Location The Southern Border Post

The main hub for trade and security in Southern Kalea; operated by the Isur and considered a part of the Kingdom of Sultros.

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The vast mountain range of Kalea is home of secret valleys, dead-end canyons, and passes that lead to places long forgotten or yet to be discovered.

The Southern Border Post

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The Southern Border Post

The Southern Border Post is located in the southeastern foothills of Kalea; a couple days north of the border with Falyndar. The climate of the area is far more mild (as mild as one may find in the Unforgiving) than the surrounds of the other border posts. Thin forests scatter about with snowpack-fed streams crackling across the land. The towering mountains that hide the core of the Kingdom loom overhead to the north while the forests grow thicker to the south. The climate changes drastically the closer one moves south. The milder environment around the post grows more swampy and hotter the closer one gets to Falyndar. There is a moderate-sized logging camp a few hundred yards to the west of the Post and a rough "road" leads from the Post to the southeast where it eventually arrives at a small set of docks used for trading goods in the area that includes Riverfall.

A more recent development involves a rather large tunnel constructed by the Isur that offers faster and safer travel further south. This tunnel is quite large; offering enough space to transport large carts. While the tunnel does not extend too far into Falyndar, it does reach some distance into and underneath the jungle. It allows for a dramatic decrease in travel time while allowing the Isur of the Southern Border Post to extend their influence farther. The tunnel exits into a place cleared out by the Isur where they have constructed a small fortified outpost. The outpost consists of a small barracks, storage facilities and a forge. Isur patrols routinely move to and from the outpost through the tunnel and extend their presence over a few mile radius. It was all an idea of the Bronze Hammer to attempt a trade route with the people of Falyndar.

In addition to the Southern Trade Tunnel as it has been labeled by its creators, another outpost located on the banks of the Suvan Sea, offers a port of entry as it were to the Southern Border Post. A well maintained road, restored from Pre-Valterrian ruins combined with a few tunnel excursions, has been established to allow better access to the Border Post. Travel from Riverfall or Syka to the Southern Trade Port is roughly 10 days by sea with another 15 days to the Southern Border Post over land and under-land routes.

The Southern Trade Port is made up of a series of small warehouses for storage, a ship-building/repair facility along with a simple barracks for Isurian patrols. The patrols will provide escort to and from the Border Post.

Unlike the other border posts, the Southern Post looks more like a tower than a miniature fortified citadel. There are no watch towers or traditional battlements or other fortifications like those found in the other Posts. This is due in large part to the Post's designer, a Sentinel, who substituted traditional fortifications with magical ones. The tower is home to roughly 300 isur, both military and civilian.

A massive walkway extends 100 feet out from the main gate offering primary access into and out of the Post via a large stone ramp. The gate itself consists of two huge double stone doors that swing inward to allow entry into a large central courtyard. The courtyard is enclosed with a great balcony circling above baring 25 foot tall alcove openings to the outside. The interior diameter of the Post is lined with seemingly countless sets of spiraling stairs that offer access to points above. In all, the Post rises almost 200 feet into the air and is filled with elaborate arches, statues and carvings of isurian heroes, myths and legends. It is not only a symbol of strength but one of culture and life of the people it was built to represent.

From the courtyard, one may access the stables, the trading grounds, forge and the Hammer barracks. Numerous sets of stairs wind up the walls to the first balcony where one will find a small temple, the local tavern and a handful of offices and lodging for those of greater wealth and influence who may be visiting the Post. The second balcony houses the Sentinel's Haven and the Observatory.
Secret :
Visitors to the Post, aside from a select few possessing some amount of wealth and influence, are not allowed to actually live within the Post's interior for an extended period of time. Merchants are allowed to stay inside for up to 3 days as long as they have their own accommodations (tent, wagon, etc.). A small outside area at mouth of the great walkway, 100 feet from the Post itself, has been set aside for those wishing to reside in close proximity to the Post however the size of this "settlement" is limited in size with this limitation enforced without exception by the Hammer. No more than 50 individuals may inhabit this area at one time. Sanitation and security are also enforced by the Hammer with strict and decisive punishment for any conflict.

