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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Hemis on February 1st, 2015, 5:53 am

32, Winter 514- Noon

By the suggestion of one of the guards, Hemis waddled into the building they addressed as the Welcome Center when they pointed it out for him. Entering into what seemed like an office of sorts, the childlike youth felt somewhat warm while walking further into the facility's interior, which was where he encountered a woman behind a desk and a stack of paper; when Hemis approached the desk, the woman smiled before doing a double take and looking over left and right to see if anyone else was here who was accompanying the strange youth. Then came the questions of where his parents were, how did he wander into the office on his own, and even asked just how a child such as himself would ever have a dire enough need to take a job.

To the perspective of the kind yet justifiably bewildered woman, she was addressing what appeared to be a child of 12 years instead of a young man of 18, which was understandable considering both Hemis's slight physique and childish features; overgiving from years of learning and using Reimancy at a young age were thrown into the mix, as the psychological effects had stunted mental growth and resulted in how Hemis became what he is now. It was not until confirmation was sent that the woman was fully convinced, but still considerably dumfounded, that the person she was addressing was indeed both a young man traveling alone and was of proper working age.

Concluding that Hemis was here to look for work, the woman behind the desk had given him an application, where she waited for the strange little person to fill out what his desired field of work would be. After a moment filled with the sounds of a quill scribbling on parchment, and a few instances where the little weirdo was playing with the quill's feather, Hemis slid the sheet of parchment on the table towards the woman for her to look at. What was written was as follows:

Name: Hemis
Race: Human
Age: 18
Relevant Skills: Endurance, Foraging, and Wilderness Survival
Preferred Employment: Laborer
Expected Stay In Syliras: Resident

As Hemis bounced up and down in excitment, both of his hands held an edge of the table while he waited for where he would be working in.
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Welcome Center and Employment Office

Postby Priscilla Barr on February 14th, 2017, 4:35 pm

Employment as a scribe had a tendency to be a bit sporadic. Most places saw having her to take notes as a luxury, not a necessity, which was why she was, once again, looking for a place to work.

"Hello" she said politely, handing her form in to the office.

Name Priscilla Barr
Race Human
Age 22
Relevant Skills Writing, Calligraphy
Preferred Employment Scribe
Expected Stay in Syrilas The rest of my life

"Thank you" she added as an afterthought, trying to keep herself stable. It wouldn't be good to fall in the middle of the employment office, after all.
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