[Location] The Smoldering Embrace

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] The Smoldering Embrace

Postby Valkyrie on August 10th, 2012, 3:46 pm

The Smoldering Embrace


The Smoldering Embrace is a local park in Avanthal. It is set away from the other buildings and covers nearly a square mile. This location is popular for family get-togethers or couples wanting a bonding experience. Children play hide-n-seek inside the garden whenever it is open; their laughter can be nearly a mile away. The Smoldering Embrace is only open at night. The holds take turns holding responsibility for lighting the torches and bonfire along with filling the puzzle boxes. The current hold also supplies the reimancers.

The Smoldering Embrace is in the shape of a snowflake. There are eight paths leading outward. Each one is periodically lit by bright torches, creating a glowing effect. The paths are glazed wood walls. Every now and then, if a person is observant, they can spot the dark opening of an "inner cavern". Five of the eight paths lead back to the city. The three that don't spit the person into the wilderness unexpectedly. To keep the untamed animals out, there is a heavy door. This locks automatically upon closing.

Directly in the middle of the Smoldering Embrace is the main attraction. All eight paths open up to an enormous oval center. Benches rim the edges. At either end of the oval, a single reimancer holds a fire show. Between these two individuals is a gigantic bonfire.

The bonfire is made of metal instead of wood. This is to protect the environment in the case of an emergency. The metal has been bent to the shape of a circle and holds fire pots on strategic stems. The ground around the bonfire is thawed away to dry dirt.

An "inner cavern" connects discreetly with the one of the main paths. Following a dark corridor lit only by the sky above, the individual can stumble along for up to five chimes. Some of the trails twist and/or are uneven. If a person decides to see where the footpath leads, they are often rewarded. The "prizes" range widely, if there is one at all. Occasionally, one finds themselves in a small sitting area complete with an icy bench and potted plants. Other times, the inner cavern will be complete with snow-covered seats, frozen candies and a puzzle box.

The puzzle boxes are both unique and similar. They all look the same; a golden chest big enough to hold a small child with eccentric designs carved into the wooden sides. On the outer-facing side, keeping the top latched to the bottom, is a square built into the box. Upon finding one of the puzzle boxes, irresistible urge overtakes the individual to simply touch the lined square. Doing so causes the cube to fall into numerous pieces. In order to open the chest, one must replace the parts as they had been. Only when each one is in its place will the chest top pop open. Inside, anything from a new jacket to a warm thermos of chocolate to sculptures worth up to fifty mizas. Other prizes have been known to be found as well.

There are a total of twenty inner caverns.

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Prizes are generally not worth more than ten mizas. Anything over this price must be approved by a storyteller.

**Credit to Lixue

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