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Postby Satevis on April 30th, 2012, 12:54 am


    Physical Description
    Name: Satevis
    Race: Ethaefal
    Mortal Seeming: Human, Benshira
    Age: 10 years (appears to be in his 20s)
    Birthday: Summer 32, 507 AV

    Physical Appearance
    During the day, Satevis appears as a young Benshira man. He stands at around six feet tall, with tan skin and a lean build. His hair is dark brown and cut short, and unlike a typical Benshira, he normally wears it uncovered. His eyes are a startling shade of pale blue. As day wanes, however, and Leth gains dominance, his appearance changes drastically. He grows 8 inches in height, standing at around 6'8", and his skin pales to a color just slightly warmer than marble, which seems to glow slightly in the moonlight. His eyes shift from pale blue to violet, and he grows a pair of twisting horns that curl back along the side of his head, pointing behind him. They resemble the circlet the Benshira men wear on their heads to hold their hair coverings in place. Although his Benshira form is not unattractive, like all of the Ethaefal, his true form is unnaturally handsome, making his mortal seeming pale in comparison.

    His Ethaefalan hair and horn color change with the seasons, as shown below:

    • Winter: white hair and black horns
    • Fall: pale gold hair and deep gold horns
    • Spring: lavender gray hair and white horns
    • Summer: black hair and emerald green horns

    Satevis has a slight Shiber accent to his voice when he speaks Common, which tells of his Benshira heritage even in his Ethaefal form.

    Character Concept
    Satevis is a scholar at heart. He is quiet, and is not usually the first to approach people in a conversation, but once someone speaks to him, he is actually quite friendly. He speaks politely and intelligently, and usually manages to avoid offending anyone with a word. He usually keeps his problems to himself, and because of this, some people believe that he isn't plagued by the grief and longing that the Ethaefal carry around with them. But it isn't that Satevis doesn't grieve for his lost home, just that he's skilled at hiding it.

    Satevis is curious about everything. He will read any book that is presented to him, regardless of whether or not he agrees with the author's views. One would think, given his normal attitude, that he would have the good sense to stray from topics that might be dangerous, but they would be wrong. Satevis's innate curiosity has gotten him into trouble before, and it probably will again. He approaches most things with the mindset of an academic, wanting to learn all about them from an objective standpoint.

    He was raised as a Benshira, and like most Benshira, he has a very deep faith. He believes that his descent as an Ethaefal points to a higher purpose that he must achieve on Mizahar, and because of this, he keeps his complaints about his lot in life to a bare minimum. Although he is mainly a follower of Leth, he still also worships Yahal, as he did in the past, and still bears a fondness for his desert homeland. However, because of his arcane interests, he doesn't go there often, and when he does, he often hides his magic, knowing how his people feel about it.

    Satevis prefers to solve problems with words rather than with force, however, if a situation devolves to the point where force becomes necessary, he doesn't hesitate to apply it. He doesn't risk his life unnecessarily, but he isn't afraid to lose it either, having already died once and many times in his past lives. He does his best to preserve his life, though, not wanting to lose it before whatever purpose he was brought back for is fulfilled.

    Likes and Dislikes

    • Learning about any form of magic
    • Curious, intelligent people
    • Determination in individuals
    • Calm, quiet places

    • The taste of fish
    • Public displays of affection (he gets highly embarrassed)
    • Ignorance
    • The cold

    Character History
    In his past life, Satevis was known as Taras, from the tents of Aren, of the sons of Malech. His mortal family has long since died, but he has fond memories of them and has visited their descendants near Yahebah. He lived most of his early years like any young Benshira man, before he felt the calling to leave his homeland and take on a life of study. Even as a mortal, Taras had been a voracious reader, and when he expressed his wishes, his father had simply determined that Yahal was calling him to leave, and that he should follow. So Taras left the desert and began taking up a life of scholarship, and it was there that he was introduced to the following of Leth. He was killed in Leth's service, protecting one of his fellow followers from an attack, and because of this selfless act, Leth took Taras's soul out of the cycle of reincarnation, giving him a name and a form, and the spirit that had once been Taras dwelt there happily for many years until his fall.

    The 32nd day of Summer, 507 AV.

