Location The Outpost Administration

This building is home of the main offices of all the offficals in The Outpost.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Outpost Administration

Postby Gossamer on December 26th, 2019, 2:05 am



The high ranking Priests and Priestesses of Xyna had a problem. They kept having random people drop by the Shrine not to worship Xyna, but to seek them out. So to avoid that situation, they were forced to open a set of administration offices that houses multiple desks.

Zed, head of the Priests of Xyna, has an office here. The head of the Great Bazaar, Nico Savadal, has an office here. And there are dozens of others, including those in charge of garbage, water, and maintenance of The Outpost. The chief gardener, Kendal Ray, of The Outpost also has an office here. None of these men and women are usually found in their offices, but it does give the people looking for them a place to start.

Lynka tends to sort all the visitors out, send runners to fetch the officials that are needed immediately, and schedules appointments for all the non-pressing issues people might need. There is a nice waiting room with a fully staffed refreshment bar near her desk, and she has a small army of teenagers ready to send as messengers when necessary.

By far the biggest office in the place is the real estate office. Here you can purchase property, find out who owns what property, and file building permits. Lancaster Dayton - Xyna Priest in charge of buying and selling land and structures - has a running list of all the available and purchased space in The Outpost. You simply need parcel numbers for the property. He charges fair market value and buys for fair market value (aka price list prices).

Name: Lynka
Race: Human
DoB: Riverfall
PoB: 475 A.V.
Skills: Business Management, Leadership, Socialization, Organization, Planning
Gnosis: None

Lynka is an ex-Nakivak from Riverfall that simply grew too old to continue with her duties. Surviving multiple births, her sons are all off with their families and she's found herself at The Outpost with nothing better to do. Having been handpicked by Zed for her unusual ability to latch on to gossip and figure out what is true and what is not, she was put to work as the top secretary in the Administration Office. Now she spends her days screening visitors, ferreting out which visitors need immediate attention and which can be fostered off on lower-ranking acolytes. Visitors have to get through Lynka to talk to Zed or even any of the officials that have offices at the Administration Office.
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The Outpost Administration

Postby Kelski on March 23rd, 2020, 1:48 am

Timestamp 1st of Spring, 520 A.V.

It was her birthday. She had only learned that people celebrated birthdays from Kalistan's memories. When she took a walk through his memories, it was something she'd taken note of. Kelski stood on the doorstep of the Administration Office and figured this was as good of a way as any to celebrate something she hadn't known was important.

She shifted the heavy bags awkwardly then walked into the office. She held a piece of parchment in her hand which she showed to the lady behind the desk. The woman stood, walked down a side hall a bit, and then peered into a door, knocking lightly on its open frame.

Then she beckoned to Kelski who went with her and quietly entered Lancaster Dayton's office. She knew who he was by the nametag clearly printed in elaborately scrolled letters on his door. The man was average looking, thoughtful, and looked at her questioningly. She held out the paper.

"I'd like to purchase these two properties. One is a Riad, and the other is a very fancy shop attached to it. Nico Savadal showed me where they were, urged me to tour them, and gave me these papers to give to you if I wanted them." She said softly, then moved her heavy bag off her shoulder and set it on his desk.

"You'll find all the coin in here. Can we make it official?" She asked quietly.

The man nodded, but walked around the desk, shook her hand, and introduced himself to her formally. Then he took her papers, read them over, and walked to a wooden file cabinet and pulled out first one folder, then another. Each seemed to contain the details on the shop and riad plus what looked like property deeds.

Then he turned to her bags, and with a raised eyebrow said quietly... "May I?" Kelski nodded. He carefully opened the bags and began pulling out the coin, counting it diligently. Then he placed the coin in a strongbox behind his desk and set into the wall. Then he pulled the property deeds out onto the desk, pulled paperwork for her to sign, and beckoned Kelski forward.

"Will you sign these? Then the properties are yours." He said softly, smiling gently at her. "A jewelry store? We need a fine one here. I'm excited to have you here." He said, as Kelski leaned forward, read the documents, and took the deeds.

Lancaster shook her hand again, filed all the paperwork, and congratulated her on her new acquisitions. Kelski smiled, tucked the deeds into her belt pouch, and retrieved the now empty bag. She thanked him, nodded to Nico whom she passed in the hall and nodded to show that she'd indeed become a new property owner, and headed off to tell the rest of The Meraki that they had their next satellite home... the more of them they had the safer their fortress stronghold would be.

Kelski wondered how many other people spent well over fifteen thousand mizas on their birthday. It was something somewhat mind-blowing to her to pay for something in coin without debt. She'd come a long way from a slave who had never had the opportunity to handle coin.

1 Acre City Land 1000 gm
2 Patio 1000 gm ( Elaborate – 800 sqft)
1 Courtyard swimming pool 1000 gm
2 Living-room 1,500 gm ( Elaborate – 400 sqft)
1 Kitchen 1,800 gm (Elaborate – 400 sqft)
1 Storage Pantry 1,000 gm (Elaborate - 400 sqft)
1 Dining Hall 5,000 gm (Elaborate – 1600 sqft)
6 Bedroom 2,000 gm (Elaborate – 400 sqft x2 with shared bathroom) x 3
3 Bathing Room 3,000 (Elaborate – 400 sqft)
1 Rooftop Terrace 500 gm (Elaborate – 400 sqft)
2 Garden 1000 gm (Elaborate – 800 sqft)

= 24,000 Total

1 Shop 8,000 gm (Luxurious - 400 sqft)
1 Workshop 2,000 gm (Elaborate - 400 sqft)
1 Bath 1,000 (Elaborate - 400 sqft)
1 Office 1,500 (Elaborate - 400 sqft)

+ 2 guards, + 2 clerks (will acquire in a thread before opening/moving into acquisitions)

= 12,500 gm

Total Funds Needed For Structures: 36,800 - .25% Discount = 27,600

Utilizing a half price land structure/business purchase coupon = 13,800 GM

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