In fact, the Hammer tolerate ABSOLUTELY NO CRIME in or around the Post. Theft, murder, assault (except where Isurian culture provides for it) or any other acts that may be considered morally, ethically or legally questionable, are handled with an iron fist. The Hammer acts as Judge, Jury and Executioner in that he alone will determine whether or not the suspect is guilty. Obviously some situations offer themselves easier for judgement than others however those who are caught in the act by a Hammer are executed by the Bronze Hammer via a simple snap of the neck. Isur are likely to get somewhat better outcomes than outsiders but only barely. So, obey the rules, don't commit crime (and get caught) and you will be safe, secure and enjoy the full protection of the Hammer.

Post Locations

The Courtyard -The Courtyard houses the stables, trading grounds, forge and Hammer barracks. The stables are primarily used by members of Izurdin's Hammer who keep their mountain ponies there. Visitors to the Post may also board their mounts there for a small fee. The trading grounds, as it name suggests, is where trade is performed. A small number of isur offer goods for trade to visitors, isur and outsider alike. The Hammer barracks houses up to 250 Hammers although the number of Hammers present in the Post at any one time varies with patrols, escort duty and a variety of other missions keeping some of them busy outside the Post at all times. The forge is used by the Post's isur and is off limits to outsiders.

Stables - The Post stables are modest in size. They are capable of providing full board to up to 25 mounts at any one time although it does have lesser facilities outside. The stables does not offer mounts for sale but it does offer a limited selection of supplies and equipment to potential traders. Visitors may board their mount at the stables for a small fee. There are a number of trained stablehands available to tend to the mounts with the facility itself being ran by a young Terras isur by the name of Sardova Velvetone Terras (Animal Husbandry 48, Horsemanship 39), a blonde-haired woman with a soft voice and a tender nature (tender toward the animals anyway).

Secret :
Goods and Services

Boarding - 5 sm/day
Feed, 10 lbs - 5 cm
Halter - 1 cm
Bit and bridle - 2 gm
Saddle, pack - 5 gm
Saddlepad - 1 gm
Saddlebags, small - 4 gm
Blanket and hood, horse, medium - 4 gm

Trading Grounds - The trading grounds is a small portion of the courtyard set aside for the conducting of trade. There are a handful of small cottages set up against the courtyard wall with a scattering of tables, racks, barrels and crates sitting outside of each cottage. The isur living in the cottages offer goods for trade to visitors to the Post. Isur and outsiders alike can find a number of different types of items for sale or trade.

Secret :
Rathgon Delemar Sultros (Leatherworking 56, Tanning 45), a male adult isur with short black hair, offers his tanning and leatherworking goods to visitors.

Goods and Services

Common Furs and Hides (rabbit, fox, other common small game) - 3 gm/20lb.
Uncommon/Rare Furs and Hides (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game) - 16 gm/20lb.

Antlers/Horns - 2-6 gm
Skulls (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 1-5 gm
Skulls (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game, dangerous) - 3-7 gm
Bone/Claw Necklace (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 3 sm
Bone/Claw Necklace (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game, dangerous) 6 sm
Bone/Claw Earrings (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 5 cm
Bone/Claw Earrings (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game, dangerous) - 2 sm
Bone Ring (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 3 cm
Bone Ring (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game, dangerous) - 8 cm
Bone Utensils (fork, spoon, knife) - 1 sm/set

Leather Belt - 2 sm
Leather Boots (High) - 3 sm
Leather Boots (Low) - 5 sm
Leather Breeches/Pants - 8 sm
Fur Cloak (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 25 gm
Fur Cloak (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game, dangerous) 50 gm
Leather Doublet - 3 sm
Leather Gloves - 5 sm
Fur Hat (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 15 sm
Fur Hood (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 1 gm
Leather Jacket/Jerkin - 1 gm
Fur Jacket/Jerkin (rabbit, fox, other common small game, deer, elk) - 50 gm
Fur Jacket/Jerkin (wolf, bear, leopard, other uncommon medium to large game, dangerous) - 100 gm
Leather Shoes - 3 sm
Leather Apron - 3 sm

Other Goods May Be Available Upon Request depending on availability of materials.


Tanning - Depends on the Project; 1-150 gm average price range
Carving - Depends on the Project; 1-150 gm average price range

Izentor Items: Rathgon is capable of producing items baring the first mark of Izentor; Izurdin's Gnosis. These items are of the greatest quality and bare the mark of Izurdin somewhere upon them. They cost 10x the listed cost and possess all the properties of the first mark of Izentor.

