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Postby Alexandra Gainsborough on January 25th, 2018, 4:21 am

Alexandra Gainsborough


Race: Inarta
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: 11, Winter, 496
Birthplace: Wind Reach


Alexandra is slightly above average in height coming in at 5'4" (1.65m). She's of pretty average build for her people coming in at 115lbs (52kg). Her eyes fluctuate between a light green to a more golden color. They say this means she is closer to an eagle and perhaps she was one in a past life. This change seems to happen more with mood then it does with atmosphere. Her skin is pale but does have a warm red or brown hue most of the time. Her hair is a deep red color that she likes to keep fairly long allowing for the traditional wrapped braid or two with an assortment of colored glass beads. When she's feeling the need for a little extra color she will somethings add in a glass feather she handcrafted.

Character Concept

Like most Inarta Alexandra is bold, blunt and adventurous. She is very determined in any pursuit she takes and does not often give up, even to her chagrin.

She does, at times do her best to make idle chit-chat with other non-inarta but she typically drops this quickly when she doesn't think she will scare them away. This has lead her to be overly blunt with others and her words have gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion.

The castes system seems outdated to Alexandra. She feels that while you may have a gift that takes you down a path hard work should also gain you a little respect. This theory applies to all but the dek.

Character History

Like many Inarta Alexandra was raised by commoners in large a nursery. Her parents did not have time to raise her or her siblings. As a child she was always the curious type looking for adventure in any place she could seek it, why seems to be the only word she spoke. She remained here until the age of 8 and progressed to the Yasi. It took quite some time for her to learn to be useful, many others quickly found the life they were destined for but not Alexandra. The stories of her eyes and how that golden hue would mean she came from a line of eagles tempted her and lead her astray. While she was decent with a bow she did not stand out like some of the others around her. She knew that some of these people would become riders while others would be destined to be Dek. She knew this was not going to be the life for her.

She dabbled in many things looking for anything that might be better suited for her. Archery lead her to try her hand at hunting. Being outside of the city walls was an amazing feeling, it was peaceful and in an odd way inspiring. She began to gather rocks, taking something home with her on each trip. After a short while she realized what her interest was in the colors of these stones and how the light played off the crystals.

By this time she had just turned 11 years old. Most of the cities artisans ignored her as they passed through looking for an appertain because well, she was just to old for the task. This only added to her fuel, the fires that burned inside her told her they were wrong. She took this as an opportunity to learn anything she could on the subject of glasswork.

With this to inspire her, her skills quickly improved and she knew this was what she was born to do. Her affinity for this art quickly caught the attention of her peers and soon there after she found a mentor.

Her mentor took her in and began her training. The next Three years were difficult at best, her list of tasks ever growing. Each day was now longer then the day before and her mentor made sure that she knew just how far beneath him she was. Each day was filled with physical, emotional, and mental abuse coupled with a short lesson on how the current task is being done incorrectly. It was not until the age of 15 that was bestowed the title of appertain and given her place in the workforce.

Now that she was an adult and given her place she expected life to be hat much easier. She took what little extra time she had to practice her skill with the short bow again and venturing out past the city walls just enough to get her toes wet in the shadows that lay beyond. It was not long before her mentor came knocking once again demanding favors, she was his student after all and owed him for grace he bestowed upon her. He convinced her that this would be a great business venture for the both of them and with his help she could soar to new heights. In no time flat things would end up as they had been when she was his student, only now she was older and he found new ways to take advantage of her.

The next venture would be a struggle needing them both to work with as much haste as possible. Alexandra worked hard getting almost no sleep while she filled the shop with glass, Her mentor put in a lot of hours doing much the same only to disappear for hour on end. Each day the work space got a little smaller as each area filled with glass items. At the end of two weeks it was hard to find enough space to walk around the shop let alone add more to the collection. Her mentor would close the deal himself, he had no need for her with matters such as this. She however was not about to leave these kinds of dealings without at least some idea of what was going on. She spent the rest of the night just outside of the shop taking in any bits of conversation she could and when the deal was done and things began to be loaded onto a wagon she realized that all of the glass was hers, every last bit. He had taken the time to have a proper meal each day, go home to rest, and take care of only the work that was expected of him. He was not getting ready for a deal but having her to do it all.

