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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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An Ordinary Day

Postby Quzon on June 17th, 2022, 8:16 pm

First Day of Summer, 522 A.V.

Clink. Clink. Ping. Clink.

Quzon exited the path leading away from the Mill to cross the Syka Commons, his thumb hitting the underside of his Antiquities Society Medallion which sent it flinging up into the air with a metallic ring. After each toss, he quickly grabbed it out of the air to repeat the process. The pale Myrian looking — invigorated. He woke up that morning feeling amazing, which was why a smile tugged at the edge of the normally stoic Myrian's lips.

"That's new?" He thought once he laid eyes upon an odd stone monolith that he now appeared to be approaching. "Quzon, you seen the announcement I posted yet?" His emerald gaze glanced to his side from the monolith to find Buraga Shamzen walking in stride with him once he was half way across the communal area. "Announcement? Not yet." His mixed accent of Myrian and Isur forcing his common to sound slightly off-kilter, the rhythm of the words wrong. "I just posted it so give it a look, I think I'd be something you'll be interested in."

They both traded nods of acknowledgement in passing as their quick conversation came to an end. He glanced over his shoulder towards the Syka Commons proper where the announcement was posted. The stone pillar would have to wait for the moment as he went see what all the excitement was about.

Quzon's smile faded slightly as he stood there slowly trying to read the letters written in Common. It took him a bit, but he mostly understood what was being said.

It was clear that Quzon was having a bit of trouble, so a blonde male that had also been reading the post to themselves staggered up to the Myrian's side, and began to read the announcement aloud over his shoulder.

"Every single person skilled enough to survive in the Wilderness will be swearing a ImageRanger's Oath and joining the Sykan Rangers in order to provide a trained combat force that can rise to counter threats to the Community. This service will be MANDATORY?!....Mandatory?..." The word caused Artik Gulfwave to take a large swig of whatever liquid- which was clearly not water, from a waterskin.

"Blah, blah, blah.... you can earn additional income for participating in Ranger activities. Those not suitably skilled can join on a volunteer basis and train as Reserve Rangers until they are skilled enough to be considered full Rangers.

Love, Buraga Shamzen."

Quzon was bad at speaking common, but he read it well enough to know that the announcement did not mention the word love near the end. Artik chuckled before giving Quzon a firm pat on his leather backpack he wore. "Guess we're all Rangers now... rangers on the range. Ranging on the sea... The seas where ranging be~" He watched as the Blacksmith half-heartedly sang aloud while wandering off to continue lounging around the core.

"Join the Rangers?" He mused to himself in Myrian. Buraga was right, the announcement was an interesting one although he'd become far too, civilized. He'd not spent a proper length of time alone out in the jungle since coming to Syka. Even back in his Taloba, there were always those who were better at it than him in his old Fang, he mostly spent his time supporting others with combat magics. "Soon, I'll need to prepare for. Maybe ask Indigo or Lars to help me out."


Quzon tossed the medallion up into the air one last time before returning the necklace to its proper place around his neck. It was the only accessory he openly wore today unless his belt counted. The belt Itself was overkill considering the only other things he wore were his backpack, a loincloth, and a pair of boots. He walked past Artik on his way over to the Monolith to examine it. Quzon assumed the monolith was safe to approach since the settlement's leading guard just talked to him near the thing without ever even bringing it up in conversation.

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