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Postby Kelski on July 4th, 2014, 1:12 am


Vital Stats


Name: Kelski
Full Family Name: Kelskanisha K'etir
Pronunciation: Kel (as in Kelly) Ski (as in the sport)
Race: Kelvic ~ Sea Eagle
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 3, Spring 1, 514 AV
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eyecolor: Steel Grey
Haircolor: Black and White
Skintone: Ivory White


Profession: Jewelcrafter, Nightstalker
Housing: The Midnight Gem
Languages: Common (Competent), Fratava (Conversational), Kontinese (few words)
Voice: Infrequent, but usually rich and warm in tone.
Kelvic Status: Unbonded


Religion: Worships Akajia, Zulrav and Laviku
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Alignment: Neutral Good towards Chaotic
Temperament: Unpredictable, Moody, Loving
Mannerism: Curious, Pensive, Often Reflective
Humor: Dry and Unexpected
Laugh: Infrequent, but usually rich and warm in tone.


Positive Traits: Close-guarded, secretive, introverted, intolerant of imperfections, perfectionist, sometimes cruel/uncaring, unrestrained, lack of tact, sometimes insensitive, callous, and often unsympathetic, artistic, disciplined, serious, dedicated, fierce, protective, passionate, quick-thinking, affectionate, sensitive, sincere and very self reliant.

Negative Traits: Close-guarded, secretive, introverted, intolerant of imperfections, perfectionist, sometimes cruel/uncaring, unrestrained, lack of tact, sometimes insensitive, callous, and often unsympathetic.


Gnosis: 2 Marks of Akajia



Physical Appearance:

Because she has been unbonded for so long in her life, Kelski often passes easily for an unusual human so long as she doesn't look anyone in the eyes. Her steel grey gaze often makes people uncomfortable and clues them in that something isn't right about her. Her coloring seems to reinforce that fact. Kelski has an incredibly porcelain coloring to her skin. To say she was white would be an understatement. She looks like she never gets sun at all even though she loves being outside under Syna's rays.

Her hair is down to her rear and naturally falls in loose full curls. Its rich black color is streaked with white periodically though the overall look seems more eccentric human than natural kelvic. Kelski has wide expressive grey eyes sometimes look blue in the right light. Her eyes are ringed with thick black lashes and what looks like an overuse of kohl though it is her natural coloring and not cosmetics. Her lips are also black rimmed that fades into white ombre in the center. Sometimes she dabs cosmetics on her lips to hide the unusual coloring that tends to look slightly blue in certain light. Kelski rarely laughs or talks with her mouth open. The inside of her mouth is blackish grey that often reads more blue. It is not a sickly color but more of a natural deep stain like some dog breeds have.

It is an unusual coloring that will often give her away as kelvic and clue the observer into the fact that she isn't human. Kelski is naturally fit with a body that is corded with muscle. Her arms are defined due to the long hours she spends in the air. She moves with animal grace and it shows in how her body is put together. Lacking excess fat, her waist is small and her legs are long. She has enough chest that no one would think she was anything but female, but that is about the extent of her assets. Kelski likes to dress in black and white leather, ombre dresses, and unusual clothes that play up her unusual coloring. For all that she's kelvic, she still is very much aware that she's a sentient living thinking creature too.

As a Sea Eagle, Kelski weighs ten pounds and has wingspan of over seven feet. Her body has a white head, rump and underparts, with a black back and wings. While soaring, her black flight feathers on the wings are easily seen and identified from below. Her large, hooked bill is a leaden blue-grey with a darker tip, and her eyes are bright grey. Her cere is also lead grey almost black. Her legs and feet are grey with wicked long black talons. Her Sea Eagle form lends her to be territorial, monogamous, and an opportunistic carnivore that consumes a wide variety of animal prey, including carrion.

Character Concept:

Kelski is a loner by nature. She is a quiet soft spoken woman with a rather strong will. Kelski is opinionated, but rarely forms that opinion until she feels she knows enough about the subject to do so.
She loves research and learning. She has a tendency to say what she thinks. Kelski often gives off a vibe that drives people away because it usually reads 'I don't need anyone." The truth is simply that even though her kelvic animal is a formidable predator in its own right, she does need people and actively seeks a bondmate. She simply hasn't found the right person yet. So to cover her loneliness and uncertainty she builds a rough facade about her that reads diamond cold. She often throws herself into her work, not letting anyone tell her that she can't do what she wants or have any career she wants. The Kelvic knows she can. Well into her second year of life, Kelski has never been bonded and is starting to feel like she never will. But, being Kelvic, Kelski has none of the natural hangups most human females have.

Character History:

Like a lot of children her age, Kelski was born right on the heels of the djed storm of 512 AV. Her mother had a rough morning and the stress brought on an early labor. Born to a Svefra couple, Kelski was a complete shock with her exotic coloring and her piercing eyes. They thought the magics of the storm had cursed the child until the Lia had informed them that the entire pod had a problem with periodic Kelvic children being born of the bloodline. Most of them were canines, and so they thought Kelski would be one of these.

ImageThe child wasn't born with a mark of Laviku which was a second strike against her. And, unfortunately, the bright blue eyes of birth faded to an unusual steel grey coloring as the girl grew older. Her mother tried to deny the change, but the rest of the Pod eventually made it clear that Kelski had to go. Some advocated tossing her into the sea. But Kelski's mother traded her in the port city of Alvadas for supplies, knowing her daughter would have more of a chance at life that way.

Unlike most babies, Kelski was different. She remembered her mother and father's faces and the smell of them. Lost to her were their names, of course, and the origins of her Pod. She still thinks she can hear their voices and would know their touch anywhere. The man who supplied her parents with trade goods in exchange for her did not raise her like his own as he'd promised her parents. He was a snake oil salesman at heart and instead promptly caged her. Those early years were hard on Kelski and she doesn't like to talk about them. But as she grew she had incredibly good eyesight both far flung and up close so her owner taught her a trade. She learned to do delicate work with her fingers that allowed her to cut gemstones and make jewelry. The more she worked the more he bothered to feed her. And when she grew old enough to shapeshift, he forbid her from doing so because her animal was of no use to him and slightly scared him. So the more violent he got the more withdrawn and independent she became.

ImageOne day he simply did not come home. Days passed and she grew famished. Afraid to leave because of the beatings that would come with the punishments, Kelski grew desperate and finally took her forbidden Kelvic form and went to look for food.

Food was acquired and a curiosity grew in her to know what happened to her owner. She wasn't attached to him but rather attached to the idea that not knowing an answer was worse than not ever asking a question. She just needed to know. And in searching for that answer, caught Akajia's attention and received a mark by the Goddess of Night. It was all the reassurance she needed in life to say she wasn't an owned thing, but someone who owned her own life.

She never came back after that. Freedom was as easy as that. The iron collar around her neck was nothing more than fear, not anything real or substantial. She took to the skies and stayed for a season or two in her eagle form, learning to fly and to take care of herself. She grew strong, tough, and independent with a lack of trust in people because they had fists and other body parts that could wound worse than words.

So her life consisted of a year of slavery and a year of freedom. Now, older and driven by the need to bond even if she herself hasn't acknowledged it, Kelski has finally sought a city to settle in and naturally picked one up near the stars. The Kelvic hopes to find a life, some friends, and perhaps something to do with herself other than just survive.


Special Attributes:

Kelski is one of those unfortunate Kelvics that cannot pass for human easily. She has unusual pigmentation to her mucus membrane tissues including her mouth, inner nose, and genitals. Her hair is an ombre black and white and her eyes are a steel grey. Her skin is incredibly pale, almost pure white. If she uses cosmetics, powders her skin, and dyes her hair she could pass for human if she didn't open her mouth or talk to where they could see her features.

  • Shapeshifting: Sea Eagle
  • Heightened Senses: Incredibly good eyesight - both long range and micro
  • Kelvic Features: Black & white ombre hair, Mouth and other mucus membrane tissues darkened to a blue black, long blue-black nails.
  • Special Requirements: Heavy meat diet - especially fish.
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They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Postby Kelski on September 20th, 2014, 5:34 am


Favored Of Akajia



Akajia - Nightstalking (1st Mark)

The singularly marked individual instantly knows the language of Makath and can communicate with shadows. They suddenly understand that shadows are not simply the absence of light in an otherwise lit space or the rough image cast by an object blocking rays of illumination. Shadows instead become sentient creatures for those Akajia marks. Because they become sentient creatures, the Night Stalker can talk to them. This does not mean that the individual can get them to tell him or her what he wants to know. Time and reputation must be built at this level, and shadows must be befriended. Night Stalkers with one mark can see clearly into shadows as if they are not there, although shadows do not disappear for them completely. Night Stalkers with one mark have excellent night vision and often feel at home in the complete darkness. At this level, the marked begin to yearn to know secrets and their ability to ferret them out begins to manifest. Night Stalkers literally often stumble upon mysteries and cannot simply help but solve them in their own minds. A Night Stalker keeps secrets and are truly reluctant to give them up; however, they can be 'convinced' to through bribery, torture, or simple exploitation.

Akajia - Nightstalking (2nd Mark)

ImageA secondarily marked individual gains an important ability within Akajias world. Along with having an instant mastery of Makath, the Night Stalker can begin to bond with shadows. Once they acquire their second mark, they can step into a shadow that is accessible for them and big enough for them to lose their bodies in and step out of another shadow that is within their line of sight. This ability does not work in pitch dark, only in areas that are filled with shadows AND light. Dimly lit dungeons or record rooms often hold no challenge for Night Stalkers who can move through shadows at will. They can also call shadows to them and conceal their presence in a cloak of darkness as well, if the shadows will come. Sometimes shadows are fickle creatures. This fickleness is a good motivator for a Night Stalker that is secondarily marked to cater to the whims of shadows and befriend them.

At this level the Night Stalker is far more intriguing to shadows. The Stalkers do not have to make an active effort to befriend shadows but instead more often than not have to chase overly friendly ones away. Their charisma with shadows is seemingly unlimited, and making friends with them is often as easy as saying 'hello' in Makath.

Gnosis Story 'Seeking Freedom' :
The world narrows when all you feel is hunger. Kelski paced the confines of her Master’s little shop, wondering why he hadn’t returned home. She minded the place, making sales when customers came in, sometimes trading or sometimes telling them to return at a later time when her Master was in attendance. The shop was a place to pawn goods, trading them for coin or turning them in and having the shop owner pay the item owner in coin. They never paid full price for an item even though they often tried to sell their stock for far more than they were worth. Kelski’s master had a way with words, a pitch and tone that tended to excite people and give them hope when things seemed hopeless. He’d sell useless trinkets as good luck charms, or claim a simple tarnished hand mirror had once belonged to someone famous like the princess of Alahea. And people believed him. Kelski didn’t, but that was because she saw the lies behind his eyes, and witnessed him holding an item in his hand for a chime or two, sometimes a full bell, thinking about it and trying to craft a story around it. Sometimes his stories worked and his items sold. When that happened, they ate and ate well. But it wasn’t often, not nearly as often as Kelski would like. And more so that was due to her master’s other talents.

He was known to love taking bets, chances, and gambles. When they got a little ahead on the finances, he would often put coin towards ventures that would fail inherently in Kelski’s mind. Food, brought overland in Kalea through the mountains? She wasn’t allowed to fly much, but even the Kelvic knew that Kalea wasn’t traversable if the wall of harsh peaks at Alvadas’ back were any example.

So there were collectors that came by, wanting ransom, needing to be paid, and sometimes they’d hurt her Master and other times they’d threaten her. She hated that they threatened her, especially because the debt was never hers. Kelski actively and often hoped her Master would trade her, sell her, or just die. All too often he used her to pay his debts. Exotic and predatory with eyes that were cold, the young Kelvic was popular when her master needed some spare coin. Five chimes, twenty five chimes, a whole bell – the rates varied – and so too did the men he left alone with her. His claim was always the same. She was feral and would put up a fight, but was tough enough and clean. He’d put a collar on her, hand the leash to whomever he owed money too, and let her alone with them. And he’d tell her if she didn’t please them with her fight, she’d get no food nor any respite from work for days afterwards. So she fought. But they were always bigger, stronger, and more willing to take from her what she was unwilling to give. And later, when they were gone, he’d come in and tell her how sorry he was, that someday he wouldn’t have to use her so badly, and wipe away her cuts, put ointment on her bruises, and leave her clean cloths and soap to wash herself. He was always relieved to have debt paid, so he gave her extra food after her sessions. Sometimes, if he was feeling generous, he’d let her sleep in or get away from her work.

