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Eva spars with her dummy

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Dagger Dummy

Postby Evalynn Frostfawn on July 21st, 2022, 3:48 am

Summer 23rd, 522

Today, Eva woke up before the sun and felt like stabbing something. Her sleep was being affected much more than usual, and the dreams just kept getting more and more confusing. Last night was no different as she rolled out of bed with a groan and sluggishly got dressed. Looking down at her pack and seeing the wooden dagger attached to it reminded her that she had built a training dummy and still hadn't gotten a chance to use it. She scoffed some and shook her head, disappointed in herself for forgetting about that doll and how it took her nearly a whole day to make it. Well, today she was planning on using it now, it would definitely alleviate some irritation.

After doing her morning routine, she grabbed the dagger off her pack and made her way out of the bungalow and around the back to her propped up dummy. Just once glance and she could tell it had seen better days, as all it had been doing was baking under the summer sun. When she touched it, it definitely felt a slight bit dryer, so maybe it would hold up to her training. Giving a shrug, she figured she would try it out and took a step back. What should she even start with? A lunge attack? Some swiping? Jabs? After thinking about it, Eva was a bit lost, even when she was recalling the memories of her sparring moment with Moritz. Did he really teach her anything, or was it more like a clumsy match between an experienced individual and one who was learning? Either way, Eva just went with it and held her dagger with both hands, blade facing downwards. She was here to stab, and this felt comfortable enough.

Raising the dagger above her head, she stepped forward and brought it down with a grunt into the dummy's torso. The tip barely pierced the dried grasses and this puzzled her, was she really that weak? She stepped back and made sure she had a grip on the dagger before repeating the process again, this time putting her full body into it. The result was the same, the tip barely entered the surface and the dummy barely moved if any. She stepped back and glared angrily, her determination rising to get the tip into this damn dummies torso. So, with near feral grunts and growls, Eva stabbed away at the dummy for nearly an hour until she noticed the sun was rising. Only then did she stop and stumble back, flopping into the sand and breathing hard. The end result was her pounding a dent into the dummy, but not getting through the grassy torso.

"This is impossible, no way could I have built this dummy with such…toughness! Why can't I get through!" Eva spoke between her gasps of air before falling back into the sand. She brought an arm over her head and stared up at the sky, watching it slowly turn from a deep blue to a dusty steel. She thought for a moment before giving a huff and sitting right back up. "Well, whatever happened to my dummy has happened, it just means I can continue to go all out before it breaks!" And with that, she stood back up, grabbed her dagger, and now decided to start with a lunge move next.

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