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Instrument workshop located in Snowsong Hold

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

Strings 'n Things

Postby Valkyrie on September 11th, 2012, 3:05 am

Strings 'n Things


Strings ‘n Things is an instrument workshop located in the lower level of Snowsong Hold. The workshop is one of the most beloved places of the Snowsong. All of the city’s instruments are made here from wood gathered by Snowsong lumber workers. Drum skins are made from skins purchased from Frostfawn hunters. Each day a stack of large wooden blocks are delivered to the workshop to be carved down into instruments by the craftsmen. Strings ‘n Things used to simply be referred to as The Workshop but when Avanthal was introduced to outsiders for the first time in 457 AV they began exporting their beloved instruments and soon earned the city a reputation for exquisite stringed instruments. Due to this reputation the proud Snowsong nicknamed the workshop Strings ‘n Things. The instrument builders eventually embraced this nickname and had a Skyglow artist paint the name in large green letters across the doors leading into the workshop.

Most of the instruments built here are fairly uniformal however the builders can be commissioned to build individualized instruments with specific carvings or decorations. Most of the expert craftsmen have trademark details they build into their instruments that mark them as finely crafted pieces. To become known for a signature design or detail is every instrument builder’s dream. Apprentice craftsmen are given simple projects to start with such as cutting and waxing strings or shaving down wood blocks to the appropriate size. Once apprentices have shown they are capable of sufficient delicacy and precision they are given bigger tasks.
Product List :
Strings ‘n Things does not sell any metal products
Fiddle 50gm
Rhythm Rattle 5sm
Harp 50gm
Wooden Flute 5sm
Lute 55gm
Clappers 1sm
Bagpipes 15gm
Wooden Drum 10gm

(NPC) Parrsni Snowsong :
Name: Parrsni Snowsong
Race: Mixed Human (Vantha/Chaktawe)
DoB: Summer 82, 458 AV
PoB: Ekytol
Title: Master Instrument Craftsman
Skills: Carpentry 67, Carving 59, Planning 52, Construction 43, Flute 76
Gnosis: 1 Morwen, 1 Rhaus

Parrsni Snowsong is a very jovial man who likes to please the people around him. Due to being looked down upon by his maternal family and suffering their barbed words he developed an excellent sense of humor to deflect their scorn. Although his humor can be a bit self-deprecating at times he is generally known as a great friend and excellent storyteller. Often apprentices will use Parrsni as a confidant and seek advice from the friendly man. He never turns away visitors whether they are interested in his instruments or just want to chat.

Parrsni was born to a Vantha mother and an unknown Chaktawe father. His mother traveled Mizahar learning new music from different cultures and brought home a son as well much to her parent’s embarrassment. As a youth Parrsni, or Parr as he is usually called, took up the flute and spent much of his time at the Kaliara Observation Deck letting the wind carry his music across the city. He became enamored with the way a simple piece of wood and some air could create such beautiful melodies and soon found himself apprenticed in Strings ‘n Things. It didn’t take long for the young man’s enthusiasm and talent to shine and he was known as a master craftsman by the time he reached his thirties. His devotion to music and clear talent for creating instruments of exquisite beauty attracted the attention of Rhaus, god of music, who bestowed his gnosis upon the craftsman to keep track of the man’s doings and work. By the time Parr turned forty he had taken over Strings ‘n Things as the top craftsman and spends much of his time mentoring apprentices and planning new designs.

Employment and Training :
Positions Available
Instrument woodcarver = 5gm/day

Training Available

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