Her work was always different. Sometimes she’d be tasked to refresh the paint on items he’d picked up and make them look new so he could sell them for a higher price. Sometimes he’d ask her to repair damage or replace broken parts. But mostly she cleaned. She serviced the shop as much as she serviced him, and he truthfully was never as interesting as the challenge to fix something broken or make something beautiful. He even traded time with her for lessons from a jewelcrafter who taught her how to mend broken clasps and add or remove lengths form chain. The jewelcrafter gave her other lessons as well, ones that left scars and taught her never to trust her Master when he said he was doing something that was the best for her.

Then one day, like a prayer answered, he never returned home. Time passed. Kelski kept the shop running, ate all the remaining food, and asked people to come back who came by to inquire about items or ask for loans or gambling debt to be paid off. But as time passed, the visitors became more insistent, and Kelski grew more worried. She ran out of food. And while she was not allowed to leave, three days after his disappearance, Kelski left.

She had no choice. Starving, she took coin to the market, bought food, and ate greedily as she began quietly asking questions. Her Master had been seen out and about a few days ago. She trailed the rumors back to the port, asking polite questions and keeping her head low. She learned fast, in the midst of the denizens of Alvadas’ less savory side, that eavesdropping was more valid than outright inquirers, so she listened. Kelski haunted bars, dives, and frequented the more seedy side of the wharf. She was adept at filth, blending in, and not letting her features be seen. Alvadas’ changing personality assisted in that. The Kelvic learned secrets which Kelski jealously horded. She never repeated information for information, but instead sought new and clever ways to acquire it without cost to herself or a diminished return on her investments of time. She found solace in the shadows. Kelski was made up of light and darkness herself, so she blended in. Grey suited her and often she felt like she could see the shadows as living things, even though she knew they were only shadows; nothing living or sentient about them. But in a short time she grew comfortable and she followed the evidence, leading herself on a trail of destroyed dreams and wishes that were higher than one man’s intelligence and abilities.

Sometimes she was forced to cross people’s palms with her dwindling coin, overlooking the nature of the news until slowly the story came out. Her Master tangled with the wrong people. He aimed too high with not enough intelligence to back his ventures. There was a man called The Prince in a place called The Gibbets, and when she crossed into the Streets Below she found the door barred to her. A man told her, lingering in the alley where the Gibbets was said to be found, that only those at the end of the line and at the end of her means could enter. And once they went in, the light of day never shown on them again. An eagle’s heart couldn’t brave such a skyless place, even in the end, so she turned her investigation elsewhere. She could not go down, but she was unwilling to give up. But more coin crossed more palms and when her money was nothing more than a dream, a locksmith turned out to be the answer. He spilled his secrets for the price of the gaze of her wide grey eyes. She already knew so much, her search having lead her to him, the last person evidently known to see her Master alive and in the company of the Prince before his disappearance and sadly what she had started to think more and more of as his death. Kindness was his Achilles heel and he showed it to the half-starved Kelvic on a quest she had no business being on.

“What was in the chest… this freedom?” She asked softly, curious, though her eyes had turned to steel at the thought of her Master being dead. The locksmith looked both directions, leaned forward, and pressing his face up against her hood whispered the answer to her. Kelski’s eyes widened slightly, the only indication that she understood his message and nodded. “Thank you. You’ve been very different from the others here.” She said, studying the locksmith carefully. He shrugged and quietly replied, “I know what it is to need to understand things. Take your knowledge to the grave, girl, because if someone knows you know, they will hunt you.” Kelski nodded, certain that the locksmith was correct.

“I have one more question, then I will take my leave. You’ve been very helpful. Do you know where they put his body? I would like to see it for myself.” She said, knowing the locksmith would understand. The man nodded, and replied quietly. “It’s with the rest of where they dump things they don’t want coming back again. It’s in the heart of the Garden of No Return.” He said, shaking his head softly. “But don’t go there girl. You won’t be able to find your way out if you find your way in, not at least, without wings.” He jested, not realizing the joke was so applicable. Kelski nodded, knowing he didn’t understand her nature, but willing to heed his advice nonetheless. She would not walk into the garden. No. She would fly.

“The man is dead. Murdered by The Prince’s minions above ground for delivering something to The Prince that could not be opened. I know… for I am the best of my kind and even my locksmithing could not spring the lock on the chest that was produced. There is rage, and then there is the Prince’s Wrath. You cannot give a starving man, girl, a glass apple which he cannot eat and cannot do what he wants with other than to gaze longingly upon it. He will not be unaffected and he certainly will not be without emotion. The chest contained the answers to the Prince’s prayers or so he thought and so your Master Swore. There was a freedom in it from all who were in the Gibbets, and yet the lock would not spring. Your Master was hired to acquire, but The Prince did not consider his acquisition a fulfillment of his contract.” Kelski nodded to the man’s words, her eyes thankful.

Kelski took her leave, then, returning to the only home she knew. Quietly on the roof of her Master’s still quiet shop, stripped her clothing off and took wing.

She found the Garden Of No Return and passed over it. Following its loops and twists of its growing hedges from above proved no difficulty. Her eyes were sharp in her eagle’s form, though her flying lacked skill having gone unused. Finally, towards the heart of the maze where the locksmith said it’d likely be found, she spotted a bloated dead body. Backwinging into a spiral she looped her way down and landed beside the corpse, then hopped on it. Her eagle instincts were sharp as she stared down into the face she so wanted to hate. She didn’t hate him though. All she’d truly wanted from him was love, acceptance, and a sense of family… someone worthy to bond too. He wasn’t. He was just worthy of food now.

Hungry, she reached down and plucked his eyes out, surprised that none of the crows or other carrion figures had found them yet. She made short work of the tasty morsels and didn’t even mind the onset of rot that flavored them. Then she plucked out his tongue with her razor sharp beak and made short work of that as well. She sliced each ear off, mutilating the corpse and then backed off to shift into her human form. “You can see nothing but darkness now. And if you for some reason come back, you will not be able to look upon the greed in your mind anymore. Nor will you be able to speak of it or hear it.” She drew his own blade, still hanging from his belt pouch, and sliced off his hands with it, hacking at the meat and bone with the small blade with a diligence that was almost tenacious. “Now you have no hands to hurt people with, should you be able to come back. Hands bind and tie, forcing action and unwelcome pain on others. Now you cannot. I wish I could have done these things while you lived, but I didn’t know how strong I could be and how to survive away from you. Because of your death and my search, I know now that I can. I’m going to sell all that was ever yours, take it for my own, and take my leave of this place to go somewhere new. I’m going to leave and take your secrets with me so they will not tempt me to follow anywhere near the same path you did. I know about the chest, the Gibbets, and what the Prince wanted. I will never tell another soul. He will die being unable to open that particular box of deceit.” Kelski said, then stood up.

She startled then, meeting the gaze of the woman that stood across the body from her. The Sea Eagle hadn’t seen her arrive nor had she heard her standing there stoically while she took her quiet revenge. Black as night, no deep blue, with eyes full of stars, the woman struck Kelski as otherworldly. Kelski squared her shoulders and started to drop her gaze, the words of the dead man at her feet echoing through her mind… “Stand up straight girl, no slouching, no meeting your betters in the eyes…”. The woman reached out and tipped a finger under Kelski’s chin, bringing her head up and her eyes back to where they could meet the Goddess of Night’s gaze. “You’ve been seeking answers to questions. You’ve got them. And you’ve not told a soul. Your life will stretch out before you and there’s no end to the calling that might take you when you can grow wings and fly from here. Take my mark with you child. I want you to speak the language of shadows and never be alone. If I ever need a woman with the heart of an eagle, I will want to be able to find you in the vastness of the wilderness or city and call upon you. Your search here and your silence has earned you that much.” With that touch under her chin, a fire alit on the small of her back and she felt Akajia’s mark burn into her. The awareness of Makath, the language of the shadows filled her, and she felt the night come alive with companions she only dreamed of having.

They greeted her with welcome, as one of her own. Kelski bowed her head to the Goddess in thanks, then lifted her chin up feeling the Goddess’ touch leave her. The Sea Eagle was good with her hands and had taken lessons in making things right, small tasks that jewelers thought beneath them. But suddenly she wanted to capture the stars in Akajia’s eyes and the ethereal beauty of the way the Goddess held her. She knew where she would go, standing there staring into the Goddess’ eyes, communing in a way that no earthly creature ever grew used too.

“I will go, deeply into the heart of Kalea, to Lhavit. You can find me there, where I will somehow find a place, making jewelry, capturing stars, and if you have need of me, just call. I will do what I can to be what you need.” Kelski said, still meeting the Goddess’ gaze. The Goddess smiled. “You are stronger than you know, little Kelvic. Learn to survive on your own. Go back to your Master’s home. He is dead now and will not need his things. Pack what you wish to keep, and sell the rest. You will find good honest folk willing to trade coin for it. Then start a new life. Use the money to buy an apprenticeship somewhere. Be independent. Be strong. You are so much more than your Master let you be. Everyone is. People are born to do great things. It is they themselves and those around them that let the world get in the way of their work. Let no one get in the way of your work, Kelski, and become what you wish to be… whatever that is. You don’t have to decide now.” She said, vanishing into the blackness of the maze. Kelski took wing then, transforming from her human form to her eagle form and circled back to her master’s home. The thoughts of the chest, its secrets, the Gibbets, and even the Prince were far from her mind. They were the past. Alvadas was the past. Lhavit was the future.

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They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Postby Kelski on May 24th, 2015, 8:13 pm


Jeweler of Sunberth



To summarize who and what Kelski is would be a hard thing. Most people would assume that being Kelvic, Kelski may lack in talent, skill, or drive when it comes to being a professional. That is simply not the case. Her Kelvic nature doesn't get in the way of what she truly wants in life. The jeweler wants to be strong, safe, financially secure, and surrounded by allies.

Kelski serves Akajia first and foremost as a Nighstalker. She bends like a blade of grass in the wind, blowing whichever way her Mistress tends to guide her. And as a result of this burning passion for The Night Mother, Kelski is a twice marked Nightstalker who is quick to answer her Mistress' call for assistance or aid. She is very close to the shadows in the world, uses her Nightstalking abilities frequently, and has no remorse for taking down her enemies. Because of this, not only does she strive to be the best at her chosen profession, but she trains her body hard to be able to fight and thrive in the environment Akajia has chosen to place Kelski in.

However, barring guidance, Kelski has taken up residence in Sunberth and has worked very hard to open her own business - a jewelery store called The Midnight Gem - in which she has turned into a basis of operations for all sorts of endeavors not limited to but including sheltering mages. A mage herself, Kelski wants to keep her friends and colleagues safe from the overall negative attitude towards magic in Sunberth. Housing spys and warriors as well, The Midnight Gem truly serves as the center of Kelski's world. And in a way she considers the place her child since she herself is an Architectrix Mage and breathed life into the place from her own hand.

Master - 76-100 XP

Skill Total XP Misc
Jewelcrafting 89/100 10 SP
Observation 100/100
Socialization 100/100
Planning 77/100

Expert - 51-75 XP

Skill Total XP Misc
Dagger 68/100
Interrogation 65/100

Competent - 26-50 XP

Skill Total XP Misc
Hunting 36/100 10 RB, 15 SP
Investigation 32/100
Wilderness Survival 30/100 25 SP

Novice - 1-25 XP

Skill Total XP Misc
Acrobatics 22/100 Dodging/Evasion
Architectrix 16/100
Auristics 5/100
Body Building 18/100
Brawling 8/100
Business 11/100
Butchering 1/100
Carpentry 2/100
Carving 8/100
Cleaning 6/100
Construction 5/100
Cooking 9/100
Copying 1/100
Cosmetology 2/100
Dancing 3/100
Drawing 6/100
Driving 5/100
Deduction 5/100
Dual Wield 11/100
Endurance 11/100
Etiquette 2/100
Fishing 4/100
Foraging 4/100
Fortune Telling 5/100
Geology 4/100
Hand Axe 1/100
History 2/100
Hostessing 4/100
Horsemanship 5/100
Intelligence 2/100
Intimidation 3/100
Land Navigation 1/100
Leadership 19/100
Leatherworking 1/100
Leeching 1/100
Logic 21/100
Mathematics 9/100
Medicine 7/100
Meditation 3/100
Metalsmithing 21/100
Mountaineering 7/100
Morphing 5/100
Negotiation 17/100
Organization 2/100
Persuasion 16/100
Philosophy 7/100
Philtering 3/100
Physics 4/100
Psychology 12/100
Researching 11/100
Rhetoric 21/100
Riding 5/100
Running 8/100
Seduction 5/100
Scouting 7/100
Sculpting 1/100
Shielding 5/100
Skinning 1/100
Spiritism 1/100
Stealth 8/100
Storytelling 11/100
Strategy 15/100
Subterfuge 13/100
Swimming 8/100
Tactics 7/100
Teaching 24/100
Trapping 1/100
Unarmed Combat 10/100
Writing 11/100

Resolve = 58

Resolve Count :
26 Starting Resolve
2 Gnosis Marks – one complete level boost
New Starting Resolve=51
Interrogation 3pts (expert)
Intimidation 1 pt (novice)
Meditation 1pt (novice)
Leadership/Persuasion/Seduction 1pt (leadership novice)
Endurance 1 pt
Torture – 0 pts

Total = 58 Resolve
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They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Postby Kelski on August 29th, 2018, 9:06 pm


I know a little...