    That was the night that the Ethaefal known as Satevis washed up naked on the shores of Zeltiva. He was found by Eridanus, and brought back to the city. Satevis remained in Zeltiva for a few days, getting his bearings, left Zeltiva for his former homeland of Yahebah where he stayed for several months, and then traveling to Lhavit in Kalea, where he remained for three years as he began studying Reimancy. When being with the other Ethaefal in Lhavit became too much, he left, intent on returning to Zeltiva and continuing his studies. He stayed briefly in Syliras for the winter, and then set off for Zeltiva, the city where it all began.


    Starting Package :
    1 Set of Clothing (coat and shoes included)
    1 Waterskin
    1 Backpack which contains a comb, brush, soap, and a razor
    1 week's worth of food
    1 eating knife
    Flint & Steel
    100 Gold Mizas (+500, no horse, no housing)

    Heirloom: Simple Necklace with a Moon-Carved Wooden Bead *Satevis's previous heirloom was a magic book, which I realize now was never allowed. Since this is, in many ways, a restart of the character, I've changed it to be something that was actually given to him in thread by a woman he grew to care a lot about, keeping with the spirit of the heirloom item.

    Other Items
    • 1 Set of Clothing that fits his Ethaefal form (cotton shirt and pants, low boots, leather belt, and cotton cloak)
    • Writing Set (Ink, Quill, and Blank Book)
    • Steel Scimitar (with leather scabbard)
    • Practice Scimitar (Metal Core)
    • Tent, 4 person
    • Lantern, hooded
    • Bedroll
    • Insect Netting
    • Healer's Kit

    Housing: Satevis lives on the five acres of land granted to him by one of the Founders of Syka. Satevis chose acres that included both beachfront and shade from the trees that line the beach and represent the fringes of the Sykan jungle. A stream cuts through the back of the property, giving him a source of fresh water. No house has been built on the property just yet, although the ground where the house will eventually be has been measured off and cleared.

    At the moment, Satevis resides in a four-person tent, draped in insect netting. The tent looks out at the ocean, allowing him to look out to sea when the tent flap is open. The beachfront provides Satevis with an amazingly clear view of the night sky, although the tent is pitched further back closer to the trees, to make use of their shade in the light of full day.

    An area near the stream has been cleared for Satevis to practice Reimancy.

    Purchase Cost Total
    Starting +100 GM 100 GM
    No Housing +500 GM 600 GM
    Spring 512 AV (Misc.) -76 GM, 5 SM, 5 CM 523 GM, 4 SM, 5 CM
    Spring 512 AV (Tuition) -20 GM 503 GM, 4 SM, 5 CM
    Spring 512 AV Living Expenses -135 GM 378 GM, 4 SM, 5 CM
    Tent, 4 person - 10 GM 368 GM, 4 SM, 5 CM
    Lantern, Hooded - 7 GM 361 GM, 4 SM, 5 CM
    Bedroll - 1 SM 361 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
    Insect Netting - 25 GM 336 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
    Healer's Kit - 50 GM 286 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
    Winter 517 Living Expenses - 135 GM 151 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
    Winter 517 Wages +276 GM 427 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
    Scimitar -15 GM 412 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM
    Cottage, Single Room, Payment 1 -250 GM 162 GM, 3 SM, 5 CM


    Skill Total Proficiency
    Reimancy (Fire + Water) 34 Competent
    Anthropology 12 Novice
    Astronomy 17 Novice
    Carpentry 1 Novice
    Copying 2 Novice
    Drawing 4 Novice
    Endurance 1 Novice
    Glyphing 7 Novice
    Herbalism 4 Novice
    Intelligence 5 Novice
    Interrogation 2 Novice
    Investigation 4 Novice
    Leadership 1 Novice
    Mathematics 1 Novice
    Medicine 11 Novice
    Meditation 3 Novice
    Negotiation 1 Novice
    Observation 24 Novice
    Organization 2 Novice
    Painting 4 Novice
    Persuasion 2 Novice
    Philosophy 5 Novice
    Rhetoric 1 Novice
    Socialization 13 Novice
    Storytelling 2 Novice
    Subterfuge 2 Novice
    Teaching 11 Novice
    Weapon: Scimitar 10 Novice
    Writing 7 Novice

