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A Wildlands Jewelry laboratory that houses an eccentric Master Jeweler.

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

Painted Sky Jewelry

Postby Kelski on July 29th, 2019, 12:56 am



ImageMatthews Bay is a beautiful sweeping inlet off the Eastern Ocean in Sylira's Wildands. Large, sheltered, and surrounded by mountains that lead inward to the city of Zeltiva, this graceful body of water is sailed by the worlds most renowned sailors and Svefra. Along its inlets and beaches lie pocket kingdoms of forest that sweep down from the mountains, creating almost magical oasis' of sheltered land where people have settled who do not fear the wilderness but love their isolation.

Visitors come and go, and the most astute of these settlers make their beaches and homes welcome to the Svefra who stop and bring them supplies, news, and even visitors aplenty. The denizens of The Empyreal Demesne, the home of the Guild known as The Meraki, have done this very thing. They have provided portage spots and a dock for Svefra to come ashore and spend a few days resting from sailing - reprovisioning and taking on fresh water - and conducting business with the Demesne.

ImageFive miles from Zeltiva, on the eastern shore of Mathews Bay, lies The Empyreal Demesne. This is a settlement of eccentric mages and craftsman that are dedicated to the preservation, reclamation, and restoration of magic throughout Mizahar. Above the Empyreal Demesne Beach lies a clearing being farmed and built up with a soaring four story tower that dominates the landscape.

This tower is forming the cornerstone of a new extensive manor that houses The Meraki Guild and its associated peoples. The Meraki are a lot of things, but above all they are professionals. Their leader is a Master Jeweler - a Kelvic named Kelski. Kelski moved her jewelry shop - the infamous Midnight Gem - from Sunberth in the Summer of 519 in order to escape the violence of the city and the persecution of mages. Taking with her a rag-tag group of magic users of like mind, the group settled this pristine beach and have scattered throughout twenty acres on its shores. Finding an ancient tower, they quickly made it a home. Kelski has turned the top story into her own personal quarters and workshop.

ImageThe Sea Eagle earned her reputation in both Lhavit as an apprentice and in Sunberth where she achieved her Mastery and left the stiffing confines of the city of Anarchy behind. Her new location, Painted Sky Jewelry, has no true showroom that people can wander and pick out items. Instead, Kelski sees to the wants and needs of visitors personally, taking orders and making the items either the same day or very quickly thereafter while the travelers wait. The Sea Eagle also takes orders from the Svefra who bring her a great deal of business. She trades generic masterwork items with them for supplies which they can then in turn trade in larger cities for coin and resupply.

Kelski is known for her custom very personalized work. She can encrust almost anything with gemstones, do small animal sculptures, and of course knows a wide variety of techniques that can be useful in almost any jewelry situation.

The Meraki are welcoming of newcommers, especially mages, and Kelski herself has often expressed an interest in taking on apprentices. Rumor also has it that she has been experimenting with bridging the gap between magic and jewelcrafting, combining the two in her masterwork pieces.

Shop Price List :

Metals Available
Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze & Brass. Inquire for other metals... such as tin, steel, etc. Costs listed in order (Gold, Silver, Copper) as these are most common.

Gemstones Available
See Gemstone of Mizahar and inquire if specifics are available.

Breakdown of Prices for Pieces
All prices are in Gold-Rimmed Mizas.
Type of Piece and Material + Gemstone = Total Cost.
Examples: A simple cameo only costs 5 GM while a gold diamond ring costs 30 GM plus the cost of the diamond in the carats you want from the Gemstones list.

ImagePieces Available
Bands (Metal)
  • Arm (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Brow 10 GM
  • Head 15 GM

  • Charm 10 GM
    ~Comes with one charm
    ~additional charms 5 GM apiece
  • Metal (25 GM, 15 GM, 10 GM)
  • Jeweled 25 GM + Gemstones

  • Cameo 5 GM
  • Animal 10 GM
  • Metal (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Jeweled 15 + Gemstones

Cloak Clasps
  • Metal (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Jeweled 10 GM + Gemstones
  • Animal 10 GM

Earrings (per set)
  • Metal (15 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)

Hair Items
  • Metal Comb (22 GM , 15 GM, 10 GM)
  • Jeweled Comb 12 GM + Gemstones
  • Metal Clip (20 GM, 10 GM, 5 GM)
  • Jeweled Clip 10 GM + Gemstones

Necklaces (18in, 24in)
  • Metal (50 GM, 25 GM, 10 GM) (65 GM, 35 GM, 20 GM)

ImageAnimal Items
  • Collar Tags (Silver Only) 15 GM
    ~engraved with name of pet, owner, and address
  • Bridle Tags (Silver Only) 10 GM
    ~engraved with horse’s name only

Rings (free sizing)
  • Metal 30 GM, 20 GM, 10 GM

  • Wedding 100 GM
  • Jeweled 75 GM

Special Services (Free Estimates ~ inquire on cost)
  • Engraving
  • Encrusting
  • Ring Sizing, Resetting, & Recombining
  • Inlay of Material (stone, shell, etc)
  • Metal Plating
  • Gemstone Replacement W/Cut Glass

Special Requests Welcome


Please note PCs wishing to purchase jewelry from Kelski can be met by the Kelvic herself or any number of PCs or NPCs found in and around the Empyreal Demesne. One can start a post in this thread or title a new post in the Wildlands with the prefix [Painted Sky Jewelry].


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