Kelski had a ton of lores and to be honest the thought of sorting all of them is completely daunting. I have them listed in my thread section where the thread awards were given. If anyone has any specific questions on lore awards and what Kelski has lores of and doesn't have lores of please ask. I can point you to the threads where she acquired lores etc.

I am leaving this section here because it is not unheard of that I will one day go back and actually sort the lores I have. If and when that happens, I will need a place to put them.

  • Jewelcrafting: The Four C's - Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.
  • Jewelcrafting: Types of Inclusions
  • Jewelcrafting: How to plot a gemstone
  • Jewelcrafting: Stone Identification
  • Jewelcrafting: The Topography of a cut gemstone
  • Jewelcrafting: Types of facets
  • Jewelcrafting: How to Identify The Shapes Of Stones
  • Jewelcrafting: Types of Gemstone Cuts
  • Jewelcrafting: Scale of Hardness
  • Jewelcrafting: Specific Gravity
  • Geology: Moonstones
  • Meticulously taking notes
  • Wilderness Survival: Living In A Cave
  • Wilderness Survival: Building A Campfire
  • Wilderness Survival: Setting up traps for catching rabbits
  • Leatherworking: Working on a rabbit’s pelt

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They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Postby Kelski on August 29th, 2018, 9:06 pm


What you know is more important than what you own.



Kelski didn't used to be materialistic. She has always lived very minimally being Kelvic. Her original home started out as a moss cave in Lhavit with a very simple layout. Now she dwells within The Midnight Gem in Sunberth, owning the place as a business and residence. The Midnight Gem is an Architectrix Building so the contents are somewhat fluid and tend to change over time. It's layout and floorplan can be found in The Midnight Gem Consortia Forum. Most of her possessions are housed in this location, which includes her home, workplace, and training space. Below is a complete list of possessions with a side note about what she is normally equipped with if a ✸ is indicated after the item.

Set of 12 Matching Plate Settings
Set of Pots And Pans
Waterskin x2
Large 4-Person Tent
Lantern, Common
Clamdigging Kit
Cooking Kit
Blanket, Winter
Fishing Kit
Fishing Pole
Jewelcrafting Kit
Belt Pouch which contains:
  • flint and steel
Black Leather Backpack which contains:
  • Comb (Skyglass)
  • Brush (Skyglass)
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
  • 1 eating knife
  • Flint & Steel

White & Black Ombre Dress
White Shirt
Black Pants
Linen Undies
Black Cloak
Black Boots
Leather High Boots
Leather Low Boots
Leather Gloves
Brocaded Dress
Velvet Cloak
Black and White Ombre Scarf
Sky Blue Scarf

One Set Night Leather

Book on Auristics
Book on Cooking & Baking
Book on Architectrix
Book on Morphing

Two Daggers (link)
Twelve Throwing Daggers
Sheath w/bolts
Repeating Crossbow
Ten Repeating Crossbow Clips (holds 5)
Ten Darts

Horse Items
Moth - Mixed Blood
Halter & Lead
Saddle Pad
Bit & Bridle
Saddlebags, Large
Blanket & Hood
Riding Saddle
Cart harness

1 Magic Chicken That Lays Golden Eggs
10 Normal Hens
1 Rooster

Magic Items

Secret :
  • Pitch

    History: 600 years ago, there lived a woman named, Mia Kine, one of Akajia’s Nightstalkers. Through her service to the Endless Shadow, Mia had become uniquely attuned to communicating with and manipulating shadows above and beyond other Nightstalkers. It is said that from the shadows, she learned fragments of a secret so great that the desire to learn more drove her over the edge. She spent years growing ever closer to the darkness in search of the secret. The closer she became with the shadows, the more they changed her. She shied away from bright light and avoided heat. Her skin grayed and eventually became black. Slowly she became more shadow than human. Her quest to discover all that she could of the secret led her to a place that was so old, the term ancient didn’t quite quantify it.

    Drawn to a particularly unassuming ruin, Mia entered. Some time later, for a reason only Akajia knows, a trio of Nightstalkers were sent to the ruin to find Mia. As they approached the entrance to the ruin, they peered into the darkness within. It is not known what they saw but a few years later, a group of explorers stumbled upon the site; the ruin gone. They found three skeletons laid out around the shape of a human burned into the ground. While the ground looked burned, it had obviously been years since whatever happened, happened. Nothing grew in the spot and it actually felt abnormally cold to the touch.

    The front of the skeletons were also blackened in a similar manner, cold to the touch, bits of blackened flesh still stuck to the bones. While there were no personal items found on the skeletons, on the ground next to the strange human-shaped mark was a dagger. The dagger was blacker than black and seemed to absorb ambient light around it. Cool to the touch, the blade was curved on one edge, the other serrated. When held, it appeared as though trails of darkness emanated from its surface like smoke. Whatever happened to the dagger after the explorers found it is unknown however it was noted, at some point in some recorded history somewhere that the explorers, one by one, went mad; claiming that they had discovered a horrific secret only to die in what was believed to be some sort of fire; only their partially blackened bones remained.

    This dagger has a curved blade roughly 12 inches with one edge being serrated. It feels cold to the touch and seems to absorb ambient light so that the space immediately surrounding it appears darker than it should. Shadowy trails of darkness lick their way off the blade like trails of smoke. Over time, the hand of the wielder will develop grayish veins which eventually become darker, almost black. Pitch is most effective when used against someone who is actively keeping information from the wielder. When used to cut or pierce such a person, Pitch acts as though it has a Competent Intelligence skill with 40 skill points for the sake of learning and sharing the information with the wielder.

    Pitch has a minor secondary ability, if the wielder wishes it, of being able to remain undetected, if on the wielder’s person.

    Pitch also acquired the poisonous trait here. The weapon’s attack surface becomes coated in an irritating poison that causes dizziness. Successful strike causes -10 to victim’s future rolls; only applied once per target per scene. Activates via command word.
    Acquired in: [The Temple Of The Unknown] Undiscovered Secrets
  • Rhaus Statue 8inches Tall


    This figurine looks like a gentle old man with no hair, holding a stringed-instrument. When animated, the statue will often play music to fit a particular setting or mood. He loves to tell stories and sing when the mood strikes him; it strikes a lot. He is easy-going and enjoys good company. Gnosis: 1 mark Rhaus. Skills: Singing: 10, Storytelling: 10, Musical Instruments (All) 10. Lore: Rhaus, Composing music on the fly. Magical Ability: Cause all action to halt in a 20 foot radius as he plays music that all in the area of effect want to listen to. 1/day, any actions taken during this time other than listening will break the effect.
    Acquired in: The Storm Before The Calm
  • Amulet Of Desire


    This piece is a necklace. Over time and through roleplay you will come to understand how this item works. When you hold it in your hand and turn a careful circle until you stand in whichever direction the person, place, or thing that you desire will cause the amulet to glow. The person place or thing you desire can change moment to moment. It will continue to glow as long as you concentrate on that object of desire and point in the direction it lies relative to you. This item will only work if you are within a 10 mile distance of the one thing you desire.
    Acquired In: TBD
  • The Backpack Of Holding


    It can be of any color though the basic shape will remain as pictured. It can hold anything within it as long as the thing can fit through the bag's opening to disappear inside. It weighs as if it is an empty backpack and has no limit in terms of what can go in. One must concentrate on what one wants to retrieve from the inside of it when reaching in or else the contents coming to ones hand will be random. This backpack will not preserve items such as food. Any garbage or food that rots in it will cause the contents to smell and a stench to emit from it once the top flap is thrown open. The same might be said of soiled sweaty or dirty clothing, especially socks and shoes.
    Acquired In: TBD

  • Image

    [size=150]Ring of the Black Mouse


    This ring is forged of some unknown red colored metal and is set with a single black stone. If one looks close enough at the stone, the faint outline of a mouse can be seen in its upper most facet. A few symbols are engraved in the inside part of the band. These symbols are magical in nature however their purpose and meaning have been lost in time.


    The history of the ring, while difficult to discover, may be learned by consulting with a Master Jewelcrafter as the basic history of the ring is a part of many a jeweler's studies.

    Many years before the Valterrian, there lived a jewelcrafter of modest renown who had a thing for mice; particularly black mice. It was said that he once had a pet mouse that he loved dearly. When it died, the jewelcrafter was profoundly distraught. In an attempt to recapture the joy and love she had for her pet, she sought out those who could help. After a good amount of searching, she was able to find a magesmith and a Marassa (follower of Kihala, Goddess of Life) who shared her passion for animals and pet companioins and enlisted their help. Together, the three of them worked to forge a special ring. The jewelcrafter designed and constructed the ring from materials provided by the magesmith. The magesmith enchanted the ring with the help of the Marassa's gnosis. It took a few attempts but eventually they were able to create the Ring of the Black Mouse.

    Realizing that they had discovered a NEAR perfect formula for creating the ring, the three created more of them. Their idea was to use the rings to bring together a group of people from across the world who all shared their feelings of love and respect of animals and pets with the Ring of the Black Mouse as the focus. They were able to gather many such people and gave them each one of the rings. The Order of the Black Mouse meant to promote their vision and work to help encourage, protect and promote animal life. Many a follower of Kihala, Caiyha and even Eiwaat, Goddess of Birds. Many Alvina as well had followers in the Order including, Navre, Oriana and Siku despite their tendency to feed on mice. It wasn't about predator and prey as much as it was the preservation of animals.

    The Order was just getting to a point of strength and influence when the Valterrian all but wiped them out. While they didn't survive, their rings did and over the centuries since have found their ways into the hands of those who may or may not share the values the Order once did.


    The ring's powers may be discovered by wearing the ring, looking closely at the stone, noticing the outline of the mouse in the upper most facet and then wondering why the outline exists in the first place. This activates the ring for the first time and leaves the wearer with an idea of how to activate it in the future.

    The Ring of the Black Mouse is, by Post-Valterrian standards, a potent item of Magecraft. Before the Valterrian it was comparatively minor when pitted against other magical works.

    By concentrating on the ring and calling on memories of a favored pet, animal companion or any animal that had positive significance in one's life, the wearer of the ring can Vitalize the ring's etching of a mouse on its black stone (empowered by Kihala's gnosis that grants a version of life to a depiction of life). When this happens, it looks as though a black mouse literally crawls out of the stone's setting; this causes the stone to vanish leaving the ring without it.

    The Vitalized mouse appears and acts in all ways as a truly living mouse save for a few important differences. It cannot move farther than 50 feet from the ring else the magic that keeps it alive will be severed. If this happens, the mouse will simply turn to dust and it will take 10 days for the ring to restore the stone and enable the mouse once more.

    The mouse will remain Vitalized ("alive") for 10 days before it has to return to the ring (literally crawling back into the setting and turning back into a black stone). If it can't return, it will turn to dust and require 10 more days to restore. Once it returns to the ring, it takes one day for the magic to recharge and enable the mouse to be Vitalized once more.

    The wearer of the ring may direct the mouse by force of will in VERY simple ways. The mouse can be directed to enter a building or room, follow the wearer, perch on their shoulder or hide in their pocket simply by willing it to do so. The mouse will not put itself directly in harm's way however. For example, it will avoid predatory threats or any thing really that would direct it to potentially die. Attempting this will turn the mouse to dust and require 10 days to restore the ring's ability to Vitalize another. More than one occurrence of such a thing may even gain the negative attention of Kihala or Caiyha.

    The wearer may also, by closing their eyes and focusing on the ring and through it the mouse, share some of the mouse's senses in a limited and unique way. They can see what the mouse sees albeit in black and white, no color. This is done by closing one's eyes and viewing the what the mouse sees. They may also smell what the mouse smells and share their sense of touch through their whiskers. While the wearer can hear what the mouse hears, spoken words are heard from the mouse's perspective. A mouse cannot perceive language thus any spoken words heard through the mouse will come across as gibberish. Voices may be recognized or perhaps perceived as male or female based on tone or pitch but it will sound as though someone were hearing a foreign language with no knowledge whatsoever of what is being said.

    If the mouse is wounded and/or killed, it will turn to dust and require the standard 10 days for the ring to restore the stone and the magic. If the mouse is intentionally harmed by the wearer, the ring itself will turn to dust and may incur the anger of Kihala or Caiyha. So predatory Kelvics who acquire this ring should take care in eating the mouse as a source of food.

    Giving away or selling the ring will result in its power vanishing.

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They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Postby Kelski on August 29th, 2018, 9:07 pm


Keeping the books...



