Completed A Day Out [Shade]

Shade and Shiress go foraging at Sapphire Cenote

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A Day Out [Shade]

Postby Shiress on June 25th, 2022, 10:53 pm


"Do you think you are remotely attractive to a man with your bones showing through your skin and not an ounce of weight on you? Do you think those bruises and wounds on you make you look sexy? What kind of monster do you think I am that you assume that’s attractive? Believe me… it’s not. And I don’t even know you. Sex complicates everything. Stop chasing me like a prostitute out for her last coin, desperate for a crust of bread. I’m your protector… or that was the deal I struck. I’m not your stud whenever your lady bits get to burning. Besides, you told me you have feelings for Ian’s dad. So, where does that put me? A stand-in. No thanks. I’m not Ian’s substitute Daddy or babysitter either. The man that left you knocked up should have stood up. That’s what real men do."

Shiress stood stunned, gaping at Shade while he hastily pulled on his clothes, his words floundering around in her mind, looking for understanding like a caged bird looking to escape. Shaking her head, Shiress expelled the man's cruel declaration and played back her own words.

"I owe you this much, yes?"

Shade had mistaken entirely the meaning of her offer for something she hadn't intended it to mean. Still, that mistake had led the man to finally truthfully speak his mind, and Shiress was soundly lodged into place in the Monk's world.

Realizing Shade was dressed and nearly packed to leave, Shiress closed her mouth and began pulling on her discarded garments. Once Shiress had repacked her bag, she padded out of the Cenote in Shade's wake, feeling numb and greatly ashamed.

Had she misread Shade's actions? Had the Monk not spread her knees apart, looking as if he was about to push his face down between her legs? Shiress grabbing the man's cock had set off such vitriol that it had the woman second-guessing the interpretation of Shade's earlier gesture.

No. Shiress huffed and scowled to herself. She had misinterpreted nothing. There was no mistaking the fact that the man's eyes had been locked on her "lady bits," as Shade had called them, while he opened her legs. So, what gave him the right to do what he very nearly did and not Shiress?

By the time they had made it back to the inn, Shiress was silently fuming, angry after having talked herself into Shade's cruel little rant being completely undeserving.

Shiress made a detour to the beach to pick Ian up and gave Mistress Hess a distracted wave before trudging back up to the inn. They stopped by the kitchen for Ian to have his dinner, then they both showered and headed to their room.

Whatever the Mistress had the kids doing while at the beach had Ian tired and with a full belly, the boy went down along with Syna's rays, and he was sleeping soundly. Sleep didn't come as quickly for his mother, despite the many positions she attempted to situate herself in. Finally giving in, Shiress left the bed and her soundly sleeping son and pulled on a rob.

Typically Shiress stayed sequestered in her room at night, thanks to her curse, but tonight, the doctor needed air and the sound of the beach to clear her head of Shade. Sadly, neither the fresh salt air nor the sounds of the waves hitting the shore cleared anything, and she found herself leaning against the banister outside her window, hand wrapped around the railing with a white-knuckled grip while she glared out at the rising moon.

Gods damn the man!

Spinning on her heel, Shiress marched the short distance up to Shade's room and banged on his door. It was well after midnight and well into the next day, so Shiress's charm would, hopefully, work, and maybe she could have her say.

As soon as Shade pulled his door open, Shiress rubbed a finger across the silver head charm, crossed her arms over her chest, and started talking, hoping her words made it into the man's thoughts.

"First of all," she said, voice calm as she spoke quickly, "no, Shade, I don't think I am sexy, with or without bruises or with or without being too skinny. In fact, I know I'm not sexy and haven't been since the day I was put in chains when I was fourteen."

Shiress drew in a sharp breath and had to ball her hands into fists to keep from pointing one directly into the man's face, "And don't flatter yourself, monk, I haven't chased you a tick, and I assure you that I never will. If my," she let a little mockery enter her voice, "lady bits ever get to burning well my right hand is just as good at its job as yours, I promise."

Shiress paused, teeth grinding, "Lastly, I challenge you to tell me once, just one time, that I ever said I have feelings for Ian's father. Elias didn't knock me up and leave, Shade. He was gone before I even knew I was pregnant. The man was killed by the very Ebonstryfe he served." That admission nearly stole Shiress's breath. She had always thought that the soldier was killed by his own superiors. Saying it out loud almost broke her for how true the words felt.

"I don't still love Elias. I feel nothing for a dead man." Shiress shook her head, dry-eyed and stern, "I know you don't like me, Shade. I know you think me disgusting. I get it, even understand it, but next time? Next time keep your cruel words to yourself. When I said that I owe you, I only meant that I owed you for kicking you in the balls, nothing else. I only did what I did because you were about to dip between my thighs for your own taste. So, don't pretend that I offended your honor by touching you."

Shiress turned to leave but turned back, "And I promise you it will never happen again."
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