Solo The Empty Circle, III.

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The Empty Circle, III.

Postby Nayato on December 1st, 2023, 12:32 am


12th Day of Fall, 523 AV

For the past two days Nayato had been training with captain Eleuia the Strong to improve his pugilist boxing skills, so when she asked him to put on his buckler shield it momentarily confused the Dragoon Raider. In spite of his confusion he still followed through with her order. The rookie Boxer strapped his buckler shield to his left forearm as usual since his dominant right hand typically held his khopesh sword.

Image“Blocking. It is the pure and simple act of absorbing an opponent’s force to such a degree that an attack is functionally nullified.

Since you use a buckler, I have decided that we will utilize it to strengthen your arms endurance to block properly and work on your skill to defend yourself from sword since you seem to want to remain unarmed in a fight. Today you be defending against my blade with your shield however you can. I will also shout shadowboxing commands for you to perform at random…. Left jab, straight right, jab.”

Nayato wiggled his fingers to loosen them up before curling all of them into tight fists. He raised his hand up in a way to grant himself maximum defense by rolling shoulders forward to curl his upright posture into a full-crouched boxing stance with his knees bent slightly.

He held his lead left hand up to the level of his chin with it a bit further ahead of him than usual since he had the added protection of a buckler shield strap to it. He brought his right fist up to protect his chin while using both his elbow and forearm to protect the right side of his body.

Nayato's left elbow unfolded like an opening door hinge as his fist lashed out in a quick jab that snapped at the air. He pulled his fist back to guard his face before driving his back foot down against the ground to generate force which traveled up his leg as he twisted at the hip while rotating his upper body toward his left shoulder. All that power launched his right arm out in a straight right punch.

The sound of steel clattering against steel was the last thing Nayato expected to hear this morning as Captain Eleuia swung her longsword to interrupt the Raider in the middle of his flourish. She timed her attack to hit him as soon as his right arm was fully extended in the punch to test the rookie boxers guard by bashing the blade of her sword against the buckler shield on his left arm.

Nayato flexed his left bicep to force his arm against the pressure of the strike to keep himself from slamming his own shield arm against his body. He took a shuffled step to his side to regain a proper footing while pulling his right fist back into a blocking position. The rookie boxer lashed out at the wind with his left fist to preform the last jab in the combination that she had ordered him to preform while keeping his eyes locked onto her in case she attacked him again.

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