Kelski has had periods of inactivity because of city closure and had to come back into game play as a Slave due to Lhavit Closing and her not having her job threads finished to earn enough money to stay out of slavery or death. Due to this fact, there are gaps in her ledger when she did not have to pay seasonal (due to the slavery) or was not counting coin at all because of inactivity. The current below ledge is accurate up until the current season when it will be completely updated. Current seasons are never accurate due to threads being underway, ungraded or wages not paid or earned.

[googlefont=Courgette]Current Worth: 3,029.7 GM

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
House Cash In +500 GM 600 GM
Large Tent (4p) -10 GM 590 GM
Flint & Steel -1 GM 589 GM
Lantern, Common -1 SM 588.9 GM
Bedroll -1 SM 588.8 GM
Blanket, Winter -5 SM 588.3 GM
Fishing Kit -10 GM 578.3 GM
Fishing Pole -1 GM 577.3 GM
Belt Pouch -1 GM 576.3 GM
Ombre Linen Dress -12 SM (8x1.5) 575.1 GM
Waterskin -1 GM 574.1 GM
Jewelcrafting Kit -250 GM 325.1 GM
Candles & Chest -8 GM 317.1 GM
Summer Seasonal Expenses 514 (Common) -135 GM 182.1 GM
Summer Wages 514 +819 GM 1001.1 GM
Fall Seasonal Expenses 514 (Common) -135 GM 866.1 GM
Fall Seasonal Expenses 514 (Common) -135 GM731.1 GM
Winter Seasonal Expenses 514 (Common) -135 GM 596.1 GM
Spring Seasonal Expenses 515 (Common) -135 GM 461.1 GM
Fall Seasonal Expenses 515 (Common) -135 GM 326.1 GM
Winter Seasonal Expenses 515 (Common) -135 GM 191.1 GM
Winter Seasonal Expenses 517 (Slavery) -0 GM 191.1 GM
Spring Seasonal Expenses 518 (Slavery) -0 GM 191.1 GM
Solid Gold Armband -15 GM 176.1 GM
Laborer's Wages Spring 518 (upon freeing) +182 GM 358.1 GM
Training Room Supplies - 100 GM 258.1 GM
Winnings Weekend Challenge +2,5000 GM 2,758.1 GM
Midnight Gem Expansion -2,572.4 GM 185.7 GM
Handyman's Toolkit Etc -26 GM 159.7 GM
Wages Summer 518 4,914 GM 5,073.7 GM
Goldfinger Loan Payment -3,000 GM 2,073 GM
Living Expense (Good) -450 GM 1,623.7 GM
Horse Equipment -94 GM 1,529.7 GM
Contest 1,500 GM 3,029.7 GM

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They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Family, Friends, and Enemies

Postby Kelski on August 29th, 2018, 9:07 pm





Kelski has lived many places. Many people have influenced her. She keeps a running record in her heart and in her journals on which people have what to her and what they have taught her. Some people are long gone from her life and some people are by her side. People come and go, but this list never changes. It only gets added too.


Name: Kynier
Relationship: Kelski's Mate and Potential Bondmate to her.
Race: Human
DoB: 42nd, Fall, 494 AV.
PoB: Nyka
Title: Mage, Spy, Fighter, Scholar, Lover
Skills: See CS
Gnosis: 1 Mark of Akajia

Kynier is one of Kelski's biggest influences. She met him in the Spring of 518 AV in Sunberth when she was still a slave. Gradually they have come to know each other, formed a friendship, a tight intimate relationship, and are bound together under their love of Akajia and each other.

While each have their own lives in Sunberth, they actively work together, assist each other, and are growing a community in Sunberth that fosters a different way of living, thinking, and coexisting.

Kelski is madly in love with Kynier and looks to him not only for emotional support but for security and leadership in a multitude of things. In return she tries to provide a loving home for him, a secure base of operations, and emotional and financial support when and where she can.

Name: Ember K'etir
Relationship: Kelski's Niece - lives with her
Race: Kelvic Mouse (black)
DoB: 518 AV
PoB: Cobalt Mountains
Title: Child (Kelski's Niece)
Skills: Cooking 30, Cleaning 10, Scavenging 10
Gnosis: None

Ember is the daughter of Kalistan K’etir, Kelski's full brother. Kalistan sent Ember to Kelski to accompany a copy of an Architectrix Tome, a seed, and a splinter. Her duty is to watch over Kelski and report back to Kalistan secretly on the doings of his sister to validate if the rumors of Kelski's life is true. Ember will be helping guide Kelski in the use of Architectrix. She's not versed in it herself, but is used to living in an Architectrix structure in the form of K'etir Keep. Ember is aware of her short lifespan but volunteered for the mission for her father since she is an adventuresome sort and didn't want to stay home with her siblings.
Name: Kalistan K’etir
Relationship: Kelski's Brother
Race: Human
DoB: 495
PoB: Cobalt Mountains
Title: TBD
Skills: TBD
Gnosis: TBD



Name: Ebon
Race: Kelvic Night Lion
DoB: 516 (2) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Clerk (secret Healer)
Skills: Medicine 30, Hunting 10, Tracking 10
Gnosis: Rak'keli

Ebon traveled to Sunberth with his Bondmate Sisala North. Sisala was a very powerful Konti healer of the Opal Order who felt called to Sunberth to assist its residents with their needs. As both her bondmate and apprentice, Ebon was diligent in his studies and working hard on becoming a healer like his mistress, However, fate intervened and Sisala was killed on the streets of Sunberth leaving Ebon stunned by the death of his bondmate. Broken, hollow, and grieving, the young Kelvic had fallen into hard times living on the streets.

Discovered being robbed by part of the Sun Birth gang, Ebon was rescued by a fellow Kelvic named Kelski and her Akalak companion named Aer'wyn. Becoming almost an instant tie between the two, Ebon was taken to The Midnight Gem for healing and has stayed there, where he was given a job by the Kelvic as a clerk for her jewelry store while he gets his life straightened out, his grief in order, and picks himself back up from the deep well of despair he's been in.

Name: Mosa
Relationship: NPC Mentor
Race: Human
DoB: 442 (75) AV
PoB: Denval
Title: Fortune Teller
Skills: Fortune Telling (85), Storytelling (68), Astology (54), Teaching (50), Busking (48), Play Musical Instrument (Violin) (42), Music Composition (40)
Gnosis: None

Mosa is one of those rare Denval survivors that ended up ultimately in Sunberth. Herself and her family managed to make it to Zeltiva on the flotilla. However, Mosa grew tired of Zeltiva, and made her way to Sunberth, following her Fortune Telling suggestions. She was looking for more than the stuffy University City could give her and Sunberth definitely was it. It wasn't as if she was reckless or thirsted for adventure. It was just that she wanted a city that was constantly changing, evolving, and one that had more flare and flavor to it than Denval and later Zeltiva could claim.

For years Mosa was a popular and sought after for her Fortune Telling ability and her gentle soft spoken voice. Having a track record of being rarely wrong, Mosa thrived. It was only after her eyesight began to fail and her ageing forced her to back off her work, did she come to realize she liked living in Tent City and witnessing the day to day comings and goings of its denizens.

When she grew tired of telling fortunes, Mosa would break out her violin and gently play it for busking coin. She still plays a bit of violin, though arthritis has slowed her down considerably. And she will throw bones or read cards if asked. One just needs to figure out her location and have coin in hand.

Mosa likes company and is a great storyteller. She will even teach people Fortune Telling and Violin if they ask her nicely and bring around a hallway decent instrument.

Name: Sastiva
Relationship: NPC Friend/Goldfinger Contact Agent
Race: Human
DoB: 496(22) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Goldfinger's Assistant
Skills: Accounting (82), Business Logistics (69), Mathematics (64), Unarmed Combat (60), Marketing (50), Planning (48), Negotiations (45), Leadership (30)
Gnosis: None

While Sastiva is considered one of Goldfinger's many assistants, she bears a striking resemblance to the man himself. Because of her age and the fact that she looks a lot like Goldfinger, Sastiva is suspected of being his younger sibling by many in the Sunberth Community. While having never openly admitted or acknowledged the relation, one can tell she is close to the local loan shark in Sunberth.

Sastiva's duties include keeping a 'stable' of clients for Goldfinger. That means helping those he has decided to loan money to found their businesses. This might mean acquiring suppliers, buildings, even helping new folks keep books for the first season of their endeavors. She will do check-ups on them and act as a loan enforcement officer if need be. That is mostly unnecessary though since Sastiva's babysitting duties usually render new clients successful.
Name: Kaltiz Blackwing
Relationship: NPC Friend
Race: Kelvic Skull Crow
DoB: 517(1) AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Run-Away Slave/Member The Shifty Shamus @ Yedra's Fountain.
Skills: Scavenging (43), Begging (38), Stealth (35), Larceny (25), Negotiations (15), Dagger (10)
Gnosis: None

Kaltiz Blackwing is one of Sunberth's lost children. Rumored to be a runaway slave having escaped from the Vino, the Kelvic has been on the loose since his early first year. Kaltiz has managed to stay alive and evade authorities being a Kelvic. Skull Crows are clever and because he can harvest memories from the skulls he wears, Kaltiz has learned faster than most.

Friendly to people who have things for him or want to trade ideas with him, he's vicious when crossed or starving which happens quite frequently on the streets of Sunberth. Kaltiz will do anything for someone he considers a friend. But when it comes to actually being productive in terms of getting a real job or learning a trade, he simply isn't interested. His skull crow nature leans towards laziness and disrespect.

Kaltiz has a broad and colorful vocabulary and hes not afraid to use it... and when conventional swear words fail him, he makes up phrases and thinks himself incredibly clever.

The truth is Kaltiz is entertaining, good company, and normally agreeable if his belly is full or the activity involves food. He can be found near Yedra's fountain, but is quickly outgrowing the youths that live there.


Name: Darvin Steval
Relationship: NPC Tormenter
Race: Human
DoB: 462 (55) AV - 518 AV
PoB: Syliras
Title: Guardian
Skills: Daggers (55), Unarmed Combat (47), Blowgun (34), Philtering (29), Teaching (25), Poisons (22)
Gnosis: None

Darvin, in his prime, reached the rank of Chevalier in the Dragoons and was on a fast track to Captain. However, Darvin became seriously drug addicted around 513 due to events he never speaks of and continued to backslide, having been unable to throw the habit.

In recent years Darvin has continuously lost rank due to multiple incidents that usually involved his addictive personality. Darvin is simply the equivalent of a Guardian now. As an embarrassment to the Dragoons, it's surprising that no one has relieved him of his head yet, despite the fact that he's very good at combat and many younger members have came to him for training or to challenge his skills.

It's probably because of his other hobbies. Darvin makes drugs. He's been known to slip them to fellow Dragoons and those in his charge to 'test' his experimental philterings on.

Busted back to The Barracks and under Jaren's command, Darvin has found a place among the flunkies of The Barracks where he tends to do a great deal of personal favors for the Marshall who keeps him in drugs or supplies to experiment with making new drugs. His temper is uncertain at best, surly at worst, though he does have a soft spot for women.

Jaren uses him as security for shipments and as an armed guard on certain of his assets. In his spare time, Darvin messes with poisons and philtering, working on new drugs the Sun's Birth can sell. More than one mysterious fire has busted out around Darvin's quarters though the Guardian has been mysteriously elsewhere and able to account for his whereabouts to not be found responsible.

In the Summer of 518 AV Darvin kidnapped Kelski, raped her, and attempted to force her to bond with him. There was a struggle and she killed him... ending that era of her life.

*If you are not on this list, please don't take offense. I'm still updating my CS and working tabsets in is very hard/time consuming so this post will get updated slowly.

They laugh at me because I am different.
I laugh at them because they are all the same.
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Postby Kelski on August 29th, 2018, 9:08 pm


What made me...

Be Inspired

The Beginning:

I had goals. I wanted a Nightstalker PC because I loved writing the whole concept and wanted to play an example of one IC for those people that just thought Nighstalkers were spies or information brokers that bought and sold information at the highest price. Kelski was going to be neither of those two things, though she'd have skills resembling such. I wanted her to be strong, financially stable, and a character that would absolutely go to her grave before she'd pass on anyone's secrets unless it was to her Goddess Akajia.

Some of my starting terms were trustworthy, authentic, unpretentious.

ImageAnd then there's music. Music inspires so many of us that consider ourselves writers and artists. I'm something of both, though if you ask me I'll say I'm absolutely an artist first and a writer second. I heard this Beth Crowly song and I loved it... and I thought... monster... Kelvic... someone feral and not giving a rats ass about humans. That's the beauty about Kelvics. They don't think like anyone else. They don't care for the same things humans value unless they get close to humans and some of that humanity rubs off either through association or bonding.

Plus, at the time, there was this ugly circulation of absolute cannon that Kelvics were stupid, useless, pets that would never amount to anything especially on their own.

