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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on May 14th, 2018, 2:53 pm

Kynier Haltara

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24 years old
Birthday: 42nd, Fall, 494 AV.
Birthplace: The outskirts of Nyka. Now living in Sunberth.
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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 8:02 pm


Kynier is 6'1'' with medium length dark brown hair with broad shoulders and a toned build. His prominent brow gives him a resting scowl, though his hazel eyes can be very telling at times.

little filler words

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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 8:04 pm

Character Concept

Through personal tragedy, Kynier desires to abolish slavery by taking control of Sunberth. Despite the outright hatred of magic in Sunberth, he believes a sorcerer is one of the few types of people that can establish any control over the city. The only two that have ever encouraged him were his teacher, and that voice in his head. Aware of the dangers he must face, Kynier has developed a sense of paranoia.
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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 8:09 pm


Character History

Hearing about the outlawing of violence, Kynier's parents, Regnier and Alena, moved to Nyka for a safe environment for their family. By the time they fully realized that such a claim had no real enforcement Alena was already pregnant, and leaving would be too dangerous. Regnier worked as a tailor, though the boldness of fashion in Nyka was a challenge to his methods, he managed to have a steady clientele. Alena was a mid-wife, and was able to keep the baby healthy. But the delivery was very difficult, and after Kynier was born his parents decided not to have any more children. Regnier and Alena talked of leaving shortly after Kynier's birth, but with a child to care for they couldn't get enough money to comfortably afford moving.

In his early childhood Kynier made a self discovery. While the other children had imaginary friends to converse with, theirs would eventually disappear, but his didn't. His friend had no tangible form, but manifested only as a voice. When he spoke it was a like a whisper from someone directly behind him. His friend's name, Hashimer. Hashimer always had the best stories; tales of great magic, adventure, and slaying monsters. Kynier loved the stories so much he would boast about them, leading to strained friendships. Overall, Kynier was a bit of a loner as a child and eventually learned to keep was Hashimer said to himself.

When he was ten years old he began to get into fights with older boys. Most of them he would lose for obvious reasons. But that was what happened in Nyka, and Kynier aspired to be one of the Monks when he was old enough. Hashimer encouraged him to train and get stronger. So Kynier would run, climb, jump, flip, and roll around the city to get stronger. And the disappearances became more frequent around his home. Regnier and Alena were getting increadibly scared to continue living in Nyka. Once they learned Kynier wanted to join the Monks they decided they had to leave. Kynier cried and claimed he hated his parents. If he could not be a Monk then he had no idea what he sort of man he would become.

"Your anger is wasted, little one. There are many more things you can be than a simple Monk. But you won't see what they are if you don't leave Nyka." Hashimer said.

Before the season ended they had left Nyka with a caravan headed for Syliras. Many of the travelers were tradesmen claiming to have goods from all over the world. Kynier spent time with each of them to see their wares and hear their stories. Hashimer discredited many of them, dulling Kynier's view. The person that was of most interest was an Akalak mercenary guarding the caravan, Fritren. His large body, long ears, and dark skin were fascinating. But it was Fritren that first told Kynier about Akajia and how the darkness was something to embrace instead of fear.

"Humens has been scared of the dark since before sun rise in sky. Without fire they stumble and cannot see. But few learn that being darkness is best. Everyone see man next to fire. Not every see man in night. With Akajia's blessing even you could see through shadow. And many monster hunt from shadow. Become a strong hunter, or stay a weak Human." Fritren told him.

Each day Kynier would travel next to Fritren asking about where he was from, stories of Akajia, and even learned a few phrases of Tukant. But before the caravan reached Syliras it was ambushed by slavers. Fritren charged the attackers and Kynier ran back to find his parents. But the attackers had quickly set fire to many of the wagons and killed many people. Kynier can still remember the smell of smoke and blood. It felt as though he had searched the entire caravan twice before he found his father lying on the ground. Both sides of his clothes had been soaked through with blood and he had an unending stare of horror in his eyes. Terrified of dying Kynier crawled away from the fire, smoke, blood, and death. Reaching the top of a small hill he looked back.

Many men were gathering a few survivors. Their cries were constant no matter how much they were beaten and told to be silent. Kynier watched as they were chained together, wishing there was something eh could do.

"Be still and silent. Or you'll find that chain around your neck." Hashimer said.

The slavers left with their prize. Only then did Kynier crawl back to the smoldering embers and fly infested scene. Most of the people he had spoke to were dead in the grass. He found his father again and his legs lost their strength. For several bells he just sat there staring and getting sick.

"Get up. Or be dead just like him." Hashimer scolded.

Uneasily Kynier stood up, the nausea from the foul air made his movements sluggish. But he went to what was left of each wagon in search of food and water. Very little was left to be scavaged. But during his search he found Fritren's body. The Akalak had been cut several times and shot with four arrows. A half dozen dead slavers had fallen around him. Kynier thought if it had been night Fritren would've been victorious. Maybe. But still in its sheath on Fritren's side was a short sword. Kynier looked around and couldn't see any of his other weapons. Perhaps if he had managed to draw the small blade he could've saved himself. Kynier unfastened the sheath and took the short sword. Drawing it out the metal looked different than regular weapons. The blade was cold to the touch and a darker hue. Sheathing it and strapping it to his waist Kynier decided it was time to go. He did not know were to go, but he knew he would have to protect himself on the way.

The day was nearly over and he still hadn't found his mother's body. Kynier wanted to stay and keep looking, but Hashimer warned of predators coming to eat the dead. With tears in his eyes Kynier set out in a direction, he did not know which. And for three days he traveled alone before eating the last of his food. Each animal he saw he failed to catch and kill with his sword. His skin burned from the sun and the feeling of filth all over himself diminished his spirit. Kynier lost track of the days he was so hungry. Until one morning he woke up and a man was standing over him. He thought it was a dream, the way the man just stood over him with a smile. "You look like you'd kill for some breakfast," he said.

The old man held out a strip of dried meat with... one of his five arms! Kynier scurried away but the man just laughed. "Boy if I wanted to hurt you then you never would've woken up." Kynier rubbed his eyes. He was not dreaming and the old man actually had six arms, but one of his left arms had been cut off at the elbow. In his right... hands... he held a staff with silver engravings and a glass orb at it's end. "My name's Bourin. And I'm on my way to Syliras, which is two day that way. Unfortunately, I seem to have packed too much food. Would you mind coming with me and helping me eat it?"

"Go with the wizard. And learn what you can."

Kynier took the dried meat and ate it quickly. It did not settle well in his stomach, but Bourin said nothing about his ravenous appetite. As they traveled Kynier told the old Eypharian about Nyka, the caravan, and the attack. "Hmph, an unfortunate tale. But the gods can be as kind as they are cruel. I can just enough strength in these old arms to guide one more student." He smiled down at Kynier, "Would you like to become a wizard?" Kynier was unsure about being called a wizard, but did like the idea of learning magic.

Two day passed and they reached Syliras. Bourin had a house there, large enough for two. The rest of the space had been filled with tools and even a few books of the arcane. For the next ten years Kynier lived with Bourin and trained in Reimancy, Auristics, Voiding, Shielding, and Glyphing. The training for Reimancy was the worst. Bourin had cut Kynier in several places over his body and extruded a vapor that he called res. The vapor entered each of Kynier's cuts and he felt fire and lightning coarse through his body. Bourin summoned his res from Kynier body and ignited it with fire. A few days afterward Kynier was able to begin creating his own res. Bourin taught him to focus on fire first, because it would be the most useful to a novice.

The worst part of his training was during his dedication to Auristics. Remembering what Fritren had said, Kynier attempted to see in the night without light. The strain of each aura numbed his senses and filled his mind with absurd thoughts. Bourin examined Kynier's aura and was relieved to see no permanent damage had been inflicted, but Kynier's concentration for the next 7 days was likely to be diminished. So Bourin spent the following season focusing on lessons about overgiving.

