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Nyahna Sasin

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Nyahna Sasin

Snake form
Race(Viper) Dhani
Date of birth416 AV (aged 107)
Place of birthAhnatep (Viper Nest)
TitleThief, Assassin, and all around bad guy

Nyahna Sasin is a Dhani Jack of all (or few, you could argue) trades. Currently out exploring the world, he retains the cruelty and viciousness of his kin back at the nest. An eldest son, he left at the age of 90, and never really bothered to go back in the 5 years he has been gone.

Physical description

8'9" long as a snake, 10'11" as a dhani, he is rather tall/long/large by viper standards. His scales are striped black and gold, while his tail and hood are a dull yellow. His eyes are pale yellow, with black slitted pupils.


Sasin has very little history to speak of. He was a quiet youngling (relative to a clutch of whiney, bothersome siblings), and did nothing of note in the nest. He left quietly because he was bored, and simply made his way through the world.

His first attempt at assassination was something he was coerced into. He had been given a choice, kill, or die, and chose the less dangerous one. He had done it, killed the choice giver as well, and run away to Syliras.

In the winter of 509, Sasin was roped into The Game with several others. When they won, it was revealed that the master of The Game was the former heart of Sagallius, and that in playing The Game, they had (supposedly) made themselves targets for the self made god. His prize for winning The Game was protection. His dagger was enchanted (supposedly) to warn when Sagallius or his minions were near.

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