ialari? Oh my! It's been forever!" She sat down the basket she was carrying and turned to Ialari with open arms.

Ialari quickly approached and embraced her old friend.

"I know...it's been...too long. I am happy to see you again." Ialari said with a few tears in her eyes.

After the hug, Uta took a step back and said, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in...well...years."

Ialari coughed slightly and said, "That is a long story...best left for later. I am here now. I have finally returned in hopes of getting more acquainted with the settlement...something I should have done long ago yet never felt there was enough time to do so. I was hoping that you could...I don't know...show me around a little? I plan on staying for quite some time but I...I need some help finding my way."

"Of course! Let me get some things ready and we can head out. There is so much to see but I know of a good place to start. It will help give some...atmosphere. I have the perfect place in mind that will help you get reacquainted." Uta picked up her basket and led Ialari to her hut. There she gathered a few things into a pack and slung it across her shoulder.

"Do you have everything you need for a bit of a hike? Either way, I have a few things that will help us. Where we will be going isn't all that far but one never knows what they will encounter out there. Come, let us reconnect. I admit I wondered what happened to you. It was like you just vanished."

Ialari ran her fingers through her hair as they left the hut and sat out along the path into the jungle. "It's a long story with some unexpected turns. I had to leave rather quickly. There were things going on elsewhere that required my attention. That said, I realized I need to return. This place...it calls me back every time. I am sorry that I had to leave like I did...I wish I could explain it but..."

Uta interrupted, "It's alright, Ialari, I am well aware of the craziness of the outside world. It is part of why I came here...to avoid such things. Anyway, that is all something we can discuss later. For now, I'm taking you to one of my favorite places, The Confluence. It is a small lake that feels like something left over from ages ago. It is something of a peaceful place to rest and reflect; a great starting point for which to rediscover you place in Syka."

Ialari considered Uta's description with a smile. "Sounds like the perfect place."
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