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Postby Trista on August 17th, 2009, 2:02 am


Physical Information

Race: Akvatari
Birthday & Age : 1 Fall, 487 (27)
Gender: F

Physical Description

Trista would stand about 5'8" if standing were a thing of which Akvatari were capable. She has wavy red hair that reaches to her shoulders, and light blue eyes. Her wings are the same color as her eyes, as is her fur. Although not fat or out of shape (those being extreme rarities among the Akvatari), she is broader-shouldered than most of her race, and her features are soft rather than angular.

Character Concept and History

Trista was born in Abura, where she has lived most of her life. Her parents' relationship ended when she was fourteen, a not uncommon occurrence among the Akvatari, and she took the opportunity to move out on her own at that point.

At the age of twenty, Trista set out to learn more about outside cultures, hoping to learn knowledge and techniques that she could incorporate into her art. She traveled to Konti, and spent a year there, learning all she could about Kontinese art and culture, before returning to Abura. After another year at home, Trista is now on a second such journey.

Even in a culture where art is highly valued, Trista's dedication to her craft is noteworthy. Her first love was poetry, but she took lessons in music from her grandmother, who taught her to play the dulcimer, and in drawing as well. She eats, breathes, and sleeps art, and is restless in her desire to improve and to create.

Trista was not a religious child. As a result of her experiences in Konti, however, she is now a follower of Avalis. She is open about her affiliation, but resists discussing the specifics of her conversion.

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)

Drawing: 56 pts (15 SP, 10 racial Visual Arts bonus, 31 in thread)
Writing: 24 pts (20 SP, 4 in thread)
Observation: 17 pts (17 in thread)
Dulcimer: 16 pts (15 SP, 1 in thread)
Philosophy: 10 pts (10 in thread)
Painting: 8 pts (8 in thread)
Listening: 3 pts (3 in thread)
Storytelling: 7 pts (7 in thread)
Larceny: 2 pts (2 in thread)
Hunting: 1 pt (1 in thread)
Interrogation: 4 pts (4 in thread)
Singing: 2 pts (2 in thread)
Rhetoric: 8 pts (8 in thread)
Teaching: 5 pts (5 in thread)
Research: 2 pts (2 in thread)
Persuasion: 5 pts (5 in thread)
Wilderness Survival: 1 pt (1 in thread)
Acrobatics: 1 pt (1 in thread)
Negotiation: 3 pts (3 in thread)
Organization: 6 pts (6 in thread)
Busking: 3 pts (3 in thread)
Planning: 5 pts (5 in thread)
Socialization: 8 pts (8 in thread)
Investigation: 4 pts (4 in thread)
Animal Husbandry: 1 pt (1 in thread)
Leadership: 1 pt (1 in thread)
Tactics: 1 pt (1 in thread)

Lores: See thread list

Trista is fluent in Common (her first language) and Kontinese (picked up during her time in Konti), although she sounds more like a textbook in Kontinese than a native speaker.

Trista has one gnosis mark from Avalis. It takes the form of a stylized Seer's Lily, looped around her left shoulder.

Trista has an unusual gift/curse from spending too much time on Konti. In Gossamer's words, "This gift will allow you to paint a picture and see into that picture as if viewing the scene through a window. It only lets you view real places and once the half hour is gone, the painting seizes up. Until then you can see movement and detail that is extraordinary. It does not matter what time of day it is... the paintings will always reflect real time."

Equipment and Possessions

* 1 Set of "Clothing"
* 1 Waterskin
* 1 waterproof satchel which contains:
o 1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
o 1 eating knife, which is never used for eating
o A whole bunch of paper, pencils, pens, paints, and other art supplies.
* A single room in the Pearl Tower, Abura
* A handcrafted dulcimer originally belonging to her grandmother


Trista blew all her money on seaside cottage rentals and art supplies and is broke right now.
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Re: Trista

Postby Trista on November 23rd, 2009, 11:20 pm

Thread list:

505 AV, Summer (Flashback)
Draw a circle round her thrice
3 XP painting, 2 XP drawing, Lore (mixing pigments for painting)

509 AV, beginning of Summer
There is a light that never goes out
2 XP writing, Item (necklace imbued with a dead girl's gratitude)

509 AV, Autumn 45
The Circle's Gonna Come Around
+4 XP drawing, +4 XP painting, +2 XP interrogation
Lores: Avalis (partial), Personal Curses/Gifts, Mural Painting, Where to lease in Mura, Mura Topography (tour), Mural Painting, and Mura Hierarchy

509 AV, Autumn 47
When Bubbles Start to Boil
3 XP listening, Lore (Ivak - Partial, The Suviak - Partial, Rhine, Rhine's Promise), Item (pearl necklace)

509 AV, Late Autumn
Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me
1 XP drawing, 1 XP storytelling, 2 XP stealing (larceny), 1 XP hunting, Lore (the Kore Family)

509 AV, Early Winter
Is It Bright Where You Are?
In progress.

509 AV, Early Winter
The Moonlight Serenade
+2 Singing, +5 Philosophy, +2 Interrogation, +3 Drawing, +1 Storytelling. Lores: Mura at Night, The Song of the World, Lap Harps, A Mother Goddess’ Care, Magic Creating Snowfall, Reimancy Magic (basic), The Art of Tea Ceremony, The Structure of the Chavena, Sisterhood with Kamalia Timandre.

