Gillar's Experimental Birthday Challenge

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Gillar's Experimental Birthday Challenge

Postby Moritz Craven on November 3rd, 2022, 11:17 pm

Thanks for this challenge, it was a lot of fun, really enjoyed pushing Moritz and seeing what he would do!

For the tier 1 reward I'll take number 2 - Time's Paradox.

Quick clarification on the 2nd tier prize Time's Pebble to make sure I understand. It says it can be used on a single skill once per thread, but wasn't sure I was understanding. I get it can only be used on 1 skill per thread. But does that mean whatever the 1 boosted skill is only gets boosted for 1 post per thread, or that its effect last the entire thread but you can only use it on 1 skill for that thread. Wasn't sure which, and wanted to make sure I understood.

Thanks, and had a ton of fun with this!
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Gillar's Experimental Birthday Challenge

Postby Mittle on November 4th, 2022, 3:49 am

1st Tier Reward, 2 – Time’s Paradox please.
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Gillar's Experimental Birthday Challenge

Postby Tazrae on November 4th, 2022, 4:10 am

Thank You!

First I want to say thank you for this challenge. It really enabled me to wrap up some plots, open new avenues, introduce some new NPCs, and have Tazrae find a deeper meaning in her life. On the surface, it might seem like there's nothing but a basic kidnapping, imprisonment and sexual assault plotline, but it became something so deep and meaningful for my PC.

She was able to learn about her family, and get a sense of the history and the trauma her own tribe has gone through. She learned about her sister through her sister's husband. She gave birth to twins that carry on her tribe and their gifts. And above that, she found out the whole reason why a Benshira ended up out in the jungle instead of the desert.

In the end, a year was stolen from her life, but in exchange, she was given hundreds of years back. And in that happening, she has opened an avenue to become one of the Old Ones around Syka that guard the Maw and watch over the people and land there.

I think the Tier 2 and Tier 3 prizes are absolutely amazing. I don't think Taz needs the Times Paradox or Time's Repetition to enhance who she is. The Paradox feels unbalanced. Immortals should be vulnerable. Time's Repetition ruins all my fun and grumbling at whatever dicebot is screwing me over in that moment of time. Who wants that?

So I'm going to be going with Time's Merging and taking some of the extra skill points because that way I can feel free in my tiny little brain to spend those four threads of skills I selected telling stories that don't involve skills but instead involve fireside chats or maybe a stray Mulgon giving Tazrae a piece of his mind.

So... Time's Merging is my choice. Sure, I'll take the skill points. Yes please!

5 - Meditation - She had to charge her homefinder.
5 - Arcanology - Much time was spent thinking about the dominion and how magic works. This skill isn't actually a magic, so I can take it as part of this challenge since its a knowledge.
5 - Whip - Is six threads of whip enough to prove she did some whip work?
5 - Tactics - Figuring out how to escape the Dominion.
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Gillar's Experimental Birthday Challenge

Postby Ialari Pythone on November 9th, 2022, 1:49 am

This challenge reignited my motivation for writing. Although I was only able to attain the first tier, it was still quite a bit of fun. I was conflicted one which of the tier one options to choose. The dice reroll was quite tempting as was the alteration in metabolism. In the end though, I decided that I will be choosing Time's Merging with the following chosen skills to get a boost:

Arcanology - 5: The experience of the loop itself and coming to an understanding that time was repeating along with the revelation that Cervisi's tale, provides insight into magical happenings grants general magical knowledge which Ialari will benefit from.

Wilderness Survival - 5: Ialari, in her attempts to access her Domininon through the Cave of Everywhere's Door at the top of the Stair-Step-Falls, died many times over. Each time, she tried to do something different that involved various survival techniques. While they all ultimately failed, she learned from each of those failures by trying something different.

Climbing - 5: With more than a dozen attempts to climb the Stair-Step-Falls, Ialari gained experience in climbing; finding the best footing, knowing where to find the best grip and learning from her mistakes.

Meditation - 5: Ialari attempted many times over to enter a meditative state in an attempt to contact the gods in order to find an answer to the loop. The nature of her loop prevented her from doing so however it did not keep her from trying.
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