Secret :
Nudar Tyrodone Coglias (Metalsmithing 45, Blacksmithing 52), offers his blacksmithing skills to visitors.

Goods and Services

Hammer - 5 sm
Iron Pot - 5 cm
Pitchfork - 1 gm
Shovel - 2 gm
Piton - 1 sm
Nails (20) - 5 sm
Stonecutting Axe - 90 gm

Simple metal objects - 1 sm - 5 gm
Complex metal objects (more than a single piece of metal involved) - 1-25 gm

Custom-made-to-order metal items (cost depends on size and complexity of project as well as material requested; available materials include iron, steel, copper, silver, gold and isurian steel).

Izentor Items: Nudar is able to produce metal tools and implements baring the first mark of Izentor, Izurdin's Gnosis. Such items are of the highest quality and possess Izurdin's symbol somewhere upon them. These items are 10x the listed cost and take 1 week to complete per item requested. This cost is on top of any special materials used.

Secret :
Bolga Windhammer Sultros (Weaponsmithing 64, Armorer 57), a female adult isur with short red hair and a fiery attitude offers her skills at smithing weapons to visitors.

Goods and Services

Chain Shirt - 100 gm
Leather Armor - 10 gm
Studded Leather Armor - 25 gm
Padded Armor - 5 gm

Unique Armor:
Slender Chainmail Shirt -120 gm
Robe, Battle - 2,500 gm
Wire Armour - 1,000 gm
Bladeshatter Plate - 3,000 gm

(The above items are unique in that they are specifically designed only by Isur and are available only from Isur.)

Dagger - 2 gm
Gladius - 45 gm
Light Hammer - 1 gm
Handaxe - 6 gm
Heavy Mace - 12 gm
Light Pick - 4 gm
Cutlass - 12 gm
Shortsword - 10 gm

Ornate Mace Head - 30 gm
Sword Guard, Ornate - 125 gm
Sword Handle, Grip - 100 gm
Sword Handle, Ornate - 100 gm
Sword Pommel, Ornate -150 gm

Weapon Materials:
Steel - Listed Cost
Isurian Steel - Cost x 5
Cold Iron - Cost x 3
Iron - Cost / 1.5
Practice, Metal Core - Cost / 2
Pure Copper - Cost x 4
Pure Silver - Cost x 6

Izentor Weapons: Bolga is capable of producing weapons and armor possessing the properties of Izentor, the Gnosis of Izurdin. These items are of the greatest quality and cost 10x the listed cost on top of any weapon extras or unique materials. Such items require one week to craft per item requested and bare the mark of Izurdin somewhere on them.

Secret :
Olif Goldneedle Sultros (Sewing 54, Persuasion 34), a male adult isur with shoulder-length brown hair, offers his tailoring services to visitors.

Goods and Services

Fine Belt - 25 gm
Linen Blouse - 1 gm
Velvet Breeches/Pants - 4 gm
Silk Breeches/Pants - 8 gm
Full Silk Cape - 3 gm
Silk Chemise - 6 gm
Velvet Doublet/Vest - 2 gm
Brocade (silk with silver thread) Doublet/Vest - 8 gm
Silk Gloves - 15 gm
Velvet Jacket/Jerkin - 8 gm
Silk Jacket/Jerkin - 10 gm
Velvet Robe - 3 gm
Silk Robe - 5 gm
Silk Sash - 4 gm
Velvet Shirt- 5 gm
Silk Shirt - 10 gm
Silk Nightshirt - 6 gm
Velvet Toga (popular among isur) - 5 gm
Silk Toga (popular among isur) - 45 gm
Velvet Tunic - 2 gm
Silk Tunic - 25 gm

Fine Fabric - 6 gm/yard

Izentor Clothing: Olif offers clothing baring a single mark of Izentor at 10x the listed cost of an item. These items are considered one of a kind and bare the mark of Izurdin somewhere upon them. They are of the highest quality and possess all the properties of an item with the first mark of Izurdin. Such items are not kept in stock and will take 3 days to complete per item

Secret :
Litor Shadowstep Pitrius (Fletching/Bowing 65, Carving 43, Blacksmithing 37), a dark-haired male Pitrius with a soft voice and dark eyes, crafts all manner of bows and arrows to sell and trade to the many hunters who frequent the Post between hunts. He is a skilled artisan who, like all isur, takes great pride in his work. Every one of his creations bare his mark prominently, a stylized black boot set in the center of a circle. Some outsiders may find Litor's soft voice and the way he looks at people a bit creepy but his reputation for great work often overshadows this.

