Solo A Treaded Trail Part I

Moritz spends some time learning of the wilds...

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A Treaded Trail Part I

Postby Moritz Craven on May 16th, 2022, 12:44 am

28 Spring 522

While he was not going too deep into the wilds, Moritz was still dressing as well as he could. Even if there were many deeper places to explore, today would mark the deepest Moritz had gone before, which really was anywhere other than the city proper not counting the one failed trip that had ended with them at the Arbor.

The day before Stu had announced Moritz needed to learn how to explore and forage, and so had asked for Uta a local plant specialist to help him learn. With that in mind Moritz was dressing as well as he could, starting off with the somewhat magical suit he had which covered most of his body. Over that went his weapon harness, with a pair of daggers in their scabbards attached. He also wore a trio of leather items he had acquired before, some red leather gloves, black leather boots, and a leather belt.

On his back was his pack which had some basic items like water, fire starting tools, and some rations. Most of the rest of the things he normally kept in it were left at home, not useful while trekking into the jungle.

Finally so equipped Moritz made his short journey to work where he was to meet up with Uta.

Arriving at the Tidepool he saw the woman soon enough, seeming a friendly enough human woman for a journey. Smiling at Moritz she waved, greeting him friendly. "Hello Moritz, I'm Uta. Stu told me about you. And I've heard about your condition, so I understand about what you'll say. Anyways, I figured for today since you have not gone out much, you could just focus on following after me and moving in the wilds. No picking or foraging, just walking and moving. Maybe once you get that down, we can do some other things. Alright? Good. Oh, and I may ask you to carry a few things, if I end up finding too many interesting plants. But I understand your a sturdy fellow, so the small bit of extra weight shouldn't bother you. Ready to go."

Trying to nod Moritz instead shook his head, to which Uta smiled at the Kelvic. "Right, lies. I'll take that as a yes then. Come on, this way."

With no further ado Moritz followed along after the woman, moving along behind her. They started off simply enough, moving across the commons. Once through they followed a path that started to head towards the dovecote, before running past it. In the end they came to a large cave area which Uta explained was the storm shelter, before heading past it. It was at that point as they moved off the path that they finally entered the jungle. "Now Moritz, keep quiet, and keep low. You don't want to make yourself a big target. Also, make sure to follow the way I go. If I go around a spot, I will try to explain why, but its likely for a reason I avoided it. Maybe after awhile you'll start to know what to see on sight, but for now just follow my steps."

With that Moritz followed along into the deeper foliage, watching the exact path Uta took. A few steps there. Then a sidestep and a few steps in that direction. After a moment Moritz saw the woman had stepped onto a small side path, but he had not seen it till they were on it. Soon though that path ended, or trail more so, and she suddenly altered directions again for a bit. Moritz did his best to follow exactly as she did, though since he was tall it was a bit trickier for him to do some of the things she did, which sometimes meant bending, ducking, or otherwise squeezing through spots.

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