During his time with Bourin, Kynier also became a believer of Akajia. Having seen that strength and strength in numbers were not enough to save a person, that stealth and precision would have a better chance of survival. In his later years he learned what he could about slavery as well. Discovering that Sunberth had an open slave market, and was rather lawless, a vision began to form in his mind. There was no mistaking that his mother had been taken as a slave. And he wanted to do something about it, even if indirectly. If he could he would abolish it. When he told Bourin about this plan the old man said nothing for a long time. "Sunberth has many old scars caused by magic. If your mind is set to it then you best learn how to use that short sword you've always carried. It will serve you better than openly casting magic when your life is in peril."

Bourin understood a little about fighting and helped. But the years were taking its toll and each day they spent a little less time on Kynier's training. Finally, the day arrived when Kynier would leave for Sunberth. Bourin just looked at him and said, "One man has two ways of making change. First, a short dramatic affair that will most likely ruin him. As well as making a change that could be detrimental to your cause. Second, a life long path of careful decisions that may yield no results. But others can join you on the path and continue walking after you have stopped. Think carefully about everything you do in Sunberth. The people will hate you because of what you can do. So don't let them see what you can do until the time is right."

In the spring of 515 AV Kynier left for Sunberth. The people he travelled with asked about his purpose to moving to Sunberth. "Just looking to make an influence on the city." They made it to Sunberth despite a few attacks from the creatures of the open lands. The first year was very difficult. Most of his money went to purchasing a decrepit building to call home. Scrapping for jobs he managed to keep himself fed and to furnish his home. But all the while he learned what he could of the workings of Sunberth. Rumors went around about The Night Eyes and how they were disrupting The Daggerhand. Kynier spent the next two years learning what he could about them and determining what the truth was. Hopefully soon, he could become part of The Night Eyes' network.

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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 8:52 pm


Gnosis Marks


    Fluent Language: Common
    Fluent Language: Makath
    Basic Language: Arumenic
    Poor Language: Tukant


Skill Points Special Note
Acting 9
Arcanology 1
Architecture 12
Body Building 6
Calligraphy 5
Carving 3
Cleaning 8
Climbing 10
Construction 10
Cooking 4
Copying 1
Dancing 3
Deduction 25
Detection 16 "Not a Skill"
Disguise 11
Duel Wield 15
Forgery 3
Gambling 4
Impersonation 5
Intimidation 19
Land Navigation 1
Leadership 19
Larceny 5
Mathematics 9
Medicine 9
Musical Instrument: Oboe 9
Negotiation 14
Organization 10
Painting 3
Philosophy 10
Performance 1
Persuasion 10
Psychology 2
Running 21
Scouting 2
Seduction 9
Spiritism 4
Storytelling 4
Subterfuge 25
Swimming 4
Tactics 25
Teaching 15
Torture 2
Unarmed Combat 12
Voiding 20
Weapon: Dagger 2
Weapon: Longsword 5
Wrestling 1
Writing 22
Yoga 1

Skill Points Special Note
Acrobatics 44 5 SP
Drawing 45
Endurance 43
Glyphing 42 5 SP
Meditation 39
Projection 34
Research 39
Rhetoric 34
Shielding 31 5 SP

Skill Points Special Note
Auristics 54 5 SP
Intelligence 62 10 SP
Interrogation 65
Investigation 51
Logic 59
Reimancy 73 (Fire/Air/Earth) 5 SP
Planning 52
Stealth 59 5 SP 15 RB
Weapon: Short Sword 52 5 SP

Skill Points Special Note
Observation 100
Socialization 100

Skill Points Special Note
Acrobatics 5 SP
Auristics 5 SP
Glyphing 5 SP
Intelligence 10 SP
Reimancy 5 SP (Fire)
Shielding 5 SP
Stealth 20 15 RB 5 SP
Voiding 5 SP
Weapon: Short Sword 5 SP

Resolve: 36

Resolve Calculation :
    Base: 26
    Interrogation: Expert +3
    Intimidation: Novice +1
    Meditation: Competent +2
    Leadership/Persuaion/Seduction: Novice +1
    Endurance: Competent +2
    Torture: Novice +1
    Favored Gnosis: No +0
    Average Post Count: No +0
    Total: 36

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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 9:22 pm

Lore List

  • Akajia: Goddess of Shadows, Stealth, and Secrets
  • Akajia: Keeper of Secrets
  • Akajia: Blesses those that understand the value of holding knowledge
  • Akajia: Has one question she wants answered
  • Akajia: Demands more than Faith, demands secrets and knowledge
  • Akajia: Sees potential in him
  • Akajia: Feels that he and Kelski will need each other in the coming times
  • Akajia: Seemed indifferent towards him
  • Eyris: Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Leth: God of Change and Reflection
  • Xhyvas: God's Story and Domain

  • Oceanus: Gives the marked intuitive knowledge of their location at sea
  • Starfire: Leth’s radiant light

  • Shadows: Are alive and immortal
  • Shadows: Speak Makath
  • Nurxan: Gives bad advice intentionally
  • Savatar: Temple of The Unknown Shadow
  • Povair: The Fence shadow
  • Qelta: Feminine voiced shadow at the Midnight Gem
  • Qelta: Would tell Kynier more about wielding weapons with grace

  • Street Layout
  • Sunberth: Forms instant lunch mobs by shouting “Mage!”
  • Location: Seaside Market
  • Location: Temple of the Unkown
  • Location: No Man’s Land Tavern
  • Location: Bregga’s House of Happy Endings
  • Tall Johnny’s: A place to gamble
  • Tall Johnny’s: Hosts Blood Fights
  • No Man’s Land Tavern: Some Job advertisements are traps!
  • Temple of the Unkown: Smells like old power
  • Riverside Isle Park: Spots to Swim
  • Location: The Majestic
  • Location: The Library
  • Location: The Quay
  • The Quay: Appears to collect prisoners for slavery
  • Location: Tent City
  • Location: Baroque Bay Harbor
  • Location: Byron’s Bank
  • Location: The Mysterious Slab
  • Location: Jolly Good Stables
  • Temple of the Unknown: Statue of Akajia chamber location
  • Temple of the Unknown: Kelski and Farris went and studied shielding/auristics there.
  • Temple of the Unknown: Has shadows with pre-valterrian knowledge.
  • Location: Southernwatch Tower
  • Location: The Drunken Fish
  • The Drunken Fish: Has “Private” rooms
  • Location: The Fence
  • Location: Westwatch Tower
  • Location: The Establishment
  • Location: The Plantation
  • The Plantation: grows the drug Pulp
  • The Plantation: Burned down by his out of control fire
  • The Plantation: Had a former Sun’s Birth as an employee
  • Location: The Clinic
  • Location: The Simpering Seacow
  • Simpering Seacow: A refreshing place to be
  • Locaton: The Golden Lodge
  • The Gold Lodge: Full of merriment
  • The Gold Lodge: Constantly filled with fresh food smells
  • Location: Slaver’s Row
  • Slaver’s Row: “Closed Markets” have exotic “goods”
  • The Midnight Gem: Home in the truest sense of the word
  • Location: The Dust Beds
  • Location: Pig’s Foot Tavern
  • The Park: Off limits at night
  • Location: Aquillar Hot Springs
  • Location: Tall Johnny’s
  • Location: Cherry Bay
  • Location: Shipwreck Cove
  • Location: Lodestar Isle
  • Location: The Proving Grounds
  • Location: The Barracks
  • The Gated Community: Dress formally to fit in.
  • Scarlet Sanctum: The bouncers silent sign of approval.
  • The Majestic: Special knock to get Dolers attention

  • Pushing himself to the point of Overgiving
  • Refuses to be killed by his own spells
  • Lore of a soft heart
  • Lore of Murder
  • Lore of Staging a Crime Scene
  • Lore: A cut across the neck is very bloody
  • Lore: Kynier’s vision for Sunberth
  • Lore: Details of Kelski’s abduction by Darvin
  • Need to dedicate more time to magical practice
  • A time to study and a time to act
  • Need to apply more time to Voiding
  • Will not show weakness before a god/goddess
  • Can prove himself to Akajia by assisting Kelski
  • Envious of Doler’s collection of knowledge
  • Magic isn’t always the answer
  • Appreciative of not having Reimancy initiation scars
  • Can’t remember his mother’s appearance at times
  • Experiencing Pulp through inhalation
  • Not willing to sacrifice agility for strength
  • Would rather use his knowledge more practically
  • Won't be physically branded by others
  • Not Gutless
  • Feels fortunate to not have very distinguishing features
  • The cold iron short sword with healing properties has more sentimental value than he realized
  • Lore of Narim Avuel’s death
  • Owes Tobias Lerrone one favor
  • Knowing What One Was Contrasting What One Wanted To Be
  • Sunlight makes a hangover worse.
  • Avoid Ashara the Viper.

