Location [Syliras Location] The Great Bazaar

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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

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[Syliras Location] The Great Bazaar

Postby Aren on April 16th, 2015, 12:35 am

Syliras, Dyres District: The Great Bazaar 49th of Spring, 515 AV - 13th Bell

Aren eyed the merchant's goods with a suspect gaze. He didn't know anything about gold or gems but he was well traveled enough to tell when someone was trying to sell him something that wasn't worth what they were asking. He had seen a lot of variation -as was to be expected- in the value of what he was looking for, but he hadn't seen what he wanted. The gold didn't have the right luster (at least, the luster he thought looked right) and the gems looked, well, dirty.

Most merchants seemed willing to readily admit that their wares were of less than stellar quality under the Akalak's questioning eye and hulking size, but Aren had yet to find someone either brave enough to lie to him, or actually possessed of quality items. He'd spent all morning in his search, and while he was starting to get discouraged, the marketplace was a huge enough place that he still held out hope. Consequently, the warrior yet believed that, somewhere in the bazaar, there would a man who could look him in the eye and swear up and down that he'd bet his life on the superiority of his goods.

After several more particularly disappointing "conversations" with some unscrupulous-looking merchants, Aren was beginning to feel as if this might be a pointless endeavor. As he rubbed his temple in frustration, however, his eyes caught the glint of a reflection coming off from one side past the main thoroughfare. Now that he thought about it, none of the other jewels he had inspected seemed to cause that same effect. The Akalak didn't know if he was grasping at straws here, but he headed in the direction of the gleam, if for no reason other than sheer obstinance.

"Your jewels. They're... shinier than any of the other ones I've seen today." Aren said, picking up one of the gold rings on display in the stall.

"Aye, they are." The man on the other side of the counter replied, with what seemed like an amused smile. A single eye peered out from behind the wide brimmed hat that the merchant wore as he leisurely laid back in his chair.

"Give it a bite." The man suggested, provoking an obvious look of confusion from his prospective customer. "Real gold is very soft." The helpful merchant explained, prompting Aren to do as he was bid.

Nodding in understanding, the Akalak eyed the man trying to determine whether he could be trusted. After a shared moment of wary silence, the giant spoke, having determined that the individual before him might be his best chance to acquire what he was looking for, "I'm looking for a ring. Three, actually. High quality. And I want something to set on them."

After looking over the blue skinned man that stood before him with a cautious glance, the jeweler ducked behind the counter and brought out a large case which he placed atop the wooden surface where some of his goods where displayed. "These are the stones I have available," He said, opening the container, "Some of these are pretty rare, which means they're expensive." Aren's reply was merely to give him a look that seemed to suggest this was exactly what he had been looking for.

Purchase2x Silver Rings with Akalite and Fireheart gemstones (5 Carat each) = 8 GM.

1x Gold Ring with Diamond gemstone (8 Carat) = 34 GM

Gift Case = 1 GM

Total: 43 GM

Note: Now, in the gemstone section of the lore, the highest cost for a gemstone I could find was 1 SM per carat. That seemed a little low to me, plus I wanted to make sure I was getting high quality gems, so in my purchase I give them a pricing of 5 SM per carat for the diamond, and 2 SM per carat for the other two stones. If anybody has more accurate prices, feel free to PM.
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[Syliras Location] The Great Bazaar

Postby Autumn Wilde on June 17th, 2015, 12:37 am


2nd of Summer, 515 AV 14th Bell

Autumn came strolling into the bazaar knowing exactly what she wanted; a tuning fork. Her gea'tar had gotten roughly out of shape and usually she was able to tune it by ear but it was so bad now there was no way she would ever be able to get it to it's right sound.

She walked casually by all the vendors, stopping to check out the product they offered, but kept walking until she came across one stall in particular.

"Good afternoon." Autumn said to man sitting behind the table whom was selling a variety of small instruments. Flutes, violins, rhythm clappers, small drums, and more importantly, tuning forks. All different sizes so they were tuned in different keys.

"What would you like?" He replied, getting straight to business. Autumn just nodded and pointed toward one of the tuning forks sitting at the table.

"What key are those tuned to?" She asked the man. He sat up straighter and looked at where she was pointing. He first picked up the smallest one.

"A." He labeled it, then the next one, "E." and then the biggest one, "G."

Autumn considered for a moment, then looked at the smallest one, which was A. She had learned a trick from her grandmother about how to tune a gea'tar if all you had was a tuning fork, especially if it was in the key of A.