Goods and Services:

Crossbow, Bracer - 85 gm
Crossbow, Hand - 100 gm
Slingshot - 5 sm
Crossbow, Light - 35 gm
Crossbow, Heavy - 50 gm
Shortbow - 30 gm
Shortbow, Composite - 75 gm
Longbow - 75 gm
Longbow, Composite - 100 gm

Crossbow Bolts (10) - 1 gm
Slingshot Bullets (10) - 1 sm
Shortbow Arrows (20) - 1 gm
Longbow Arrows (20) - 1 gm
Arrow, Barbed (20) - 10 gm
Arrow, Broad (20) - 15 gm
Arrow, Fishing (20) - 4 gm
Arrow, Game (20) - 4 gm

Unique Weapons:
Crossbow, Repeating - 250 gm
Crossbow, Quad - 395

Crossbow, Repeating Clip (5 Bolts) - 1 gm

(The above items are unique in that they are specifically designed only by Isur and are available only from Isur.)

Izentor Weapons: Litor is capable of producing weapons possessing the properties of Izentor, the Gnosis of Izurdin. These items are of the greatest quality and cost 10x the listed cost on top of any weapon extras or unique materials. Such items require one week to craft per item requested and bare the mark of Izurdin somewhere on them.

General Trade Goods
Secret :
Tali Cavecracker Terras (Leadership 45, Persuasion 32), a female Terras isur with fiery red hair and known for wearing little in the way of clothing (prefers ornate bead-work in all the right places), deals in a variety of trade goods. Tali is not in the business of offering goods commonly found in small, general goods stores like those found in some of the larger cities of Mizahar. Preferring to make her living as a larger scale merchant, Tali also understands, as the locals do, that the Post is not a place of luxury, it is a fortified position that offers a few comforts here and there. She is fair yet firm with isur and outsider alike when it comes to doing business.

Goods and Services

Cosmetics, common - 1 cm–1 sm/oz.
Cosmetics, unusual - 2 sm–1 gm/oz.
Dried goods, common - 1–5 sm/pound.
Fabric, common - 1 sm–1 gm/yard.
Fabric, fine - 2–10 gm/yard
Flour - 2 cm/pound
Furs and hides, common - 1–5 gm/20lb.
Furs and hides, unusual - 6–10 gm/20lb.
Leather, Common, Garment Grade - 3sm/pound.
Lumber, local - 1–10 gm/50lb.
Paints and dyes, common - 1 sm–1 gm/pound
Perfume, common - 1 sm–1 gm/oz.
Perfume, unusual - 2–10 gm/oz.
Rugs and tapestries, common - 1–5 gm/5-15lb
Rugs and tapestries, unusual - 6–10 gm/5-15lb
Salt - 5 gm/pound
Silk - 10 gm/sq.yd.
Tea leaves - 2 sm/pound
Tobacco - 5 sm/pound

Most of the trade goods offered are crafted from somewhere within the Kingdom by the hands of isur craftsmen. Tali does not offer Izentored goods however all that she does offer is good quality, solid and quite serviceable.

Pet/Animal Dealer
Secret :
Rin Scalefire Sultros (Animal Husbandry 61, Wilderness Survival 55, Hunting 41, Magecraft 27), a female Sultros isur, offers a small selection of animals for use primarily as pets. It is perhaps the only place outside of one of the actual isurian cities where certain animals are made available for trade/sale. Built on to her small cottage is a larger structure housing many cages and small stalls containing a variety of different animals. Unlike most other pet dealers in Mizahar, Rin offers mainly reptiles such as snakes, lizards and even a handful of the more unique Brynkil and Drakori.