Ancient Tongue
  • One word may have various meanings
  • Vasat: Battle, Fight, Conflict, Attack
  • Roza: Death, End, Termination, Interruption
  • Ruwe: Down, Below, Under, Move Downwards, Buried
  • Randjaq: Confinement
  • Vaknui: Orange, Warm, Heat, Fire

  • Duel Wield: Parry and Stab
  • Duel Wield: Attacking at different levels simultaneously
  • Duel Wield: Attack, duck, stab
  • Duel Wield: Feint and Lunge
  • Duel Wield: Can’t Duel Wield effectively with an injured arm
  • Duel Wield: Crossing horizontal slashes
  • Duel Wield: Two-Weapon Deflections
  • Duel Wield: Alternating strokes for an X cut
  • Duel Wield: Diagonal cut, reverse-diagonal cut, thrust with other arm
  • Duel Wield: Practicing with Infinity Drills
  • Duel Wield: Deflect and attack
  • Longsword: Drawing the blade straight out doesn’t work
  • Longsword: Drawing the blade to the side leaves you exposed
  • Longsword: Drawing the blade with a forward step
  • Longsword: Use the length of the blade
  • Longsword: Lunge and thrust
  • Longsword: Using hand and foot movements together produces strength
  • Short Sword: Can get stuck in a torso.
  • Short-Sword: Reverse Hammer Grip
  • Short Sword: Simple defensive strike
  • Short Sword: Unrelenting attack
  • Short Sword: Two-handed thrust
  • Short Sword: How to draw silently
  • Short Sword: Using the Pommel to render unconsciousness
  • Short Sword: Drawing the weapon with only one hand
  • Short Sword: How to feint with a high attack
  • Short Sword: Drawing with the left hand
  • Short Sword: Using a whetstone to sharpen the blade
  • Short Sword: Holding the blade like an extension of your arm
  • Short Sword: Attack the attacking limb to cause pain
  • Short Sword: Blocking with the whole body braced behind the short sword
  • Short Sword: Sliding down a longer weapon’s length
  • Cold Iron Short Sword: Has healing magic
  • Cold Iron Short Sword: Activation phrase

  • Drawing: Symbols of the Ancient Tongue
  • Drawing: Creating a Vaknui Glyph
  • Drawing: Creating an Etingi Glyph
  • Drawing: Creating a Dala Glyph
  • Drawing: Creating a Ashniv Glyph
  • Drawing: How to draw Sulta Glyph
  • Drawing: How to draw Yaq Glyph
  • Drawing: How to draw Sultatvaknui Glyph
  • Drawing: How to draw Hea Glyph
  • Drawing: How to draw Pechi Glyph
  • Drawing: Finding inspiration to draw from people
  • Drawing: Looking at people differently
  • Drawing: Looking to the environment for inspiration
  • Drawing: Tracing charcoal with ink to make the image more permanent
  • Drawing: How to draw Vasat Glyph
  • Drawing: How to draw Ruwe Alapechi

  • Ashara the Viper: Ambition to overstep her bounds.
  • Ashara the Viper: Knows Kynier is a Mage.
  • Ashara the Viper: Always has a dagger somewhere.
  • Ashara the Viper: Has a choking fetish.
  • Bourin: Never spoke of his past
  • Bourin: Never ill-tempered
  • Bourin: Favorite form of Reimancy was geomancy
  • Bourin: Seemed disappointed by Kynier’s element choice
  • Bourin: Trying to change the world with magic
  • Doler: Doesn’t consider Doctor Petricious brutal
  • Doler: What his living area looks like
  • Doler: The Majestic: Secret passage location
  • Doler: Says the best lessons you learn on your own
  • Doler: Would consider Kynier more valuable with a wider knowledge base
  • Doler: May tell Kynier how he suffered a permanent overgiving effect
  • Doler: Provides favors to others
  • Doler: Worries About Kynier & His Usefulness
  • Doler: Loaned/Gifted A Book To Kynier To Study (Meditation Guide For Reimancers)
  • Bashful Doler: The Fan Sapphire Mission.
  • Bashful Doler: Failure is not an option.
  • Ember: Knows she won’t have a long life
  • Gira: a Myrian Daggerhand
  • Iselda Doubtfire: Owns the Gold Lodge
  • Iselda Doutbfire: Knows he’s impersonating a Dragoon
  • Jeb: A very large man
  • Jeb: Burns or buries the dead
  • Lolan: A Sitai dynasty Slave
  • Lolan: Is Favored by a divine he doesn’t recognize
  • Max: A retired Steward Knight of the Sylirian Knights
  • Max: Still hold to his duty to the Sylirian Knights
  • Natlana: Is a Mage
  • Natlana: A retired Steward Mage-Knight of the Sylirian Knights
  • Pajalkich: Called The Quiet
  • Pajalkich: Seems Impulsive
  • Pajalkich: Amused by antics
  • Petricious: The Sunberth Doctor
  • Petricious: Says the Daggerhand leader can be quite vicious
  • Petricious: Was sent to the Mysterious Slab by Stiletto
  • Petricious: Views Kynier as a puppet
  • Petricious: Tortured the slab somehow
  • Nevaeh: In charge of the Plantation
  • Nevaeh: A brutal master
  • Numerius: Believes Bodies Are Temporary Shells
  • Aidren: Is a hypnotist mage
  • Aidren: Died at Kynier’s hands
  • Ebon: Is angry about Darvin Kidnapping Kelski
  • Ebon: Said the bond would’ve led Kynier to Kelski during her kidnapping
  • Ebon: Blames Kynier for Kelski’s suffering during Darvin’s kidnapping
  • Ebon: Is trying to not be angry with Kynier
  • Darvin: Too big of a problem for Kynier to handle
  • Merv: Owns the Pig’s Foot Tavern
  • Alena: Told him to ignore Hashimer
  • Alena: Could make everything feel okay with her music
  • Regnier: Said, “You can’t change people’s opinions with fists”
  • Greigan: Use to be with the Sun’s Birth
  • Greigan: Is allegedly dead
  • Tobias Lerrone: A Sun’s Birth Chevalier
  • Tobias Lerrone: Always looking to advance
  • Tobias Lerrone: Used to have an informant in the Night Eyes
  • Tobias Lerrone: Really good at duel wielding

  • Kelvic Slave, Jeweler
  • Odd coloration
  • What Kelski's aura looks like
  • Her personal history
  • Knows some of Kynier's secrets
  • Darvin: Kelski's guard
  • Darvin: Was acting unusually during Summer 518
  • Darvin: Took sexual advantage of Kelski when using drugs on her.
  • Jaren: Kelski's owner
  • Jaren: Hated Person
  • Hunts rats
  • Predator Animal
  • Good with a dagger
  • Wants to be Kynier's friend
  • Can turn into Sea Eagle
  • Better than Average Eyesight
  • Has Piercings Everywhere
  • Drugged when Pierced
  • Looses Piercings when Shifted
  • Thinks of Kynier Often
  • Eats Peoples Eyes
  • Not Shy or Modest
  • Worries for his Saftey
  • Seduction: Kissing Kelski
  • Thinks they’re a weakness to each other
  • Acknowledges, but may not welcome their connection
  • Blessed with a second mark of Akajia
  • May consider him part of her family
  • Won’t ignore the Night Mother’s wishes
  • Doesn’t want him restricting her actions, or countering Akajia’s will
  • Kelski is really Kelskanisha K'etir
  • Has a brother: Kalistan K'etir
  • Kelski has a book on a lost magic called Architectrix
  • Kelski has a niece living here now named Ember K'etir
  • The Midnight Gem is now alive
  • Ember’s Father: Knows Magecraft
  • K’etir Family: Lost access to Reimancy
  • K’etir Family: Has tried to regain Reimancy initiation
  • Kelski is going to easily pay off The Midnight Gem in three seasons.
  • Kelski expects Kynier to protect The Midnight Gem against things like Fire via Magic.
  • Kelski expects Kynier to tell the others.
  • Knows Shielding
  • Knows Auristics
  • Won’t leave any more gifts at No Man’s Land
  • No longer a slave
  • Abducted from the Market by a Dragoon
  • Wants to do something about Slavery in Sunberth
  • Too ashamed of her ignorance to ask him, so she asked Farris
  • Wanted to impress Kynier by having some knowledge
  • Only wants to know everything
  • Thinks of Kynier everyday
  • Says Akajia will only turns their heads to make them aware
  • Is intrigued by his oddities
  • Considers him to be a strong person
  • Thanks Akajia for having Kynier in her life
  • It takes a willing person to bond with a Kelvic
  • Cannot willingly initiate when they try to bond

