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A proud instituion of learning.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Alluvion Academy

Postby Elysium on February 5th, 2013, 8:37 pm



Situated on the second tier of the Tenten Peak, this sleek structure doubles as both a primary school and a continuing education facility. The school’s front is constructed of a pale stone, with arched doorways and skyglass windows, and a moderate observatory tower. The school itself is built partially into the side of the mountain; as such, a short bridge leads from the edge of the peak to the front of the building, which then slopes down and disappears into the rock face. The actual building seems small once inside; this is because it was built into the mountain, and slopes downwards, shaped intricately by reimancers of the Dawn Tower.

When one enters the school, they are greeted by the entrance hall, a somewhat narrow room with smooth, painted stone walls. There is a long desk that runs along the right wall where the receptionist, Laera, sits and does her work, as well as greeting those that enter. Around this area, the floor is littered with pink and blue throw rugs, and the walls are decorated with oil paintings. There is a winding set of stairs towards the back the leads up to the observation tower; the tower is small, but serves its function. Astronomy classes often take place in the tower, which is bare save for a few telescopes kindly donated by the Divine's Gateway.

Two more narrow staircases sit to the left of the stairs that lead to the observatory tower; another one that leads upstairs, and one that leads downstairs. The upper level houses the private offices of instructors and teachers, where they can go to relax or plan lessons when they're not teaching. The rooms are small but cozy, furnished with a comfortable chair and a large desk. Students are strictly forbidden access to the second floor unless a teacher requests their presence.

The lower levels house the classrooms. Each classroom has a fireplace set behind the instructor’s desk; these chimneys stick madly out of the mountain’s peak, which is partially the cause for it being set at the far end of its jagged tier. A few chairs and desks occupy each classroom as well, with thick rugs carpeting the stone floors so that they don't get too cold in the winter. During the hotter seasons, the cool stone rooms are a blessing.

The day begins at the eighth bell; young students traverse down narrow stone steps to the classrooms, where they’ll be engaged in learning off and on throughout. Day or night classes are offered according to preference and availability. The facility still observes the city’s set rest periods and the younger children are provided with free food and drink – usually star fruit and crisp mountain water. The school closes for the 17th bell, where instructors change shifts. The older students learn in a similar fashion. Classes on various subjects are held in pre-determined classrooms, and are scheduled at different bells for whatever length of time deemed necessary by the instructor.

The overall mission of the Academy is to educate the younger denizens of Lhavit in non-magical subjects. Curriculum for young students ages four to fourteen is free, and consists of writing, composition, leadership, mathematics, drawing, and one trade skill of their choice.

Students from age fifteen to twenty have a much wider variety of classes, and may choose which ones they wish to take. They are now, however, required to pay. Students over the age of twenty are not admitted, except for the occasional special circumstance. The facility boasts competent to even master instructors in everything from philosophy to philtering.

Each classroom is equipped with the elements necessary to make each student a success. Employment as an instructor is available via application at the front counter. An older student must present any weapons on their person if concealed before being allowed to enter the Academy; this is to ensure the safety of the attending children.

ImageName: Laera
Race: Ethaefal (Day)/Human (Night)
Birthdate: 372 AV
Birthplace: The Suvan Sea
Occupation: Receptionist at Alluvion Academy
Skills: Drawing - 48, Negotiation - 30, Observation - 30, Organization - 10, Painting - 25, Writing - 30
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Laera is the first one to greet those that enter the Academy, sitting behind the desk in the front hall. She seems very much the typical artist. Her voice is soft spoken and her eyes are always off in open space, wandering. As an individual she is notorious for her distinctly disorganized filing system. The Ethaefal’s desk is perpetually littered with applications, colorful documents, and class lists. It’s nearly impossible to fathom how she handles the monumental chaos around her, yet she manages the school nearly effortlessly and only rests during the city’s set periods.

She fell into the Suvan Sea years ago near Riverfall; that is where she spent much of her time, but she found the city's combat-oriented ways didn't suit her, and so she left. Eventually, she settled in Lhavit, her heart having been captured by the city's beautiful architecture.

Laera is an Ethaefal, specifically one of Syna's children. During the day, she is an unearthly beauty. Standing at a willowy 5’9”, her facial structure is gaunt and finely symmetrical. Laera’s demeanor in her ethereal form is that of a statue, scrutinizing the inquiring the surroundings with a level gaze, such a dark amber. Her hair falls long and loose, with soft blunt bangs across her forehead.

SeasonHair ColourHorn Colour

At night, Laera takes the form of a slightly shorter human woman, with fawn-brown hair that comes to her shoulders, and soft green eyes.