Goods and Services:

Brynkil - 65 gm
Drakori - 350 gm
Sikuva - 5-10/10-20 gm
Giant Frog - 4 gm
Lizard, Iguana - 45 gm

Brynkil Egg - 25 gm
Drakori Egg - 150 gm

Basic Class: Animal Husbandry - 15 gm or Free with animal purchase

Reptile Habitat - An izentored glass enclosure complete with suitable mini-environment; plants, rocks, etc. Included if necessary is a magecrafted stone that gives off light and heat; activated with a simple command word. Stone only works when placed in the izentored enclosure. Cost: 100 (small), 250 (large)

Reptile Feed - This includes many different types of feed for the various reptiles available for purchase; small rodents, insects or other special dietary needs. Cost: 1 gm for 1 week of feed

Drakori Pellets - Due to the added effort of actually making the Drakori Pellets, they are differently priced compared to other types of reptile feed. They are pellets about the size of one's fist and are made of compacted moss, mushrooms and rodent meat. The Drakori usually consumes three to five per day depending on their size. Although the pellets are their primary food source, they may survive on various types of moss and mushrooms or larger rodents when pellets aren't readily available. Cost: 5 sm per bag of 10 pellets

Drakori Harness - Though not needing a leash to keep them under control, Drakori are often outfitted with specially designed harnesses that are both comfortable and useful. These harnesses are made of woven, dried moss treated with oils that the Drakori find distasteful thus discouraging them from chewing on them. The harnesses come with a number of pouches, loops and straps which allow for the Drakori to carry a number of items as well as being able to support the pulling of carts or other loads. Colors vary however most isur choose the color of their clan. Cost: 25 gm

Brynkil Pouch - Brynkil prefer small, enclosed areas to sleep. When traveling with their masters, Brynkil will often crawl into a pouch or pack. The Brynkil Pouch is made specifically for this purpose. It is a durable leather pouch lined with dried, woven moss and a flap designed with a simple latch so that the Brynkil can easily open and close it when it wants to enter. The pouch can be worn on the waist or easily attached to a pack. Its lining is thick enough and soft enough to provide great protection from the outside world while the Brynkil sleeps. Cost: 10 gm

Hammer Barracks - The Hammer Barracks is a large building across the courtyard from the trading grounds. It consists of an armory, troop quarters, map room, mess hall, common area and the Bronze Hammer's office. Training takes place in the courtyard and is performed off and on throughout the day and night. The barracks facility is strictly off-limits to non-Hammers without the Bronze Hammer's permission and entrances are guarded at all times.
Secret :
Although the exact number of guards on duty as well as their schedules are always changing, there are at least a dozen guards watching over the barracks itself and at least 25-50 Hammers patrolling the Post interior and exterior. They vary in gender and clan although most are Coglias isur.

Bronze Hammer Sular Firehammer Coglias (Leadership 79, Wrestling 74, Brawling 67, Bodybuilding 61), a mighty (even for a Coglias) male isur with long black hair tied back in a heavily beaded tail complete with blades woven into the tip, commands the Hammers of the Southern Border Post. A surprisingly soft-spoken man, Sular's presence commands respect leaving him no need for stern words. He wears a piece of black cloth embroidered with silver and isurian steel thread around his emerald arm. This is a piece of the cloak worn by the founder of Izurdin's Hammer, Ventar Coglias and it is said to grant Sular strength going far beyond even the strongest isur. He is hardly ever seen without his bronze colored isurian steel breastplate that designates his rank as supreme commander of the Hammer's southern forces.

The Hammers not only maintain a powerful presence in and around the Post but also patrol the surrounding region. Mounted and on foot, the Hammers provide escort services for trade caravans (at a cost to outsiders), offer protection to nearby logging camps and mines, reinforce existing trading post garrisons and ensure that isurian territory is safe and defended from threats like wild animals, marauding human barbarians tribes, zith and anything else that may threaten security.

The Forge - Located across the courtyard from the main gate, the forge is a medium-sized structure that houses almost anything and everything an isur may need to exercise their smithing talents. It is open to all isur, resident and visitor alike however only outsiders baring the gnosis mark of Izurdin may gain entry. Materials and tools for use in L1 or L2 smithing can be purchased at the forge and use of the forge is free for Post residents. Visitors must pay a small fee of 5 gm a day to use the forge on top of any materials or tools purchased.
Secret :
The forge is a large stone structure built into the wall of the Post. Chimneys protrude from the outside wall of the Post and offer ventilation. The forge itself is made of polished black stone with floors made the same way.

Numerous workstations fill the forge's interior complete with anvils, grindstones, firepits and all manner of smithing equipment adorning benches, shelves, racks and anything that may hold them.

There are always isur present, day and night, working on some project. From tools and materials used for maintaining the Post to repairing weapons and armor of the Hammers to simple recreational items, there is always something being created in the forge.