    A Svefra
    Owns The Sunset Tide casinor
    Marked by Laviku
    Tale of The Sunset Tide’s namesake
    Has survived through terrible storms on her casinor
    Storms have accompanied every major event in her life
    Got into a fight on her second day in Sunberth
    Loves to dance
    Wants to find her pod again
    Displayed concern instead of fear when she learned his secret
    Wasn’t born in Sunberth
    Had a brother that was a Shielder
    What her aura looks like

Other PCs
  • Anja: A Ghost Hunter
  • Anja: A Thinker
  • Anja: A Spiritist
  • Anja: An Eiyon, marked by Dira
  • Anja: Respects the cycle of Death
  • Anja: Was taught Spiritism by his grandmother
  • Anja: Has a tent in the Dust Beds
  • Farris: A Mage
  • Farris: Works at The Fence
  • Farris: From Ravok
  • Farris: Knows Reimancy
  • Farris: Knows Auristics
  • Farris: Knows Voiding
  • Farris: Learned Magic from his father
  • Farris: Specializes in Reimancy
  • Farris: Takes great risks when practicing
  • Farris: Took Fire and Air for elements of Reimancy
  • Farris: Seeks to expand his knowledge
  • Farris: Overgives.
  • Farris: Terrible Teacher
    Farris: Could be a useful source of information
  • Ixzo: Is Kelvic Night Lion
  • Ixzo: Beheads her kills
  • Ixzo: Speaks very little Common
  • Ixzo: Was a slave of the Paille dynasty
  • Ixzo: Was bonded twice
  • Ixzo: Marked by Priskil
  • Ren: Lives in Tent City
  • Ren: Doesn't care that Kynier is a mage
  • Vel: A dichotomy soul
  • Vel: Has one hand
  • Maisa: Smarter Than Your Average Horse
  • Meriann: Unstable, blue-eyed ghost
  • Meriann: Appearance in death and in life
  • Meriann: Wishes to discover why people kill
  • Koroshtoph: A Hypnotist
  • Koroshtoph: Had tutelage from a Sylirian Knight
  • Kreig: A fighter at Tall Johnny’s
  • Kreig: Gave Kelski lessons on Surviving Sunberth
  • Kreig: More perceptive than Kynier initially gave him credit for
  • Kreig: Would want to recruit more help
  • Kreig: Is becoming well-known in Sunberth
  • Kreig: A Godsdamned Sun of Sunbirth wanting to help his siblings
  • Kreig: Thinks Sunberth is stuck and not progressing
  • Dovey: A barmaid at The Drunken Fish
  • Dovey: A slave
  • Dovey: Arrived in Sunberth after summer 518’s beginning
  • Dovey: May prove useful
  • Tove: Is Kelvic
  • Tove: Is probably a Kelvic Cat
  • Tove: Very attentive to her surroundings
  • Tove: A pleasant person

  • Stiletto is someone important
  • Merv is someone important
  • Don't like to be questioned
  • Ashara is a Big Sister
  • Reclaimed Riverside Isle Park
  • “Big” Siblings are a higher up
  • Looking for those that burned their brothers
  • The Viper is someone of note

  • Defeated him while unarmed
  • Has multiple plans for how to ruin the Midnight Gem’s business
  • Had him kill another member of the Daggerhand

Night Eyes
  • Use the Westwatch Tower for something
  • Think placing the 5 Wardens was a theatrical display
  • Crow: Someone important in the Night Eyes
  • Own the Plantation
  • Are searching for who started the Plantation Fire
  • Abducted a lot of people on the 10th of Summer, 518

  • Acrobatics: Crescent Step evasion
  • Acrobatics: An accumulated effort
  • Acrobatics: Brace with a leg when long jumping to grasp a ledge
  • Acrobatics: The Flip and Roll
  • Acrobatics: Diving forward roll
  • Acrobatics: Agility is lost when wearing armor
  • Acrobatics: Rolling to recover from tripping
  • Acrobatics: Keeping stable footing on a ship in a storm
  • Architecture: Archways make for strong structural support
  • Architecture: Types of secret doors
  • Architecture: Desiging a wall sconce
  • Armorer: How to strap on a Vambrace
  • Armorer: How to strap on a Rerebrace
  • Armorer: How to strap on a Cuisses
  • Armorer: How to strap on Greaves
  • Carving: Whittling wood by pushing and pulling with the blade’s length
  • Carving: Sanding wood for a smooth edge
  • Cooking: How to scramble eggs
  • Cooking: What Vanilla smells like
  • Construction: How to set up a tent
  • Construction: Using a measuring stick
  • Construction: Making a Vaulted Ceiling
  • Construction: Using a Level on the floor
  • Construction: Using a Level on a wall
  • Construction: How to read a Level
  • Dancing: The rotating slow dance of awkwardness.
  • Deduction: Trying to figure out a problem through Process of Elimination
  • Disguise: Using a false name
  • Disguise: Concealing the face to hide
  • Endurance: Training when tired is the best time to train
  • Endurance: Suffering a beating
  • Endurance: Lifting a dead body
  • Endurance: The body can handle more than the mind thinks it can
  • Endurance: Sprinting while holding your weapons is tiring on the arms
  • Endurance: Walking with armor tires you faster
  • Endurance: Breathing patterns to delay seasickness
  • Forgery: Breaking a wax seal without damaging the paper
  • Forgery: Creating a duplicate wax stamp
  • Gambling: Only seems to have discouragement
  • Intelligence: The Quay Vantage point location
  • Intelligence: Gathering Information From Urchins
  • Intelligence: Bribes help sell the character
  • Intelligence: Back-turned eavesdropping.
  • Interrogation: Using pain to get answers
  • Interrogation: Using Violence to Get Answers
  • Intimidation: Using Physical Force
  • Intimidation: Using verbal threats
  • Intimidation: Brandishing a weapon
  • Intimidation: Scaring an opponent after injuring them
  • Intimidation: Choking for emphasis.
  • Investigation: Checking the Dust Bed for the recent dead
  • Investigation: Talking to someone’s superiors
  • Jamoura: Numerius’s appearance & Mannerism
  • Kyomah: Meditation Book for Reimancers
  • Leadership: Directing a lynch mob
  • Leadership: Keeping people from turning on each other
  • Leadership: Standing up to a superior threat
  • Leadership: Hiring some help
  • Leadership: Giving orders that seemed impossible to follow
  • Logic: Don’t turn your back on someone that throws daggers
  • Logic: When to use resources and when not to
  • Logic: Finding the flaws in a plan
  • Logic: Using intuition rather than planning during a battle
  • Logic: Almost nothing ever goes according to plan
  • Logic: Hastily made plans almost never work
  • Logic: Deducing The Sex Of An Author From The Handwriting
  • Medicine: Basid Wound Dressing
  • Medicine: Using Belltor on Wounds
  • Medicine: Vyfox prevents infection
  • Medicine: Belltor helps healing and scar prevention
  • Medicine: Belltor stings
  • Meditation: Quieting the mind to harness djed
  • Meditation: Focus on breath not enough to distract from severe pain
  • Meditation: Focusing on breath
  • Meditation: Focusing on a mental image
  • Meditation: Meditating in complete darkness is very relaxing
  • Meditation: Entering a physical state of numbness
  • Meditation: Ignoring sensory input to clear the mind
  • Meditation: Bypassing being desensitized
  • Meditation: Somedays, meditation is easier than other days
  • Meditation: Focusing on the sensation of Djed running through the body
  • Meditation: Difficult in a storm on a boat
  • Meditation: The I Am Djed Mantra
  • Meditation: Deep breathing for tranquility
  • Oboe: How to blow on the Reed
  • Oboe: How to play a C-Sharp
  • Observation: Don’t follow from too far away
  • Observation: Reading Kelski’s body language
  • Observation: Believing more than your sense of sight
  • Observation: Ogling the Viper.
  • People: Are Sacred Things
  • Persuasion: Can change opinions with kindness
  • Philosophy: Asking Unanswerable Questions
  • Philosophy: Drawing Conclusions About The Nature of Djed
  • Philosophy: Only The Soul Is Immortal
  • Philosophy: Kynier Is Himself – His Soul
  • Philosphy: Numerius advises to keep moving. Stagnation Is the Equivalent of Death.
  • Physiology: Mages Used, Wizards Studied, Sorcerers Embodied
  • Planning: A better, more secluded space for magic training
  • Planning: Thoroughly Packing and Planning for an Outing
  • Planning: Creating a Distraction
  • Planning: Using random chance to make decisions
  • Planning: Have a back-up plan
  • Psychology: Understanding Oneself & One’s Role In the World
  • Research: Going to a library for a book
  • Research: Skimming through a book for illustrations
  • Research: Attempting a task a different way
  • Rhetoric: Explaining an idealistic goal
  • Rhetoric: Speaking a different language to punctuate a point
  • Running: Hard to breath when running with a cloth mask on
  • Sailing: Navigating with compasses or Syna’s location in the sky
  • Stealth: Using Commotion as Distraction
  • Stealth: Set one foot forward and step behind the other in darkness
  • Stealth: Hiding in the rain
  • Stealth: Regulating your breath
  • Subterfuge: Making an opening to be attacked
  • Subterfuge: Using the surrounds to hide
  • Subterfuge: Ruining a business by tampering with its suppliers
  • Subterfuge: Ruining a business by soiling its reputation
  • Subterfuge: Relaying information to an enemy so they accomplish things for you
  • Subterfuge: Using conversation to distract their attention
  • Subterfuge: Hard to see the whole board when one was only a pawn
  • Subterfuge: Feigning defeat to end a fight
  • Tactics: Retreating when outnumbered
  • Tactics: Approach unsuspecting enemies from behind
  • Tactics: Keep moving when outnumbered in combat
  • Tactics: Analyzing a weapon’s threat range
  • Transcendence: Involves Understanding The Self
  • Writing: Not easy when the fingers are stiff