Yea... hold my beer.

So that's why Battle Cry is my inspiration...

Battle Cry :

That's not going to fly - pun intended - in any way shape or form for someone to skim over the Kelvic lore and say... "Dumb animals... moving on." Sure, they might not be interested in math... but they could be. Kelski can cut more angles in a singular three dimensional object accurately than most humans have brain cells. Myth crushed. I don't want to be a trail blazer exactly, but I want to inspire kelvics to be more than just tag along secondary fluff characters.

Then as time passed, these songs inspired me too.

Open Your Eyes :

Broken Ones :

Man or Monster? :

Paint It Black :

Demons :

The One :

Horns :

Spirits :

Dark :

So where do I go from here? Well, let me finish my beer a moment, think it over and start on phase two of my current goals. In a city like Sunberth, you can never have enough... everyone needs a bigger piece of the pie. Everyone needs more stories to tell. Everyone needs enemies, friends, and frienmies. I think I'll start there first, max out Jewelcrafting next season, try to pay off my business loan to Goldfinger in an insanely short amount of time, and see whats next.
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They laugh at me because I am different.
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The record of my life.

Thread List


Kelski keeps a thread link to each thread roleplayed in within this post. Each thread, when completed and graded will include all XP awards after the link. Threads are kept in numeric order based on date played. This list is always updated so if someone would like a timestamp with Kelski, just check this list for her thread availability. Also, do to the sheer number of lores, Kelski has been keeping her total lore list in this thread.

Current Season

Fall 518 AV

  • 1st -A Silver Moth To A Silver Flame - Horsemanship +5, Driving +5, Riding +5, Planning +3, Interrogation +3, Acrobatics +1, NPC: Tieria Sunstrider – Appearance & Temperment, NPC: Tieria Sunstrider: Teaches at Stables, Horesmanship: Haltering a Horse, Horsemanship: Proper Fit Of A Halter, Horesemanship: Leading A Horse Correctly, Horesmanship: Tying A Horse Safely, Moth: Owned By Scalis, Moth: Broke To Ride & Drive, Moth: Perfect Horse For Kelski, Horsemanship: How To Groom A Horse, Horsemanship: How To Clean A Horse’s Feet, Riding: How To Saddle A Horse, Riding: How To Bridle A Horse, Riding: Tightening A Girth, Riding: How To Mount, Riding: How To Walk, Trot, & Canter, Riding: How To Steer (Neck Reining & Direct Reining), Riding: How To Sit Straight, Riding: How To Hold Reins, Riding: Heels Down, Riding: How To Get Bucked Off, Horsemanship: How To Cool Down A Horse, Driving: Parts of A Harness, Driving: Which Parts Control Which Things (Braking, Powering Forward), Driving: Bring Cart To Horse, Driving: Always Carry A Blade For Emergency Harness Cutting, Driving/Riding: Always Inspect Tack, Driving/Riding: How To Clean Tack, Driving: Proper Harness Fit, Driving: Ground Driving, Driving: Parts of a Driving Bridle, Driving: Basic Driving Techniques, Riding: Basic Riding Techniques, Horsemanship: How To Kiss At A Horse, Riding: Unsaddling A Horse, Driving: Unharnessing A Horse, Driving: Proper Shaft Position, Driving: How To Climb Into A Cart, Driving: How To Dismount A Cart, Horsemanship: Moth Needs Out Of The Weather – Stable Or Lean-to, Moth: Needs Companionship, Driving: Trotting Better Driving Than Riding, Riding: Proper Saddle Fit, Riding: Riding In The City Through Crowds, Driving: Driving In the City Through Crowds, Horsemanship: Geldings Get Along With Everyone, Horsemanship: Stallions Are Best Alone, Acrobatics: Recovering From A Fall From A Bucking Horse.
  • 2nd - Help Wanted Help Offered -
  • 2nd - [The Midnight Gem] Darkness and Light-
  • 5th - [Seaside Market] Supply Run -
  • 6th - [No Man's Land Tavern] A Sunberth Breakfast -
  • 8th - [Midnight Gem] The Unveiling -
  • 10th - Reserved
  • 11th - Night Flight -
  • 12th - [Baroque Bay] Basket Case - Running +3, Acrobatics +1, Dagger +1, Dual Wield +1 Azcan: Also Known as Boy Wonder, Azcan: Drummer At Bolt Hole, Entertainment: Stage Names
  • 15th - [Seaside Market] Supply Run -
  • 16th - A Deadly Art & A Deadly Connection -
  • 20th - Skull Crows And Sea Eagles - Stealth +5, Tactics +5, Subterfuge +5, Wilderness Survival (Urban) +5, Physics +2, Medicine +1, Psychology +5, Investigation +3, Acrobatics +1, Running +2, Meditation +1, Logic +3, Stealth: Prevent Detection, Prevents Harm, Hiding Spots: Someplace That Will Allow You To Move Quickly/Easily To Escape Or Counterattack. Hiding Spots: Provide Protection Against Melee Weapons, Hiding Spots: Great Observation Spot For Targets. Cover: Anything That Provides Protection From Attackers Weapons. Cover: Any Is Better Than None, WS: Finding Cover & Concealment in Urban Environments, WS: The Difference Between Cover And Concealment, Stealth: Look For Natural Cover First. Stealth: Rocks, Rubble, Fallen Trees, Heaps of Trash = Natural Cover, Subterfuge: Lie With Your Outline, Tactics: Picking Cover & Concealment, Concealment: Six Factors – Shape, Shadow, Texture, Color, Position, Movement, Kelski: Alabaster Skin – Needs Darkening In Nighttime Endeavors, Concealment: Don’t Watch Your Pursuer And Give Them The Feeling Of Being Watched, WS: Cover Always Protects But Doesn’t Always Conceal & Concealment Might Not Offer Cover, Subterfuge: Explaining Gnosis As Not Magic, Subterfuge: Lying About Being A Mage, Physics: How Shadows And Light Works, Subterfuge: Which Part Of The Shadow To Hide in, Physics: The Study Of Optics, Physics: The Parts, Tactics: Using Light In Survival and Cover/Concealment Situations, Physics: Parts of a Shadow, Physics: Umbra, Antumbra, Penumbra, Medicine: How The Eyes See Light, WS: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings At All Times, WS: Perceived And Imagined Threats – The Importance Of, Psychology: Mentally Preparing Yourself To React To Various Threats, Investigation: Observing And Noting Your Surroundings, Tactics: Reacting To Observations With Pre-Planned Moves, Tactics: Assessing The Vulnerabilities and Strengths of Cover/Concealment + Environment As A Whole, Acrobatics: Avoiding Steaming Obstacles, Tactics: Taking Advantage of Danger Sense, Psychology: Danger Sense Is Real, Danger Sense: The Slight Changes Our Mind Might Notice But We Might Not Immediately Recognize (disturbed dust, books in wrong orders, chairs moved), Memory Game: Filling A Table Full Of Various Objects And Memorizing Them In 10 Second Intervals, WS: Distraction Is The Biggest Danger – Boredom, Anger, Tiredness, Fear, Sadness, Restlessness, Psychology: Emotions Can Work Against Us In Survival, WS: Training Calmness Via Meditation, Meditation: Exercise Will Help Meditation, Psychology: Building Habits, WS: Expand Awareness, Enhance Danger Sense, Stealth: Every Step Controlled, Stealth: Patience Is The Key, Stealth: Breathing Important, Stealth: Sound Proof Clothing, Stealth: Train In The City, On Gravel, Stone, Mud, Etc, Stealth: Learn How Different Places Make Different Sounds And Negate Them
  • 22-30th - Reserved For Underground Adventure
  • 36th - Reserved Kailani
  • 42nd - Reserved City Event
  • Entire Season - Pillow Talk -