    Skill Accounting :
    Skill EXP
    Reimancy (Fire + Water) 30 SP 4 SPR512
    Astronomy 5 SP 10 RB 2 SPR512
    Anthropology 10 SP 2 SPR512
    Endurance 1XP
    Observation 11 SPR512 2XP 3XP 4XP 4XP
    Glyphing 7 SPR512
    Intelligence 5 SP
    Teaching 9 SPR512
    Weapon: Scimitar 5 SPR512 5XP
    Writing 6 SPR512 1XP
    Drawing 4 SPR512
    Investigation 3 SPR512 1XP
    Copying 2 SPR512
    Interrogation 2 SPR512
    Medicine 2 SPR512 1XP 5XP 3XP
    Philosophy 5 SPR512
    Persuasion 2 SPR512
    Storytelling 2 SPR512
    Subterfuge 2 SPR512
    Carpentry 1 SPR512
    Mathematics 1 SPR512
    Meditation 3 SPR512
    Negotiation 1 SPR512
    Rhetoric 1 SPR512
    Socialization 1 SPR512 1XP 4XP 3XP4XP
    Painting 4 SPR512
    Organization 2 SPR512
    Leadership 1 SPR512
    Herbalism 3XP 1XP

    Fluent Language: Shiber
    Basic Language: Common

    Thread List

    Spring 518 AV
    Date Title Type Status
    1 A Foreign Invasion Event Ongoing
    4 An Ounce of Prevention Job Completed
    7 [url=]Insight to the Meaning of Everything Social Ongoing
    10 Raise a Glass Social Ongoing
    14 The Way of the Sword Training Graded
    20 Living Memory Solo Completed
    21 Object Permanence Solo Completed

    Syka Plot Points:

    Spring 512 AV :
    Date Title Type Status
    17 The Stargazer Social Dead
    18 People of the Northern Lights Class Graded
    18 An Odd Form of Magic Class Graded
    19 Prospects Gather Faction Complete
    20 Satevis's Fortune Social Graded
    35 Let's Get Down to Business Training Graded
    39 Blurring the Lines Solo Graded
    51 Dreams and Memories Solo Graded
    64 Never a Spare Moment Social Dead
    65 Charity Work Open Complete
    70 - 74 Helping People Back to Their Feet Social Graded
    81 Zeltiva Puppet Theater Social Graded
    82 Zeltiva Puppet Theater Part II Social Graded
    83 Those Far From Home Social Graded
    84 - 86 The Things We Do For Love Solo Graded
    86 Home Alone Social Dead
    87 Zeltiva Puppet Theater Part III Social Graded
    88 Too Much to Give Solo Graded
    89 Zeltiva Puppet Theater IV Social Dead
    91 Catching Up With You Modded Dead
    91 Neighbors Social Dead


    Date Title Type Status
    32 Summer, 507 AV Wish on a Falling Star Social Dead
    43 Summer, 507 AV Sand and Sea Social Dead
    68 Autumn, 508 AV The Prodigal Son Returns Social Dead
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Postby Satevis on May 7th, 2012, 9:29 pm

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Postby Satevis on May 7th, 2012, 9:45 pm


    The information below here are the memories and profiles of Satevis's past lives, updated as he learns more about each of them.

    Taras the Benshira
    Name: Taras, of the tents of Aren, of the sons of Malech
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, Benshira
    Lifetime: 267 AV - 292 AV (25 years)
    Homeland: Yahebah
    Special Notes: Taras's form is the form of Satevis's mortal seeming. He is Satevis's most recent past life, and Satevis has almost all of Taras's memories.
    Taras had an aversion to magic, but found himself drawn to it nonetheless, giving him great personal conflict.
    He was very curious as a child, and left Yahebah in search of learning in 288 AV.
    He became a follower of Leth shortly after and died defending another person from an attack.
    His motives for doing so and the reason behind the attack are still unknown.

    The Reimancer
    Name: Unknown
    Gender: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Lifetime: Late 100s to early 200s
    Homeland: Unknown
    Special Notes: All Satevis knows about this past life is that this person was a powerful Reimancer.
    He occasionally flashes back to this person when learning or practicing Reimancy techniques.

    The Warrior-Mage
    Name: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Lifetime: Unknown
    Homeland: Possibly Lhavit
    Special Notes: All Satevis knows about this person was that he used Flux and was skilled with a dao.

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