[Group Plotnotes]The Ruv'na

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[Group Plotnotes]The Ruv'na

Postby Rayage on February 12th, 2012, 7:14 pm

The Ruv'na

The Ruv'na are a mixed group of people originating from the Pre-Valterrian era who feel the influence of the Gods on Mizahar is too heavy handed. They oppose any interference at all in life on Mizahar by the Deities that occupy Mizahar. To that end the Ruv'na really act like anti-god fanatics and move in any direction they can to thwart divine will. All Gods are included in their scorn, regardless of alignment or sphere of influence.

They actively seek out knowledge and power which could potentially be useful in outright opposition of the gods and their servants. In their extremist views those who worship the gods are just as guilty as the gods themselves for the cause of the Valterrian and so seek to destroy them as well. Anyone who supports a God or Goddess can potentially be a target, but it is those who bear the power of the Gods, who bear a gnosis mark, who are most in danger in the presence of the Ruv'na.

This group is highly secretive acting in small but precise operative units consisting of two or three people who are 'best suited' for the task at hand, using code names, and are quite good at gathering Intelligence and other relevant information. They work swiftly, accomplishing only their assigned mission, then they are gone moving onto the next mission, meeting up with other members who they are assigned to work with.

Reference Article: The Ruv'na
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