"Can I make sure it works? I won't steal it." Autumn asked, motioning to take her gea'tar out of it's case. The man didn't object to Autumn went ahead and took the gea'tar out and hit the tuning fork against her knee than held it to her ear. It rang out a beautiful note. She quickly tuned her fifth string to it and made sure to match the sound, then went about fixing the other strings soon after. After plucking a few chords she decided that the fork was the right sound, and asked the man how much it was.

Five gold rimmed mizas later and Autumn owned a tuning fork to help her with future musical endeavors.

Purchase :
Tuning Fork - 5 GM
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[Syliras Location] The Great Bazaar

Postby Kayuqtuq Snowsong on June 17th, 2015, 4:11 am

Kayuqtuq's visit was going to be short and sweet. Or so she hoped. All she needed was some new shoes and headwear for the wedding she would perform at. She walked by each stall, scanning them for what she needed. One Benshira merchant saw her staring at a pair of white leather sandals and greedily said "That'll be eight silver mizas." That was such a decent price that Kayuqtuq had to agree. The other stall was harder. The other merchant was harder. He found her admiring at a beautiful white brocade hood. The price seemed like a joke. He wanted nine silver for the hood. After much haggling, the merchant gave it to her for 25 copper. She walked out of the market, satisfied with her purchases.
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[Syliras Location] The Great Bazaar

Postby Crystal Nightshade on September 7th, 2015, 11:15 pm

Fall 2nd, 515AV

Crystal walked into the Bazaar, hopeful of finding her companion. She had been lonely these past few seasons, and hoped a pet would help. She also needed to replace a few things, so she would be grateful if everything she needed was here. Her first stop lead her to a cosmetics stall. She immediately purchased a comb and left. Her next was to buy flint and steal plus a backpack. Her final stop took her to an animal stall. There she stopped to look.

"Looking for a hunting dog miss?" Crystal looked up to find a puppy in a man's arms, looking at her with pleading eyes. It was so cute! She nodded, thinking it would be best to have a companion and a hunting partner in one. "I suppose you'll need a few things."

Crystal nodded and bought a signal whistle, a black collar, a large dog brush, dog food, and the small leopard cur. She took the puppy in her hands and the man explained he was already house trained. That was a relief. She thanked him and paid him, sticking most items in her backpack with pup in one hand and food in the other.

Receipt-3gm / +30sm
Dog, hunting -15gm
Backpack -2gm
Flint and Steel -1gm
Comb -1gm

Dog food -15sm
Brush (large dog) -5sm
Collar -3sm
Signal Whistle -8sm
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[Syliras Location] The Great Bazaar

Postby Tolgar Cotterill on March 28th, 2017, 12:15 am


20th of Spring, 517

Early in the morn, Tolgar strode into the market, clad in a base of leather armour with a breast & back plate secured on the torso. He’d left his poleaxe in his apartment, and carried only his trusty handaxe, secured safely in an axe ring. The sprawling complex of market stalls held anything Tolgar could possibly need. They were perhaps less specified than dedicated shops on the upper levels, but these markets were usually dependable for trinkets, odds and edds. He made his way through the first few blocks of stalls, mostly clothing, day-to-day items, food. These were located closer to the entrances as these are what people were most likely to need when they came down here. Positive commercial thinking, he’d keep it in mind, should he ever decide to settle down and open a shop. Although, that would be a far cry from his current goals.

He was after something more specific, though. He wanted to create some sort of training post, to hone his skills with a poleaxe and handaxe. He’d practised minorly with carpentry, but lacked the tools used to make anything. He’d need a few specifically made carpentry axes, a mallet, and probably some nails; all of which were relatively cheap items. Tolgar hoped he could secure a small discount, of sorts, seeing as he was buying ‘in bulk’.

His current reason for buying carpentry gear was purely practical, but it is something that he generally enjoyed to do while in between jobs: carving small figurines or new axe-shafts for fellow mercenaries.

Tolgar found himself in front of a carpentry stall, within which sat a short, stout man.
“Hello.” Tolgar started. ”I’m lookin’ t’ buy some axes to get some woodworking done, looks like you’re the guy to go to.”
”Ohhh, yes, yes. Axes, hatchets, chisels, mallets and adzes, I’ve got the lot.”
The man started pulling items from shelves behind his seat and putting them on the counter in front of him, everything Tolgar would need to get himself started. The man looked over them for a few moments, visibly counting on his fingers and adding up in his head. A metal saw, carpenter’s mallet, adze, carving axe, nail hammer, 2 bags of nails and a carpenter’s axe.

”All adds up toooo…. 8gm and 3sm. Also, if you buy it all, I’ll even give you a free bag to carry it all. Good deal, eh?”
Tolgar nodded, smiling. “Good deal, indeed.” It seemed he wouldn’t have to do any negotiating, a free bag was good enough. He handed over right amount of money, then collected all of the tools into the bag.

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