Tundra Training Stadium

A place for Icewatch members to train as well as the home of the sport Rystning

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

Tundra Training Stadium

Postby Valkyrie on September 6th, 2012, 1:00 pm

Tundra Training Stadium
(Also known as TS or The Tundra)


The TTS is a giant ice encased arena designed both by Skyglow and Iceglaze Holds, and built by Iceglaze. The structure is hidden on first glimpsing the city by a wooded area near the Icewatch barracks, but upon entering its domain, an individual will find themselves in relative awe of the immensity of the structure. Part of the reason that the building was sectioned off a bit from the rest of the city is that its design reflects a more industrial quality than the austere and icy beauty of the rest of the city. It was a massive construction project utilized about a half century past to stimulate the economy of the city and is one of the most metal laden structures that Avanthal boasts, utilizing their new found building supplies. Two giant curved metal claws reach up into the sky on each end of the arena, serving as an intimidating spectacle as well as providing the main support for the rest of the building which is a carefully coordinated mismatch of metal, ice, and stone. Guarding the main doorway of the Stadium are Icy sculptures featuring varying former members of the Icewatch. As a sign of reverence, during the the inevitable mourning times that the Icewatch must undergo, the deceased are featured prominently, and in between this there are the legendary or unforgettable pairs that helped make the Icewatch into the legend it is today. Regal, yet almost feral, beautiful, but chilling, the original designers meant for the structure to be imposing, and a bit threatening, both to show the power of the Icewatch, as well as leave newcomers something to talk about long after they left the Everwinter City. Though a bit of controversy has been raised about the original design of the building, no one dares alter the structure now.

The primary purpose of the Stadium is to create a controlled environment where members of the Icewatch can train and engage in mock combat trials in off duty hours. The Stadium is split into two sections: One half is an ice field with various and ever changing obstacles designed to let the Icewatch practice Ice Reaving in the field as well as testing resilience on tough terrain. The other half is a more traditional gym looking setting with weights, weapons, combat dummies, and other gear. There is seating that surrounds the arena and can house approximately 2,000 seated occupants. Icewatch training can be viewed by the public, but must be done in a quiet respectful manner or the offenders will be removed from the area. Gear and equipment is kept in storage areas under the seats.

Under special circumstances the arena can be transformed into a giant ice rink, a feat that requires several second level Reavers working in tandem, usually with a smattering more first level Reavers who smooth out any cracks or imperfections afterwards. On occasion a priest or priestess of Morwen is politely asked to aid in the process of expansion or regression of the arena. This event takes place to support a local sport called Rystning (in development). Sporting events aside the stadium requires a lot of upkeep and employs numerous individuals for maintenance purposes, some requiring Ice Reaving, others more mundane cleaning and repairs to the building structure.

The need for Metalsmith's to work on the Stadium drastically rose during the Djed Storm of the Spring, for as a result of the massive amounts of ice melting from the structure, a lot of the metal scaffolding lost its base support and the integrity of the arena was compromised. While most of the damages have been repaired, several areas of the Stadium were closed off until the beginning of Winter 512.

(NPC) Eyrwen :
Name: Eyrwen
Race: Vantha
Date of Birth: 12th of Winter 465 A.V.
Place of Birth: Avanthal
Occupation: Stadium Keeper/ Trainer
Skills: Bodybuilding 65, Weapon: Bo Staff 70, Storytelling 35, Teaching 50, Wilderness Survival 60
Gnosis: Two marks of Morwen

Eyrwen is a veteran member of the Icewatch. She has been through rough times, lost comrades, her bondmate, and seen wonders of the world that most of the members can only dream of. Don’t worry, because if you didn’t know that on first meeting her, you will know soon enough: She never tires of reciting her adventures for everyone and anyone. Though in her late forties, she has the body of a woman in her early thirties, and her skill in honing her body is only surpassed by her expertise with the Bo staff that she uses to smack about her students if she ever finds them waning in their resolve. While she has several assistants that work under her and help maintain the Stadium, you will find Eyrwen there night and day. No recruit is too green or too experienced to get critiques on their fighting forms, eating habits, or just to hear a story of the good ol’ days.

Employment and Training Info :
Work: Due to the fact that Avanthal is a city of stone, wood, and ice, there is always a demand for individuals, usually strangers to Avanthal, to aid in repairing or enhancing the metal parts of the stadium. That aside there is always need for Ice Reavers and other stone workers on the Stadium as well.

  • Metalsmith - 7gm per day
  • Ice Reaver - 7gm per day
  • Laborer - 2gm per day
  • Mason - 3 gm per day

Talk to your friendly neighborhood ST for availabilities!

Training is readily available for Icewatch members since the Stadium is open all day every day. Non-Icewatch members rarely seek training from Eyrwen or her assistants because it will involve attempted coercion into the ranks, but it is possible to arrange. The stadium can teach most weapon and physical skills, but talk to an ST for specifics, the necessity for moderation will vary.

**Full credit to Sliver, images drawn by Sliver

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