Master Smith Kalodir Stoneshatter Sultros (Blacksmithing 79, Metalsmithing 75, Weaponsmithing 71, Armorer 62), an older male Sultros isur with black hair streaked in silver heads the forge. He is a gruff, cynical man though he possesses seemingly infinite patience with those working the forge.


Anvil (70 lb) - 45 gm
Coachsmith's Anvil (80 lb) - 50 gm
Double-Horn Anvil (100 lb) - 95 gm
Farriers' Anvil (35 lb) - 20 gm
Sawmakers' Anvil (40 lb) - 65 gm
Square Anvil (70 lb) - 45 gm
Bellows - 5 gm
Bick Iron (10 lb) - 5 sm
Botter (4 lb) - 6 sm
Case Hardening Box (25 lbs) - 2 gm
Cinder Rake - 5 sm
Coal Shovel - 5 sm
Fire Tool - 2 sm
Heading Tool - 4 sm
Iron Drill - 8 gm
Metal Saw - 4 gm
Metal Vice - 1 gm
Hand Vice - 3 sm
Pinchers - 8 sm
Screw Plates - 5 gm
Sledge Hammer -1 gm
Stone Hammer - 10 gm
Tongs - 6 sm
Whetstone - 2 cm
Whetstone Wheel - 20 gm

Brass - 7 sm/pound
Bronze - 6 sm/pound
Coal - 1 sm/pound
Copper - 5 sm/pound
Gold - 5 gm/pound
Iron - 5 sm/pound
Isurian Steel - 2 gm /pound
Lead - 5 sm/pound
Silver - 3 gm/pound
Tin - 1 gm/pound
Zinc - 5 sm/pound

Kalodir does not offer Izentored items as he feels those who wish to have such items can make said items themselves.

The First Balcony - The First Balcony, accessible via any number of stair sets that wind their way up the walls of the Post, offers a 360 degree view of down on the Courtyard. Great alcoves open to the outside offer access to outer balconies that look out over the foothills surrounding the Post and the mountains beyond. These outer balconies are roughly 25 feet across and extend 10 feet from the outer wall. Elaborately crafted railings twist and twirl their way around the balconies and offer protection from falling.

The interior balcony is almost 50 feet wide and encircles the entire interior of the Post. More elaborately crafted railings protect from falling. There are no bridges offering shortcuts from one part of the balcony to another so one must walk around to where they wish to go. At various points around the balcony there are locations deemed to have some amount of greater importance and are thus allowed to exist above the Courtyard. These consist of the Post's resident tavern, a Temple of Izurdin, a small office facility and a boarding facility for visitors, isur and outsider both, who possess wealth and/or influence of one form or another.

"On the Edge" Tavern - No Isur would be caught dead in a place that didn't offer a stiff drink or two. That is exactly what this establishment exists for. However, "On the Edge" doesn't just offer refreshments. Perched on the edge of the balcony overlooking the courtyard, this polished granite building, though simple looking on the outside, offers an experience found nowhere else.
Secret :
Upon entering the building one will of course find a number of tables, chairs and benches along with a bar at the far end carved from a massive chunk of sapphire. A hearth sits in the center of the main room with a circular bench running all the way around it.

The jewel of this establishment though is located on against the wall built on the edge of the balcony. A large window is set into the wall and extends floor to ceiling and is 10 feet wide. Where one would expect to look out from the edge of the balcony down to the courtyard, the sight that greets them is truly a wonder to behold. The window does not reveal the courtyard below. Instead, changing everyday, one is gifted with a view that would leave them to believe they are standing at the edge of some fantastical place found somewhere else in the world. One day the window may offer the view of standing at the edge of a volcanic crater and looking down into the fiery fury below. The next day, the view may be that of standing on a cliff looking out over a vast ocean. The scenes change daily and is different for each individual. One person may see one fantastic scene while at the same time someone else sees something totally different. The one theme that is the same however is that the view is always of a place on the edge of something great.

