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Moritz residence in Sunberth...

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Moritz Residence (Name TBD)

Postby Moritz Craven on July 18th, 2023, 12:06 am

Official name TBD, pending just referred to as Moritz Residence.

Built near the outskirts of Sunberth rather than in the city proper, Moritz residence was built near the Dust Bed Ridge, though far enough away from the Crypts and other older sections to not consider it a part of those. It was placed on a 1 Acre plot of land there with a view out to the coastline. Currently there is no direct usable path from there to the actual coast without special tools or climbing abilities.

Marking the edges of the acre of land is simple wooden fencing. Once you path through a simple gate in this wooden fence your officially on Moritz land.

Currently there is only one building on the land, with the front end of the building sitting near the middle of the plot and the back end closer to the edge.

Entering from the front you will find yourself in a small common area, with some benches for seating and some odd but nice paintings on the wall of unknown provenance. Several of these seem to be landscapes, though one seems to be a odd depiction of the slag heap. At the back of the common area is a door leading into the training area, with doors on the other two walls leading into a small wing of bedrooms on each side of the building.

Each of these doors on the side of the front common area lead into a short hallway, with a pair of doors along them leading into bedrooms and totaling four small roughly furnished bedrooms. Each room has a straw bed, one chest of drawers and a simple mirror. Along with that is a rough bench and small table. Each pair of bedrooms sharing a hallway has a further door inside them leading into a shared privy between the pair of rooms.

Through the back of the common area leads the training area, a further hub room with several doors leading off of it. Its an open room meant for training martial skills, which contains racks of wooden training weapons, some straw filled targets where archery and ranged weapons can be practiced, and some dummies for practicing combat. There is also a few stacked sets of thick cloth armor for sparring and softening blows. Has room for up to eight people training at a time.

Through the door on the right side of the training room is the kitchen, a simple stone floored room with a stove in the center. It has a small pantry as well as a selection of simple tin pots and pans. There is also a small scullery to store brooms and towels and a basin for washing. Its large enough to feed fifteen people with a cook operating it.

Through the door at the back of the training room towards the back of the structure is a covered back deck. It has a wooden floor, roof, and half walls, with several stone benches for seating along with a few small stone tables with some simple chairs. The bench seating is placed to allow a decent view out to the coast, and at times with a refreshing sea breeze coming through it when the wind was inland instead of coming out from Sunberth to the water.

From the training area the door on the left side of the room leads into a one room cottage. There the furniture is a bit nicer than the other common rooms, or at least a bit better made, containing an average quality bed with cotton sheets, an average quality hearth, chest of drawers, simple wardrobe and an average quality table and four average quality chairs.

Last but not least was the door leading off the back of the cottage, which led to a small attached personal bathroom half the size of the rest of the cottage, with some wood benches, a small tub for bathing, along with the necessities for other ablutions such as a chamber pot.

OOC: As this is an Architectrix structure, it is subject to change over time.
-Current status(Summer 523): Freshly infused as an Arch structure, non verbal, still expanding throughout the building. Began in the cottage.
-Building timeline: Newly built, the builders broke ground 55 Spring 523, and finished building at the end of Spring on the 91st which is the same day it was infused as an Arch structure. Moved into on the 1st of Summer 523.
>Additions: N/A
-Building Components (Starting):
Secret :
Bath (Simple)- 200 gm 200 sq.ft.
Bedroom (Simple) X 2- 350 gm 400 sq.ft. X 2 = 700 gm 800 sq.ft.
Common Area (Simple)- 250 gm 400 sq.ft.
Cottage, One-Room (Elaborate)- 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.
Kitchen (Simple)- 800 gm 400 sq.ft.
Patio/Deck, Stone (Elaborate)- 500 gm 400 sq.ft.
Training Room- 1,000 gm 400 sq.ft.

Simplified Description :
Front entrance the common area, with entrances to hallways for a pair of bedrooms on either side with each pair of bedrooms sharing a privy. At the back leads further into the training room. On the left is a cottage with an attached bath. On the right is the kitchen. And at the rear of the building is an attached covered patio looking out towards the coast.

>Additions: N/A


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