509 AV, Winter
Hungry like the wolf
Completed, no XP.

509 AV, Late Winter
It was a strange time in my life
Never completed

510 AV, Spring 1
The Arrival of the New Season
Finished. No XP.

510 AV, Early Spring
The Nights are Silver
+1 XP drawing

510 AV, Spring
In the country I cannot have
+4 Rhetoric, +1 Drawing, +1 Painting, +1 Teaching, +2 Philosophy. Lores: Stones and Shoes and Frogs, The Sanctuary.

510 AV, Spring
Reflection, Imitation, Experience
+1 Research, Lore: The Layout of the Riverfall Library

510 AV, Spring
Embracing the Inevitable
Never completed.

510 AV, Summer 42
The Skeleton and the Artist
Never completed.

510 AV, Fall 57
Never completed.

510 AV, Fall 83
Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Dulcimer +1, Persuasion +1, Wilderness Survival +1, Lore: Wilderness Survival Techniques.

511 AV, Fall 1
The Persistence of Memory
Completed, no XP.

512 AV, Spring 13
Back to Normal
Observation +2, Drawing +1, Acrobatics +1. Lores: Layout of Yahebah, Aerial Art.

512 AV, Summer 14
Problems in Perspective
Drawing +3, Observation +2, Lores: Introductory shading techniques, Using three point perspective, How to use a compass in art.

512 AV, Fall 44
Put Your Hands Up For Ahnatep
+3 Drawing, +2 Observation, +1 Negotiation, Lores: Crosshatching techniques, How to draw Eypharian faces and figures.

514 AV, Winter 28
Practice Makes...Money
+1 Writing, +4 Drawing, +1 Persuasion, +4 Observation, +2 Organization, +1 Busking, +2 Planning, +1 Philosophy. Lores: Persuasion: Implied Information , Philosophy: Suffixes of Flum, Drawing: Crosshatching, Drawing: Figure Drawing (Stationary), Drawing: Intensity of Shading, Drawing: Capturing Motion, Drawing: Repetition of Elements, Drawing: Blending, Drawing: Complimentary Backgrounds, Alvadas: A Different Sort of Artist.

514 AV, Winter 85
Air and Fire
+1 Writing, +2 Drawing, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Teaching, +2 Observation, +1 Negotiation, +1 Organization, +1 Planning, +1 Philosophy, +1 Storytelling, +1 Socialization. Lores: Drawing: Smoke; Alvadas: The Bizarre Bazaar; Philosophy: The Impossibility of Alvadas

515 AV, Spring 5
Broken Thievery
Drawing +4, Investigation +3, Rhetoric +1, Teaching +3, Persuasion +3, Observation +3, Negotiation +2, Organization +4, Busking +2, Planning +2, Philosophy +1, Storytelling +2, Socialization +5, Leadership +1, Tactics +1. Lore: "Vel": Thief

515 AV, Spring 31
When You Stare into the Duckness...
Drawing +2, Investigation +1, Rhetoric +2, Research +1, Observation +2, Persuasion +1, Negotiation +2, Organization +3, Storytelling +2, Animal Husbandry, Socialization +2. Lores: Drawing: Suggested Line, Drawing: Animal Portraiture.
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Strengths and Weaknesses

Postby Trista on May 5th, 2010, 9:38 pm


~Trista is a genuinely talented visual and musical artist. She has a definite natural gift and a tremendous work ethic.

~Trista is more than a little intelligent. She excels at scholastic activities and is good at seeing connections between things, even when they're not obvious. She has an excellent memory for facts and information, although remembering to do things is not her forte (see: weaknesses).

~Although she often wishes it were otherwise, she is usually very willing to go to the aid of others.

~Trista is fiercely loyal. A friend is a friend for life.


~Trista has neither skills nor aptitude in weapons and self-defense. In a pinch, she'd be reduced to slapping at an opponent, and the amount of time it took to dispatch her would be entirely dependent on how long it took the monster/brigand/pirate/slave trader/insect wing collector to stop laughing. In Mizahar, this is a Very Bad Thing.

~Trista has truly awful money management skills. As an Akvatari, she can catch anything she needs to eat and can sleep anywhere there's six feet of available surface, so she won't starve or freeze to death -- which is a good thing, given how badly she manages her funds. If she has any money, it's more than likely spent immediately on art supplies, music supplies, or some sort of impulse purchase. If she's between comissions, it's a safe bet that she's completely broke.

~Along the same lines, Trista is a domestic disaster. She's tidy enough, and can keep her space clean, but she can't cook, sew, or do anything even remotely related to agriculture. She has absolutely no concept of how to shop for a bargain, haggle, or compare prices. She's also prone to forget things, like closing the window to her room before her year-long trip.

~Trista is not good with small children, having an extremely limited amount of patience for anyone who can't be reasoned with. Similarly, she's no good with animals, unless she's catching them to eat them. Existing in an organization would be very hard for her, as she has little tolerance for excess rules and regulations and suffers fools very, very badly.

~Trista is naturally introspective, which isn't a bad thing in and of itself, but she does sometimes lapse into pure navel-gazing. She is an incredibly depressing drunk.
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