  • Amulet of Desire: All the magical properties
  • Backpack of Voiding: All the magical properties
  • Drugs: Eagle Eye is sold by Daggerhands
  • Drykas: Not at home if not seated atop a Strider
  • Ghosts: Formed of a mist-like substance
  • Ghosts: Are cold
  • Ghosts: A brief insight into their unlives
  • Kelvics: A race designed to serve
  • Kelvics: Need to Bond
  • Humans: Confine Themselves With Clothing & Thoughts
  • Oboe: Playing in front of a Crowd
  • The Vino: Control the Quay
  • The Vino: Sometimes have exotic slaves
  • The Vino: The newest slave organization in Sunberth
  • The Vigilantes: Have a presence in Stumble Alley
  • Svefra: Very few spend a lot of time in Baroque Bay
  • Svefra: Pretty superstitious
  • Stone Roses: Smell like mildew
  • Stone Roses: Good for climbing
  • Ring of the Black Mouse: All the magical properties
  • The Mighty Quill: All the magical properties
  • The Mighty Quill: Infused with Reimancy
  • Arumenic: Closely related to the ancient tongue
  • The Saique: a smaller ship
  • Mysterious Slab: Unreadable
  • Mysterious Slab: Magical Artifact
  • Mysterious Slab: Says Petricious
  • The Mighty Quill: Bestowed to him by Akajia
  • Laurie: A strange colored chicken
  • Laurie: Supposed to lay special eggs
  • Laurie: Lays icy blue eggs
  • Ice Egg: Unmeltable
  • Ice Egg: Chills water really well
  • The Vino: Been asking about ships at Baroque Bay
  • Pulp: Has many effects
  • Pulp: Can be inhaled, boiled, or ingested
  • Pulp: Increases user’s sex drive
  • Pulp: Changes how the user sees colors
  • Pulp: A cheap man’s drug
  • Striders: Much more than Horses
  • Starfire Oboe: Heals his injuries when played

Magic Lores

  1. Detecting aura of djed-imbued ink
  2. Identifying an injury
  3. Working through mild overgiving
  4. Meriann’s aura
  5. Focusing to see auras through tents
  6. Examining a Shield Weave
  7. What Darvin’s aura looks like
  8. Tracking an aura that’s out of sight
  9. Feeling another's pain during combat
  10. Can change eye color during usage
  11. Assists with making a Shield’s weave better
  12. Focusing on two auras takes more than double the Djed
  13. Reading a person’s aura to assist in Gambling
  14. Tracking an aura from a distance
  15. Divine Magic is gold colored
  16. Useful in a battle against other mages
  17. Watching someone die
  18. Feeling the mirrored pain from being attacked

  1. Enhances physical ability

  1. Complementary to other magics and useful in learning to channel djed
  2. Imbuing Ink with djed for Glyphs
  3. First Step-Start with a Focus
  4. A Focus is a single Glyph
  5. Second Step-Add a Barrier
  6. A Barrier is a series of Glyphs surrounding a Focus to keep it contained
  7. Third Step-creating a Trigger
  8. A Trigger deactivates a Barrier to release the Focus
  9. Triggers must be unique so they are not easily activated
  10. Importance of Glyph design
  11. Can be used to store Reimancy Spells
  12. Difficult to combine with Reimancy at Novice level
  13. Using a Focus as an amplifier when combined with Shielding
  14. Isn't magical on its own.
  15. Novices commonly apply Glyphs to their skins
  16. Poses infinite possibilities
  17. Glyphs dampen Overgiving effects
  18. Presents unpredicatable and dangerous results
  19. Recognizing a volatile Sigil
  20. Drawing in blood
  21. Painting Res Runes on Trees
  22. Combining two runes for multiple effects
  23. Combining Sulta and Vaknui
  24. Drawing a Path
  25. Making glyphs for easier Projection
  26. Forming a Sigil for another mage’s use
  27. Combining three runes for a Focus

  1. Noticing the golden flare of the irises
  2. Not as simple as flicking a finger

  1. Effect: Metallic taste in mouth
  2. Effect: Convulsions and sickness
  3. Effect: Stabbing headache
  4. Side Effects lasting more than 30 days may be permanent
  5. Projection limbs will grow heavy and stiff
  6. Projectionists will feel body and soul desynchronize
  7. Projectionists will feel pain from the physical body during detachment
  8. A real Khur-va
  9. Difficult to judge

  1. Separates Astral Body from Physical Body
  2. Initiation requires loosening the initiate’s Astral Body
  3. Can incite pain in the nerves
  4. Origins of initiation are unknown
  5. Djed must dislodge the Astral Form
  6. Can be done quick and painfully at the risk of nerve damage
  7. Can be done slow and safely
  8. Novices can reach 3-4 times farther with their limbs
  9. How to detach both Astral arms
  10. Novice Projectionists can’t lift a weapon
  11. Every use guarantees risk to the caster
  12. Can interact with ghosts
  13. Can “shoot” a Voiding Rift
  14. Detaching the head can break concentration
  15. Over use can cause paralysis
  16. Detaching both legs
  17. Deliberately causing pain during reattachment to break from Hypnotism
  18. Detaching the astral shoulder.
  19. Detaching the astral chest.