Summer 518 AV

  • 1st - Flying Free At Last - Investigation +1 Intelligence +1 Negotiation +2 Logic +1 Lores: Master LI: Sent funds to free her, Jaren: Disgraced in the eyes of his father, liquidated his things to make repairs, Jardeg: Owes a free piece of jewelry too, Darvin: Angery she’s free, Jardeg: Gave her freedom, Darvin: Forced himself on her while she was drugged, Darvin: Made threats to find and hurt her once free.
  • 2nd - Borrowing A New Life - Business +4, Persuasion +3, Rhetoric +2, Investigation +2, Negotiation +4, Leadership +4, Strategy +2 Goldfinger: Location, Appearance & Mannerisms, Goldfinger: Owns One Of Her Rings, Sastiva: Goldfinger’s Assistance, Sastiva: Appearance &Mannerism, Goldfinger: Will Loan Her Business Startup Money, Shop: Knowing What She Wants, Shop: Acquiring The Best Supplies Despite The Source, Sastiva: Will Give Her Self Defense Lessons, The Midnight Gem: Finding The Perfect Building, The Midnight Gem: Location Location Location, The Midnight Gem: Layout Perfect
  • 5th -[The Midnight Gem] Basements And Blades - Planning +2, Organization +1, Dagger +5, Darvin: The Logistics Of His Business, Daggers: Proper Throwing Techniques, Dagger: Steps Of Throwing A Dagger, Dagger: Math Involved In Thrown Dagger Rotations, Daggers: Throwing Daggers Is A Science, Daggers: Calculating The Exact Distance Away From A Target One Must Be To Get Full Rotations When Throwing Daggers
  • 6th - [The Midnight Gem] Putting It All Together - Scouting +2, Cleaning +2, Body Building +5, Endurance +5, Planning +2, Hunting +1, Running +1, Unarmed Combat +3, Logic +1, Acrobatics +1 Sunberth: Ariel Layout, Sunberth: Ariel Beach Layout, Sunberth: Ariel River Layout, Planning: Setting Up A Training Room, Body Building: Hauling Heavy Things Up And Down Stairs, Hunting: Hunting Rabbits From The Sky, Working Out: Warmup’s Important, Running: Great Warm Up To Working Out, Body Building: Moving DBH Slices Of Logs End-Over-End, Body Building: Hanging Up A Punching Bag By Oneself, Endurance: Using A Punching Bag To Gain Strength/Endurance, Endurace: Finding Balance And Rhythm, Punching Bag: Correct Techniques When Hitting/Kicking Bag, Working Out: Importance Of Correct Breathing, Jumping Rope: Techniques For Working Out, Jumping Rope: Correct Length of Rope To Use, Jumping Rope: Taking A Fall
  • 10th - Kelvics Gone Wild - Subterfuge +3, Socialization +5, Interrogation +5, Deduction +2, Leadership +2, Planning +5, Hunting +2, Swimming +1, Scouting +1, Construction +1, Daggers +2, Dual Wield +2, Running +1, Teaching +2, Lores: No Mans Land Tavern: Location, Layout, Menu, Workers, Dusti: Kelvic, Ren: The Kelvics Recent History, Ren: Free From Landlady, Dusti: Insulting, Subterfuge: Concealing Injuries, Subterfuge: Concealing Identity, Ren: Lonely & Lost, Ren: Wants To Be Friends, Ren: Wants To Help, Construction: Taking Down A Tent
  • 15th - [Execution Square] Fight or Flight - Scouting +1, Acrobatics +2, Interrogation +5, Rhetoric +5, Persuasion +5, Teaching +4, Negotiation +4, Logic +2
    Baroque Bay: Nightly Patrols, Execution Square: Location, Appearance, Common Appearance From Sky, Farris: Mage That Throws Lightening, Acrobatics: Falling From The Sky Gracefully, Acrobatics: Transforming Mid Fall To Catch Oneself As A Human, Reimancy: Fire/Lightening, Reimancy: A type of Magic, Persuasion: Talking A Man Out Of His Clothes, Handicap: Definition & Meaning, Negotiation: Trading Knowledge For Training Space, Negotiation: Trading Answers for Locations, Negotiation: Terms Of A Trade, Logic: Determining Weak People, Magic: What Res Is, Logic: Determining Human Age From Physical Features, Magic: Voiding, Magic: Reimancy
  • 16th - [The Library] Broadening Horizons- Investigation +3, Copying +1, Interrogation +5, Socialization +5 Rhetoric +5, Teaching +4, Sunberth: Library Location, Stumble Alley Location, Tarn: Member of Sun’s Birth, Tarn: Idealistic Person, Tarn: Stubborn, Tarn: Illiterate, Cooking: They make instruments to measure ingredients, Suns Birth: Jaren looking for her, Tarn: Shipwrights apprentice, Tarn: Nice & Polite, Tarn: Doesn’t Like Lying, Prefers Honest Discourse, Tarn: Believes The Sun’s Birth Can Fix SB – Can Be Good & Honorable, Syliran Knights: Kelski feels They are working secretly in SB, Tarn: Atheist, Tarn: Optimist, Tarn: Concept of power vacuum in SB, Tarn: Hopes He Succeeds, Partially copied Cookbook
  • 20th - [Temple Of The Unknown] Undiscovered Secrets- Acrobatics +1, Dancing +2, Negotiation +3, Socialization +5, Tactics +1, Teaching +1, Akajia: Recommends she follow her heart and its curiosity, Akajia: Wants her to discover Sunberth’s secrets, Kynier: Had a misinterpretation of Akajia, Kynier: Is concerned for her safety. Kynier: Makes her vulnerable, Kynier: Struggles with his faith, Kynier: Blessed with the first mark of Akajia, Kynier: Crowds her when trying to say something he feels is important, Kynier: Lost his sense of touch, Kynier: He’s only Human, Kynier: Sometimes driven by fear, Kynier: Not fully convinced he’s a good person, Mysterious Slab: Kynier says it’s a magic artifact, Mysterious Slab: Has some connection to the Doctor, Pitch: Bestowed to her by Akajia, Self: Wished she had earned or fought for her freedom, Self: Dislikes being a sign of wealth to the Sun’s Birth, Self: Won’t be a burden to anyone, Self: Won’t let Kynier ruin her desires to celebrate, Shielding: Something mages build to protect or hide things, Temple of the Unknown: Statue of Akajia chamber location
  • 25th - Never Walk The Streets Alone - Business +4, Dagger +5, Dual Wield +5, Acrobatics +3, Hand Axe +1, Subterfuge +1, Planning +1, Persuasion +5, Leadership +4, Investigation +1, Hostessing +3, Medicine +3, Philosophy +1, Cleaning +1, Hunting +1, Scouting +1, Cooking +1 Business: Advertising For A Sale/Opening, Dagger: Dagger Vs. Ice-Pick Shanks, Dagger Vs. Hand Axe, Subterfuge: Faking Attacks, Persuasion: Getting Strangers To Trust Her, Leadership: Giving Orders After Combat, Investigation: Searching Dead Bodies, Aer’wyn: Akalak/Fighter of Sunberth, Ebon: Healer of Rak’Keli/Night Lion Kelvic, Sisala: Ebon’s Dead Bondmate Healer, Medicine: Cleaning And Caring For Basic Wounds, Aer’wyn: Has only one arm, Can Magically Make a Second One, Aer’wyn: Hires Him For a Guard, Morphing: The Magic Of Changing One’s Body
  • 30th - [The Midnight Gem] Grand Opening -
  • 35th - [Pigsfoot Tavern] Kaleidoscope -
  • 36th - [The Midnight Gem] A Gem Of A Time -
  • 38th - The Wreckage Of Lives -
  • 40th - [Seaside Market] Books, Clothes, and Chickens ... oh my! - Planning +2, Investigation +3, Interrogation +5, Teaching +2, Leadership +1, Storytelling + 1 Tove: Mannerism & Appearance, Tove: From Sunberth, Teacing: Advising Someone On Selecting A Weapon, Teaching: Weapons’ safety (Sheath), Poison: Fence Has Everything, Tove: Awesome Shopping Buddy, Tove: Spy, Tove; Basic History, Tove: Born A Slave, Tove: Small Cat Animal Form, Tove: Artistic
  • 41st - The Song Of Water - Foraging +2, Interrogation +5, Persuasion +3, Planning +2, Seduction +5, Socialization +5, Storytelling +2 Akajia: Made her for Kynier, Daggerhand: Need more masks done, Foraging: Razor Clams can be found in the sand at low tide, Foraging: Place thumb over the clamming tube to create suction, Foraging: What a Razor Clam looks like, Foraging: What a Butter Clam looks like, Foraging: Keep caught clams on your belt so they don’t dig and escape, Foraging: Raking the sand for Butter Clams, Kynier: Wants them both to know each other better, Kynier: Interested in who she is, not what she can offer, Kynier: Promises to answer every question honestly, even if not immediately, Kynier: Considers being observant and thinking rationally as life strengths, Kynier: Hates seeing people suffer at the hands of others, Kynier: Finds relaxation in drawin, Kynier: Considers slavery to be the largest transgression, Kynier: Was worried about her survival as a slave, Kynier: Is a Spy for a wizard, Kynier: Is Idealistic, Kynier: Happiness is the difference between living and existing, Kynier: Knows he only exists, Kynier: Focuses on the whole rather than the individuals, Kynier: Knows Akajia is guiding him to her, Kynier: Wants to Live but doesn’t know how to, Kynier: Scared he’ll bring harm to the Midnight Gem, Kynier: Belongs to her, Kynier: Gets offended for her, Kynier: Knows Auristics and perceived her soul, Kynier: Felt her emotions with him with magic, Kynier: Says magic isn’t evil or benevolent, Kynier: Hurts himself with Auristics, Kynier: Buys information, Kynier: Will be out until dawn some nights, Kynier: Has spent two years gathering intelligence on the gangs, Kynier: Has a strange chicken named Laurie, Kynier: Makes sketches that are quite good, Kynier: His mother played the haut bois, Kynier: Has a hard time remembering his mother, Kynier: Doesn’t know Tove that well, Kynier: Disagrees with Farris’ view on mages and their magic, Kynier: Equates his magic to her wings, Kynier: Doesn’t find women like Tove catch his interest, Kynier: Kept all the gifts she left at No Man’s Land, Kynier: Calls her Feather with endearment, Location: Kynier’s old home, Mosa: Her children are long dead, Seduction: Kissing Kynier, Seduction: Washing Kynier, Seduction: A hand as a substitute for her body, Seduction: Mating with Kynier, Seduction: Kynier will desire her again, Seduction: Being with Kynier feels like flying, Self: Satisfaction in taking care of people, Self: Wants everything of Kynier, and voluntarily, Self: Wishes Kynier would express his feelings more, Self: Happy to only live with and care for Kynier, but would like more, Self: Won’t harm the chicken, Laurie, as long as the chicken makes Kynier happy, Storytelling: The starfish story
  • 45th - We Belong To The Thunder -
  • 56th - [The Midnight Gem] Kelvics and Baking - Investigation +1, Cooking +3 Recipe: Cinnamon Cake, Cooking: How to measure liquids and dry ingredients, Cooking: What Vanilla Smells Like, Cooking: What A Cake Looks Like When Its Done
  • 58th - [The Midnight Gem] Experimenting With Enameling -Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +4, Endurance +1, Body Building +1, Writing +2, JC: Steps in Enameling Metal, JC: Using A Dappling Block & Doming tools, JC: Dying and Bleaching Pearls, JC: Drilling Pearls, JC: Crafting Head Pins, JC: Crafting Earring Hangers
  • 60th - The Storm Before The Calm -
  • 64th - [The Midnight Gem] Live To See The Sun Rise -
  • 69th - [The Bolt Hole] Recovery Never Felt So Good -
  • 70th - [Temple Of The Unknown] More Questions And Answers - XP: Planning +2, Writing +1, Socialization +3, Investigation +5, Shielding +5, Teaching +4, Leeching +1, Researching +5, Logic +4, Auristics +2. Farris: Felt desolation when his father died, Shielding: The magic of Shields, Sheilding: Discipline of Magic, Majestic: Source of Magic. Majestic: Has shields like this. Majestic: Doler, Temple of The Unknown: Very Old Powerful Magic, Shielding: How To Cast A Shield, Sheilding: Tasking A Shield, Kynier: Knows Shielding, Shields: Can be tied so they feed themselves, Magic: Has no rules and there are ways around everything. Nightstalking: Shields Cannot Hold Her, Savatar: Shadow in Temple Of The Unknown That Knows Shielding, Sheilding: Old Magic, Incredibly Powerful Magic, Protecting Whole Cities, Fotresses, Valterrian: Means Rendering To Shadows, Valterrian: Most Mages Died During The Valterrian, Valterrian: Truly Talented Shielding Mages Died So Others Could Live, Shielding: Filtering Air, Water, Keeping People Safe, Purifying Food, Shielding: Gentle Magic, Shielding: Most Powerful Tools Mages Given, Shielding: Grows, Evolves, Becomes More Or Less Complex Depending on Timeline, Shielding: How Shields Are Made, Shields: Like Magical Fabric You Can Drape Over Things, Shielding: Each Mage Casts One or Weaves One Differently, Shielding: Can Disguise, Shielding: Direct Manipulation of Djed, not Transformation Of Djed. Reimancy: Once A Direct Manipulation of Djed Too, Shielding: Tasking Is Giving A Shield Purpose, Sheilding: Can Block Sight, Smell, Sound… many things. Shielding: Some tasked by Willing it some Tasked By Blood. Shielding: Black and White Thing – Pass Or Do Not Pass. Shielding: Can Have Many Layers – Each Tasked. Sheilding: New Learners Task Just One Thing, More Experienced Learners Task More Thing, Shielding: Can Task Against Water By Adding Water, Shielding: Feels More like a Craft Than Combat, Overgiving: Don’t Recall Your Djed, Shielding: a artform that has size, shape, thickness and sometimes even length and width. Shielding: Mages must think… spatially, Shielding: Blocks Senses,Farris: Overgives, Farris: Teaches By Critique, Humans: Make Bad Teachers According To Shadows, Farris: Magic Is More Important Than Life
  • 71st - [The Midnight Gem] Issues To Settle -
  • 75th - [The Midnight Gem] Family Legacies - Scouting +1, Investigation +1, Architectrix +5, Construction +2, Researching +3, Philosophy +1 Real Name: Kelskanisha K’etir, Brother: Kalistan K’etir Ancestrial Home: K’etir Keep, Niece: Ember K’etir, Architectrix: K’etir Keep Sent Seed and Sliver, Kelski: Was taken as a child, Kelski: Has family that love her, Architectrix: Magic Of Sentient Buildings, Architectrix: Architectrix Mages Are Caretakers & Stewarts, Brother: Has her same eyes, Architectrix: Initation, Architectrix: Bonding With A Structure, Architectrix: Vows, Architectrix: Newly Awakened Structures Hunger, Architectrix: History of the Magic, Architectrix: Cyphrus Manor In Gyvaka Swamp First Structure, Architectrix: Vivian, Champion of Kihala, Architectrix: New structures need a mage to talk to it, encourage it, awaken its sentience. Architectrix: They need kindness, patience, and love.
  • 78th - [Baroque Bay Beach] Light A Fire And Watch It Burn -
  • 80th - [The Midnight Gem] Koi Ponds & Other Curious Creatures - Jewelcrafting +5, Architectrix +5, Planning +4, Drawing +2, Carving +1, Metalsmithing +2, Auristics +2, Carpentry +1, Kavlin Devanto: Who he is, appearance. Nancy Devanto: Who she is, appearance. JC: Barion Cut, JC: Planning Plate Overlays On Rings, JC: Planning for Maxium Light Refraction, JC: Using Ring Molds, JC: Three Forms of Gemstones, Architectrix: Connecting With A Structure, Architectrix: Teaching A Structure, Architectrix: Tending A Structures Needs, Architectrix: Empathizing With A Structure
  • 80th - [The Midnight Gem] Koi Ponds & Other Curious Creatures II - Hunting +1, Cleaning +1, Body Building +1, Jewelcrafting +5, Architectrix +3, Mathematics +1, Carving +2, Auristics +1, Teaching +1, Architectrix: Understanding The Irritations Of Buildings, Architectrix: Reassuring Buildings, Cleaning: Disinfecting Pigeon Poop From A Roof, JC: Barion Cuts Have 96 Steps, JC: Step Cuts, JC: Which Minerals/Stones Could Take What Cuts, JC: Refractive Index, JC: Polishing Different Cuts, JC: Making Wax Impressions, Architectrix: Teaching/Educating Buildings, JC: Carving Wax To Get Poured Mold Details
  • 82nd - Among The Trees -
  • 86th -[The Midnight Gem] Chains That Don't Bind - Jewelcrafting +5, Metalsmithing +3, Planning +5, Body Building +2, Endurance +1, Mathmatics +3, JC: How To Flatten Chain, JC: How To Square Links, Stilletto: 8 inch wrist, JC: Annealing Metal To Make Bracelets Flexible, JC: Using an Alcohol Torch for Soldering, JC: Building A Box Clasp
  • 89th - Discovered Secrets - Architectrix +3, Body Building +1, Leadership +2, Cooking +1, Morphing +5, Research +5, Meditation +2, Investigation +2, Logic +3, Writing +3, Philosophy +2, Rhetoric: +1 Architectrix: Structures Can Become Upset, Architectrix: Structures Can Be Soothed, Morphing: The Magic of Shapeshifting Ones Body To Organic Things, Morphing: Old Magic/One Of The Oldest, Morphing: One’s Physical Shape Has A Structure Memory & Will Return To It, Morphing: A Mage Could Keep Fueling A Morph To Prolong It, Morphing: Using Models, Morphing: Fingernails As First Models, Morphing: Djed Is Burned To Fuel The Morph, Morphing: One Of The Most Dangerous Forms Of Magic, Morphing: Can Result In Mutations, Morphing: Partial Transformations, Morphing: Full Body Transformations, Morphing: Model Transformations, Morphing: Supreme Transformations, Morphing: Shifting Into Magical Creatures Didn’t Make One Magical, Architectrix: They Love/Hate What Their Creators Love/Hate
  • 90th - We Need To Talk... -
  • 92st - [The Seaside Market] You Can't Fix Everything All The Time -
  • Entire Season - Pillow Talk -
  • Seasonal XP for JC = 4xp