She quickly rushed home and gathered what little belongings she would need and rushed over to the caravan. She bought her passage and that was the last time she looked back at her home in Wind Reach. She assumed the name Alexandra thinking the name Lexi was just not suitable for the outside world and so the adventure began.


Fluent Language: Nari
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Isur
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Postby Alexandra Gainsborough on February 18th, 2018, 8:40 pm


Image Skill EXP Total Proficiency
&Acrobatics 1 SP 1 Novice
&Body Building 2 RP 2 Novice
ImageCopying 3 SP 3 Novice
ImageCosmetology 1 RP 1 Novice
&Cryptology 1 RP 1 Novice
&Climbing 1 RP 1 Novice
&Chemistry 2 RP 1 Novice
&Drawing 4 SP 4 Novice
&Endurance 2 RP, 1 RP, 1 RP, 4 RP, 3 RP 11 Novice
Image Fletching/Bowing 5 SP 5 Novice
& Foraging 1 SP 1 Novice
ImageGlassworking 10 RB, 15 SP, 3 RP, 3 RP, 4 RP, 4 RP 39 Competent
& Hunting 5 SP 5 Novice
&Land Navigation 1 RP 1 Novice
ImageLogic 1 RP 1 Novice
ImageMeditation 1 RP, 1 RP, 1 RP, 1RP, 1RP 5 Novice
&Observation 3 RP, 3 RP, 3 RP, 1 RP 10 Novice
&Organization 2 RP, 2 RP, 5 RP, 2 RP 11 Novice
ImagePhilosophy 1 RP 1 Novice
&Philtering 5 SP 5 Novice
&Planning 1 RP 1 Novice
&Psychology 1 RP 1 Novice
&Running 1 RP, 1 RP 2 Novice
&Socialization 1 RP, 1RP 2 Novice
&Swimming 3 RP 3 Novice
&Tactics 2 RP 2 Novice
&Weapon: Bastard Sword 1 RP 1 Novice
Image Weapon skill: Shortbow 10 SP, 1 RP, 5 RP, 3 RP 19 Novice
& Wilderness Survival: Mountain 10 SP, 1 RP 11 Novice
&Writing 3 SP 3 Novice


Endurance: Outlasting the cold
Location: More Than Metal
Location: The Sunken Conundrum
Lore of Alvadas Location Changing
Lore of Inarta Culture
Lore of the reactions to fear
Lore of meditation mantra
Lore of talking to oneself
Lore of the similarities between pottery and glass working
Glassworking: Cleaning a blow pipe
Glassworking: Extra space = wasted heat
Glassworking: Testing the quality of tools
Glassworking: Using a blow pipe
Gods: Sagallius
People: Macy Ikalin
Philosophy: The art of a metaphor
✧Alex: Can't sleep during the day
✧Talon swords aren't common outside of Wind Reach
✧Clip point knife: Better for puncturing
✧Drop point knife: Better for skinning
✧Knives: The spine shouldn't be too thin
✧Alex: Doesn't like being toyed with
✧Dreams: Drowning will make you wake up
Glassworking: mixing colour into molten glass
Glassworking - Materials expand with temperature
Glassworking - Simple problems may require simple solutions
Glassworking - Fast changes in temperature can cause cracks
Glassworking - Cloth makes a great packaging material
Endurance - Working through the pain
Endurance - Salt burns
Person - Speaker - Iman the Tailor
Person - Speaker - Sanjanya the Seamstress
Speakers - The power of worship
Location: Sunken Conundrum
Recipe: lip balm
Recipe: burn salve
Mint: basic knowledge
Moss: basic knowledge
Honey: basic knowledge
Lore of the medical uses of mint
Lore of the medical use of moss
Lore of how to make beeswax
Lore of the medical uses of beeswax
Lore of the medical uses of chamomile
Lore of the medical uses of buckthorn
Lore of the medical uses of honey
Lore of the medical uses of lavender
Lore of the mysterious performance troupe
Lore of the Inverted
Lore of philosophy of glassworking
Lore of the uses of tinted glass
Lore of the properties of Cobalt Oxide
Lore of identifying Cobalt Oxide
Lore of Beasts can be found in many different places
Lore of Not every pray is food
*Lore: High and low tide
*Lore: Pineapple
*Lore: Guava
Body Building: Brute Force Dislodging A Huge Stump, Body Building: Dragging A Huge Stump, Body Building: Splitting Wood, Wilderness Survival: Building A Fire, Short Bow: Target Practicing, Short Bow: Adjusting One’s Aim Based On An Arrow’s Flight, Psychology: Talking Oneself Into Practicing Something One Dislikes.
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Postby Alexandra Gainsborough on February 18th, 2018, 8:50 pm

