Completed [Open] An errand for the spider

Bethsyliss is sent on a mission for work.

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A half-collapsed city of alabaster and gold fiercely governed by Eypharians. Even partially ruined, it is the crown of the desert and a worthy testament to old glories and rising powers.

An errand for the spider

Postby Bethsyliss on February 22nd, 2013, 3:47 pm

Syliss hadn't noticed Shanapar had caught up with them. She was lost in Singh's eyes. Before she had time to answer her friend, the Chaktawe barged into their private moment, causing her to jump in surprise. Syliss was irritated at first, but, as she listened to what the man had to say, she softened up inside. Singh had been her first friend out of the Dhani nest apart from Ronin -- but Ronin, being her bondmate, shared a slightly different relationship with her, since they slept together. Since the instant they had met about ten days ago, Syliss had held Singh in admiration in a special place of her heart. It was true that she would walk through the fires of hell for her. A tear welled up in her left eye, right below the golden streak on her left eyebrow. She wasn't prepared to admit to herself that she thought Shanapar, the man who had threatened her life in the Burning Lands and had treated her like a vulgar animal, had a kind heart, and that he would doubtless find the friendship he so envied. But deep down, she knew that Shanapar wasn't such a bad person.

After leading him to the crowded evening main street of the city, Shanapar spoke to both women. Syliss had just only processed what he had said to her when he gave definite proof that he would wear the scar she gave him with pride and honor this special day when they had cleared up their squabble. "Ssshanapar," she called out. But he had already disappeared in the packed crowd of the residents of Ahnatep. There was still much that she wanted to tell him, and she had enjoyed their witty banter, even though she wouldn't admit it. Now she definitely had to go and see him about that dagger training that he had mentioned. She sighed. "I hope he findsss a good doctor," she said absently. Then she remembered Singh was still there, and, turning to her, she added: "I mean, if he really is going to decorate that ssscar, I wouldn't want the tattoo to get infected."

They remained silent for a few moments, one in front of the other. Then the bell struck. It announced the twentieth hour. Syliss swore as she remembered that she was supposed to be back at The Scorched Skull by that time. She hadn't even distributed all of the leaflets. She was bound to get into trouble. "Singh," she said quickly. "I'm running late. I would be wissse for me not to get caught with any of the remaining leafletsss, so you can dispose of the rest however you want to." She handed her the still-thick pack of sheets of wadj. "May the new year bring successs to your quessst, my friend. I will keep my promise and come with you. This is sssomething I want. Until then, farewell." She spun around and bolted towards the Pillars of Dust, trying to think up an excuse for Ssahnya for her tardiness while she ran as fast as she could in the direction of The Scorched Skull.

She arrived at the tavern about thirty chimes past the twentieth bell -- and thirty chimes too late. She turned to purple doorknob and pushed the door open. She found her boss the head barmaid standing right behind the door waiting for her, and looking every bit angry. She was startled to find her thus, even though she half-expected it in some way. "Ssahnya, I'm so sssorry," Syliss apologized quickly, anticipating trouble and trying to attenuate the consequences as much as possible, even though she was aware that whatever Ssahnya had decided upon was going to happen either way. She continued: "There was -- uh -- thisss thing that came up, and --" Syliss stopped talking. Ssahnya, her eyes furious, was handing gold mizas to Syliss. Confused and suspicious, she asked: "What is thisss?"

"Your sssalary for this ssseason," Ssahnya replied, obviously trying to keep her rage under control.

Syliss was startled. Today was only the ninety-first of winter. Did this mean she got new year's eve off? She knew better than to start rejoicing already, especially considering Ssahnya's face certainly did not indicate she was doing her any favors. "But the season'sss not over yet," she inquired cautiously.

"Oh, I know," Ssahnya hissed. "Bethsssyliss, you are fired."

Ssahnya's bluntness made Syliss jump. Fired? How was this possible? "But, Sssahnya -- I gave out all the leafletsss today," she protested, frowning in disbelief. "I've done my job."

That caused Ssahnya to almost literally explode. "Sssince day one, you have been insssubordinate, incompetent, and a burden to this essstablissshment. Firssst, you broke some expensive equipment. Then there wasss that time you came in extremely late and tried to eat -- to sssteal food at the workplace. After that you didn't even come back to complete your ssshift. And every time, I gave you a chance, Sylissss. Every time, I gave you the opportunity to better yourssself. But now, thisss? Unacceptable. No chances thisss time, Sssylisss. This time, it's the sssack." Syliss looked at her, her mouth agape, trying to compute what had just happened. Ssahnya did not allow her that courtesy. "You're lucky I'm even paying you. Take your money and get out."

Syliss took her salary from Ssahnya's extended hand -- all thirty gold mizas of it, for her ten days of work -- and wordlessly stepped back out of The Scorched Skull, jobless, while her former boss slammed the door behind her, nearly pushing it into her face. What am I ever going to do? she asked herself, feeling desperate and lonely. A comforting sensation came over her, though, as she experienced the compassion of her Kelvic bondmate. She would now return home to him and they would figure something out together. Everything would work out fine.

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[Open] An errand for the spider

Postby Colombina on April 5th, 2013, 7:51 pm


The XP Wand Is Waved!

Thanks for your patience in me getting to this!
It can be hard to thread with multiple people, but you guys did a good job here, so props to you. I appreciate how each of you seems to have a good grasp on your culture and those most common in the region. I hope you had fun making friends and enemies.
If there's anything you think I missed xp or lore wise, let me know :)

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