Nyolt Paddok
ImageName: Nyolt Paddok
Race: Human, mixed (Benshira/Inarta/Svefra)
Birthdate: 455 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Teacher at Alluvion Academy
Gnosis: 2 marks of Eyris (Lykata level 2)
Skills: Anthropology - 70, Investigation - 42, Leadership - 54, Meditation - 60, Morphing - 58, Philosophy - 80, Rhetoric - 44, Teaching - 58
Languages: Common (Fluent), Nari (Basic), Tukant (Basic)

Nyolt is the anthropology, meditation, and philosophy teacher at the Alluvion Academy. With the dark skin of a Benshiran, the bright blue eyes of a Svefra, and a faded Inartan red tint to his hair, Nyolt Paddock is a living example of how the diffusion of race and culture has transformed the city of Lhavit.

With parents who were both mixed blood, and from two different parts of the world, the man had always grown up knowing the concept of culture and being fascinated by it. Thus, it may explain why the man was so interested in devoting his life to it as he grew older. He joined the Seekers at the ripe age of sixteen, and hasn't looked back since.

For the next forty years, Nyolt served in the Enterprise department, traveling all over Mizahar in search of rare knowledge, all the while sating his own desire for knowledge. He proved to be mediocre in combat situations, but more than made up in it when it came to picking up languages and interacting with the other races. He especially fell in love with the Inartan and Akalak cultures, visiting them each several times in his life, and establishing correspondence with a few key figures in both cultures.

Alas, old age crept up on Nyolt and forced the man to cut down on his trips. He still wanted to play a major role in cultures, so he requested to be transferred over to the Alluvion Academy as an instructor; he even enrolled himself with the Twilight Tower to learn Morphing to better teach his students. He still serves Eyris and the Seekers, assisting them with expeditions when needed, but teaching has become his life.

Nyolt has been with the Academy for six years now. An old man now, he still speaks of cultures with the fervor that he possessed as a teenager. His words are softly-spoken, each sentence planned out before they escape his lips. No matter the lesson, Nyolt has his students hanging onto his every word, questioning everything they thought they knew and looking for more.

ImageName: Priya
Race: Konti
Birthdate: 377 AV
Birthplace: Mura
Occupation: Teacher at Alluvion Academy
Gnosis: 1 mark of Avalis (Divination level 1)
Skills: Astronomy - 70, Calligraphy - 16, Composition - 53, Drawing - 65, Fortune Telling - 82, Rhetoric - 25, Teaching - 40, Writing - 63
Languages: Common (Fluent), Kontinese (Fluent), Nari (Fluent), Tukant (Fluent), ************I***************Vani (Basic)

Priya is the astronomy, composition, drawing, and fortune telling teacher at the Academy. She is a petite woman with iridescent pink and blue scales gracing her forehead, shoulders, arms, and legs, and long silver hair that falls in waves.

Priya made her way to Lhavit almost a century ago, and she took to the city like a duck to water. It had everything she wanted and needed to fulfill her life in a way that Mura couldn’t. Her mother had seen the city in a vision, telling her that she must find the city made of glass stars and help those there learn from her talents. It was just a matter of traveling across Mizahar to find the city. She paid her way, over the course of a decade, with the pittance a scribe makes; and when she finally gazed upon the city of Lhavit, she knew she was home. The traveling only helped her as she picked up languages along the way that would later help her with her teachings at the academy.

Kind and sweet, the Konti has a gentle voice and soft eyes. Despite this kindness, she has a strength behind her words that may hint to the length of travel she had endured to get to where she is now. She has no patience for slackers or those who have no real desire to be in her class. If she feels that you are wasting her time, she will send you from the room with a gentle nod towards the door and a “Thank you for your attendance”, before turning back to the class as if you didn’t exist. If you are truly there to learn all you can, she will happily teach you what she knows with a deep enthusiasm.

Izo Raphey
ImageName: Izo Raphey
Race: Human
Birthdate: 489 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Teacher at Alluvion Academy
Skills: Cooking - 65, Herbalism - 78, Mathematics - 52, Medicine - 30, Philtering - 55, Teaching - 30, Unarmed Combat - 32, Writing - 25
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Izo is the herbalism, mathematics, cooking, and philtering teacher at the Academy. He's tall and lean, with slightly long, shaggy that is dark with an auburn tint to it. He always has his facial hair neatly trimmed and styled, and a grin playing at his mouth.