  1. Res can be used for distraction
  2. Focusing on Fire to conjure the element
  3. Channeling Fire into a Glyph
  4. Directing res at short range
  5. Fire and Air makes Lightning
  6. Origins of initiation are unknown
  7. How to attract Fire to res
  8. Use intent, not imagery or words
  9. Activating one collection of res and not the second
  10. How to conjure white mage fire
  11. Creating a blanket of fire with liquid res
  12. Taking djed quickly and forming res while agitated increases overgiving intensity
  13. Forming Res inside the mouth
  14. Using aeromancy to attract the surrounding air
  15. Using aeromancy to form a condensed sphere of air
  16. Using aeromancy in a more “narrow and fluid” way
  17. Geomancy, a sense of stability and firmness
  18. Pyromancy, a sense of passion and hatred
  19. Making a rock from res
  20. Geomancy requires more finesse.
  21. Altering a stone’s shape
  22. Breaking down earth with geomancy
  23. Making a tunnel with geomancy
  24. Making an archway with geomancy
  25. Closing an archway with geomancy
  26. Redirecting unused res
  27. Making a door with geomancy
  28. Geomancy functions in synch with breathing
  29. Using Geomancy to make a Vaulted Ceiling
  30. Liquid res can seep through materials
  31. Using Geomancy to level a stone floor
  32. Using Geomancy to level a stone wall
  33. Using Geomancy to create a wall sconce
  34. Creating the element of Air
  35. Aeromancy should only be breathed in an emergency
  36. Generating a vortex around Kynier
  37. How to create a bolt of Lightning
  38. Generating a powerful bolt of Lightning requires a lot of Djed
  39. How to generate a weaker bolt of Lightning
  40. How to create a consistent current of Lightning
  41. Attracting Lightning in a thunderstorm
  42. Using Geomancy with Gaseous Res
  43. Using Geomancy with Liquid Res
  44. Using Geomancy with Solid Res
  45. Infusing a Sigil to attract Lightning
  46. Generating a wind to take someone off their feet

  1. Djed takes more time to form
  2. Weaving a veil to block light
  3. Weaving a larger shield with a Glyph
  4. Tasking a shield against fire
  5. Standard shield doesn't stop a Ghost
  6. Tasking a Shield against Water
  7. Not capable of warding away everything
  8. Ghosts consume shields infused with soulmist
  9. How to dismantle a shield Kynier cast
  10. Novice weave patterns are inconsistent
  11. Setting Fire resistant shields via Glyphing
  12. Tasking a Shield with Soulmist
  13. Making a thicker weave won’t cover as much area
  14. Repairing a damaged shield weave
  15. Adding Djed to a damaged shield to make it stronger
  16. Tasking a Shield with silence
  17. Creating a weave to block light on the face for a disguise

  1. A well respected profession
  2. Has recipes for making Soulmist
  3. A World Magic
  4. Ghostbeads protect an area from ghosts
  5. Making soulmist with flour, cheese, an egg, and blood
  6. Using regurgitation to make soulmist
  7. Spreading soulmist on a weapon
  8. Soulmist: What Ghosts are made of
  9. Soulmist: Can be applied to items to interact with Ghosts
  10. Soulmist: Can be given to Ghosts to give them more power
  11. Soulmist: Is stronger if made with blood from “Purer Hearts”

  1. A Dangerous Magic!
  2. Voids close on their own, eventually
  3. Forming a small portal
  4. Using the void to remove spilled blood
  5. Gateways are not always symmetrical
  6. Much easier to lose control of

  1. Djed Is In Everything – He Is Made Of Djed

  1. Djed: Can neither be created, nor destroyed, only transformed
  2. World Magics: Less intuitive

Total Lore Count: 693
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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 9:24 pm

Possessions List

  • Simple Shirt (cuts on arms)
  • Simple Pants
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Simple Cloak
  • Simple Boots
  • Cloak
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Bronze Symbol of Akajia (necklace)
  • Gold Symbol of Akajia (arm band)
  • Locket of Kelski's hair
  • Dark Green Burglar's Vest
  • Dark Cotton Pants
  • Dark High Boots
  • Dull Brown Cotton Shirt
  • Belt (basic)
  • Rusty Red Cotton Shirt
  • White Longsleeve Silk Shirt
  • Blue Velvet Shirt
  • Black Silk Vest

  • Cold Iron Short Sword with Band-Aid Healing
  • Glister (magic cold iron short sword)
  • Assassin's Dagger
  • 8 Daggers
  • Longsword (Sun's Birth sunburst on pommel)
  • 2 Wooden Practice Short Swords

  • Leather Armor
  • Steel Vambraces
  • Steel Rerebraces
  • Steel Cuisses
  • Steel Greaves

  • Wisdom of Eyris-Book on Goddess and Gnosis (Aidren's Journal)
  • Limitations of the Body-Book on Projection up to Master
  • Handwritten Journal on Gang activity
  • Fundamentals: Handwritten by Kynier
  • Observation of the Elements: Kynier's Reimancy Journal
  • Formations and Weaves: Kynier's Shielding Journal
  • From the Other Side: Kynier's Voiding Journal
  • Average Book: Secret Passage Design (Architecture)
  • Average Book: Basics of Architecture
  • Average Book: Designing a Building
  • Book of Kyomah: Philosophy of Reimancy

  • Metal Picks (larceny)
  • Skeleton Keys
  • Artisan's Kit
  • Handyman's Kit
  • 12 sheets of parchment
  • 2 vials of ink
  • Quill
  • Tiny/Detail Paintbrush

  • Basic sewing kit (needles, thread, scissors)
  • 1 sq yds of White Cloth
  • 2 tinctures of Belltor
  • 2.8 oz of Vyfox leaves

  • Large Chest, High Quality with Very Simple Lock
  • Fine Armchair x3
  • Fine Bed
  • Fine Chair x3
  • Bookcase Average (50 Books)
  • Fine Couch x2
  • Cupboards Good x2
  • Desk Fine
  • Dresser Fine
  • End Table Fine x3
  • Fireplace
  • Hearth good
  • Firepit
  • Shelf set Fine
  • Table Fine
  • Wardrobe Fine
  • Wash Basin Fine
  • Good Lock x2
  • Good Key x3

  • 3 Sacks
  • Hand Mirror (Small Steel)
  • Haut Bois (Oboe)
  • Bucket
  • Metal Comb
  • Metal Brush
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Flint and Steel
  • Seashell (gift)
  • Silver and Gray Feather (gift)
  • Locke of Kelski's hair
  • 1 Vial of Eagle Eyes (drug)
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Kynier Haltara

Postby Kynier on March 19th, 2019, 9:31 pm

Magic Items

The Mighty Quill :
History: A fine-clothing merchant living in the Alahea Empire sometime prior to the Valterrian, had a problem with thieves. Working for his competition, the thieves would routinely steal his financial ledgers and other business papers so to help their employer stay on top of the clothing trade. While the merchant was quite skilled at what he did and could have been enormously successful, the underhanded methods of his competition held him back. Desperate to save his failing business, the merchant, whose family had always been close to Zulrav, prayed to the god for help. Then, on a stormy night a few days later, the merchant was closing up shop and started for home. On his way, a boom of thunder and a crackle of lightning shook the buildings around him. With the flash of lightning, he caught the briefest glimpse of a massive winged creature flying overhead. A moment later, a feather fell on the ground in front of him. After feelings of fear and awe began to fade, he reached down and picked up the feather. As he held it in his hand, he felt a slight tingle as the hair on his arm stood as if affected be static electricity. Quickly he ran for home and when under cover from the storm, he looked closer at the feather and saw a tiny glyph drawn on the quill of the feather. He quickly realized that the quill was a gift from Zulrav. Though he wasn’t a wizard and knew next to nothing of magic, a thought occurred to him that maybe he should use the quill to draw the rune on something. So, he dipped the quill in a bit of ink and drew the rune on the replacement to his previously stolen business ledger. A few days later, he arrived at his shop to find it broken into; the new lock on his tiny vault broken and the door forced open. Inside he found the body of one of the thieves. The man’s chest looked as if it were hit with something forceful that had caused a deadly burn. The merchant began referring to the quill as the Mighty Quill since he felt it was far better than any sword.

This deep blue feather is edged with white. It is about 10 inches long with the quill baring a tiny glyph near the tip. To the trained eye, the glyph appears to be one that stores a simple spell. However, when using the quill to draw the rune on an object that contains something else; a book cover, a lock, a door, etc., the drawn rune will trigger when the object is opened by anyone other than the one who drew it. Once triggered, the rune will unleash a small ball of lightning centered on the one who opened the object it was drawn on. The ball of lightning is treated as being cast by a competent reimancer will 40 skill points. The quill will only create a single charged rune at any one time. Once that rune is triggered, another charged rune can then be drawn.

