Tears of the Forsaken (Open)

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A village cut off from the rest of Mizahar by the Valterrian, slowly reestablishing contact with the outside world.

Tears of the Forsaken (Open)

Postby Valonai on May 1st, 2011, 11:21 pm

44th of Spring, 511 AV

Upon a grassy knoll, in old Denval, a man stood and stared up at the sun.

His horns marked him as an Ethaefal, of that there could be no doubt. He was dressed in clothes which may once have represented finery, but which were now torn, ragged, and abused beyond their station. They were also loose and ill-fitting. He did not belong in them, but that was quite alright, he was an Ethaefal, and a Forsaken. He did not belong in this world.

He stood upon that small, currently unused hill, and basked in the light of Syna, that perfect goddess that had betrayed him and cast him out of her heavenly lights.

He stared straight at her, straight at the sun, and he did not seem to realize that the sun burned his eyes, and tears welled up and fell down his cheeks. It was both sadness and involuntary pain that caused his eyes to water. Every moment he spent looking up was in agony, but how could that compare to the agony of this mortal earth, having been denied her light for his allotted eternity?

The first Ethaefal he had met had named him Forsaken, and for him the name seemed suitable. Not just for him, but for all the erstwhile beloved of Syna. Forsaken by her and forced to wander these tired earthly domains for some unknown eternity? Denied beauty and light? He would rather die.

But he did not know what darkness that might bring, so he only continued to stare at the sun, until the blinding pain overwhelmed him and he fell to the ground, rubbing the spots and tears from his eyes.
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Tears of the Forsaken (Open)

Postby Veldrys on May 3rd, 2011, 12:02 pm

At the foot of the knoll stood another man, staring up at the Ethaefael just like the Ethaefael stared up at the sun. He was pale, this other man, as pale as the moonlight, as white as snow, with features that were pretty rather than handsome. His hair was just as pale as his skin. It was almost as if all color had been drained from him – apart from his eyes. His eyes were a deep amethyst color. At first glance, to a casual observer, he might appear human or at least part human, but there were a few irregularities about his person. He was too slender and his arms that ended in black nails were too long for a human. He was a Symenestra, one of those strange people that lived underground and abducted women to bear their children, and he was dressed in a robe that marked him as somebody that served Viratas, the god of blood.

He stood completely still and simply watched the Ethaefal for a while, wondering how it could be that such a beautiful creature existed, how it could be that Ethaefal remembered their past lives. In all his life the Symenestra had only met one other Ethaefal. It had been here, in Denval as well. He could not help but wonder how it could be that two such unusual creatures existed in such a small city. Was there something about Denval that drew them here? Maybe it was the fact that Denval had been isolated for so long. Maybe they too hoped to find traces of the way the world had been before the Valterrian, things that would make them understand the present and their current situation better.

„You look sad“, he observed as he finally came closer. He had moved almost soundlessly. His words were heavily accented. He was not a native speaker of the Common tongue, but the tone of his voice was calm, and his posture was relaxed. For the time being at least the Symenestra didn’t seem particularly threatening.
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Tears of the Forsaken (Open)

Postby Sitkanis on May 4th, 2011, 8:48 pm

Although Sitkanis felt a little out of place in the light of Syna he could appreciate her sight. It was then that he was who he felt comfortable as. A tall and proud Drykas hunter. The hunter part was long forgotten though. Now he was simply Sitkanis. He did not have any other title to add except maybe son of Leth. He did not feel like one currently. After the death of the girl on the beach he worried that Leth was angry at him. Possibly he had good reason though.

Now Sitkanis walked alone. Adalia was busy with her healing like she always seemed to be lately. It caused him to feel a bit lonely. She had helped to keep the pains of leaving Leth's domain at bay but without her by his side he was starting to feel abandoned, not just by his God but by his lover as well. He was starting to feel a need he never thought he would have. He wanted someone by his side. For the longest time he had been happy to be alone but the separation from Leth and more importantly how he worried the God thought about him made him crave companionship. Even if it was just a friend to talk to.

As he walked he let his Djed focus into his senses, letting in the glow of the auras around him. He could only sense one at a time because he was still not very skilled. He let his deep brown eyes wander, only focusing on things for moments at a time. One aura took him by surprise though. It was radiant and seemed to harbor the glow of Syna, or at least a portion of it. Sitkanis could not help but be drawn towards it. As he followed the light aura he found himself looking at a man standing in the sun. From his forehead two horns stood proud and shined like marble. He knew those horns, he had them! His were much different though. While the man's seemed to shine a more spring-like color Sitkanis' were white this season. Also, he did not wear his until Leth came out.

Another person was with the man, Veldrys. Sitkanis remembered him from The Stranger's Welcome. He was happy to see the man. He was more intelligent than most. Coming up beside the Symenstra he smiled at his words. "Of course he is sad, he is far from home." Sitkanis' brown eyes seemed to look through the Ethaefal. Valonai would not know he was like him. During the day he looked like a perfect Drykas. "Am I right?" He gave the man a little smirk as he spoke, his voice a deep baritone.
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Tears of the Forsaken (Open)

Postby Tabarnac on July 19th, 2011, 4:01 am

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