Wild Wild World

Eva is about to experience some jungle survival

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Wild Wild World

Postby Evalynn Frostfawn on June 27th, 2022, 7:07 pm

Summer 8th, 522AV

Eva shot up from her bed screaming from yet another bad dream. This one was, however, gorier than the rest of dreams she had. It showcased more death and decay than anything she had seen since the Vantha hunt started. Running her hands over her face, she found a loud groan and slid her legs out of bed to start her day. A quick sponge bath, combing of her hair, and some powder to cover her scar and Eva was ready for the day. As she tried figuring out what she was going to do today, she started putting her hair up into two fluffy space buns down low on her head. Not a typical place for space buns, but it opened up the back of her neck to keep her cool while also keeping her colored hair hidden.

"I think Moritz is busy, so training with daggers is out of the question today. I don't feel like building anything today, so that's out of the question." She mumbled to herself as she walked out of her home, not paying too much attention. "Nesra doesn't need much help today, if any, since I delivered some pottery for her. Hm, maybe I can just work on my survival skills in the jungle. I know I haven't really touched that."

Walking out on the Cobbled pathway, Eva took a moment and thought about who she could ask that had enough skill in the jungle to teach her. All the people she had knowledge on didn't seem like the teacher type on survival. The only one that fit her assumptions was the owner of the sawmill, but last time she saw him was when he looked like a lost infant enjoying his animals. Eva bit her lip at he idea, hoping that his curse was lifted at the start of Summer and she could get some training in. Worse case scenario was that she ventured off to the edges alone and got into trouble.

But that was a last ditch effort, right now, Eva just made her way down the pathway leading to the sawmill. She could've taken the scenic route and went the beach way, but she didn't want to cross paths with the monolith. She already had a hard enough time getting over the feeling of it watching her, trying to uncover all of her secrets. She needed more time to allow herself to grow comfortable around it and then she would be able to approach it without much of a care. Eva finally made it to the sawmill and was happy with how little time it took. Maybe she should start taking the cobbled path more often and cut back on her dilly dallying, it was there for easy travel. As she approached the area, she gave a look around before calling out for the owner.

"Hello? I'm looking for the owner." Eva walking into the mill and starts searching again, mumbling to herself as she looked. "No not here. Nope, not here either, but these animals are cute. Damn, where could've be? All I wanted was to try and improve my survival skills. Should I try something else today instead?" Eva grumbled, running the back of her neck and feeling a bit conflicted on what to do next.

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