The Quill has a minor secondary affect being that it can be used to draw other glyphs or even common writings on any surface be it cloth, flesh, bone, stone, paper, etc. It still requires separate ink however.

The Amulet of Desire :
When you hold it in your hand and turn a careful circle until you stand in whichever direction the person, place, or thing that you desire will cause the amulet to glow. The person place or thing you desire can change moment to moment. It will continue to glow as long as you concentrate on that object of desire and point in the direction it lies relative to you. This item will only work if you are within a 10 mile distance of the one thing you desire.

Backpack of Voiding :
It can hold anything within it as long as the thing can fit through the bag's opening to disappear inside. It weighs as if it is an empty backpack and has no limit in terms of what can go in. One must concentrate on what one wants to retrieve from the inside of it when reaching in or else the contents coming to ones hand will be random. This backpack will not preserve items such as food. Any garbage or food that rots in it will cause the contents to smell and a stench to emit from it once the top flap is thrown open. The same might be said of soiled sweaty or dirty clothing, especially socks and shoes.

Cold Iron Shortsword of Healing :
The weapon sooths your wounds resulting in a single moderate wound being healed once per day while being held. Activation: "I'll Die Tomorrow" in Tukant. Causes an unusual burning sensation in the wound that the power is being focused on as it heals.

Ring of the Black Mouse :
This ring is forged of some unknown red colored metal and is set with a single black stone. If one looks close enough at the stone, the faint outline of a mouse can be seen in its upper most facet. A few symbols are engraved in the inside part of the band. These symbols are magical in nature however their purpose and meaning have been lost in time.

By concentrating on the ring and calling on memories of a favored pet, animal companion or any animal that had positive significance in one's life, the wearer of the ring can Vitalize the ring's etching of a mouse on its black stone (empowered by Kihala's gnosis that grants a version of life to a depiction of life). When this happens, it looks as though a black mouse literally crawls out of the stone's setting; this causes the stone to vanish leaving the ring without it.

The Vitalized mouse appears and acts in all ways as a truly living mouse save for a few important differences. It cannot move farther than 50 feet from the ring else the magic that keeps it alive will be severed. If this happens, the mouse will simply turn to dust and it will take 10 days for the ring to restore the stone and enable the mouse once more.

The mouse will remain Vitalized ("alive") for 10 days before it has to return to the ring (literally crawling back into the setting and turning back into a black stone). If it can't return, it will turn to dust and require 10 more days to restore. Once it returns to the ring, it takes one day for the magic to recharge and enable the mouse to be Vitalized once more.

The wearer of the ring may direct the mouse by force of will in VERY simple ways. The mouse can be directed to enter a building or room, follow the wearer, perch on their shoulder or hide in their pocket simply by willing it to do so. The mouse will not put itself directly in harm's way however. For example, it will avoid predatory threats or any thing really that would direct it to potentially die. Attempting this will turn the mouse to dust and require 10 days to restore the ring's ability to Vitalize another. More than one occurrence of such a thing may even gain the negative attention of Kihala or Caiyha.

The wearer may also, by closing their eyes and focusing on the ring and through it the mouse, share some of the mouse's senses in a limited and unique way. They can see what the mouse sees albeit in black and white, no color. This is done by closing one's eyes and viewing the what the mouse sees. They may also smell what the mouse smells and share their sense of touch through their whiskers. While the wearer can hear what the mouse hears, spoken words are heard from the mouse's perspective. A mouse cannot perceive language thus any spoken words heard through the mouse will come across as gibberish. Voices may be recognized or perhaps perceived as male or female based on tone or pitch but it will sound as though someone were hearing a foreign language with no knowledge whatsoever of what is being said.

If the mouse is wounded and/or killed, it will turn to dust and require the standard 10 days for the ring to restore the stone and the magic. If the mouse is intentionally harmed by the wearer, the ring itself will turn to dust and may incur the anger of Kihala or Caiyha. So predatory Kelvics who acquire this ring should take care in eating the mouse as a source of food.

Giving away or selling the ring will result in its power vanishing.

Glister :
A Cold Iron Short Sword with an ornate guard and handle. Swirls – The surface of the weapon is enveloped in a swirl of twisting colors that can be distracting to an opponent in battle. -10 to all opponent’s rolls while in combat with the wielder. Effect is constant.

Cloak of Ever-Comfort :
The black, Mohair wool cloak is magically imbued to keep the body of the wearer comfortable between 30F and 100F (-1C and 37C). It also keeps the body surprisingly dry.

Tear of Tanroa :
A Tear of Tanroa is a divine artifact. As big as an apple and is always wet to the touch as it is quite literally a divine tear given solid form. It comes with a small, blue, otterskin (waterproof) bag that can hold it. Otherwise, it can get clothes or other surfaces wet as it is covered in a constant state of condensation. A Tear looks like a spherical piece of calm water; no amount of shaking will disturb the serenity within it. However, once the one who inspired its creation gazes into it, something truly remarkable happens.

The surface of the Tear ripples and an animated image appears. This animated image will remain animated for 10 seconds before repeating. The image itself represents the most significant 10 seconds within the memory that inspired it. While focusing on what it reveals, the person will see the "10-second clip" as if they were actually in that moment in time, watching it. They will hear any of the associated sounds, experience associated tastes, smells and touches that exist within those 10 seconds. Think of it as Mizahar's version of a digital photo frame.

The Tear itself cannot be damaged or destroyed by anyone other than a Rank 1 God(dess).

Kynier's tear displays him as a child sitting on a bed with his mother. Young Kynier is brusied and bleeding after a fight and is playing a single note on an Oboe while his mother is singing the same note. Kynier feels a sense of calm while watching this time. To this day he doesn't realize the true significance of that moment.

Starfire Oboe :
Starfire Oboe – This silver oboe, when played, produces a soothing song that literally feels insightful and calming. In a 50-foot radius, the oboe’s song causes nearby flames to turn silver and in the absence of existing flames, random nearby objects shimmer with a soft inner silver light. Those in the radius of effect, including the one playing the oboe, find their minds cleared of conflict and confusion; their thoughts pushed toward self-reflection. The player is also covered in starfire, minor and moderate wounds quickly vanishing. Those within the radius of effect who hear the music will suffer a 10-point penalty to combat-related actions during and after the playing of the oboe for the remainder of the encounter. No skill is needed to play the oboe, simply lifting it to one’s lips and blowing does the trick. (Originally a Flute. Gillar gave approval for changing it to an oboe.)

The Defender Sphere (Undiscovered) :
ImageThis Green-Tinted Crystalline Sphere will create a glowing-edged solid impenetrable defensive weapon that looks exactly like a normal kite shield that is absolutely see through and indestructible. It cannot be ripped from the owner and can be activated as many times per day as the owner wishes, and can be dismissed just as easily. Activation simply requires a tap and the will for the sphere to activate. The same is true with the dismissal. This sphere is a bit smaller than the other spheres, being closer to the diameter of an average apple than that of a large grapefruit so that the bearer can hold it comfortably in their hands.

Ring of Transference :
When you pick it up and slide it on your finger, you will know instantly what it is for. It will be like someone stood there and told you, but you will not remember that happening. If you take it off immediately, nothing will happen. But if you leave it on, it will activate for its once-per-season usage then and there. What the Ring of Transference does is allow you to take one skill you know well (say a high level skill) and transfer that knowledge for a 24 hour period of time once per season to another skill you already know at the level of the first skill. The second skill acquires the first skills stats, while the first skill acquires the stats of the second skill. You are in essence flip-flopping one set of stats for 24 hrs.

Stone of Tuvrenan: Pond Stone :
The stone of balance gives the wielder the ability to clear their mind of distraction with relative ease. The wielder is treated as having a +25 bonus to Meditation.

