[The Infirmary] Helping People Back To Their Feet (Satevis)

Minerva breaks her foot, and Satevis helps heal her. They both work to aid others who need a helping hand.

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[The Infirmary] Helping People Back To Their Feet (Satevis)

Postby Minerva Agatha Zipporah on May 6th, 2012, 11:49 pm

Tock had spent the whole next day working, making as many sets of crutches as she could manage. It still wasn't enough for the huge number of patients the Infirmary still had, but it was a start. She would spend some of her free time the entire rest of this week working on more. She needed to get back to her studies and her real job, but in between all that, she would be making crutches.

And she wouldn't stop until each and every patient was back on their feet.

Considering the reactions she had been getting from people, she decided NOT to wear her animated crutches as she handed the regular ones out. This was mostly met with relief from the parents, though a bit of disappointment from the children. As she hobbled into one room, reluctantly using a normal crutch with one hand while carrying a child-sized pair with the other, one of the kids looked up at her wide eyed and asked, "Don't I get magic crutches?"

She grinned at him, handed him the crutches, and then tousled his hair. "'Ese are magic, kid," she said. ""Ey's special ones what won't letcha get 'urt no more. 'Ey's gonna 'elp ya walk real good..." She gave the mother a reassuring look and a shake of her head to assure her that no, these didn't REALLY have any magic in them. Though seeing the way the child's eyes lit up, she felt there was some magic there.

Satevis got there in time to help her finish passing out the rest. "Oy, I can't 'elp ya 'eals people up wit' moon magic the way you do," she said as she handed him an armload of crutches, "but I think I did awright..."

OOCThat should be my last post. Let me know if you want to post one more yourself to wrap it up, and then I'll submit it for grading. We can handwave the remaining heals on Tock's foot as happening behind the scenes, unless you want to start another thread at the University?
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[The Infirmary] Helping People Back To Their Feet (Satevis)

Postby Satevis on May 6th, 2012, 11:58 pm

OOCThis should be my last post. Go ahead and submit it for grading. I had a lot of fun with this topic. Thanks! We can have another one at some point, although I don't know if it'll be about the same thing. I think Satevis might have just made a friend, lol.

When he arrived, Tock was passing out the crutches to the younger patients. He smiled from the doorway as he watched Tock hand out the crutches to one of the boys, explaining how the crutches were actually magic. She could be exasperating sometimes, he decided, but her heart was in the right place. And she got the job done.

He accepted the armload of crutches from her, going over to the other side of the room where some of the others were waiting. Satevis knelt down, handing a pair of crutches to a small, wide-eyed girl. "These are for you," he said, giving them to her.

"Did you make these?" asked the girl, taking them from him.

Satevis shook her head. "That woman over there did everything. You should thank her for it. Call her 'Miss Zipporah'. She'll like that." He patted the girl affectionately on the head, walking off to one of the other children. He knew very well that Tock would not like that. One of the nurses had told him about the 'Miss' incident when he was walking around the infirmary.

But Satevis wasn't a complete doormat, and it had been a trying five days. It was all in good fun.

He smiled at the next patient, handing out a pair of crutches.

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[The Infirmary] Helping People Back To Their Feet (Satevis)

Postby Cascade on May 10th, 2012, 7:31 am

Adventurer's Loot

Minerva's Loot :

Skill XP Reward
Animation +3
Carpentry +2
Carving +1
Gadgeteering +2
Drawing +1
Mathematics +2
Persuasion +2
Philosophy +1
Teaching +1

Ethaefal: Aging Ability
Ethaefal: Food is Unnecessary in Ethaefal form
Ethaefal: Witnessed Transformation
Satevis: Benshira During the Day
Satevis: Ethaefal, son of Leth
Satevis: University Student
Zeltiva: Infirmary

Items or Consequences:
Foot will heal fully in two weeks (assuming that Satevis continues his task religiously every day).
+5 SP for the bunch of crutches that she made

Satevis's Loot :

Skill XP Reward
Carpentry +1
Medicine +2
Interrogation +1
Observation +3
Teaching +3

Animation Process
Tock: Animator
Tock: Awkward First Meeting
Tock: Gadgeteer
Tock: University Student
Zeltiva: Infirmary

Items or Consequences:
Simple Necklace with a Moon-Carved Wooden Bead
+8 SP for helping out at the infirmary, helping with the crutches, and using his ethaefal ability to aide the medics.

Being more detailed in what Satevis does will earn him more skills. For example, he helped out in the infirmary, and I gave you 1 XP for mentioning that he watched the others at work (which mean he most likely picked something up), and another 1 XP because he's a beginner. However, you did not go into much detail about what exactly he saw or his thoughts about it. :) He was there for days, and you could have milked more out of it if you wanted to! Just a suggestion for the future though. Your writing is superb and this advice is only if you wanted to advance your skills more (because that's not the goal of some PCs, and for all I know medicine isn't even the route you want him to go through).
Excellent thread, guys. Your PCs mesh well together, and it was nice to see you put them in such situations. Tock is incredibly stubborn (we all know that), and it was fun to watch Satevis deal with her quirkiness. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me!
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