To Hunt Again (Solo)

Massacre goes out to try to capture something from the Spires

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Built high in the massive branches of Taldera's bloodwood forest, The Spires is a city crafted by the peaceful and scholarly Jamoura. Considered a haven for scholars and sages Mizahar-wide, The Spires is a mecca of philosophy and science that draws people from far and wide with its promise of deeper thinking and higher reasoning.

To Hunt Again (Solo)

Postby Massacre on May 14th, 2012, 10:10 pm

To Hunt Again

Timestamp: 81st of Spring

Massacre had all his gear laid out on his bed in front of him. He was planning to go on his first hunt this day, although it would be unlike any hunt he had ever been on before. Well.. perhaps that wasn't true. His tribe, on very rare occasions, had captured slaves. But those were usually just by chance, never intentional. This hunt would be much like slave hunting though, in that he was trying to bring back his prey relatively unharmed. He would be capturing whatever he found in the fog and bringing it to the base camp to be locked up, so that it could regain its mind.

Massacre was told that he could hunt anything, basically. There were creatures called kelvics in the fog which looked just like a regular animal, though when they weren't feral they had the power to change into the form of a human. There was no way to tell the difference between them and an animal however, when they were in animal form, so he was just supposed to go after any animal he saw within the fog. It was simple enough, and Massacre didn't think it would be too difficult to capture the animals. Especially with his new stinger arrows.

Among his gear was his bow, his capture pack which contained all sort of accessories for capturing creatures in the forest, and the stinger arrows he had made for himself using the stinger spears that the merchant Centroc sold. The main things Massacre intended to use, though he was going to bring everything from the pack, was the net, his bow, and his arrows. He would be leaving his sword behind, however. It wasn't exactly made for non-lethal combat, and he wasn't skilled enough with it to not accidentally kill his prey. If it came down to life and death, his wings and claws were still his best chance at survival anyway. As soon as he finished checking over his gear Massacre went outside, spread his wings, and headed for the fog.
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