Magecrafting has been practiced since before the creation of written language. A name lost to all but a few of the divine was a shaman named Tuvrenan who was known to imbue great power into regular stones. The stones themselves are large and vary in color but were not magically constructed. Each one possesses a glyph written in the Ancient Tongue on their surface, though it is difficult to see the runes without close, careful examination. The shaman had been known to bless many iconic figures of the first age of civilization with a stone, granting them either an enhancement or new profound abilities. When the stones are held in the owner’s hand they meld into the palm. The texture of the stone spreads over the entire palm and the inside of the fingers so long as the effect is active. The stones can be used for up to one continuous day before they revert to their original form. The stones require one full day to recharge regardless of how much time was used.

Leth's Light: A Book on Critical Thinking (Undiscovered) :

This journal was written by one of Leth's famous priests, Pyrathis Nilam, who broke critical thinking into seven parts and discussed how society reformed after the Valterrian and the philosophy involved. It not only discusses the seven parts of critical thinking...

    1. Analyzing
    2. Applying Standards
    3. Discriminating
    4. Information Seeking
    5. Logical Reasoning
    6. Predicting
    7. Transforming Knowledge

...but how society, in post Valterrian Mizahar, has related to their environment as influenced by magic and The Gods. Several Gods are discussed in the book including Leth, Syna, Ivak, Sylir & his son Glav Navik, Rhysol, Priskil and Qalaya. This book introduces key philosophical arguments and makes many leaps and bounds from idea to practical application siting examples from the last 500 years of history.

Black Sun Lantern (Undiscovered) :

This dark lantern produces a light that only the owner can see by. People walking even directly beside the person will see no effects of the lantern nor see the lantern itself. This allows a person to move around in the dark within a circle of light that no one else can see or see by.

Leave No Trace Boots (Undiscovered) :

These thigh-high boots, when slipped on, will automatically be the correct size and fit for the wearer. They will leave no trace of their passage through any sort of substrate including mud and snow so long as the substrate isn’t over the top of the boots. They will remain clean and dry and not ever show signs of wear. Their coloring is the owner’s choice and will change based on the owner’s outfit. The tops can be rolled down or up depending upon the owner’s activity.

Magic Eye Bracelet (Undiscovered) :

This slim metal bracelet looks like a very stylized eye with a set of sapphires for a pupil. It has a habit of growing incredibly and uncomfortably warm against the user’s skin (without burning the wearer) when someone is using magic directly around or upon them. This item is particularly useful on folks that are worried they will be hypnotized or scanned with auristics, though it will also reveal the fact someone is using other sort of magics of all kinds. It will not heat up if the user themselves is a mage and using their own magic.

Boxcode inspired by Antipodes!
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Kynier Haltara

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Location: Sunberth

House: Personal Home in Seaside Market.

Compared to the rest of the houses in the city, the structure is above average in quality. A one story building that sits on an acre of land that separates it slightly from the rest of the district. The property extends down to the river. Inside is a three room set up. The common room with a kitchen extension comprises of the right half of the interior. The first door on the left enters an extra room that currently surves as an all purpose room. The second door on the left leads to the bedroom with a simple bath chamber attachement. Another door, opposite the main entrance, leads to the stone patio which offers a pleasant view of the river and the Gated Community across the way.


    Master Bedroom, Simple
    Kitchen, Simple
    2 Comman Areas, Simple
    1 Acre of City Land
    Stone Patio, Elaborate

Employment: Doler at The Majestic
    Spy: Base pay 6gm/day
    Skill: Intelligence (Expert)
    Wages: 18gm/day (6 x 1.5 x 2)
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Kynier Haltara

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Money Tracker

Purchase Cost Total
Winter 518 Wages +1,656 gm 4,453 gm 7 sm
Winter Living Expenses Common -135 4,318 gm 7 sm
Winter NPC Living Exp Common (12 days) -18 gm 4,300 gm 7 sm
Home Furniture -543 gm 3,757 gm 7 sm
Zypherian Seld Dog -600 gm 3,157 gm 7 sm
Weekend Challenge Upgrade -1,000 gm 2,157 gm 7 sm

Spring 518 - Winter 518 Ledger :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Average Bed -10 GM 90 GM
Haut Bois Average -20 GM 70GM
Large chest High quality -3 GM 77 GM
Very Simple Lock & Key (large chest) -24 GM 53 GM
Wardrobe average -2 GM 51 GM
Dresser average -2 GM 49 GM
Average Cupbaord -2 GM 47 GM
Table Average -1 GM 46 GM
Wash basin average -2 GM 44 GM
Bookcase poor (10 book) -1 GM 43 GM
Sunberth City Map -2 GM 41 GM
Bronze Holy Symbol of Akajia -15 GM 26 GM
Assassin's Dagger -4 GM 22 GM
2 average chairs -14 SM 20 GM 6 SM
Desk poor -8 SM 19 GM 8 SM
Cloak -5 SM 19 GM 3 SM
Mask -3 SM 19 GM
Looting Thugs Spring 518 +21 gm 35 sm 85 cm 40 gm 35 sm 85 cm
Spring 518 Income +366 gm 406 gm 35 sm 85 cm
Spring 518 Living (Common) -135 gm 271 gm 35 sm 85 cm
Apples (6 lbs) -6 gm 265 gm 35 sm 85 cm
Chestnuts (8 lbs) -8 gm 257 gm 35 sm 85 cm
Quill - 5 cm 257 gm 35 sm 80 cm
Tiny/Detail - 5 sm 257 gm 30 sm 80 cm
Sheets of Parhcment 20 -4 gm 253 gm 30 sm 80 cm
Wayd (Intelligence) -4 sm 253 gm 26 sm 80 cm
Short Sword Lessons -10 gm 243 gm 26 sm 80 cm
Clothes (Undiscovered Secrets) -112 gm 18.5 sm 131 gm 12 sm 75 cm
Small Steel Mirror -10 gm 102 gm 12 sm 75 cm
Artisan's Kit -20 gm 82 gm 12 sm 75 cm
Weekend Challenge +1,500 gm 1,582 gm 12 sm 75 cm
The Shadow Altar -1,010 gm 572 gm 12 sm 75 cm
Disappointed Dredge +11 gm 1 sm 17 cm 583 gm 13 sm 92 cm
Song of Water -10gm 2 sm 572 gm 11 sm 92 cm
Old Faces New Life +521 gm 3 sm 1,093 gm 14 sm 92 cm
Making an Exchange +4 gm 1,097 gm 14 sm 92 cm
Glister -255 gm 842 gm 14 sm 92 cm
Summer 518 Income +819 gm 1,661 gm 14 sm 92 cm
Summer 518 Living Expenses (41 Common) -61 gm 5 sm 1,600 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Summer 518 Living Expenses (50 good) -250 gm 1,350 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Forgery Kit & Wax -23 gm 1,327 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Body Building Equipment -34 gm 1,293 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Handyman's Kit -20 gm 1,273 gm 9 sm 92 cm
3 Average books of Architecture -75 gm 1,198 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Construction Level -10 gm 1,188 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Weekend Challenge +1,700 gm 2,888gm 9 sm 92 cm
The Arcanum -691 gm 2,197 gm 9sm 92 cm
Black Silk Vest -8 gm 2,189 gm 9 sm 92 cm
Blank Books (10) -30 gm 2,159 gm 10 sm
Starfall Challenge Reward +400gm 2,559 gm 10 sm
Armor Purchases -230 gm 2,329 gm 10 sm
Out for Blood Series +900 gm 3,229 gm 10 sm
Arcanum Reimbursement +691 gm 3,920 gm 10 sm
New Home -2,700 gm 1,220 gm 10 sm
Proving Grounds Lesson -30 gm 1,190 gm 10 sm
Fall 518 Season Wages +1,638 gm 2,828 gm 10 sm
Fall 518 Living Expenses Good (70 days) -350 gm 2,478 gm 10sm
Fall 518 Living Expenses Common (21 days) -31 gm 5 sm 2,447 gm 5 sm
Fall 518 Song's Rest Rent Expenses (21 days) -10 gm 5 sm 2,437 gm
Climbing Gear -137 gm 1 sm 2,299 gm, 9 sm
Costume Party -130 gm 3 sm 2,169 gm 6 sm
Weekend Challenge +700 gm 2,869 gm 6 sm
Black and Gold Velvet Outfit -66 gm 9 sm 2,802 gm 7sm
Scarlet Sanctum Private Examination -5 gm 2,797 gm 7 sm
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