Izo was born and raised in Lhavit; he became involved with herbalism and medicine at a young age, as both of his parents were doctors. Starting when he was 19, Izo worked at the Catholicon as an herbalist. He spent several years there, but quickly found that his true passion lay in teaching and helping others learn. While he still helps at the Catholicon from time to time, Izo spends most of his time teaching at the Academy.

Izo is a laid-back, playful man. He enjoys teasing his students, and is well-known for making his lessons playful and fun whenever he can. He knows when to be serious and stress the importance of certain situations; such occurrences are rare enough that his students know to listen to him when he speaks seriously.


Novice class: 25 kina/season
Competent class: 50 kina/season
Expert class: 75 kina/season
Master class: 100 kina/season

Tuition fees are only applicable for those who are over 14 and seeking to continue their education; otherwise, children up to age 14 may attend the Academy for free to learn basic subjects. See classes info for a list of offered subjects. Note that not all classes are offered at Master level; listed classes only go as high as the skill level of the teacher.

Tuition cost is per subject and stacks; students are expected to pay the per season fees for each subject they wish to attend classes on. Tuition fees must be paid at that start of the season, before classes begin. Should one increase their skill level in a subject mid-season, they will immediately be moved up to the next class level, and expected to pay the difference.

Classes Info
List of Classes Offered (15 - 20, Paid)

Anthropology (Nyolt)
Astronomy (Priya)
Composition (Priya)
Cooking (Izo)
Drawing (Priya)
Fortune Telling* (Priya)
Herbalism* (Izo)
Leadership (Nyolt)
Mathematics (Izo)
Meditation (Nyolt)
Philosophy* (Nyolt)
Philtering (Izo)

List of Classes Offered (4 - 14, Free)

Composition (Priya)
Drawing (Priya)
Leadership (Nyolt)
Mathematics (Izo)
Writing (Priya)

The teacher of each subject is listed in brackets. Classes that offer Master level lessons have an asterisk next to them. Children aged 4 to 14 are required to, eventually, take all of their listed classes, as well as a class on a single trade skill; they may choose this class from the expanded list that is normally reserved for older students, but it must be a subject that they are not already required to take.

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Alluvion Academy

Postby Gemma Parker on March 4th, 2019, 5:54 am


Spring 1st, 519 AV

Gemma entered the Alluvion Academy. She had just gotten off another shift at work, and was still recovering from her trip to the Quartz Cave. She would not be going back there any time soon. Nevertheless, even though she was still in recovery, she had set her New Years Resolutions, and she was determined to start strong. A big part of that was reaching a higher proficiency in herbalism, and that was why she was here today. Her father had taught her all he knew, technique-wise, and was running out of useful tips and information, too. Sure, she was still improving on her own, but she knew that that was too slow. It was getting harder and harder to improve her skill. She needed a master to teach her.

She had just gotten paid today, too, replenishing her desperately empty purse just in time to pay her parents for her share of living expenses. And with some of what was left, she had decided to invest in her own future and training, which had brought her here.

She approached the front desk and saw a brown haired woman doing some paperwork. Gemma smiled. This was the same woman who had tended the desk when she had come here as a student up until she turned 16. It had been almost three years since then, but the place really hadn’t changed much at all. Sadly, she could not remember the woman’s name.

“Hello! I would like to enroll in two classes, please.” Gemma said as she approached the desk and the woman.

“Sure thing!” The woman said. “Just fill out this form and pay the fee and you’ll be good to go.” She said. “Hey, you were a student before, weren’t you?” She asked.

Shoot. Gemma had hoped she wouldn’t remember, but she did.

“Yeah, up until three years ago. But I couldn’t stay away!” She tried to joke as she took the paperwork.

“I like to think of life as just an extended practical breakout lab.” The woman said cheerily. Gemma wasn’t sure what that meant, but it sounded profound.

She filled out her paperwork, giving her information, choosing her classes, and circling the third tier class for herbalism and the first for philtering. She brought the forms back to the woman and slid it onto the desk.

“Great… Gemma.” She said, looking at the form for the name. “It looks like you’ll be in Izo’s classes. Here’s the class schedule for the season. Note that it’s subject to change, so check the bulletin board for any updates.” She said, pointing to a bulletin board.

“Great! Anything else?” She asked.

“Just the payment. 100 Kina, please.” She said professionally.

“Ah, right.” Gemma scrambled through her bag for the Kina and counted them out in handfuls, trying to shield the contents of the bag and her purse from the woman.

“There you go.” Gemma said, putting the last of the Kina on the desk. The woman had been counting in fives, and when all was paid, she wrote up a receipt of payment.

“That should be all! I’ll look forward to seeing you!” And with that, she turned back to her work and Gemma left to go home and rest.

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-100 Kina
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