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Quin's night takes a surprising turn

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A Fortuitous Night

Postby Quin on July 29th, 2022, 12:10 am

9th of Summer 522 AV

The sun was setting on the horizon when Quin awoke inside her tent, painting the sky aglow with a myriad of colors. Lazily, the Kelvic stretched in her bedroll and took her time waking up. When she was ready, she crawled out of her bedroll and spent a few minutes on the ground stretching her limbs and muscles. Once her body was warmed up and the light outside gave way to darkness, Quin donned her dress and boots and headed to the Simpering Seacow for a drink. Quin spent the majority of her time out in The Heaps and really only ventured further into Sunberth when she needed to go to the Castle Commons for supplies. She was still only barely reacquainted with society, thus why she stayed out in The Heaps and kept to herself unless otherwise necessary. Maybe one of these days, something would happen that made her decide the rest of Sunberth was worth participating in too.

Arriving at the Simpering Seacow, Quin headed over to a table and sat down to relax in the evening air. She ordered a Sunberth Shanty when the waitress stopped by and took stock of her surroundings while she waited for her drink. There were a handful of other patrons at the various tables, the guests scanning their surroundings with typical distrustful scowls just as she was, except for the few that were already drunk and rather oblivious to those around them. Chuckling to herself when her drink arrived, Quin paid the woman and leaned back in her chair to sip her beverage in peace. The liquor warmed her belly, a contented sigh escaping her lips as she relaxed and began to contemplate what the rest of her evening would consist of.

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