This window is said to be a gift from Ionu to the tavern's proprietor, Rideon Mistshadow Pitrius (Magecrafting 73, Storytelling 71, Rhetoric 70), a Pitrius male isur with long, neatly beaded silver hair and unnaturally blue eyes. Rideon, while baring the second gnosis mark of Izurdin, also possesses the third mark of Ionu making him a Priest of the Grand Illusionist. Rideon is himself a mystery in that nobody really knows much about him other than he is an especially skilled magecrafter, a Priest of Ionu, and an extremely accomplished barkeep. How he came to receive such a gift from Ionu is an even greater mystery as nobody in the Post remembers exactly when the window or even the tavern came to exist. It simple does. If asked, more established residents of the Post can't seem to remember when it was built only that it has been there as long as they can remember. When asked about this, Rideon always tells a tale that goes in a completely different direction than the question yet is intriguing enough to make such a question seem pointless.

"On the Edge" offers only basics as far as meals are concerned however drinks are a delight.


Ale, Gallon - 2 sm
Ale, Mug - 4 cm
Isurian Ale (mug) - 1 sm [x2 potency of Common Ale]
Isurian Ale (gallon)- 4 sm [x2 potency of Common Ale]
Ionu's Touch (mug) - 25 gm (special, see below)
Bread, per loaf - 2 cm
Cheese, hunk of - 1 sm
Meat, chunk of - 3 sm
Wine, Common (pitcher) - 2 sm
Wine, Fine (bottle) - 10 gm

Ionu's Touch - Brewed personally by Rideon through the use of magecrafting combined with his unique gnosis marks, both Izurdin and Ionu, this beverage looks like a constantly morphing and flowing blend of colors and textures. Its appearance is almost hypnotic to look upon. As far as alcohol content, it is no different than common ale but tastes/smells like fresh lilacs. The affects of drinking Ionu's Touch however are far more unique. Each sip of the drink has no outstanding effects. When one finishes a mug of it though, they find themselves lost in the view they see in the taverns mystical window. They realize however that they are unable to stand from their seat and if they are standing, the unconsciously sit down near the window. Whatever scene they are looking at passes on some physical effects to the person. If they are looking out from the edge of a volcanic crater, they will feel heat and smell sulfur. If they are looking out over an ocean from a cliff high above, they will smell the sea air and feel the breeze on their skin. The effects are modest and not harmful. They are meant only to add to the experience of the window. If imbibed outside of the establishment, the drink's mystical effect is nullified as it is tied to the window within.

The Temple of Izurdin - The Post's temple to Izurdin is a large stone roof suspended by a series of stone pillars carved in the likeness of heroes from throughout isurian history. There are no walls to speak of, no pews, benches or seating of any kind. In the center of the structure is a large granite anvil covered in religious etchings. The anvil, altar to Izurdin, is a functional smithing item used by the Post's resident priest. It is a symbol of the isurian faith and all isur and followers of Izurdin are welcome to pay homage to the god here. There is no preaching, no sermons as the isur do not require such a thing to bolster their faith. The connection between the isur and Izurdin is personal and felt by every living isur.
Secret :
The resident Priest of Izurdin, Emaneus Rightstone Vizerian (Leadership 65, Blacksmithing 56, Metalsmithing 42), a male Vizerian isur with short dark brown hair and a cool, deep voice, is more often than not found at the temple for the better part of the day. He offers his services to those in need and advises the Bronze Hammer. He is one of only two individuals within the Post who do not answer directly to the Bronze Hammer, the other being the Post's resident Sentinel.

Emaneus is attended by two Anvils and together the three of them maintain the presence of the Priesthood at the Post. Anvil Matronia Copperlight Sultros (Leadership 42, Masonry 35, Sculpting 29), a female Sultros isur with medium-length blonde hair and Anvil Haros Tongfire Vizerian (Leadership 41, Medicine 40, Carpentry 37), a male Vizerian isur, aid Anvil Emaneus in advising the Hammers and assisting with the operations of the Post.

VIP Offices and Lodgings - Perhaps the largest of the three structures on the first balcony is the VIP Office and Lodging Facility. A simple, polished stone structure with carved pillars out front, the VIP building as it is sometimes referred to is where the Post's resident Anvils reside. It is also where visitors possessing no small amount of wealth and/or influence may find lodging accommodations and/or offices to use. Note that only lodgings are offered, not food or drink.
Secret :
Inside the VIP building, one is greeted by a large central common room. A large central statue of Izurdin offering a welcoming hand stands to greet those who enter. There are a number of stone benches arranged throughout the common room while one wall offers two short hallways. One hallway leads to a series of individual offices (6 in all) with one permanently assigned to the Anvils. The other five are available for visitor use. The other hallway leads to a series of rooms providing lodging to those with the wealth and influence to pay for them. There are 10 rooms in all with the Anvils lodge in two of them.

