[Location] The Aurora Showcase

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] The Aurora Showcase

Postby Valkyrie on August 4th, 2012, 6:59 pm

The Aurora Showcase


Designed and run by the Skyglow Hold, the Aurora Showcase is a masterpiece of a building. The building is made of the mineral Icestone. Looking more like tents on a horizon than a building, the Aurora Showcase glows in the dark by the lights within. There is one main entrance. Here, the carvings of seals reside on either side of a magnificent entryway. There is a smaller door found at the bottom of this tall archway.

Upon entering the Aurora Showcase, unless one is a recurring visitor, most are shell-shocked. The inside is gorgeous. Artwork litters the main room; paintings, ice sculptures, pottery, and floristry with icicles hanging from the tips. Weaved mats lead the way to a desk situated farther in. Off to the right, a corkboard hangs on the wall. One may find miscellaneous advertisements ranging from art shows to people seeking apprentices. An assistant sits at the front desk at all times and welcomes those who enter with the words, "Hello! Welcome to the Aurora Showcase. I am ____. How may I help you?" If an individual is looking for a specific person, this assistant will lead them to the destination. If inquiring about a room, the assistant will make an appointment with the headmaster.

There are a total of two hundred and nine rooms. Each one has a window. They start at a basic price and twenty by twenty square feet. Gradually, both the space and price move upwards. The rooms are completely blank, a clean canvas of sorts. The artist may use the room for anything they do what they will; whether it be shows, work spaces, creating a shop, or teaching apprentices. Each area is soundproof and pure white. Artists who pull late nights are known to keep spare beds around. On the other hand, it is generally looked down upon for the person to permanently live in the rooms. If an individual wishes to go against the grain, only one person may live in the area at one time. There is a high rent for this lifestyle.

Svisharie :
ImageName: Svisharie
Race: Vantha
DoB: 464 AV (48)
PoB: Avanthal
Title: Leader of the Aurora Showcase
•Pottery (86)
•Painting (65)
•Teaching (67)
•Sculpting (78)
2-Ice Reaving

Svisharie is a creative Vantha. She is known for her pottery, which are showcased all over Avanthal. People claim she can turn a lump of clay into a piece of artwork in a matter of minutes. While this may not be true, Svisharie is a quick worker. A kind soul, if not a bit of a pushover, Svisharie gives into nearly everything except the pricing on her studio rooms. On those she is firm. In fact, those who try to negotiate find their prices go up. Single, Sviasharie has no love life and devotes all of her time into her art. She truly believes an artist should learn from a mentor and takes on nearly six apprentices each season for fifteen days each.

To be an apprentice to Svisharie, one must dedicate their days to the art. This means any jobs the individual may have will be ignored. The person will live in Svisharie's art studio for the required time and may not leave except for emergencies. This is because Svisharie wants the individual to open their mind to the art, to breathe the creative muse. To even be considered for apprenticeship, as Svisharie has a lot of people wanting to learn from her, the individual must be competent in either pottery, painting, or sculpting. They must also be a confident person and able to withstand critiques.

Svisharie's studio changes temperature drastically. One moment it can be considered warm by Vantha marked by Morwen and the next even those who are marked can be shivering. Because of this, Svisharie keeps a sweater nearby at all times. Spots of clay can be found randomly on Svisharie. Because of this, her hands and arms are a lighter shade than the rest of her body.

Items :
Room, 20x20: 500 gm
Room, 20x40: 750 gm
Room, 40x40: 1000 gm
Room, Larger: Speak with Storyteller
More than one window: +25 gm
Rent (no matter what size): 25 gm/season
Live-in Lifestyle: 50 gm/season

Clerk: 3 gm/day
Ice Reaver (to maintain the building): 7 gm/day

Apprenticeship: For NPC, PM Avanthal storyteller. For PC, contact PC.

Moderator's Note:
To be able to buy a studio, one must be an expert in an art skill and contact Svisharie.

**Credit to Lixue

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