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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Sunberth's Spring 516AV Season Calendar!

Postby Royal on March 1st, 2016, 8:04 am


1st: As the Watchtowers change, Sunberth pauses to remember both the Valterrian and the djed storm that occurred four years earlier.

6th: Tensions between the gangs continue to mount as each accuses the others for causing the symbols to appear throughout the city. Fights are, if possible, even more frequent throughout Sunberth. The most casual of debates seem to quickly explode into a bloodbath.

11th A strange woman is spotted wandering through the Seaside Market at night. She sings softly to herself, in a voice lovelier and more heavenly than anything Sunberth has ever heard before. [PM Royal if you want to chase up this event]

15th: The first thunderstorm of the season breaks through. The city is drenched and the rains do not stop for four solid days.

21st: The few scholarly individuals of Sunberth attempt to understand the meaning of the symbol better. They send letters to the scholars of Zeltiva asking whether they know anything, but the letter is found a few days later in the hands of the courier, whose throat has been unfortunately slit.

33rd: Thanks to the constant dampness of the city, illnesses are not only more common but more deadly. A simple cold can quickly develop into pneumonia, and even death.

42nd: Doctor Petricious claims to have found a miracle cure for the many diseases currently haunting Sunberth. [PM Royal if you want to chase up this event]

56th: After 3 solid days of torrential downpour, the river that runs through Sunberth bursts it’s banks. People try to salvage whatever they can of their belongings, but the water is unstoppable. Though almost the entire city is effected, The Castle Commons and The Baroque Bay are particularly badly hit. The waters continue to swell and flood for the next three days until people have to wade through waist-high level waters to get anywhere.

59th: The rains finally stop, and the river begins to descend away once again. Merv of the partially ruined Pig’s Foot Tavern, and a couple of other infamous Sunberthians, ask for support from the local people to rebuild the river banks to avoid the city flooding again.

68th: Finally the last of the river water drains away, revealing the startling amount of devastation caused. Each of the Big Three gangs find themselves effected by the flooding, and for the next few days everyone in Sunberth pauses their usual violence to rebuild their homes and shelters.

70th: In typical Sunberth fashion, people start to dig through the silt and dirt left from the river in hopes of finding something of value. A rumour spreads that someone has found flecks of gold in a specific part of the city. [PM Royal if you want to chase up this event]

74th: Just as Sunberth begins to recover from the flooding, tragedy strikes when several children are reported to have gone missing, snatched from their beds in the middle of the night. Parents report seeing splatters of blood in the shape of the Mystery Symbol on the bed covers. A suspect is found and detained for questioning. [2 x Seasonal Quests available]
  • Quest A: Players will track and investigate the whereabouts of the missing children. Current sign-ups: Lo'Campo, Richard Blow Room for 1 more!
  • Quest B: Players will arrest and interrogate the suspect in hopes of finding out what happened to the children.Current sign-ups: Erik Murphy. Room for 2 more!
  • NOTE: These two quests will run simultaneously, so players can only take part in ONE.
  • This event will not start until late March 2016.
  • Sign-ups for this quest are here. Please specify which quest you would like to sign up to (A or B).

76th: A mass funeral is held for the children who were killed two days ago, but when the gravedigging is about to commence, none of the tools can be found anywhere. In the end, the remains are cremated.

77th: With the recent discoveries made three days ago, one of Big Three gangs finds themselves backed into an unexpected corner. Those associated with the gang are at greater risk than ever before, and either dissociate from the gang or take shelter in one of their many hideouts. [More information to follow!]

83rd: With the apparent downfall of one of the Big Three gangs, the Library of Sunberth seems to be growing ever more popular. People, some not truly understanding why, begin to flock to the educational establishment. [PM Royal if you want to chase up this event]

89th: Despite all that has happened in the past season in Sunberth, the people seem remarkably calm, even happy. The symbols have seemingly disappeared (or at least no more have made an appearance) and the denizens of Sunberth celebrate this fact with an old fashioned knees-up. The newly refurbished Pig’s Foot Tavern offers 50% off all alcoholic drinks!

90th: The people of Sunberth rise a little later than normal following last night’s boozy celebrations. The good mood, however, is destroyed when three bodies with bags over their head are found hung at The Gallows. The bodies are completely naked and that very symbol, which has come to represent all that the city fears, has been tattooed over every inch of their skin. Though their faces are hidden thanks to the bags over their head, rumors start to spread over who the victims of this attack were. [More information to follow!]


In line with other calendars and domains, I would like to request that players who want to claim one of the non-moderated calendar events post their claim here. You will then have 24 hours to start your thread, otherwise your claim will not last and another player will be able to claim the event in your place. Threads claiming calendar events should be labelled 'PM to join', if not 'Open' to allow everyone else to join in.

Moderated events cannot be claimed by PCs. Players wanting to take part in any of the moderated events should look at the specific event they are interested in for more information. If in doubt, PM me.

NOTE People who want to sign up to moderated calendar events (not sub-moderated) are required to be active & approved players. This means that your CS has be approved (with a green check), and you've made at least 50 posts by the time the event has begun. This is to ensure that the players who take part in such events (and reap the rewards) have contributed to the general Sunberth domain. New players are of course invited to sign up to such events, but they must be aware that they are expected to have 50 posts by the time the event starts. If they haven't, they will not be able to join in.


In order to earn the Sunberth Spring 516AV medal, complete four of the following challenges, at least 2 of which must be done with 2 different PCs. You cannot cover more than two challenges in a single thread.

♔ Have a simple debate or argument explode into violence
♔ Aid in the rebuilding of the city following the flood
♔ Have your PC fall suffer an illness that leaves them bedridden for at least 2 days.
♔ Go to the either the new years celebrations at the start of the season or those at the end of the season.
♔ Be flooded from your home
♔ Attempt to find something of worth in the dirt left behind from the river


So if you've been threading in Sunberth for the past season, and even some time before that, you've probably been made aware of those mysterious symbols that have started to appear all over the place.

Until now, I've been keeping pretty quiet and vague about what these signs look like. BUT NO LONGER! Please see below for two variations of the symbol, both of which you are free to describe in any of your threads. These symbols really are haunting the city. I'm also really interested in any theories you can all think of about what these symbols might mean ;)

Symbol, outline only :

Symbol, black :

Last season's calendar is here
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