Past Seasons

Spring 518

Spring 518 :
  • 1st - The Things We Burn - Cosmetology +2, Etiquette +2, History +2, Business +3, Logic +5, Subterfuge +2, Unarmed Combat +3, Interrogation +3, Leadership +4, Negotiation +2, Planning +2 Cosmetology: Dressing For An Event, Cosmetology: Doing Ones Hair For An Event, Etiquette: The Expected Behavior Of a Slave At A SB Event, SB: History of The Burning of Olsten, Business: How Darvin Conducts Drug Deals In SB, Sunberth: They Do Holidays Differently, History: Olsten The Giant, Sunberth: no leaders, no symbols of power, and no one wants to protest anything, Business: Selling Up A Client, Business: Conducting Business On The Streets, Logic: Spotting Orchestrated Crime, Unarmed Combat: Fighting Free Of A Mob Brawl, Leadership: Pointing Out Easier Means Of Doing Something, Logic: Determining Affiliation, Leadership: Correcting Others & Setting Them Straight
  • 20th - Unknown Alliances - Experience: Investigation +5, Observation +5, Interrogation +4, Socialization +5, Medicine +1, Hunting +1, Dagger +1, Teaching +2, Planning + 1 Lores: Sunberth: Location Of The Temple Of The Unknown, Shadows: A Shadow Named Dawkar, Kynier: Reinmancer, Temple Of The Unknown: Smells Like Old Power, Kynier: Highly Intelligent, Kynier: His Personal History, Kynier: Wounded, Sunberth: History of Mage Hatred Comes From Obal Causten, Kynier: Has Secrets She Will Keep, Kynier: Very Private Person, Kynier: Sometimes Answers Questsions With Silence, Kynier: Isn’t Squeamish, Kynier: Knows His Limits, Kynier: His Mentor Bourin, Kynier: Very Humble About His Knowledge Of Magic, Kynier: Someone She Likes
  • 23rd - Open Aired Cafes And New Acquaintances - Socialization + 4, Interrogation +3, Planning +1 Lores: Rene: Is a Kelvic, Rene: Orphaned, Controlled By Nana/S’vantia, Rene: Runs errands for a living
  • 23rd - [The Proving Grounds] Teaching Eagles To Land - Experience: Logic +2, Strategy +5, Dodging +3, Brawling +4, Psychology +5, Interrogation +3, Unarmed Combat +3, Socialization +, Fighting: Needs To Eat Better For Strength, Kreig: Size, Appearance, Mannerisms, Kreig: A Thinker, Highly Intelligent, Kreig: Didn’t Talk Much, Spoke More With His Form, Kreig: Kreig’s Version Of Killing A Student, Brawling: Everything Can Be Used In A Fight, Brawling: Understanding Risks, Brawling: How To Understand A Feint From An Attack, Psychology: Personal Tells, Psychology: How A Person Lies With Their Body, Psychology: Examples of Tells, Brawling: One Can Feint a Feint, Brawling: Train Reactions, Brawling: Be Flexible Of Mind And Body, Brawling: Being Corrected On Execution, Brawling: Soft Targets Of The Face, Brawling: Testicles Acceptable Targets, Kreig: Treats Her Like A Person, Kreig: Teaches Her So She Can Survive, Kreig: Willing To Help Her Get Free, Kreig: Believes In Freedom For Sunberth, Kreig: Apparently Doesn’t Like Darvin Or Allied To Him, Kreig: Ex-Syliran Knight, Kreig: Has Honor, Unarmed: Jab
  • 24th - Under Leth's Light - Planning +5, Stealth +2, Swimming +3, Scouting +1, Dagger +5, Dodging +2, Strategy +5, Stealth: Walking Quietly On The Balls Of Your Feet, Riverside Isle Park: Spots To Swim, Kynier: Appearance Naked & Dressed, Kynier: Has an Akajia Pendant, Kynier: Prays To Akajia, Kynier: Has No Gnosis Marks, Brawling: Using A Torch, Looting Bodies, Kynier: Kelski Cares About Him Deeply, Kynier: Feeds her, Kynier: Being Kissed By Him, Kynier: Fighting Bonding
  • 45th - Making Treasure Out Of Trash I -Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +5, Philtering +1 Lore: JC: Improving The Value of Jewelry Pieces, JC: Unseating Gems From Settings, JC: Bleaching Pearls, JC: Dying Pearls, Philtering: Making Bleach, JC: Evaluating Gemstones & Jewelry Settings, JC: Filling Inclusions To Increase Brilliance & Luster, JC: Oil Treating Emeralds, JC: Cleaning Fragile Stones, JC: Sealing Oil Treated Stones W/Lacquer, JC: Clarifying Zircon, JC: Opals – Discerning Treatments of Doublets and Triplets, JC: Fixing Craze in Opals, JC: Removing Potch From Opals (the dull parts)
  • 45th - Making Treasure Out Of Trash II - Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +5, Metalsmithing +1, Endurance +1 Lore: JC: Heat Treating Opals, JC: Curing Opals, JC: Heat Treating Citrines (from brown to orange), JC: Making a Ring, JC: Making Ring Prongs, JC: Polishing Raw Jewelry
  • 89th - Hunting and Being Hunted - Planning +1, Psychology +1, Hunting +3, Dagger +5 JC: Breaking Down Exquisite Pieces Into Smaller Less Valuable Ones, Psychology: Clearing Ones Full Mind, Darvin: Plans On Purchasing Her From Jaren, Dagger: Defending Against Sexual Assault, Dagger: Being Corrected On Technique By An Attacker, Dagger: Proper Grips For Throwing, Hunting: Killing Rats For Food, Hunting: Being Hunted While Hunting
  • 90th - Aftermath - Dual Wield +3, Dagger +5, Evasion +3, Acrobatics +2 Jaren: Likes Things Pretty, Not Broken, Darvin: Doesn’t React Well To Stabbing, Drugs: Party In A Vial, Drugs: Hallucinations, Dagger: Fighting While Drugged/Hallucinating, Drugs: Party In A Vial Gives Strength, Dagger: Fighting Two Handed, Dagger: Slaughtering Daggerhand Youths, Drugs: Fighting Rotting Walking Corpses, Drugs: The Horrible Crash

