Kalinor NPC List

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A surreal cavern city inhabited by Symenestra where stones glow and streets are reams of silk. Cocoon like structures hang between stalactites and cascade over limestone flows in organic and eerie arabesques. Without a Symenestra willing to escort you, entrance is impossible.

Kalinor NPC List

Postby Poison on December 1st, 2011, 8:52 am

Kalinor NPC List

Nessora Hyacinth: female half of the ruling couple
Avadon Hyacinth: male half of the ruling couple
Silenva Hyacinth: their only daughter
Enella Orchid: Nessora’s friend & assistant
Daratur Violet: priest of Viratas

Laudavyn Aconite: head of the Aconite Web & manager of the Meadows Public House
Havier Avens: owner of the tavern „Hunter’s Gather“
Alessa Anthurium: weaver, owner of „The Weft and Warp“
Avarys Anthurium: her cousin, co-owner of „The Weft and Warp“
Elyna Calycanth: a weaver working for them
Seleana Orphine: another weaver

Svorador Hellebore: head medic at the Purging
Swyph Quercus: hypnotist, works at the Nest
Alassa Datura: surgeon at the Purging

Demyan Anice: gate guard
Vass Vervein: memeber of the Ochya

Valydor Scarlet
Saara Orchid
Dra-Ina Vine

Selaria Anice: Moth Queen, sister of Demyan Anice
Sanairas Larkspur: hypnotist & madwoman
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