1 Set of Clothing
  • Simple Vinati (Top)
  • Simple Bryda (Bottom)
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Simple Katinu (Long coat)
  • Leather ankle boots
Weapons and Tools :
  • 20 Short bow Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Dagger
  • Kukri
  • Glassblowing kit
  • Book, Blank (used for herbs etc.)
  • Quill
  • Ink, Green

Miscellaneous :
  • 2 Hawk feathers
  • etc...

Standard living :
  • Comb (Glass)
  • Brush (Glass)
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
  • Eating knife
  • Insect Netting
  • Fishing kit
  • Flint & Steel
  • Dinner Fork
  • Waterskin 3x
  • Cooking Pot Tin, Gallon
  • Bowl 6" / 10 oz
  • Bedroll
  • Tent, one-person
  • Hammock
  • Lamp, Common
  • Oil (1-Pint Flask)
  • Backpack

Heirloom: Stolen Short bow.



Tent on the beach


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Pinions 100 Pinions
Glassblowing kit -45 GM 55 GM
Short bow Arrows (20) -1 GM 54 GM
Quiver -20 GM 34 GM
Book, Blank - 3 GM 31 GM
Quill -5 CM 30 GM, 5 SM
Ink, Green (1 Oz. Vial) -3GM 27 GM, 5 SM
Job (GlassBlowing) +644GM 671 GM, 5 SM
Winter 517 Living Expenses [Common] -135 gm 536 GM, 5 SM
Dagger -2GM 534 GM, 5 SM
Kukri -8GM 526 GM, 5 SM
Waterskin -1GM 525 GM, 5 SM
Waterskin -1GM 524 GM, 5 SM
Insect Netting -25GM 499 GM, 5 SM
Bedroll -1SM 499 GM, 4 SM
Tent, one-person -2GM 497 GM, 4 SM
Hammock-5GM 492 GM, 4 SM
Fishing kit-10GM 482 GM, 4 SM
Lamp, Common-1SM 482 GM, 3 SM
Oil (1-Pint Flask)-1SM 482 GM, 2 SM
Cooking Pot Tin, Gallon -5SM 481 GM, 7 SM
Bowl 6" / 10 oz -2CM 481 GM, 7 SM, 8CM
Dinner Fork -1CM 481 GM, 7 SM, 7CM
Spring 518 Living Expenses [Common] -135 gm 346 GM, 7 SM, 7CM
Summer 518 Living Expenses [Common] -135 gm 211 GM, 7 SM, 7CM
-Inactive- 0 gm 211 GM, 7 SM, 7CM
-Challenge- 200 gm 411 GM, 7 SM, 7CM
Winter 521 Living Expenses -135 gm 276 GM, 7 SM, 7CM

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Postby Alexandra Gainsborough on March 9th, 2018, 4:12 am

Thread List

Winter 521 AV
Date Title Type Status
72Looking for warmth Solo running
73Them Apples Solo running

Past seasons
Winter 517 :
Date Title Type Status
5 Why is it so cold? Solo Completed
45 Just another ordanary day in Alvadas Solo Completed
44 Setting up shop (1/2) Solo Completed
47 Setting up shop (2/2) Solo Completed

Spring 518 :
Date Title Type Status
2 Struggling to swim Solo Completed
4 A Lesson in Prevention Asterope & Avela Closed
13 Melding into nothing Asterope Closed
22 New competency in clarity Solo Completed
24 Melding into nothing Solo Completed

Summer 518 :
Date Title Type Status
1 Boots on the ground Gossamer Closed
28 Practice Makes Permanent Solo complete
50 When Ships Don't Come Home Group Quest

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