Winter 517

Winter 517 :
  • 5th - Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold - Socialization +3, Storytelling +1, Metalsmithing +5, Interrogation +2, Lores: Dagwood Metal: Location/What It Stocks, Daedalus: Owner Dagwood Metals, Daedalus: His Concise History, Daedalus: Metals Thank Him, The Dagwood Family: How Family Acts, Daedalus: Terribly critical, Daedalus: Rude To People , Metalsmithing : Recipe for Copper, Metalsmithing: Wood Fires Are Fine for Copper, Gold and Silver. Daedalus: Has Thoughtless Tendencies, Metalsmithing: Recipe for Bronze, Metalsmithing: Recipe for Bell Bronze, Metalsmithing: Making Oilsand Molds, Metalsmithing: Using Blanks, Vinos: Slave Organization In Sunberth, Vinos: Rictor Vino & Zsavin Vino, appearance and Relation to each other, Daedalus: Kissed Her, Torture: Being Branded
  • 2nd - The First Request I - Jewelcrafting +5, Organization +1, Planning +2, Metalsmithing +3, JC: Setting Up A Workshop, JC: Sorting And Valuing Stolen Jewelry, JC: Improving Gem Quality By Filling, JC: Smelting Various Metals Into Ingots, JC: Embellishing Slave Collars, JC: Lining Leather, JC: Agate Overlays, JC: Soldering, JC: Using Bracelet Molds, JC: Hinging Overlays
  • 2nd - The First Request II - Jewelcrafting +5, Metalsmithing +3, Sculpting +1, Carpentry +1, JC: Adapting Ring Blacks For Inlay Channels, Metalsmithing: Riveting, JC: Cutting Agate To Fit In a Mosaic, Metalsmithing: Filling channels with metal to lock in a Mosaic, JC: Making Wire, JC: Shaping Lengths Of Metal Into Rings, Metalsmithing: Using Oilsand To Make Molds, Metalsmithing: Pouring Liquid Metal Into Sand Molds, JC: Finishing Silver – Polishing With Rouge, Metalsmithing: Drilling Metal, Jaren: Won’t Sleep With Her Because Of Her Coloring, Jaren: Will Decorate Her With Piercings
  • 18th - Daggers And Drugs I - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Dagger: Parts of a Dagger, Dagger: Hammer Grip, Dagger: Forward Grip, Dagger: Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Grips, Dagger: Saber Grip, Dagger: Modifying Grips To Suit Situations, Dagger: Balanced Stance, Dagger: Triangle Stance, Dagger: Lead With Dagger In A Dual, Dagger: Using Free Hand For A Shield, Dagger: Protecting Your Throat Neck, and Heart, Dagger: Using Your Forearm For a Shield
  • 18th - Daggers And Drugs II - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Dagger: Reverse Dagger Grip (stabber, ice pick, talon), Dagger: No Improper Way To Hold It, Dagger: Reverse Edge Out Grip, Dagger: Reverse Edge In Grip, Dagger: Palm Reinforced Grip, Dagger: Types Of Daggers, Dagger: How To Properly Measure Ones Hand For A Grip, Dagger: Lead With Empty Hand For Surprise, Dagger: Attack Fast, Stab Hard, Multiple Times, Dagger: Distracting Opponent Away From Weapon, Dagger: Never Drop/Throw Away Your Weapon, Dagger: Combining It With Brawling, Dagger: Blinding Opponent With Dirt
  • 18th - Daggers And Drugs III - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Medicine +1, Dagger: Attacks Are Fast Ambushes - Not Duels, Dagger: How To Spot An Attack, Dagger: Attackers Conceal Weapons, Dagger: Attacks Aren’t Verbally or Physically Threatening, Dagger: Attacks Are To Kill, Dagger: Her Strength Is Being Underestimated, Dagger: Distract, Attack, Eliminate, Dagger: Nobility Out The Window In SB, Dagger: Corner But Don’t Be Cornered, Dagger: Reactionary Gap, Dagger: Person Getting Surprised Gets Victory Often, Dagger: Fights Are Short, Under One Minute, Dagger: Smaller Reactionary Gap = Higher Chances, Dagger: Bull Rush, Dagger: Don’t Let Victim Retreat, Dagger: Make Short, Quick, Powerful Repetitive Stabs At Different Angles, Dagger: Shanking, Medicine: Main Arteries Of The Body, Medicine: Main Vital Organs In Humans, Dagger: Hit Arteries & Vital Organs, Dagger: Who’s Carrying, Dagger: Concealing Weapons, Dagger: Blading Body Technique, Dagger: Anticipating Attack Means Avoiding Death, Darvin: Takes Payment For Lessons In The Form Of Testing His Drugs.
  • 9th - A Sick Man's Game -
  • 12th - Stepping On The Wrong Tile - Brawling: +2, Unarmed Combat: +1, Socialization +3, Lores: Zukai: Sunberth’s Guard, Kukai: Mixed Race, Thorne: Denizen Of Sunberth/Poisoncrafter, ZUkai/Thorne: Do not get along, Kukri: What It Is, Brawling: Using a Rock As A Makeshift Weapon, Unarmed Combat: Kicking Someone In The Nuts, Brawling: Killing Someone With A Rock
  • 26th - An Evening Out - XP: Socialization +5, Observation +5, Interrogation, Sunberth: Pigsfoot Tavern Location, Thorne: Poisoncrafter, Thorne: Lives At Majestic, Thorne: Steals Food, Thorne: Uses A Rapier, Stealing: The Consequences Of It From Sun’s Birth, Thorne: Will Sleep With Men When In Trouble, Thorne: Doesn’t Value Her Freedom, Thorne: Confusing & Mad At Her
  • 29th - Wandering For Perspective With A Pocket Full Of Skulls - Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +5, Carving +1, Metalsmithing +1, Construction +2, Body Building +1, Lore: Gold Lodge: Feeds slaves free, Sunberth: Layout of Streets, Sunberth: Tent City, Sunberth: Slag Heap, Tent City Denizen: Mosa, , Skull Crows: Omens of death, Bad Luck, Darvin: Deals Drugs While On Duty, Body Building: Construction Is A Good Workout, Larceny: Having Bread Stolen, Slag Heap: The Air Quality Is Terrible, Slag Heap: People Burn Bodies (even Babies alive) On It, Darvin: Drugged Her, Slag Heap: Thing of Nightmares, Notes: Three Skull Crows, Rumors of Treasure On The Isle, Rumors of Mustering at Robern’s Sea Tarrif Keep, JC: Silvering Skulls with Copper, JC: Making square point chains, JC: Carving Still Hot Silvered Items, JC: Cutting Round Glass Beads Into Faceted Ones
  • 29th - Wandering For Perspective With A Pocket Full Of Skulls II - Experience: Jewelcrafting +5, Planning +4, Carving +1, Metalsmithing +1, Lores: JC: Making Filigree, JC: Using Bead Molds, JC: Making Beads, JC: Making Square Chain, Skull Crows: Why They Wear The Skulls, Religion: Eywaat, JC: How To Take The Memories From Skull Crows, Nightstalking: Shadows Musi and Shuva, Skull Crows: Use Skulls To Remember The Fallen, JC: Wax Relief Carving, JC: Lost Wax Casting, JC: Using Plaster In JC, JC: Finishing A Piece With Lacquer. Notes: Two Skulls to give to Jaren between part 1&2. One subpar copper skull to keep.
  • 30th - Riven, Sundered, & Lost -
  • 40th - The World Is Full Of Angles I - +5 Dagger, +5 Observation, +3 Strategy, Mathematics +1, Interrogation +3, Dagger: The Nine Angles Of Attack, Daggers: Can Be Duel Wielded, Mathematics : Perpendicular vs. Parallel, Dagger: How To Lighten Ones Body, Dagger: Proper Posture, Dagger: Aggressiveness Is Key, Dagger: How To Parry, Dagger: Defensive Thinking
  • 40th - The World Is Full Of Angles II -+5 Dagger, +5 Observation, +1 Medicine, Dagger: Strike Straight With Tip Pointed At Opponent, Dagger: Targets Of Choice – Head, Face, Head, Neck, Vital Organs, Artery, Fingers, Hands – Especially Thumbs, Dagger: Remove The Thumb Technique, Dagger: Cut The Hand Technique, Dagger: Triceps Hook, Medicine: Triceps And Biceps In Human Anatomy, Medicine: How Triceps/Biceps Function, Dagger: Hack And Stab, Dagger: Must Learn Dancing, Dagger: Never Throw Your Weapon Away, Dagger: Pack Daggers Just For Throwing Away
  • 40th - The World Is Full Of Angles III - Dagger +5, Observation +5, Dagger: Scissor Hold, Dagger: Scissor Hold Counter, Dagger: Monkey Trapped, Dagger: Three Guard Positions of High Guard, Shield Guard, and Wide Guard, Dagger: Thrust, Dagger: The Art Of Feinting, Dagger: Common Attacks, Darvin: iIs Drugs Aren't Always Safe
  • 46th - Among the Pre-Valterrian Graves - Observation +5, Socialization +4, Interrogation +3, Dagger + 3, Hunting +1, Darvin: His Drug Delivery Route, Sunberth: Location Dust Beds, Sunberth: Location Dust Bed Ridge, Carus: Human male, New To Sunberth, Carus: Drifter, Carus: Arrogant But Polite, Carus: From Syliras, Carus: Thinks Sunberth Is Horrid, Combat: Fighting Wolves, Dagger: Using A Cloak To Guard Forearm, Carus: Clumsy, Carus: Fights With A Knife, Dagger: Defending Against Wolves, Old Man: Throws Fire, Old Man: Fights Bravely, Defends Carus, Old Man: Thinks Carus is Espalia, Hunting: Butchering And Eating Fresh Wolf Corpses Raw.
  • 50th - New Connections Amidst Chaos (Bron) - Bodybuilding +3, Brawling +2, Socialization +5, Dagger +3, Subterfuge +2, Leadership: +1, Swimming +4, Storytelling +1, Swimming +3 Sunberth: The Mood Of A Crowd On The Verge Of Rioting, Sunberth: Witnessing Magehate First Hand, Bronwen: Good With A Quarterstaff, Sunberth: Being Lost, Bodybuilding: Hauling/Swinging Kegs For Strength Training, Brawling: Using Kegs As Weapons, Observation: How To Spot People Under The Influence Of Drugs, Bronwen: Levelheaded Under Pressure, Bronwen: Good Leader, Subterfuge: Being Deceptively Weak In A Fight, Matrim: Bron’s Father – Syliran Knight, Matrim: Fights Like A God, Sunberth: Best Places To Swim, Bron: Very Kind, Myrians: Have Piercings With Meaning, Matrim: Great Swimmer, Good Teacher, Swimming: How to Float, Swimming: How To Relax On Your Back, Swimming: How To Tread Water
  • 60th - Glimpses of What's To Come - Fortune Telling +5, Socialization +4, Interrogation +4, Lores: Mosa: Fortune Teller/Violinist, Mosa: Where She Lives In Tent City, Fortune Telling: What Palmistry Is, Palmistry: What The Lines On The Hand Mean, Fortune Telling: What It is, Dresden: Tent City Resident, Palmistry: What It Is, Palmistry: What Hand To Read, Palmistry: Life/Love Line, Palmistry: What Marriage Line, Fate Line, Sun Line, Children Line, Money Line, Travel Line and Bracelet Line mean…
  • 70th - Pristine Maliceworks- Moderator Dropped
  • 85th - Spirals Within Spirals - Dagger +3, Planning +1, Socialization +2, Tall Johnny’s: Location/Purpose , Tall Johnnys: Cage Fights Will Numb Someone To Violence, Darvin: Gives Drugs Free To New People To Get Them Hooked, Observation: Drug Deals Are A Kind Of Fight. Meriann: Lost A Fight With Darvin – Took His Drugs, Meriann: Doesn’t Deal With Drugs Well, Meriann: How It Feels To Take A Life, Meriann: Resentful Of The Privileged, Mariann: Hated Her For Throwing Her Life Away, Her Freedom, Her Casual Use Of Drugs, Dagger: Murdering Someone With One, Meriann: Ate Her Eyes

*Inactive Summer 516-Fall 517

Past Threads :
Summer 514

  • 1st - Things Are Coming Together -Observation +3, Planning +1, Socialization +2, Socialization: Meeting Master Li, Socialization: Meeting Alses, Eth: What an Eth is
  • 2nd - A Talkative Diamond Grade: +4 Jewelcraftingn +3 Observation, +1 Planning, +1 Mathematics, +2 Physics, +2 Writing, +2 Socialization, Lores: Jewelcrafting: Scale of Hardness, Jewelcrafting: Specific Gravity
  • 5th - Home Invasion - Cleaning +1, Body Building +1, Planning +1, Intimidation +1, Observation +1, Socialization +2, Hostessing +1, Cooking +1, Socialization: Meeting Brandon Blackwing
  • 12th - A Walk On The Wild Side Observation +5 Socialization +5 Interrogation +4 Intimidation +1 Rhetoric +3 Mountaineering +3 Teaching +1 Butchering +1 Leatherworking +1
    Trapping +1, Sal: the Blood Hound who answers questions with questions Lunch hour: the dreaded time when crowds appear Lhavit: the tourist attractions
    Human’s aren’t flawless? Sal: Marked by Ivak Sal: A friend Setting up traps for catching rabbits Leatherworking: Working on a rabbit’s pelt
  • 13th - A Relaxed Introduction - Observation +1, Swimming +1, Planning +1, Socialization +1, Interrogation +1, Socialization: Meeting Asha
  • 15th - Learning The Way Of Things Grade: +5 Jewelcrafting, +5 Observation, +3 Writing, +3 Drawing, +2 Socialization, Lores: Jewelcrafting: The Four C's - Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat, Jewelcrafting: Types of Inclusion, Jewelcrafting: How to plot a gemstone, Jewelcrafting: Stone Identification, Jewelcrafting: The Topography of a cut gemstone, Jewelcrafting: Types of facets, Jewelcrafting: How to Identify The Shapes Of Stones, Jewelcrafting: Types of Gemstone Cuts, Meticulously taking notes
  • TBD - [The Shining Diamond] Capturing And Refracting Light
  • 72nd - Waves Will Crash On Every Shore- Observation +1, Hunting +1, Intimidation +1, Hunting: Catching Fish In The Wild
  • TBD - [The Shining Diamond] New Techniques
  • 91st - Pearls & FIsh Scales
  • Seasonal XP - 3 XP

Fall 514

    5th - Book Shopping- Observation +2, Negotiation +2, Lhavit: Takes Kinas not Mizas, Acquisitions: Black and White Ombre Scarf, Bright Sky Blue Scarf, Book on Cooking and Baking, Book on Auristics
  • 10th - Making Friends Rockhounding Mountaineering +4 Observation +5 Socialization +5 Teaching +2 Rhetoric +3 geology +4 Winter is coming: the trees are a warning Shamus: friendly stranger Master Li's vocabulary: has a positive effect on mine A spa is a bathhouse of sorts
    The changes in worth emotional value can bring Shamus: new friend
  • Early Fall - Cutting Cabos - Observation +5 Jewelcrafting +5 Carving +3 Deduction +1 Drawing +1 Endurance +2 Philtering +2 Cutting the cabochon: Also known as 'Cabbing' Cabbing: The simplest and easiest form of jewelcrafting Adding water to a stonecutter eases the proces Waste not want not Light blue: Shinya color of luck Blanks: Metal gemstone holders Blanks: Used to attach gems to things Tracing the shape of a blank Dop sticks: To hold gems more securely Attaching stones to dop sticks Using a grinding stone Hold cabos loosely to the grindstone for a smooth dome Carve the cabos larger than the blank to account for polishing Gems need maintenance to shine Black pitch: Made from tar Pine Pitch: Made from the sap of pine trees Mix dust with pitch to polish Philtering: The recipe for pitch Philtering: Recipe for dopping glue Jewelcrafting: Polishing Cabos
  • Early Fall - New Techniques

Winter 514

  • Early Winter - Treating Gemstones - Jewelcrafting +2, Observation +1,JC: Difference between natural and artificial gemstones, JC: Bleaching Gemstones, JC: How To Make Bleach, JC: Gemstone Dyeing, JC: Treating Pearls, JC: Which Stones To bleack – Jadeite, Tiger’s Eye, chalcedony, and Coral
  • ? - Shining Diamond One
  • ? - Shining Diamond Two
  • 28th - At Farpoint- Rhetoric 1, Lhavit: the Trail of Waterfalls, Geology: Moonstone
  • ? - The Perfect Place

Spring 515

Summer 515

  • 1st - Summer Wind - Observation +5 Philosophy +4 Planning +2 Socialization +5 Acrobatics +1 Storytelling +5 Land Navigation +1 Leadership +1 Deduction +2 Rhetoric +1 Stealth +1 Teaching +1 Tactics +1 Fishing +1 Skinning +1 Intelligence +1 Cooking +1, Location: Sharai Peak Summer: Long days, short nights Greeting a Stranger Fehn also likes Sharai Peak The importance of making plans Fehn: A nice man Layout: Sharai Peak Fehn's History Fehn: More complicated than you think Tactics: Fishing by hand Cleaning Trout Humans prefer clothing Planning: How to keep Fehn entertained? Explaingin rape from a victim's perspective What a Lobster is Understanding the pecking order What theater is, Fehn: Has no drive/More scared of humans than animals, Traveling is dangerous, Fehn: Defines 'home' different than you
  • PH - Job Thread 1 -
  • PH - Job Thread 2 -
  • PH - Trade Secrets 1 -
  • PH - Trade Secrets 2 -

Fall 515

Winter 515

  • 10th - Job Thread
  • 35th - Job Thread
  • 70th - Katt Burgler - Observation +3, Planning +1, Socialization +2, Acrobatics +1, Lores: Lhavit: Starving This Season , PCs in Lhavit Are Dicks.
  • Early Winter - What Washes Ashore - Observation +4, Planning +2, Foraging +2, Cooking +1, Socialization +3, Spiritism +1, Socialization Meeting Levi & His Dead Sister, Black Rock: It’s Location And The Fact Its Home of Many Many Ghosts, Shipwrecks: Can Contain Ghosts

Spring 516

  • 8th - Encounter At Rainbow Falls - Observation +3, Fishing +3, Socialization +3, Socialization: Meeting Boo, Boo: Crazy and has an imaginary friend
  • 30th - Gifts In The Stream -
  • 70th - [Quest] Rigor Samsa - Investigation +4, Observation +4, Dancing +1, Socialization +3, Interrogation +3, Storytelling +1, Socialization: Meeting Khara, Thomas, Veldrys, Alses, Azira, and Izuyanai. Lhavit: Lhavit’s Magic Fountain, Socialization: Meeting the Shadows Umbro and Halo

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