The far wall of the common room holds a set of stairs leading to a second story. Positioned next to the stairs is a small desk where an attendant waits to serve those wishing for an office or a room. At the top of the stairs is a short hallway with four rooms available for lodging. These rooms are even nicer than the ones below. On the same wall as the attendant's desk is another door leading to rooms designated for attendant use including a small office and apartment.

The walls of the Anvil's office are adorned with tapestries depicting various landscapes found throughout the Kingdom, a reminder of home. Grand caverns, great cities and various other subterranean scenes welcome those who enter. A stone table surrounded by carved stone chairs sits in the center of the room.

The other offices are similar however they only have wood tables (sturdy and strong) and wood chairs. There are no wall adornments.

The lodgings on the first floor are spacious and elaborate. They all have a walk-in closet and a comfortable privy. There is also a fancy looking bed with a cotton mattress and fine cotton sheets. There are two bureaus and a couple of padded benches and a small writing desk.

The lodgings on the second floor are luxurious. They come with a walk-in closet filled with rows of shelves, handmade hangers, and two separate privies. There are two marble bureaus and a four-poster bed of the finest wood with linen hangings. The mattress is stuffed with feathers and it has silk sheets. A couple of stuffed chairs also are included along with a fine, fully stocked writing desk. Fine art adorns the walls, all isurian in nature. In order to maintain the quality of these rooms, they are cleaned and maintained daily by an attendant.


Office Use - 2 gm per day (one hour or 24 hours, same price)
Lodgings, first floor - 2 gm per day
Lodgings, second floor - 6 gm per day

The Chief Attendant of the VIP building is a female Sultros isur with short, strawberry blonde hair named, Itiri Bloodtear Sultros (Organization 45, Leadership 24). There are six other attendants that cater to the facility and the guests.

The Second Balcony - A few sets of stairs (far fewer than with the first balcony) wind up the interior walls of the Post to the Second and uppermost Balcony. This balcony is roughly 2/3 the size of the First though is in all other ways quite similar. There are only two buildings on this balcony, the Sentinel's Haven and the Observatory. The Sentinel's Haven is the laboratory and quarters of the Post's resident Sentinel, Arvus Pitonshatter Pitrius, a male Pitrius isur with short black hair. The Observatory is a small building that offers visitors a view from the top of the Post in all directions onto the surrounding land. While the Sentinel's Haven is off limits to unauthorized visitors, the Observatory is open to all.

Observatory - A small building with a carved facade baring birds in flight, the Observatory is a place where visitors can view the surrounding landscape from high above. The central chamber of the Observatory houses a small museum of sorts. There are artifacts left over from the Post's original construction as well as documented stories of encounters with wild animals, human barbarian tribes, zith and all manner of other dangers the builders faced when clearing out the area to build the tower and over the course of its construction. A member of the Hammer is always on guard duty to keep the peace while a door on the outer wall of the Post offers visitors entry onto a small outer balcony that encircles the upper level of the tower. From here, one can look out on the surrounding landscape from 200 feet above the ground.

Sentinel's Haven - This odd looking building is built of polished obsidian streaked with silver. The building is moderately-sized with no windows. The door appears to be made of various precious metals with three small rubies set in the center. The only way through the door is with the permission of the building's owner, Sentinel, Arvus Pitonshatter Pitrius (Magecrafting 78, Glyphing 73, Writing 45, Intimidation 41), a male Pitrius isur with short black hair. Arvus is the Sentinel assigned to the Post on behalf of the Silver Tower. As the Sentinels had a strong hand in the design and construction of the Post, they have since held a Sentinel at the Post as an adviser to the Bronze Hammer. The current Sentinel, Arvus, is a quiet man who prefers to keep to himself. He is seldom seen outside of the Haven and when he is, it's normally at the Temple or at the Hammer Barracks.
Secret :
Arvus holds the rank of full Sentinel equal to the rank of Instructor. The Haven consists of two chambers, Arvus' laboratory and his personal chambers. The laboratory is set up for Magecrafting and Glyphing complete with any and all materials used in these magical disciplines up to L3. Arvus' personal chambers are both simple and elegant with great attention paid to housing the vast amounts of writing Arvus has done on magical theory and practical use.
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